Hot Shots: J.Lo Jets To Hawaii With New Boo

Published: Sunday 27th Nov 2011 by Rashad

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Triple threat diva Jennifer Lopez was spotted spending her holiday weekend in Hawaii with new boo Casper the friendly backup dancer.  While this doesn’t mark the first time Jen’s new beau, whose real name is Beau Paul Smart, has gotten attention from the press, its one of the few times the two have been snapped openly exchanging PDA.

The 24-year-old dancer may be adding a few new snaps to his collection, however.  As reports have it, Smart’s recent run-ins with the law may land him behind bars soon.  Before Beau cheeses for that mugshot, get into these shots of the lovebirds below.

(All photos courtesy of Daily Mail).

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  1. Licious November 27, 2011


  2. Steffon November 27, 2011

    J HO wastes no time at all. She’s just trash

  3. Girrrl November 27, 2011

    J lo is a s***. Y’all talk about Rihanna jumping from man to man but at least shes not going from marriage to marriage and doesn’t have children. This is trifling.

  4. Criss November 27, 2011

    Does this woman know what it means to be single? Like c’mon J Lo. Not even 3 months of being single? Really? And another back-up dancer. Haven’t u learnt from the previous one?

  5. KWAME November 27, 2011


  6. meg November 27, 2011

    her p**** gets more play than her albums

  7. me November 27, 2011

    He kinda s*** lol. Other people might be mad at you J. Lo, but I ain’t! Get it in LMAO!

  8. tyra November 27, 2011

    Man and they call beyonce and rihanna s**** look at this slore u wwent from 7 year marrige to marc athony bradley cooper now a toy boy b**** look after ur kids who are probably wandering wtf is goin on who wants to bet she will be married and divorced again by next year

  9. jill November 27, 2011

    Why do celebs always jump into another relationship? She needs to take time out for herself and spend time with her children instead of chasing d$%k. How many men have she been through? Hollyweird is crazy, they all have shared each other at some point!

  10. mel November 27, 2011

    Is this s*** even completely divorced? How many times how she traveled down the aisle? 3? She worried about a man, worry about your kids! Her pu%&y is tired and have been ran through.

  11. maria November 27, 2011

    She’s 42? he’s 24? Jen is old enough to be his mother! I know this s*** is not bringing some random hot young ass around her kids? This is not a god look, if they go to court for the kids. This is just sick, why get married then? What was the point? They make marriage seem like a joke!! Her & Kim K are nasty s****, in the “real” world they would be labeled as whores!! I can’t believe men. esp. hollywood men would want Jen & Kim K. Its not even attractive when men go from women to women and its very disgusting when women does it!! Sorry but women can’t be like men.

  12. maria November 27, 2011


  13. Word November 27, 2011

    Are yall really calling her a s*** because she chooses to date? and have fun?
    She’s Jennifer Lopez. She can BUY & SELL all of you ghetto trash n***** on this site.
    Save that s***. she does what she wants.
    Rihanna is a s***, she promotes s** and demoralization. Why u think everybody naked nowdays, J Lo may date quickly but she does not present the image of a w**** like Rihanna. So while your passing judgement on a woman whos simply MOVING THE F*** ON with her life, Look at your Girl Ri Ri bending ova, making f*** songs, and turning the youth into prostitutes.

    Good Day F*** of TGJ

  14. Nahjee November 27, 2011

    She should trun to girls and start dating them that would put a twist to everything

  15. xedos November 27, 2011

    JHO doing what she does best. hoing

  16. Junior in Jamaica November 27, 2011

    Really J.Lo?

    Sit down.

  17. ME MYSELF AND I November 28, 2011

    u betta go head jlo! idk why everyone is hating she can date whoever she likes and im sure living the celebrity life, it gets stressful and lonely and you long to have someone there. Let her live her damn life.

  18. ashgino November 28, 2011

    he has a gay face,……….kinda zesty

  19. YOOSONDALOOSE November 28, 2011

    That didn’t take long. Maybe she should be with her kids?

  20. morgat November 28, 2011

    she’s depressed ,just want to forget about everything!!
    plus she was always a sl…t !

  21. JoArmy November 28, 2011

    Hey!, Why you guys wanna pick on someone irrelevant. J-Flo wanna get below so just le her know she gonna be a ho.

  22. JT November 28, 2011

    Bradley Cooper is the best and beautiful for Jennifer

  23. mich November 28, 2011

    @ Word—you must have been born yesterday or don’t know the meaning of dating. You don’t bring your “dates” around your kids. When did Jlo become a nun. Rhianna is in her 20’s, you are allowed to act up, just hopefully not too Jlo is in her 40’s with kids. If you can’t tell the difference then you are the idiot!

  24. Onyx November 28, 2011

    I wish a was him, he would never meet a young girl with that body, J.Lo is 42 but she looks better than any young girl out there.

  25. slick November 28, 2011

    Everybody knows how JLo got famous.. why u think Jamie Foxx called her JHo in one of his standups. She has slept her way to the top and I knew the moment that album came out she was gonna want a new man.. don’t nobody sit here and say she isnt LOOSE

  26. joey December 10, 2011

    my gf told me the other night that J.Lo only married the odd no. men. she married no.1 the waiter didn’t marry p.diddy, married the dancer (no.3), didn’t marry ben afleck then married marc anthony (n0.5). My gf said one wonder maybe she has a pact with the devil to marry odd no. guys in her life. I think my gf is crazy and wierd LOL

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