Report: Lady GaGa Fires LaurieAnn Gibson

Published: Monday 14th Nov 2011 by David

What a tangled web the world of creativity continues to weave.

For, in what will be sure to have fans of Pop phenom Lady GaGa shaking their heads in disbelief, the performer has fired her long time creative director LaurieAnn Gibson and has sensationally replaced her with one of her  students.

All the details below…

According to the Hollywood Reporter, GaGa and Gibson, who have been creative partners since the start of the vocalist’s career, began to experience a rift in their friendship when the choreographer reportedly admitted to using Madonna as inspiration for many of the ideas she handed GaGa.

This of course offended many in Germanotta’s support base who have years have tried to distance themselves from comparisons to the ‘Human Nature‘ performer.

As well as this, some reports indicate that the controversy surrounding the video for ‘Edge Of Glory‘ also played its part in influencing Germanotta’s decision to let Laurie Ann go.

When reports from the video’s set revealed that had creative differences had occurred between director Joseph Kahn (responsible for Britney Spears‘ ‘Toxic‘) and Ms. Gibson which led to one of his treatments being scrapped, GaGa fans took to Twitter to voice their criticism of her ,to which she told two naysayers:

Listen u disrespectful f**k they had an issue on set I don’t lie!

Followed by:

Creative Changes happen always educate ignorant Monster’s!!!

If any of these reports are accurate it would be fair to say that it was LaurieAnn’s attitude that cost her her job more than anything.

However, as the age old saying goes there are three sides to every story. In this case, it is GaGa’s side, Gibson’s side and the truth.

Now that she has been replaced by one of her own protegee’s Richard Jackson, who has been a staple in many of the singer’s videos, we wonder if Laurie will ever speak out on what really went down.

Because, as much as her Monsters may try to deny it, it is becoming apparent that many of the people GaGa started out with are continuing to be torn from her. From Pepper and Dina back in 2008, Rob Fusari in 2009 and now LaurieAnn in 2011.

Let’s hope that this is one trend that doesn’t continue.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The-Truth November 14, 2011

    Gaga is on the decline, this always happens when people start firing the team that got them to the top.

  2. The-Truth November 14, 2011

    Laurie Ann Gibson is Very passionate about her job and its not her job to Kiss Gaga’s Stans azzes. Laurie Ann Gibson will take her experience and go else where and work with someone else, hopefully Rihanna.

  3. THE FEMME FATALE November 14, 2011



  4. CREEPY GAGA. November 14, 2011

    I’ve seen many a Gaga stan call for her firing ever since the underwhelming video to TEOG came out


    Laurie-Ann Gibson (BoomKack) did NOT bring Gaga to the f****** top! Gaga got A LOT of criticism for her dancing during these eras BoomKack worked with her.

    That being said,This news is at least two days old,and her (BoomKack’s) ego probably got her fired (I might even say she influenced Gaga’s more egotistical moments but that’s just an assumption.)

    One last thing,Them monsters were recjoicing.They weren’t shocked!

  5. KD November 14, 2011

    I know that I can’t be the only one who thought/thinks that all of GaGa’s dance routines have been shyte, to say the least. If these reports are indeed true nothing major was lost…GaGa is known more for her outlandish outfits and notorious video’s than for her dancing ability.

  6. Get it right November 14, 2011

    Gaga’s head is EXPANDING…..She thinks she can do better with one of her students….get it together….Laurie Ann is known to be a bit CRAZY….But it really isn’t her job to like Gaga’s Cha cha……It’s her job to make her and her stage look amazing….theres a reason shes the best in the biz…..More fool to GAGA…..She’s been on the decline for since the new album….Gimmicks dont last long……FLOP…..!

  7. nicegirl November 14, 2011

    Is that why her recent Marry the Night performances have been a bit boring?? I hope that her performances do not decline due to this.

  8. Those That Cannot Do, Stan November 14, 2011

    I think Gaga’s choreography sucks, have for a while but even I think this may end up being more bad than good. The problem with Gaga is it takes a lot of people to make up her persona. Katy is naturally silly, Rihanna has natural swag, Beyonce has a specific successful flavor but if not for a lot of people Gaga would basically be Adele with a piano. It’s not the first time Gaga’s monsters got rude and attacked someone over twitter, Gibson just didn’t care to put on kid gloves when responding to them. and if the beef was over some moves being sampled from Madonna…then Gaga needs to fire herself for creating Born This Way and Edge of Glory both songs that sound like 80’s Madonna. The reality is there’s more than choreography to why people keep comparing Gaga to Madonna.

    Smh…yeah I’m starting to think this is a sign of Gaga being on the down swing. I feel like everyone but her most loyal fans isn’t feeling the music she’s been releasing and her actual performances and shows have been kinda lackluster.

  9. ChristinasCOMING November 14, 2011

    Gagas career is going down faster than a fat woman sliding down a greased pole and I’m loving it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Laurieann was one of the people behind the consipracy of Christinas Bionic and one of the voices on one of the tapes talking about how to destroy her.

    But anyway, the monsters are disrespectful little f**** with the nastiest attitudes and look who their mother is.

  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) November 14, 2011

    I honestly don’t think Gibson has been working with GaGa since the beginning.I’m not sure but I think she was hired a while before or a while after the Monster Ball tour…Anyway, GaGa’s choreo is mediocre and it’s not the principal element of her performing style.What really creates “GAGA” is 1)the videos 2)the outfits 3)the music 4)the interviews, so if she can get a decent creative director, then she’ll be in the same position as she is now.

  11. sheltop2005 November 14, 2011

    You know GAGA, I don’t think that was a good idea. kinda explains why theres been no high energy marry the night performance tho.. U know if you were smart u’d grab someone line Tina Landon or something… wonder how the student will due.

  12. ITSVERYPERRY November 14, 2011

    finally! she’s a b**** b****!!! she worked with katy 4 california gurls, then shaded her HARD when the mermaid scandal cam along! such a s***** b****

  13. YOOSONDALOOSE November 14, 2011

    Ohhhhh. Gaga is on the decline for some reason, people are getting tired of her, I still love her though.
    This girl will find someone else so easily so. On to the next one!

  14. COOCHIENESS November 14, 2011


    Are my bangs not working for you copycatter ass H*** out there?

  15. Jordan November 14, 2011

    Gaga lost me after “Bad Romance” and i’d been a fan since her fan site launched.

    I feel like everyone that was down for her from the jump f****** hate who she is now lol. It’s not the same.

    I guess she pulled a “P!nk” on us with that first album…and Laurieann’s time was up. You can tell things were about to end in this era because they have not been on the same page.

  16. DUNKFAN November 14, 2011

    Gaga Should’ve fired her right after the Judas video.

  17. 80sBaby November 14, 2011

    Well if LaurieAnn was speaking disrespectfully about her boss then she needed to get fired. She is too friggin arrogant anyway. I think Gaga still puts on a good show, so if her star is fading a little it’s because her music from this era has been wack! I loved Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Paparazzi, and her new material is not on that level.

  18. kimberly November 14, 2011

    Sometimes I wonder why rihanna fans have stuff to say about gaga’s performances and career. they criticize her music, her dance, her style. It is annoying and thinking that they stan for someone better!! Whoever thinks that gaga’s career is on a decline. stop wishing, it’s not happening. That’s what you do, she will survive she has talent and is very creative on her own. lorrianne gibson can be replaced. there are so many choreographers out there and creative directors waiting for an opportunity.

    urgly b****** always want the talented artist to go away and let the slow, untalented b****** feeding our young children with b*******. Bringing the standard of what an artist suppose to be to the lowest.

  19. Sterling8music Queen! November 14, 2011

    Serves her right! she has always been a b**** and its about time she got served.
    I met her and she is such a mean lesbian that it dosen’t make any since!

    I wonder if she got upset with Gaga for some reason. She can’t be that stupid to think what she said in the magazine wouldn’t come back and bite her in the ass. Or she was so egolishess that she got caught up and f@$ked up lol

  20. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. November 14, 2011

    Caca is a FLOP T***** struggling for relevancy

  21. Miles November 14, 2011

    I wasn’t aware that LaurieAnn Gibson was with Gaga from the beginning. Some of the choreography for her performances of “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, etc. was HORRENDOUS! I thought she had some friend doing it at the time. Hmm. Yeah, I’m not the biggest Gaga fan but I definitely respect her. She’ll be just fine without Gibson. Her part in the whole equation is definitely overblown.

  22. skintightjeans November 14, 2011

    GOOD!! Laurieann is a wanna be queen b**** f** hag lesbo! Can’t stand her fake ass. My cousin use to work with her and she threw more shade on my cousin that a little bit. Plus my cousin is cute and everybody knows Laurieann is a caking ass lesbo and my cousin wasn’t going!

  23. Bey Fan… November 14, 2011

    Laureanne (Sp Ck) …..her choreo SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Im sorry, I don’t care how passionate she is, she’s not a good choreographer.

    That’s all I have……….

  24. White girl mob November 14, 2011

    They both are s**** to me.. Lady gaga bout to be irrelevant cus her music is starting to suck monkey balls. Kreayshawn gonna be tha next big thing ya better get ready

  25. KAT DELUNA FAN November 14, 2011

    l am happy because her lastest choreo (see judas,You & l..) were such a letdown.l dont know why she was so disrespectful towards Gaga and teh monsters neither.l really think a new team will help gaga’s creative direction for her next era.

    lol tell em.Those kids are so ignorant

  26. RHI RHI IS QUEEN November 14, 2011


  27. Xadax November 14, 2011

    Laurieann’s input?! Do you mean her side ripping off Madonna?!

  28. #1QueenGaga November 14, 2011

    Weren’t haters hating on gaga’s dance routine before?? and now they’re saying her career is ova because gibbs is out?? hahhaha Stay mad b******!!!!

  29. mobwife November 14, 2011

    This is a WTF moment! Laurieann Gibson made Gaga the “dancing star” she is today! This is a HOT AS* MESS! I cannot believe she would be angry over the fact that MADONNA’s influence is VAST & WIDE! Many ppl have used her musical style (see Rihanna dressing up trying to be “DITA” from erotica but failing miserably) to start or further their careers (see Lady Gaga’s blatant rip-off of ‘Express Yourself’ a song LaurieAnn Gibson had no part of)! Girl BYE! Shame on you GAGA!

    Pssss, LaurieAnn call MADONNA, that would fix her…LOL! #teamLAG screw GagMe! With her arrogant self! She has some nerves!

  30. Onyx November 14, 2011

    The truth always comes out, no matter how much the Little Monsters deny it, what is in sight does not lie. I like Gaga but her career has became almost an exact Replica of Madonna’s career.

  31. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) November 14, 2011

    Watch Madonna hire LaurrieAnn and have an epic era

  32. CREEPY GAGA. November 14, 2011

    I really CANNOT with some of y’all!

    Y’all overestimate her position in Gaga’s career!!!! BEFORE all of this even happened,y’all was saying “Gaga couldn’t dance” and all that s***,but now that Gaga (the boss) FIRED her choreographer (the employee) for giving some of my fellow fans (the consumers) a bitchy ass attitude (albeit them being loud and rowdy as f***.) and not doing her JOB ,y’all say “Oh,Gaga’s the arrogant one,F*** HER!” and “Gaga’s on the decline already, anyway” “Gimmick” this and “FLOP” that. STOP THAT S*** RIGHT THERE!!!!! LaurieAnn was a bit “egotistical” herself giving herself tew much credit when it came to creating Gaga.IDC HOW MADONNA WAS INVOLVED IN THIS!!!! and I LOVE Gaga but she should have known what ideas that Gibson presented to her were taken from Madonna and what wasn’t so she can’t really be mad about that.Some of y’all,however, need to stop putting the blame on Gaga.

  33. Interesting November 14, 2011

    This reminds me of Janet and Tina Landon. Tina was an integral part of Janet’s performances and videos during the incredible Janet and Velvet Rope eras. Then, Janet and Tina had a falling out, and Janet hired one of her other dancers as the main choreographer, and we got the All for You tour. Still a great show but definitely lackluster compared to her former glory. However, I think GaGa is more creative and involved in her music and image than Janet, so hopefully this will merely be a bump in the road, rather than a big fall. It’s a shame, because she and Laurieann were a great team.

  34. Interesting November 14, 2011

    To those who continue to scream and yell about GaGa getting dance moves from Madonna: Many of Michael Jackson’s dance moves were inspired by Jackie Wilson and James Brown. Does that make him less of an artist?

  35. BOWDOWNBITCH November 14, 2011

    This is why Gaga’s Marry The Night performance on X-Factor UK..was a FLOP!…RiRi’s team would never throw her on stage with a boring performance on X-Factor!!! *sips tea*

  36. kimberly November 14, 2011

    @ bowdown b****. stfu ri’s performances are always wack what are you talking about!
    Where is the comparison between ri and gaga. gaga is a great performer whereas … ooooo i may not finish and i will not finish, let the lil monsters get that. how delusional these kids are.

  37. CREEPY GAGA. November 14, 2011

    As for Dina and Pepper.I HEARD they might be in Marry The Night.IDK for sure though.

  38. JER November 14, 2011

    don’t care. it’s a nonevent.

  39. DUNKFAN November 14, 2011

    Madonna doesn’t dance, when was the last time she did a routine?

  40. DIONFATALEI November 14, 2011


    Rihanna’s X Factor Performance of Whats My Name >>>>>>> Any of Gaga’s X Factor performances. Everybody loved that performance, even Adele was stannin. lol

    Far as the post goes, Welp….. Not shocked AT ALL. This is what happens when your career is built off the help & ideas of many others, once you blow up, things change. Clearly, Gaga came about solemnly based off imitating Madonna’s career.

  41. DUNKFAN November 14, 2011

    If anything when you see Lady gaga perform a full 8 count routine you can thank MJ and Janet. Madonna has nothing to do with the dance world.

  42. DIONFATALEI November 14, 2011


    “Madonna doesn’t dance”

    Is this a f****** joke? If not, someone clearly doesn’t have a living clue what Madonna has done in her career and needs to take SEVERAL seats & STFU.

    Speak on what you know.

  43. DUNKFAN November 14, 2011

    when was her last video that she did a dance number that wasn’t Yoga. lol Madonna isn’t known for dancing, skipping around in a leather jacket yes, but not dancing.

  44. DUNKFAN November 14, 2011

    Madonna had the chance to show us her dance moves with Britney on “Me against the music”, and all she did was dry hump a bed frame, When Brit had to hold down the entire video.

  45. DUNKFAN November 14, 2011

    @Dionfatalei I know alot about Madonna’s side shuffle moves, and proving that Madonna is a dancer by showing a old ass clip from 89 still doesn’t do it for me. This woman is 45 and continues to give full 8 count routines, not some side show shuffle. Madonna isn’t known for her dancing, she entertains her fans by doing yoga on stage, jump roping, and flying ninjas, or her strumming 3 chords on her guitar.

  46. askdjfklsdj November 14, 2011

    for all you non dancers
    laurie and gibson
    is one of the most hated choreographers in the dance scene
    she sucks
    and does not qualify to be her artistic director at all..
    there are way better dancers/choreographers

  47. ciara November 14, 2011


    you stan an untalented chick.


    Any artist>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>rihanna
    ALL rihanna performances suck…

    rihanna stans always talk about beyonce and gaga…….
    why is that? Lady gaga will be around longer then rihanna. talent always wins in the end……

  48. ciara November 14, 2011


    very true………
    Her attitude is nasty……..
    Diddy fired her…………

  49. mel November 14, 2011

    rihanna stans all up on this post………… haters much? lil monsters will drag your little asses up and down this post. Rihanna is not even in the lane of cassie.

  50. VA STAND UP!! November 14, 2011

    Well damn! I knew s*** was gonna hit the fan eventually! I always had a feeling Laurie Ann got on Gaga’s nerves and was gonna eventually get fired. I could just feel it! Laurie Ann always came across as this cocky b**** who took herself waaay more seriously than anyone else did! Especially back when she was on Making the Band, she irked my last nerve! She acts like she is the best damn choreographer that ever lived and she is soo NOT! I can understand that she is passionate about her music but she is just a f****** drama Queen.

    I’m glad Gaga fired her so maybe now she can stop bitching everytime fans say they don’t like one of Gaga’s videos. I honestly think that every since the ‘Bad Romance’ video, her videos have been going downhill. Even Gaga’s fans can admit that.

    Even though I can see this as a slight set back for Gaga, I HIGHLY doubt this will have much of an impact on her career. Some of ya’ll are acting like Laurie Ann invented Gaga. Just because Laurie Ann was one of the people who was there from the beginning doesn’t mean she can’t survive without her. I’m NOT a Gaga fan, but she does have a solid fanbase and the gays love her and I think they are the most supportive fanbases out.

    If there is anything that is gonna be the downfall of Gaga, I doubt this is it. *shrugs*

  51. VA STAND UP!! November 14, 2011

    November 14, 2011 at 4:24 pm
    when was her last video that she did a dance number that wasn’t Yoga. lol Madonna isn’t known for dancing, skipping around in a leather jacket yes, but not dancing.

    Madonna had the chance to show us her dance moves with Britney on “Me against the music”, and all she did was dry hump a bed frame, When Brit had to hold down the entire video.


    LMAO! I know right! Madonna fans really think she can dance! They kill me with that s***! Then they got the nerve to post videos like that’s proving their point. It’s quite hilarious…….

  52. VA STAND UP!! November 14, 2011

    November 14, 2011 at 4:44 pm
    @Dionfatalei I know alot about Madonna’s side shuffle moves, and proving that Madonna is a dancer by showing a old ass clip from 89 still doesn’t do it for me. This woman is 45 and continues to give full 8 count routines, not some side show shuffle. Madonna isn’t known for her dancing, she entertains her fans by doing yoga on stage, jump roping, and flying ninjas, or her strumming 3 chords on her guitar.



  53. jamir21: I LOVE BEYONCE,RIH,BRIT & NICKI November 14, 2011

    @ Kimberly

    Will you shut up !

    DAMN Always PRESSED about rihanna !

    DO you want to F*** HER ???

  54. SNAFU November 14, 2011

    Umm…was Lady Gaga unaware of how obviously some of her stuff was inspired by Madonna.

    What do they mean, “finding out” her stuff was inspired by Madonna?

    It’s quite CLEAR.

    Just say you wanted to move on…then move on.


  55. Small_Angel November 14, 2011


  56. iSimplyDGAF November 14, 2011

    LaurieAnn is a caking ass lesbo??? o.O?



    As a choreographer I like her.
    shes not Fatima or Devin..
    but i like her..

    I feel like GaGa is so big right now, she doesnt know what else to do. How can you top what youve already done? wheres the growth?

  57. Pearce November 14, 2011

    Lady Gaga needs Laurie Ann Gibson. She broke Gaga’s toes teaching Gaga to dance and once she learned a little, she was reaching for the top.

  58. honeydip November 14, 2011


  59. Lolaa November 15, 2011

    It’s an excuse to refresh her dance style, which all artist should do anyways

  60. Formerwannabeprofessionaldancer November 26, 2011


  61. Stephen Pearce January 30, 2012

    Lady gaga cool

  62. da’princess April 9, 2013

    is laureann gibson a lesbian??

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