Willow Smith Brings the Heat to X Factor US, Performs ‘FireBall’

Published: Thursday 10th Nov 2011 by Rashad


Pint sized pop starlet Willow Smith has been whipping up her debut album for over a year.  Preceded by the top ten smash ‘Whip My Hair”, the album hosts such gems as the aforementioned and the moderate hit “21st Century Girl”.

However, to bring the project back to the public forefront, the songstress enlisted rap eccentric Nicki Minaj for the blazing track “Fireball”.  Already bumping through many-a-speaker, the youngest of the Smith clan took to X Factor USA to debut its introductory live performance.

Find out how she did after the jump:


Via NeonLimelight:


Much like ‘Whip My Hair’, the song boasts and infectiously repetitive chorus that makes it hard to sit still and listen to.  And, if this is the direction that Smith is headed, a few years’ time could see her transform into a formidable performer at the ripe age of 21.  Even in her shortcomings and places where there is a need for honing, her energy is enough to already make this young’n a very engaging stage figure (and definitely more mobile than some of today’s leading divas).

Simply put, the girl ain’t even in a training bra yet and could still train a “so-called diva” or two on how to work a stage.

Your thoughts?

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  1. honeydip November 10, 2011


  2. Miss Thang November 10, 2011

    Homegirl’s stage presence is fire! If she continues perfecting her craft, she can be one of the greats.

  3. DestinyBoston November 10, 2011


  4. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) November 10, 2011

    who is she working with for the album? If Dr. Luke and Ke$ha got her hands on her, they could give her another monster hit. This track is def better than TCG, but it isn’t grabbing me and drawing me in, like WMH. I wanna see at least another top twenty single from her before her album drops. Hopefully, the Nicki feature will get her there.

  5. mr.m November 10, 2011


  6. DRB November 10, 2011

    Whip My Hair on Ellen>>>>>>>>>>

  7. RHI RHI IS QUEEN November 10, 2011


  8. TruthTeller November 10, 2011

    what a disaster.
    Whoever made her record that song should lose his job.
    And whoever chose it as a single should lose his job too.

  9. Rashaan November 10, 2011

    Pause. La could give willow a standing o but not Jessie j? Summin has gone on behind the scenes there because I don’t know wtf he thinks he’s doing. Jessie have vocals!!!!

  10. S*** (U MAD?) November 10, 2011

    #A MESS!

  11. nicegirl November 11, 2011

    Willow should wait till she’s a bit older.

  12. ARYO November 11, 2011

    i love fireball

  13. xoxo November 11, 2011

    WICKTY WICKTY WAAAAACCCCKKKK! Please if anyone knows the Smith family please tell them to SEND THIS beautiful young lady back to school, please.

  14. Tami November 11, 2011

    She’s a good singer. When she performs Whip my Hair she kills it. This song is.. I don’t know she can’t really show her singing ability. They need to give her songs she can show off her voice.Cause she has a VOICE! I mean Ellen anyone!??

  15. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) November 11, 2011

    Sorry this is tacky to me.It’s just hard to watch.I see a 10-year old wearing clothes that a grown woman should wear, heavy make-up, flashy hair-do…So, this is how the entertainment business works now??10-year olds belong in elementary school, not on stage and if you put them on a stage at least let them sing something that suits their age and don’t try to make them look like adults wannabes.That’s just a mess.

  16. antertain November 11, 2011

    Out of breath.
    She’ll grow but gotta study her craft and give that same, if not more than the WMH era.

    She loves the stage and it shows but u can tell she’s been out for a while live wise.

    It’s good that she did take a step back to still be a child.

    On stage she just gotta be on point and be on top of the song, so the song doesn’t drown her.

  17. Turveydel November 12, 2011

    Dammm that was one big gooey hot nasty a** mess of a performance willow please go home with your out of breath self to jada

    Grow some hair

    Maybe attempt this singing when your older just saying

    Eat some food

    Go back to school and read learn your school books just saying

    Hot mess performance

    EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just saying?

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