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Published: Thursday 10th Nov 2011 by Rashad

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Thursday nights are Braxton nights!

That’s right. The Braxton sisters, Toni, Trina, Traci, Towanda, and of course Tamar, are back with another must-see season of their hit WeTV series Braxton Family Values.

Ahead of tonight’s big premiere, the sisters (sans Toni) talk to That Grape Juice about what we can expect from the latest season, and a whole lot more!

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First off, thank you so much for your time. We definitely appreciate it because we’re huge supporters of the show.

Tamar:  And I’m a huge fan of

Awesome. Thank you. So we’ll just get right into it then. Season two of the Braxtons returns at 9/8c only on WeTV. What should fans expect more of this go round?

Tamar:  You know what? Tamar grew up a bit. At least she’s trying to. (laughs). So you know, watching myself on TV, I see I do pop off a little too much and I do get loud only because I’m passionate about what I believe in.  I decided instead of them walking away without the mess that I’m trying to get through and instead of hurting their feelings, I won’t do that anymore.

So Trina, how did you guys know that you wanted to do a season 2?

Trina:  Well, it was a natural progression.  Season 1 was basically an introduction and you couldn’t just leave the cliff-hanger there.  You know, you kind of have to give everybody an explanation as to why everyone is in the situation that they are in their lives.  It’s almost a bit of a prequel (season 1).

Diehard fans want to know will there be a season 3?

Tamar:  It’s up to you guys. You have to watch and respond.  So, we’ll do it as long as it makes sense to do it.  As long as our fans feel like they need a season three, and they’re enjoying what we do – then definitely.

Trina:  As long as there is a demand, we’ll definitely do it.

Tamar, we know that the first season really revolved around you and your husband trying to work out a sound for you and get an album together.  We saw what you wanted on the image tip, but if you had to brand the “Tamar sound” what would it be (as a solo artist)?

Tamar:  Well it is everything that I am, I will say that. It’s alot of energy. It’s fun. It’s hot. It’s everything that you would expect that would come from me. My music is exactly everything that I am. Opinionated, everything.

Asking each of you ladies, what would you say is the biggest misconception of you?  You all have such strong, but different personalities.

Towanda:  I think first thing is that I’m a man.  I’m not trying to be funny, a lot of people think that I am a man and that’s a misconception.  I am all woman.  I have two beautiful children and I think that it’s very interesting.

Traci:  That I’m with child.  My child is 15 years old and I am not with child.  I don’t know where they got that “love on top”  from.  If this was a baby I’d say it was a food baby. Because I’ve been trying to pass it for 47 hours.

Trina:  First misconception about me is that I could be walked on.  You know, when pepole saw my relationship with Gabe people thought I was a “lay down Larry” but it was what he did to me in our relationship.  But I think progressing to season 2 you’ll see that I refused for my needs to be a mat and to be walked on.

Tamar:  Well, they think I’m all mouth and no brain. I have a brain and very smart. I don’t just pop off at the mouth all the time. I’m very comfortable with my family and with myself. I like myself. There are not a lot of things that I want to change about myself other than the fact I don’t want to hurt my sisters feelings, so I choose to tone it down when it comes to them.

Now that we’ve been introduced to all of you through season 1, I’m curious when the thoughts came up about you guys doing a “family album” or Tamar doing a solo album, why do you think it was important for fans to get know you on the reality show before just going straight into an album and its release?

Tamar:  It wasn’t strategic.  We didn’t just say we were going to do a reality show so that we could put out a record. That’s not how it happened.  We thought we should do a reality show because it was necessary for people who love reality TV to watch reality TV – have something entertaining but also have something that you could apply to your normal life.  Whether you work with Bank of America or Beyonce the movie star or whoever you are, it’s just about women and regular life.  And, at the end ofthe day, we all pretty much have the same life.  WE go through things, there are ups and downs, everything is not great all the time. WE thought it was necessary for us to show it.  We were brave enough to be like “hey, this is who we are and we have problems too”. Point blank.

It was very publicized not only your husband’s hospitalization but also his split with Toni. How has that affected the entire family and the taping of the reality show?

Tamar:  The biggest misconception is that Toni and Vince had a big fallout.  You know what?  My husband is a businessman and he has several successful businesses and one is as a manager with a management company.  He has several managers working within that same firm. So, it’s not like they fell out and don’t talk anymore or aren’t friends.  That’s not the case.  So, it’s fine by me.  As a matter of fact, I found out on the internet.

Traci, how has life changed for you since season 1?

My life has changed.  When we did not do the Braxton album in the first season, I’m going back to school for cosmetology and opening up my own salon.  And, I’m not thinking about a fly-by-night or a recession salon. I want a long term business.

Ok, speaking of non-musical ventures, the Braxtons are a very musical family, but I want to ask each of you – if singing was not the first passion, what would be your claim to fame?  What are your other passions?

Towanda:  I would definitely be acting and that’s what I want to do now.  I really love acting, that’s my passion. I love singing and that’s a talent that God has given all of us. It’s just in my gut to go ahead and act.

Trina:  If I couldn’t do it, I’d probably die.  But if I had to choose something else, I would probably act as well.  And, i would probably run some kind of business I’m sure.

Tamar:  It would be some kind of executive in creating.  I love to create shows and, as a matter of fact, I have three in the pipeline.  And, I would be a TV/movie producer/Talk show host.

Could you give us anything on the three that are in the pipeline?

Well one of them that’s about to come out that I’m really excited about is the Skorpion Show.  And, one is like the grown-up basketball wives without the hitting.

We’re hearing news that you’re about to perform at the Soul Train music awards right?

I am. I wasn’t nervous until I found out what song I was singing. But, I’m so excited.

What should we expect and how did it come about?

Are you ready for this?  I read it on the Internet!  My husband got sick and we’re in the hospital and I read on the internet (thinking it was a joke) I was supposed to be performing on the Soul Train Music awards and he’s like “oh yeah I forgot I confirmed that before”.  I’m excited I can’t wait.  But, you know the misconception, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m going to be debuting my new single on the Soul Train Awards. I’m doing a tribute to Auntie Gladys Knight.

What will you be singing?

Love Overboard.

If there was to be a Braxton Family Album, I want to know who are your influences and what kind of sound would we expect from you guys as a group?

We’re a musical family and we’ve been singing together for a long time. I like to think we’ve created our own sound and our own brand.  I like for people to say “you guys sound like the Braxtons” instead of saying we sound like someone else.

In terms of music, if you could give it a genre – what would be the sound?

I just like to think its a mix of like En Vogue, The Supremes, all the groups that came before and after us that have a great blend of harmony and togetherness and being funky, hot, and dope.  I think it’s a continuation of the different levels because its new.  We have harmony, we can sing our asses off, and that’s what we do!

Tamar, you are the only sister who does not have a child. Loosely quoting you, you mentioned in the first season your desire to adopt a son and name him LV or adopt a daughter and name her Disney.  With so many celebs having kids, when should we expect little Vincents or Tamars running around?

Whenever the Lord leads honey, but I’ma tell you when it ain’t – it ain’t now!  That’s all I know.

Ending things on a contextual tip – you ladies are in the studio.  There are three people – Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna.  The name of the game is “Collabo Or Go”.  Who do you sing a duet with?  Who do you wave bye to?  And, lastly, who do you make sing background?

Traci – Lady gaga duet.  Bye to?  Rupaul, oh I mean, Rihanna.  Who sings my background? Beyonce.

Towanda – Let’s see. I’d do a duet with Beyonce. I’d wave goodbye to Rihanna.  And, I will have Gaga singing the background.

Tamar – Well, I’m definitely singing a duet with Rihanna because she’s the hookgirl.  She can sing any hook and win.  So I’m singing the verse and she’s singing the hook.  So, I’m saying bye bye to Bey because some people would be saying “yo they’re kinda alike” and I can’t have her trying to steal my mic.  And, Gaga, you singing my background boo because you gotta pay it forward. Have several seats. How about that?

Trina – I would sing a duet with Gaga because I too am a pop singer. I would have to say bye to Bey.  I would say “nice meeting you”.  And, Rihanna would have to sing my background because I like the tone of her voice.

Thank you guys so much for your time. We will definitely be tuning into Braxton Family Values Season 2 at 9/8c only on WeTV. Good luck on the rest of your promo tour! Good bye.

Braxtons:  Bye. Thank you all for your support.

Interview by:  Quinno  /  Transcript by:  Quinno


Braxton Family Values season 2 premieres tonight on WeTV at 9/8c!


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  1. YOOSONDALOOSE November 10, 2011

    Love them good interview!

  2. Sleazy November 10, 2011

    Lol I will be watching this season

  3. nivea November 10, 2011

    that was a lovely enterview!!! that damn tamar is still crazy as hell!!!

  4. Deem Presents News Not Gossip November 10, 2011

    I saw the first episode earlier in the week when they came up to NYC for the media premiere. From what I’ve seen and from what they said during the Q&A after the screening as well as in the interview on this site, it seems that there is some growth within the family.

  5. SHESDUMB November 10, 2011


  6. The G-List Society November 10, 2011

    Did Traci call Rihanna “RuPaul”???


  7. invisible_cunt November 10, 2011


  8. Jasmine November 10, 2011

    Nice interview. Too bad Toni was not also on the intv.

  9. GAGA Stan November 10, 2011

    GREAT Interview

  10. GAGA Stan November 10, 2011

    Can’t wait for season premiere tonight!

  11. divaforlife November 10, 2011

    -I don’t have WE so I will have to wait and hopefully it will be post on your blog for people that don’t have access to WE tv.

  12. Latoya November 10, 2011

    Traci yess Rupaul!’

  13. honeydip November 10, 2011


  14. Nanci November 11, 2011

    lmfaooo they TRIED Rihanna!

  15. antertain November 11, 2011

    Even in writing u can feel the tone that Tamr speaks in. #shesAstar #2funny

    Good interview

  16. nicegirl November 11, 2011


    Yeah…Tamar speaks most of the time haha.

    Nice interview.

  17. Dane November 11, 2011

    lol @Towanda’s misconception thingy….i like her anyways! 🙂
    nice @Tamar’s comment: “Whether you work with Bank of America or Beyonce the movie star or whoever you are, it’s just about women and regular life…” and i cant wait to hear that chick sing on the Sould Train Awards. girl can sang yo!!
    hehe..OMG! @”Traci – Lady gaga duet. Bye to? Rupaul, oh I mean, Rihanna. Who sings my background? Beyonce.”
    Tamar is right abt Rihanna being the ‘hookgirl’, she aint lying!, lol @Beyonce trying to steal her mic! she’s right there too, becuz they’re both light skin/blond wig alike!
    P.S. Toni Braxton is my Favorite Singer & always will be. Nothing/No one will change that, becuz no other Singer can offer what she does – the deepness, the uniqueness, the sexiness, the emotions! she’s one of a kind! #fact

  18. KD November 11, 2011

    Who’s Quinno?

  19. King Z November 11, 2011

    I guess since it says “interview by quinno” and transcript by quinno…maybe, now i might be going out on a limb here, but just maybe quinno is the person who did the interview. and umm..did the transcript?

  20. turveydel November 11, 2011

    hey guys at grape juice can u change that picture as i nearly chocked on my coffee damm they look like a group of trannys ready to attack!!!!!!!!!! it really isn’t a good or safe look for them
    or us to be showing to the world its not cute grape juice just very tranish……………..

  21. Norma May 2, 2013

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    a new project in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on.
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