Quotes of the Day: Jill Scott Shares Feelings On Beyonce & Miguel Grammy Snubs

Published: Thursday 1st Dec 2011 by Rashad

The unveiling of the 2012 Grammy nominations definitely got the industry buzzing in preparation for music’s biggest night.  While Adele‘s sweeping nominations came at no surprise (though rapper Kanye West nabbed the most nods), the unceremonious snubbing of two of 2011’s biggest R&B success stories – Beyonce and Jill Scott – was met with fan uproar.  While the former’s ‘4’ did at least nab 2 nods, the ‘He Loves Me’ hitmaker wasn’t getting any love from the Academy – a surprising event given the singer’s  acclaimed tour  and first #1 album on Billboard this year.

Equally known for her unparalleled vocal stylings as much as her outspokenness, the songstress took to Twitter to voice her disappointment in the Academy’s overlooking of herself, Beyonce, and fellow R&B hitmaker Miguel (who offered his own Twitter rant).  See what they had to say after the jump:



Scott may be living her life like it’s golden, but unfortunately, 2012 won’t be seeing anything golden lining her mantels.  And Miguel too got his fair share of mention in 2011, but alas, this may just the Grammy’s attempt to reignite interest in its program instead of recognizing deserving talent.  If it worked will be seen February 12th when it airs.


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  1. WHUT December 1, 2011

    HAHAHAHA at that last line Samatha!!! Samantha is FURIOUS I tell you FURIOUS!!! I LIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  2. Corey December 1, 2011

    Wasn’t Beyonce nominated for one award. Yeah they snubbed Jill Scott. Miguel I didn’t think your music really deserved one this year

  3. Teyah December 1, 2011

    At the end of the day, Beyonce has 16 Grammys. Those nominees don’t have as much Grammys as her! The BeyHive still have the last laugh!

  4. ashgino December 1, 2011

    Beyonce’s 4 album, doesnt deserve a grammy! The world expected her to comeout w/ a Michael Jackson esque Thriller after I am Sasha Fierce , but instead Beyonce chose to make an album “that makes her happy” and had everyone else such as the lame “the Dream” write for her! Beyonce needs to do what Michael had in mind when he wanted to rule , Michael chose to make the Biggest Album ever and he did. Whilst Beyonce light is dying out, Gaga will RulE!

  5. Nate December 1, 2011

    Ah Ha SAM. Your fave aint get sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t.

  6. wayno December 1, 2011

    IF you’re doing MUSIC FOR AWARDS u are in the wrong business…..You can’t deny greatness….

    Jill just because you’re cd hit #1 it doesn’t mean it was great as your previous work.

    Miguel …no comment

  7. WHUT December 1, 2011

    I see @Ashingo has taken NOTE of the treachery that went down in DROVES in Gaga’s video thread!!! I see u gurl!!

  8. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 1, 2011

    When I look at the Album of the Year category & do not see THE MOST CRITICALLY ALBUM OF 2011 MBDTF, I call b*******.

    In immortal words of Aretha Franklin, ain’t no way.

  9. mark ginnis December 1, 2011

    they didnt have hits. Only black people complain when they dont get nominated . You never heard Led zappelin b****

  10. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 1, 2011

    oopps, *2010*.

  11. WHUT December 1, 2011

    @Wayno that big ass b**** is just mad because she was BANKING on the critical acclaim angle due to a FLOP album!!! Like a certain other WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS, no.1 aint s*** when your album is doing NOTHING numbers in the long run and has no solid hits to show it off!! She needs to find a seat she can fit in first, then have a seat!

  12. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 1, 2011

    @MARK GINNIS, “they didnt have hits.” Bon Iver, who I LOVE by the way, didn’t have any “hits” either.

  13. KAT DELUNA FAN December 1, 2011

    *that s why you mad,that s why you mad mad*


    And l dont get why Jill scott i smad at LOT not getting a nod.Beyonce smart ass didnt submit the song boo boo

    As for Jill scott,l am pissed she is not nominated but l was also mad when Janelle lost big time last year.So lemme enjoy Raphael saadiq nods.

    l dont know who miguel is but l heart him,but it’s life.

    Peace & Love

  14. BC December 1, 2011

    Bey got 2 nods

  15. Mr.Mr. December 1, 2011

    Hmmm..yea I agree about this, Jill, Beyonce and Miguel all deserved some kind of nom this year, they all had really solid R&B records. But I can’t really say any of the other nominees dont deserve their spot, since I havn’t even listened to them, (I didn’t even know Kelly Price had a new album out.)

    Only one that does kinda get WTF response from is Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. nod. Even thought I love this record…I would classify it under pop before r&b..hell I prolly say dance before r&b.

  16. Girrrl December 1, 2011

    Jill is basically shading all the r&b nominees because she thinks her and bey were more deserving. What happened to being humble? Last year Corinne Bailey Rae was completely snubbed when she made an album for her deceased husband. She didn’t b**** about it. And guess what she’s nominated this year. Just an example. Maxwell didn’t throw a fit and he was snubbed for 10 years. Jill and Miguel need to learn to be humble and have class.

  17. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 1, 2011

    @KAT DELUNA FAN, “but l was also mad when Janelle lost big time last year.”

    You and me both! “The ArchAndroid” is simply a stunning album.

  18. WHUT December 1, 2011

    preach@ GIRLLL couldn’t have said it any better!

  19. BC December 1, 2011

    Bey probably didnt nominate LOT this year cus she want to see where it can go cus it was just released in the UK. she will likely submit it next year along with End of Time.

  20. BC December 1, 2011

    Beyonce grammy submission nect yaer will prbaly be:
    Elements of 4 DVD
    (if ASIB soundtrack makes the deadline we can expect songs from that)

  21. KAT DELUNA FAN December 1, 2011

    Sade soldier of love was alsoo snubbed no big deal

    OT: dead at DEF JAM SHADE AT GAGA for the MTN video 😆 so childish

  22. Chernobly December 1, 2011

    Actually Beyoncé was nominated in two categories and does it matter she still has 16 Grammy’s and yes she was snubbed. These nominations list is complete b******* and Jill Scott should have been nominated as well. The music industry isn’t the same anymore it’s like they are just giving away free record deals to anybody who think they have what it takes to be an artist. Some can’t sing but still get famous for no reason. Check Rebecca Black for an example. She became a Youtube sensation and now she’s famous. WTF!! And what I don’t get is how people can say Beyoncé is irrelevant when she is basically on a lot cover of magazines, doing interviews, and all kinds of stuff. Rather y’all know it or not everyone loves Beyoncé in the music industry and she is highly respected. I just don’t get some of you people and the person that said she doesn’t deserve a Grammy for her album “4” needs to be slapped. That album is absolutely amazing and it’s not like most of the b******* that’s released today that sounds basically the same on every album. Beyoncé writes music for her fans and not to try to make her happy. Sometimes people don’t have the courage to speak up when they are having problems in a relationship and it’s like Beyoncé’s music speaks for us. Her music touches people and helps people when they are going through bad times like myself. I have family problems and her music always helps me through it.

  23. BC December 1, 2011

    and i really dont think beyonce is as bummed out about this as her stana are

  24. BC December 1, 2011

    hey its CHERNOBLY lol
    im @Beyfan3000

  25. Greyson December 1, 2011

    Who is Miguel?

  26. HaterzStayPressed December 1, 2011

    I love Jill Scott & Miguel, but they need to grow up. You win some and you lose some. Doesn’t mean you have to whine about that s***… damn! Hella people should have been nominated this year but it didn’t happen. Maybe next year? But to whine about it is simply dumb as f***. Is Britney Spears crying? She ain’t get s***. Kelly Rowland should have been nominated way more but she ain’t bitchin’ about it.

    Just stop with the twitter theatrics.

  27. S*** (U MAD?) December 1, 2011


    I CANT BELIEVE Bey got SNUBBED!! That would be a FIRST!

    I Expect BASIC B****** to Get Snubbed but NOT Bey! I THOUGHT the GRAMMYS were about TALENT & QUALITY MUSIC but I guess since 2011 The Grammys said f*** all that, We Want RATINGS! (Well they’re NOT getting them from me.) 😕

    MOST of these Noms ere calculated STRICTLY on SELLS, Current Popularity & Chart Positions anyway as if that dictates REAL Music. The Days of CREDITABLE music Award Shows are no more.

    The Grammys should be the ONE place where REAL artist get too Shine!! (this would Exclude Rihanna, Gaga etc from undeserved nominations)

    Anyway, My guess…

    Adele will win 4
    Kanye will win 2/3
    Bey will win 1
    Rihanna will win none (LOUD was just AVG!) 🙁

    I know you cant be on TOP Forever!

    But I am OFFICIALLY convinced There IS a Conspiracy out on Bey. On down to POP radio stations not playing her songs.

  28. Xtina Voicelera December 1, 2011

    Beyonce has 982768576 Grammies. I don’t even know or remember how she got all those grammies, when her f*cking music and DISCOGRAPHY is so f*cking basic and boring.

    If anybody deserved to be snubbed for once, it’s Beyonce, the thief.

    Christina Aguilera got snubbed MANY SEVERAL TIMES, IN MANY DIFFERENT YEARS.

    It’s cute how the Grammies decided to finally nominate her again.

    However, personally, I stopped giving a sh*t about the fake-@ss Grammieez. They are so fake and wack. Instead of actually nominating talented people every year, they just nominate whatever’s popular. It’s a f*cking mess, it’s just another MTV or AMA type of award show.

    Thankfully, Christina AGUILERA doesn’t need awards. Her OUTSTANDING and MARVELOUS CAREER, music, videos, DISCOGRAPHY, SINGING, etc all speak for themselves. Christina is THE BEST.

    : )

  29. Chernobly December 1, 2011

    Lmfaoo!! Wassup Brandon 🙂

  30. Chernobly December 1, 2011

    But where is Christina now!!!! Oh..I thought so!

  31. beyawnce knowlezzzz zzzz zzzz December 1, 2011

    Does Beyonce really have SIXTEEN grammy awards?

    WTF LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s like a REALLY REALLY BAD JOKE, except it’s reality. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A mess.

    That’s like 20 grammies… how? Why? LOL

  32. Legendtina December 1, 2011

    Where is Christina?

    Right now, she’s filming stuff for “The Voice”.

    Later, she’ll continue to record some new music for her album (2012 release).

    And feed her son Max and sing him a lullaby before he goes to sleep.

    Than hopefully, maybe, she’ll win both of her Grammy nominations.

    “Moves Like Jagger” will so win! I think.

  33. S*** (U MAD?) December 1, 2011

    Though it got some Critical Acclaim

    4 is/was still UNDERRATED. 😕

    Oh well, Im sure she’ll win some the Following year for END OF TIME & I WAS HERE.

    It sucks that Bey is probably gonna be FORCED to do another UPTEMPO album after 4 was so Under appreciated…

    But atleast sold more than Jill Scott, Kelly Rowland Etc

    By comparison 4 was MEGA SUCCESSFUL 🙂

  34. WHUT December 1, 2011

    Anyway, My guess…

    Adele will win 4
    Kanye will win 2/3
    Bey will win 1
    Rihanna will win none (LOUD was just AVG!)


    Hey boo can u lend me your guessing ability for some lottery tickets I just purchased? I need to know which numbers are gonna be completely worthless to my chances!!

  35. S*** (U MAD?) December 1, 2011

    hey Yall!,

    I JUST listened to THRILLER the other day all the way through, Each Track by Track (well aside from the parts I SKIPPED). 😕

    & I must say…

    4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> THRILLER! 🙂

  36. nothing December 1, 2011

    wtf is that grapejuice ?!? headline.. picture.. and made it a trashy wanna be bey.

    some more?!? lol

  37. Not Amused December 1, 2011

    Everything. Its someone eldest season, even though all these artist are great.

  38. Lee December 1, 2011

    very disappointed this year that Beyonce didnt get many nominations, espicially for 4!!! the album is amazing and strong powerful songs! she is absolutely unique and untouchable!!! Grammys gonna b boring n suck this year without the Queeen!!! not going to watch!

  39. RatedX(basic broads favs) December 1, 2011

    I’m waiting for the usual” THE GRAMMYS DOESNT MEAN S***”, speech,

    1. itunes charts doesnt mean s***
    2.the billboard charts doesnt mean s***..
    3.The U.S market is the only music market relevant.
    4.worldwide sales doesnt mean s***..

  40. RatedX(basic broads favs) December 1, 2011

    so im guessing jayz check bounced or wasnt enough?

  41. Theman December 1, 2011

    Beyonce’ definitely deserved more nods, as did Jill & Miguel.

  42. classy_guy December 1, 2011

    Now there go the Bey fans all upset cause they got slapped in the face! Beyonces Grammy days are over! My opininion doesn’t matter to you all but I’m entitled to speak it. The Grammys know the f***** up by giving her 13 as a solo, and now they’ve backed off of her! There are artist that have sold way more records than her and they have very few grammy and way better music! Bey is cool and all but I don’t think her music is too Grammy worthy! And not to mention all the BS she’s pulled this year! Anyone that has something to say will be ignored in the up most manner because you’re just another Beyonce a** kisser with no understanding!

  43. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. December 1, 2011

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE told you FOOLS that BLEACHonce wouldn’t win any Grammys in ’12. The H** is washed up…DONE!!!!

    Plus, she upset RATThew by firing him…now he won’t purchase ANY grammys 😕

    Oh well

    at least we have RIHANNA 😀

  44. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 1, 2011

    Grammys Awarded

    1. Mariah Carey- 5
    2. Whitney Houston- 6
    3. Prince- 7
    4. Michael Jackson- 15


  45. Sherry December 2, 2011

    Everyone’s so upset about Bey or Gaga or Taylor or Katy or Britney and others getting snubbed. When Grammys come, people will be angry because Adele won the whole thing. Then Riri, Kanye, Xtina and every other stan will be here freaking out. Bottom line is, the Grammys will always be flawed. They pick one artist to pile Grammys on, then fickle audiences forget about them UNLESS you’re like a Stevie Wonder or something. Let’s get real….Adele’s going to win pretty much everything including Album of the Year. I don’t care how much gloating anyone does or yelling about snubs. The Grammys are predictable minus one or two exceptions. Yet, they are not a barometer of anyone’s achievements or how long they’ll be around. Albeit, I agree Jill and Miguel should have been nominated. Jill had a #1, critically acclaimed cd. Miguel had a major #1 R&B hit with Sure Thing and received critical acclaim. But with the cutting of categories, it made things a hot mess and no one is happy. Not just stans of any artists, but overall there is a,call for a major overhaul. No offense, where is Pink besides just one nom? Raise Your Glass, hello!!! Talk about being underrated.

  46. Raden December 2, 2011

    F*** the Grammys Our Girl Mariah Carey suppose to have more grammys they snubbed her on year 1995 -1996 during Daydream Era she had more nomination but she didnt get anything!

    Then again in Emancipation of Mimi she had total 8 Nomination one of it is Album of the year and Song of the year We belong Together but Snubbed again!

    The best thing is Best R&B Performance Female doent get a chance to let Mariah took he Award on Stage instead of giving her at the Back!

    Asshole Grammys!!!

    I used to respect the Academy before but after all the snubbing where they suppose to be deserved to win is well played by the academy politic and thats all i can say.. My girl Mariah doesn’t even bother about grammys anymore where she desrved to have more than 5 in total!

  47. Sherry December 2, 2011

    People are even saying Adele got robbed with just 6 nods. They need to bring back male/female categories among others, plain and simple. If that had happened, Adele may have had 8 or 9 nods. Rihanna would have had about 3 more. Gaga would have had more. This year’s Grammys will be a bore. There are things I agree with, such as Loud being nominated and Adele, Kanye nods. Even Move Like Jagger getting a nod, although I would have shifted it to song or record of the year. I don’t know, Grammys will never learn.

  48. TeamBreezy December 2, 2011


    I could not have said it any better!

  49. Ben December 2, 2011

    I just think this further proves what a scam the grammys is.. I’m not a beyonce fan and DO NOT think she deserved all 16 I mean yes the ones for vocal performances absolutely but one that was like winning best rnb song for single ladies over maxwell pretty wings?! That’s ridiculous BUT I actually have to stan for bey for this time because for a catergory like album of the year I’m sorry but 4 vocally and artistically was one of best releases this year and should have been nominated .. Love on top should have DEFF been nominated for a vocal performance catergory I mean come on now ..I don’t really care for rihanna or pay much attention to her but I do think she has some decent music but the album of the year nod just further proves me point its ALL popularity .. Rihanna has been popular this year so she gets it when beyonce was the most popular chick she got all the nods and when it should actually be beyonce sweeping she doesn’t .. Its all a joke but LUCKILY adele is popular AND talented so she’s hopefully gna grab the big ones

  50. Frankie December 2, 2011

    @ben u better PREACH! I couldn’t agree more

  51. Remey December 2, 2011

    I actually think Jill was very unprofessional, and I’m a fan. Many artists have been snubbed in the past. What makes her any different. Light of the Sun was an incredible album, but not everyone gets their recognition. Example: It took Britney Spears YEARS before she received her first VMA. She has put out 6 albums before she got one for Piece of Me and the girl is practically Pop Music’s Queen.

    And I hate when people think Bey should automatically get a grammy. She has tons already, so let someone else shine for a minute.

  52. Julien December 2, 2011

    I’ma need Jill Scott to just shut up. Along with the Bey stans. All this whining and crying when Beyonce has 16 damn Grammys and Jill Scott has 3. Greedy as* mofos!

  53. Teacher December 2, 2011

    Everybody thinks Adele will win everything but last year Eminem had a Huge year but only one two grammys so u never know…

  54. MuzikJunkie December 2, 2011

    I agree with Jill. Beyonce, Jill & Miguel had great R&B albums and for Jill & Miguel not to be nominated is beyond me. And for The Rihanna stans that’s hating on Bey yall can’t talk until she gets anywhere near 16 grammys, matter of fact yall can’t talk until she get a #1 album!

  55. Youalreadyknow December 2, 2011

    Some of the comments on this page are so ignorant they aren’t even worth responding too.

    Jill Scott is absolutely right, she had a #1 album and a great collection of work. If she isn’t deserving of a nomination, then who is?! Mind you, Britney Spears has been nominated for a Grammy so that goes to show you how “seriously” we should be taking this award ceremony.

    I throw the Grammy’s in the same heap w/ the Oscars, they overlook minority artist, unless there is a lacking year in “white” art and they throw us a few bones.

    I’m ashamed there is not more support on this page for Jill Scott and Miguel, but its very typical of us because we still hate each other and have a lack of unity.

    Some of you black people on this site are a disgrace and need to go pick up a history book because some of you are under the impression that there is no glass ceiling set up for minorities and that everything that these white people do is on the up and up.

  56. MISHKA December 2, 2011

    Jill is telling it like it is.

    Beyonce didn’t get more nominations because the comittee doesn’t want her to have more Grammys than Aretha Franklin(18), at least for now. As simple as that. It’s better to shut her down now than to give her nods and to upstage her on the big night when the whole world is watching..

    Miguel should have been nominated for “Sure Thing”. What a disappointment.

  57. Nick December 2, 2011

    I agree Jill & Miguell deserve a Grammy for those albums., really good real r&b!!! Sad-

  58. The Truth December 2, 2011

    Rihanna mayl win ONE grammy thanks to Kanye lol

    Beyonce may win one grammy.

    Jill’s album deserved a nomination. Her album is better than most of the R&B Albums that were nominated. Her first single stayed #1 on Urban AC charts for a few months. She’s earned her right to throw rants and I don’t blame her.

    Miguel is a new artist that got off to a slow start but had a couple of successful songs. He should not be throwing rants. This is his first album and he needs to chill.

  59. S*** (U MAD?) December 2, 2011

    DIL: Made her the QUEEN!

    B’Day: Pushed her into INTERNATIONAL SUPER STARDOM!!!

    IASF: Made her an ICON!!!!!

    4: Made her a LEGEND!!!!!! 🙂

  60. YOOSONDALOOSE December 2, 2011

    Go Jill!
    Finally how could Bey get snubbed so bad?
    And Jill?
    Really shocked, the nominees aren’t good this year!

  61. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) December 2, 2011


    bey is a basic b**** this era ! not competitive and do not think about anything , she even told her stans to “tone it down” !!

    she don’t care , she lost IT !!

    AND those basic b****** are not in the illuminati , so why they expect to get nominated 😆 ?!!!

    i guess the illuminati just kicked B out of the illuminati and invited riri and gaga to the next level !

    did u see the gaga vid , i know u understand all those bruises on her back 😉 , plus the end , with fire and all , SATANIC !


    anyway , 4 is “under-rated” and bey do not care about anything beside her belly !

    but i was just mazed in how she was snubbed in the “R&B” category ! TBH ! cuz how the supposedly “queen of R&B” ‘s greatest album can’t get a nod there ?!

    and CB get one ?!! 😡

    some sort of “WTF moment” bite me here ….

  62. Bey’knight December 2, 2011

    1st of all Jill has every right to speak up she’s a vet in d game. She has no business keepin it “cute”. Thats like askin Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton , Cher & the likes to give politically correct answers in interviews. Hell no, they have earned their divatude. Do yall know what the biggest diva of em all, Mariah did to the grammys to show who’s boss? Ask @Classy_guy, @Johndival or @Theman.

    Btw Bey did submit Love on top as well as 1+1, BTINH, Rtw(video), i was here and party

    Adele only submitted six n she got all incl best short form vid which is beyond me

    Thats wat i thought too, they dont want her to take em all in such short time span bt ironically 4 is d most deserving of all her albums

    @Kat deluna fan & pop royalty

    Both of u really need to shut the hell up cus ur sentiments are baseless. Did u expect Bey to be shoulder-shimmying 8months pregnant. Charts and sales arent all that make an era. All in all, Bey still has still attained a handful of lifetime achievements this era. Will i remind u? Yall sound like bandwagoners right now, im so disappointed.


    Anywho i think all snubbed parties should let it go. Everyone and i do mean everyone who’s somebody in the music biz has been snubbed at one point or another. Beyhive, u aite, Bey has more than some people will have in a lifetime. She’s has a grammy record right now, 2nd most nominated ever!!! Her talented idols are peers arent as honoured. At least when she wins again people wont b**** about some baseless discrepancy.

    Hopefully Miguel gets recognised in d long run. I wish he’d kept quiet though. How many ppl receive appraisal at his stage of their career in other fields? 2011 is Adele’s year along with the grammys so hope she wins big as well as Kanye. It’d be nice for Kelly, Pink & Chris Brown to take home 1 each too

  63. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 2, 2011

    SMH at both of them.I thought they were both intelligent people who wouldn’t be swept up by a f****** “snub” and start tweeting like bitter b******.I still appreciate their music and I can absolutely understand their frustration, but what they both did was wrong.I don’t get why someone would want to be so vocal about an alleged snub.Your fans, supporters and followers don’t need to see you complain…

    And with ALL due respect, Jill Scott needs to humble herself.”I deserve a Grammy”???You CANNOT judge your damn self!That’s arrogance right there, you have to let other people decide whether you are worthy or not.

  64. Ms Lovely December 2, 2011

    Yes Jill form Philly, speak your mind! Beyonce remains unbothered, chillin with 16 grmamys and reading her script from Clint Eastwood. The shade is, most of these nominees in the female categories are just fillers for Adele, and can’t wait for her to sweep and send your faves home empty handed. Most Bee stans are chillin and cackling,coz we know most your faves won’t be seeing that Grammy(come Feb 2012)

  65. Sherry December 2, 2011

    At the end of the day, after all the Grammys…Jill will still be here…Miguel, I have a feeling will be around. I’ve seen his performances and he’s got ambition….Bey, Taylor, Gaga will be here and more than likely don’t care about not getting noms in major categories. And are probably working on new cds anyway. Any other artists I’ve seen names bandied about as far as snubs will be here. The only people that are putting weight on Grammys are those who falsely think it validates their artists faves. Hell, Milli Vanilli won a Grammy!!! As someone said previously, Mariah hasn’t won many awards. Same with Madonna, Prince. Some of the artists nominated really don’t need awards to validate their career. Only time and fans will dictate that. I don’t see why everyone feels the need to be at war over something no one feels is a prestige anymore. So to Jill and Miguel, don’t worry.

  66. TYLER December 2, 2011

    Wait Jill Scott everybody who got nominated sold wayy more than her beyonce and Miguel.

    Katy Perry Adele Rihanna etc. Sold more than them and their singles did good.

    The gramnys got it right and they didn’t put Rihanna in the r&b category….

    Although I do think Miguel should be nominated for one of them r&b noms over Charlie Wilson. Lmao….

    But Miguel and Jill Scott albums didn’t even sale a lot or even go gold yet.

    So Jill Scott needs to have a seat. Who cares if your album goes #1 its about the final sales of the album and longevity…..

    See Katy Perry teenage dream and Rihanna loud both albums arr still selling.

  67. bey’knight December 2, 2011


    smh, look if u cant take the heat, get outta the flaming kitchen. where was xtina when Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse picked up 5 grammys in 1 night, something it took reality tv star Aguilera, a decade to accumulate?

    this is the 2nd time in the same ive seen a lame Aguilera stan tryna come for Beyonce, hmm don try it luv, yall dont want it! . dont start nuthin …. there wont be nuthin!!!!

    anywho u make the most of what u got, we have 2 nods so heres my take:

    i dont really care for that rap/sung category; to me its … meh. just a chance to give chicks who cant win a grammy based on their vocal merit a chance to shine. Id rather a grammy for collaboration between 2 vocalists besides Bey has won this category once or twice b4. On the flip side, i’ve always been akin towards the video categories; Madonna,MJ, JJ are few of popstars that have won. i think it mostly goes to non-mainstream acts so id love for IAWT to win. moreso, Bey was very hands-on with that dvd; co-directing, producing, editing and of course being the star of the show. the idea of her winning a grammy for a 3-year old project is just bad-ass. that’ll definitely get tongues wagging :D. My gripe is Bey has won at least 1 grammy for all her albums and this time the rap/sung category is the only chance for won (for all we know, the 4 era could be over by the end of this year so im not pinning my hopes on 4 shining in 2013 besides it’ll look too contrived, the album qualified for entry this year. that is all). of course all this would be pointless if she takes home both or neither lol. Bless me 😀

  68. bey’knight December 2, 2011


    the grammys are not based on sales!

    at least it’s not supposed to be. u’d think that’s pretty much established at this stage and even if it was Beyonce has the best selling RnB album this year. definitely sold more than Chris Brown’s fame. Besides if u look beyond the popstars u know, u’d realise that the nomination list is not filled with best sellers. Holocene didnt even chart anywhere, all of the lights was not a top 10 hit.

  69. NT December 2, 2011

    Plent of people have been snubbed by the grammies this year is no difference , and they took away most of the male/female categlories and made them one thus making it way harder to get nods. But Jill and Miguel did have some of the best R&B records.

  70. Mag December 2, 2011

    @ASAP I love you you’re one the few thoughtful people here

  71. @antertain December 2, 2011

    Thats a shame for her especially doing so well.
    Her 1st album is the bizzness though.

    Bey dont care that much people her grammy cabinet aint struggling.
    Miguel has bit of buzz but never paid attention 2 his album aprt from Quickie.

    1+1 should have a nom for the vocals

  72. ayo December 2, 2011

    Yea. Bey can’t win them all.. Lmao.. the grammys were like this b**** is too young to have 16 grammys lol. We’ll have to shade her next yr. I want another bey album tho. Some super POP Album. No holds barred lol.

  73. commanderofthedancefloor December 2, 2011

    people need to calm down! oh well your fav artist is not nominated like “YOU” think they should be. there are hundreds and hundreds of artist that submit thousands of songs and albums every year, so of course there are some flaws.
    but that doesn’t take away from the artist who are nominated! because all are actually deserving despite what some of you feel towards them.

  74. Lax December 2, 2011

    Just goes to show you that sales don’t count, popularity don’t count, looks and how you shake you tail on stage don;t count but one thing is certain ant that is all of the artist has been snubbed before., And Beyonce is now on the Grammy Board, Folks i guess they kicked pappy Knowles
    old ass to the curve and replaced him with bey.

  75. bey’knight December 2, 2011


    Matthew was only on the grammy board for 1 year and he was allowed nowhere near Bey’s category. it certainly wasnt the year she won 5 or the one she won 6 . yall just need a loser’s comfort tale so u can sleep at night. and since when is Bey on the committee?

  76. Mely B December 2, 2011

    I understand why Jill & Miguel are upset BUT the time to take to twitter & try to rile folks up was back in April or May when the Grammy Academy announced all of the cuts to R&B and rock classifications. Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder & Blind Lemon Jelly could see that the biggest impact would be against r&b artists who were being classified as “contemporary” & “traditional”. They’ve cut those classifications that could honor a lot more artists.

    It sucks for Jill because now she’ll probably never win another grammy but hey: Diana Ross doesn’t have 1, Marvin Gaye finally got one when he was damn near in his 60’s. These stupid awards don’t diminish the artists talent in my eyes – it’s just that if they felt it was so important, they should have banded together to try to stop the academy from cutting so many categories!

  77. YO MAMA December 2, 2011

    FAT B****!!!

  78. zania December 2, 2011

    Chris Brown had 5 #top 10 R & B chart. TWO mainstream R & B #1 songs and two #1 Rap songs, 2 #1 digital songs, Two top 10 pop songs on the charts. Cb had a total of 7 top songs in the top ten charts, this past year. His album is the second selling R &B album of the year behind Beyonce. He has 3 songs that has sold over 1 million digital copies and LOOK AT Me now has sold of 3 million copies. He should be nominated for R & B album of the year. I didn’t even mention all the 5 collorations he did and hit the top ten. My Last with big sean another hit. CB is more deserving for his noms should’ve had more.

  79. josh December 2, 2011

    December 1, 2011 at 10:26 pm
    Bey probably didnt nominate LOT this year cus she want to see where it can go cus it was just released in the UK. she will likely submit it next year along with End of Time.
    I agree with you BC.
    We will wait and see.

  80. stan December 2, 2011

    jill scott needs to have. several. seats.

  81. VFB December 2, 2011

    If Jill Scott was white it wouldn’t be a problem, trust me, she would be #1. God knows I love Adele and purchased her CD but forgive me for saying this, it was a great disappointment, nothing but hype, and she don’t sound has NEARLY better than Jill Scott. If Jill was White, hmmm NO PROBLEM, 13 GRAMMY’S EASILY:)

  82. classy_guy December 2, 2011

    @BEY’KNIGHT Yep she released her album a day after the deadline basically saying “f*** y’all”….

  83. Secret Voice December 2, 2011

    The Grammys is a joke which is why I don’t watch it.They give awards to birds that sound like chalk on a screeching chalkboard and yet talented queens like Jill Scott can’t even get an award.

    Well atleast she is awarded by those of us that LOVE her music and yes Light of The Sun is a fukking masterpiece and so is The Lost collection @ Hidden beach!

  84. NicoleiA December 2, 2011

    Jill needs to have a seat and calm her nerves! She is disrepecting the ones that were nominated. Everyone knows with the GRAMMYs reducing the number of categories in each Genre, it was going to be really hard for anyone to be nominated. The GRAMMYs is raising the bar. You can’t just be good, you have to be GREAT!

  85. RHI RHI IS QUEEN December 2, 2011


  86. aROB December 2, 2011

    4 was not a commercial success, but it was a good album. Beyonce got snubbed like Mariah was, and how Diana Ross was. As many hits as Diana has, she has no grammys.

  87. Anne December 2, 2011


    “Actually Beyoncé was nominated in two categories and does it matter she still has 16 Grammy’s and yes she was snubbed. These nominations list is complete b******* and Jill Scott should have been nominated as well. The music industry isn’t the same anymore it’s like they are just giving away free record deals to anybody who think they have what it takes to be an artist. Some can’t sing but still get famous for no reason. Check Rebecca Black for an example. She became a Youtube sensation and now she’s famous. WTF!! And what I don’t get is how people can say Beyoncé is irrelevant when she is basically on a lot cover of magazines, doing interviews, and all kinds of stuff. Rather y’all know it or not everyone loves Beyoncé in the music industry and she is highly respected. I just don’t get some of you people and the person that said she doesn’t deserve a Grammy for her album “4″ needs to be slapped. That album is absolutely amazing and it’s not like most of the b******* that’s released today that sounds basically the same on every album. Beyoncé writes music for her fans and not to try to make her happy. Sometimes people don’t have the courage to speak up when they are having problems in a relationship and it’s like Beyoncé’s music speaks for us. Her music touches people and helps people when they are going through bad times like myself. I have family problems and her music always helps me through it.”

    Well said, CO-SIGN 100%

  88. aROB December 2, 2011

    I don’t even thing pop music should even be considered for the grammys. Its so watered down

  89. B December 2, 2011

    The Grammys been sucking now for about the past 10 damn years, regardless to beyonce grammy wins. Jill and Miguel are right, they only go for ”for the moment artists” and who’s hot that year.. If everyone doesnt know that by now, they never will. Dont get me wrong the grammy’s in my opinion are still the most prestigious music award you can get. They just full of s*** when it comes to who should really win, which is REAL DAMN TALENT

  90. bey’knight December 2, 2011


    right! and as far as i know she hasn’t made any submissions ever since!! who needs a degree when u schoolin’ life? 😉

  91. aROB December 2, 2011

    I’m not a nicki fan, but she is another who got snubbed. I don’t even want to tune into this years grammys. It’s boring anyways.

  92. Anne December 2, 2011

    Beyonce won ONE Grammy for B’day and later had TEN nominations in ONE YEAR for IASF and Cadillac Records soundtrack, winning SIX OUT OF TEN. She’ll bounce back AGAIN with another significant Grammy night in the future, whoever thinks otherwise is crazy. By the way, the Grammy for B’day was ‘Best Contemporary R&B Album’ and If that category still existed ‘4’ would have been in that category this year. Regardless, if ‘4’ does not garner a Grammy in 2012, it may garner at least one during its second year of potential nomination(s), 2013. Although I think all four of her solo albums are good, so far it looks like my two favorites (B’day and ‘4’ ) will garner fewer Grammys than her other two solo albums. Just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. In my personal opinion, sometimes the Grammy committee gets it right and sometimes they are clearly wrong, and other times it’s debatable. Once again, I can think of a few clearly wrong examples for this year’s list of nominees. But hey, no award show has a perfect track record.

  93. Jasmine December 2, 2011

    Beyonce was nominated so she was not snubbed. Jill Scott has always produced mediocre albums in my opinion. Her best album was her live album. The rest are blah. If she was all that she would have better rankings by consumers on amazon. Beyonce fired her dad as manager so I guess she needs someone knew who is conniving enough to enter multiple submission ballots and buy her awards.

  94. KAT DELUNA FAN December 2, 2011


    Excuse me.l am a fan not an ass kisser.

    4 was suppose to be the era of beyonce establishing herself as a legend.what happened,she flopped,she got snubbed,she had horrid rumors ……….

    Everybody around her are doing great:
    Kelly is doing better than she ever did since 2002
    Jay is always successfull and his artists are doing great
    Jcole sold almost the same as bey first week,got grammy nod
    Kayne is doing great,making money on tour

    What happened for beyonce ? her all career is in severe regression.she was suppose to crush the game and show the world but she has everything to prove once again .

    She showed the world that she was unable to :
    -manage herself
    -sell albums
    -sell singles
    -have a respectable image like she used to
    -sell DVD

    Everything is going DOWNNnNn.

    She is a good performer but it’s not important to make it.l am mad because of how hard it was for her to re-conquer the music industry after BDAY,she came back and did the same mistakes.Her management was worst than Nicki who’s suppose to be a rookie.This is unacceptable for someone her caliber.

    l am mad at her and honest.l doubt she cares about “4” cause she is happier about WTT nominations anyways. 🙄
    Now gimmie a break,l love beyonce but l am not gonna be delusional or talk like Britney stans or Xtina’s.


  95. TheOuyonB December 2, 2011

    It’s mind blowing how much ridiculousness flows from the people who comment. It is quite obvious how that these awards committees’ decisions never really reflect the state of current music. This has been an issue, except , now, the writing’s on the wall. Beyonce, for one, doesn’t need another Grammy to validate or solidify her position in the world of music. She’s a mega star, and one of the most electrifying to ever grace the stage. Anyone with eyes can see that.

  96. Anne December 2, 2011

    Partially agree, at least ‘4 ‘ has garnered one nomination so far and Beyonce has a total of two this time so it’s not a 100% ‘snub’ per se. Hope she wins at least one. Now Jill on the other could arguably consider herself snubbed. This only happened because they decided to dump all of the R&B artists together. If it were divided between Contemporary and General R&B like it use to be Chris would have been in the Contemporary R&B category (along with Beyonce) and Jill probably would have been nominated in the general R&B field.

  97. Robier December 2, 2011

    In the end ….. it won’t matter

  98. Mely B December 2, 2011

    @Jasmine – obviously you’re not a Jill Scott fan so you can sit all the way down with your misinformation. It’s one thing for you to say YOU don’t prefer Jill as a artist but anyone can go on Amazon (USA at least) and see how highly rated & highly regarded ALL of Jill Scott’s albums are. If you are an African-American female in the US, then you already know that r&b females dont’ get the shine of the public unless they are half-naked; booty, titty & c****** poppin all over a stage – NON of which Jill Scott does. She commands a stage with her voice.

    I agree with a previous comment that if Jill were white, she’d be in Adele territory in terms of sales.

  99. Shun December 2, 2011

    That fat b**** can have a seat!

  100. Arie December 2, 2011

    It’s all about who Ýou know. Anybody that’s looking for quality music shouid not bank on the Grammys. Let’s be real people Beyonce does not deserve a grammy, she can sing but she’s no Aretha Franklin meaning she lacks soul. Now 4 was a good effort but it lacked §ubstance, as much as she has tried to convince her fans that this album reflects where she is at the lyrics tell a different story. She is still on her me, me, me road. She has been married for 3 years now but you don’t hear that in this album.

  101. CommonSense February 8, 2012

    There are way too many idiots commenting here, but Arie, thegreatLacefront, CLASSY_GUY, and the rest of the Bay haters…go and burry your head in you ass, bc all that’s coming out is s***. Fu$*&#g low-life losers!

  102. backyard landscaping ideas December 15, 2014

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