Randomness: Madonna Is…’Eva Peron’

Published: Saturday 17th Dec 2011 by David


1996 is in many ways one of Pop culture’s most pivotal years to date.

For, aside from being the year the Spice Girl’s scored a smash hit with the single ‘Wannabe‘, it is also the year Pop icon Madonna played the role of her life, in the movie ‘Evita‘.

Based on the tragic rags to riches tale of Argentina’s First Lady Eva Peron, the movie remains one of the performer’s finest works to date.

Reportedly auditioning for the part by way of her 1994 ‘Take A Bow’ , her portrayal of Evita scored her the Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy at the 1996 Golden Globe Awards.

As well as this, it is also cited as the reason her vocal technique had considerably improved by the time she released the LP ‘Ray Of Light‘ in 1998.

Now check out a pivotal scene from the movie, which sees Madonna’s character seduce her way into the world of fame and politics that ultimately turned her into a star, below…

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  1. Aimes December 17, 2011

    Slow news day??? 15 yrs ago. No one caressss. Next.

  2. Madonnalover December 17, 2011

    Yes! I love the madonna stanning today. Golden Globe win for this fabulous movie.

  3. Ilike December 17, 2011

    Your fave quite simply could never.
    The beauty. the fiercioricity.
    Rihanna who?
    Gaga who?
    Floponce where?

  4. jill December 17, 2011


    was that necessary? rihanna could, gaga could, and one day beyonce will also. Stop “trying” to drag an artist to give another praise. Her name is BEYONCE not floponce. She didn’t flop, just like rihanna didn’t so ……STFU

  5. Ilike December 17, 2011

    Jill, you’re being serious.
    You REALLY believe Beyonce could ever match Madonna’s skill in this movie. Now Ive really heard it all.
    Her best performance to date was playing a loud mouthed belter, which quite frankly is hardly challenge seeing as it doesn’t require much skill.
    Madonna is atrue artiste!
    if you see her name on a song credit its cos she wrote it, not because she scared a writer into putting it there.
    Her videos are iconic! Beyonces video are imitations

    Madonna’s legacy is based on creativity and pushing barriers, the only thing 4CLOSURE Queen has got going for her is that she can sing. Other than that she’s a poor mans Tina Turner.

  6. Jay Scorpio December 17, 2011

    @JILL of course FLOPONCE flopped what the f**k else do u call it….. Rihanna sells over 1MIL WW in 3wks while Bee is yet to push 2MIL WW are u that blind r jus another delusional BEEhive stan??!! GTFOOH!!!

    now this is the badness right here Madge is the QUEEN PERIOD!!!

  7. Darolo December 17, 2011

    Actually I don’t believe any of the other artists mentioned COULD actually do it. For one, they are not dancers. You need to be classically trained. Even Madonna said how hard it was to learn the Tango! Neither do any of them possess her unavoidable sexiness and air of mystique. A combination of sexiness, boldness but subtle naivety are required for this part. The others may be considered s*** by some, but none has that brilliant combination that makes Madonna so alluring. She was perfect in this part. Her voice was magnificent and it was a travesty she was not rewarded with an Oscar.
    I am. It knocking the other artists but I genuinely believe none of them could be so convincing. They are limited!

  8. ADC143 December 17, 2011

    And chances are next week Rihanna will STILL be out of the Billboard 200 top 20, after another s***** sales week. Talk That Talk is the real flop here, kiddo. What the hell kind of pop star can’t stay in the top 10 for longer than 2 weeks? LOL

  9. OctoberNite December 17, 2011

    You can lose brain cells at this blog. The obsession with Beyonce and Rihanna, from haters and fans alike, is enough to qualify a number of you with OCD.

    Only insecure fans have to knock other artists to build up their favorites. What’s the matter, you afraid if you don’t throw shade someone might decide that they like the other one a little better, that it will become contagious after that and soon your favorite will become irrelevant?


    All y’all need to grow the hell up.

  10. RDK December 17, 2011

    wonderful,i like classical music and movie like this too,Scarlet Pimpernel and all that,keep doing you madge.

  11. Lady Gaga December 18, 2011

    Nice. Concept for my next video.

  12. JohnVidal December 18, 2011

    See??? When I say Madonna, Whitney, Mariah and Celine are the 4 biggest ever is for a reason! Kids are so retarded and late
    Among the 4 I don´t consider myself a Madonna fan but I know what she has done (although an oscar for this role would have been too much, there are lots of excellent actresses, so they did the right thing)
    Why the hell are Rihanna fans talking trash in this post???????? Or even beyonce fans? Madonna can´t sing like the great singers but she has lots of other things she built during her career. Beyonce could never sorry
    Among the ones some people mentioned I only see Lady Gaga being a good actress or playing a role like this one. I think she could do something like this. Her small performance in the Marry the night video was convincing and is definitely better than any whole role Beyonce has done. Real talk

  13. Onyx December 18, 2011

    Madonna voice was so beautiful from 1996 to 1998, just perfect, she sounds almost like a classical crossover Artist in songs like “You Must Love Me” or “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” and still people say Madge can’t sing, her voice is versatile, she can sing different genres and thats make her a great singer.

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