Watch: Braxton Family Values (Season 2 – Episode 5)

Published: Friday 16th Dec 2011 by Rashad

Switch that messy Kardashian nonsense off! The Braxton sisters are back and in a big way.

After warming our hearts with their debut season, Toni, Trina, Towanda, Traci, and, of course, Tamar, return to the small screen with season 2 of their hit WeTV reality series ‘Braxton Family Values’.

You can now check out episode 5 of the latest season below…

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  1. credits December 16, 2011

    “harajuku tamar dolls” lmao!

  2. Shawn152 December 16, 2011

    I love Toni and I even understand some of the things she tried to say but over all I feel like she came off a little harsh and whiny. I mean yeah she’s a legend and all but when was the last time people were really checking for her music ??? It’s been years since she was a chart topper. She can’t blame that all on Vince. If she feels like she needs new management to get back to the top she has every right to say so and Tamar should stay out of it but at the same time Toni needs to realize/respect the fact you can’t sit there and just bash the girls husband right in front of her ! That ain’t cool !!!

  3. Geronimo Deuces-Champion December 16, 2011

    lol @ Tamar getting emotional…. that was so

  4. JAYFAN December 16, 2011

    Darn it. I did not want Trina to end up cheating on tired Gabe, I just wanted her to leave him. Towanda needs to be rid of Andre as well, he’s a joke.

  5. Mely B December 16, 2011

    @Shawn152 – Toni has been seething since last season because she truly DID NOT want to be involved with this reality show. Vince (Tamar’s hubby/Toni’s manager) talked her into it because the network would not green light the show without Toni. Now she feels backed into a corner with regards to doing a “family” album and on top of that Tamar’s ego is OOC due to her popularity on the show. Toni was right to call Tamar out & ask “how do you make your living?” – not as a lead singer, only Toni has been successful at that.

    You can put her down and say she’s not hot now but Toni has fans who love her & support her the other sisters can’t say the same.

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE December 16, 2011

    yes! Love this show, woo woo! Cannot wait to watch!

  7. Jasmine December 16, 2011

    @MELY B Not that I’m knocking Toni’s brilliant voice, but where were all of her fans to show love & support for “Pulse”. Her last album didn’t even go silver (250,000 copies). If Toni really didn’t want to do the reality t.v. show, she should be thanking Vince for convincing her because she’s relevant again. Toni is past her prime and that’s not putting her down, it’s the truth. If she wants to get back on top, Toni needs to widen her audience. Strictly R&B artists don’t sell many records these days.

  8. GOLDMINE December 16, 2011

    I think Toni was all the way wrong. I love her music, and for some of you to say she hasn’t had a hit in years is irrelevant. She doesn’t need to have one. Her catalog speaks for herself.

    With that said, there was no reason for her to completely diss her sisters. If she didn’t want to do the show, she didn’t have to. She chose to air out her dirty laundry, lupus, and bankruptcy on national tv.

    If she’s unhappy with Vince, then hire new management, if she doesnt want to make a Braxton’s album, then don’t. I didn’t understand why she felt the need to say that her sisters were holding her back, when she’s had a solo career for the last 20 years.

    Again, i love her music, but she’s probably the most boring sister on the show. She’s kinda always had a snobbish attitude; it’s more apparent on the show.

  9. june December 16, 2011

    am I the only one to notice that Toni has had a nose job.

  10. Mely B December 16, 2011

    @Jasmine – no disrespect to you or people who may NEED to see a Toni Braxton on a reality show before they’d buy her albums but I’ve been a fan of hers since the beginning of her career & have all of her albums. I support her because I love her voice and the fact that she’s stayed true to her roots as an r&b artist not because she’s on a reality.

    I’m not a fan of people jumping onto genres to stay relevant because it’s short-eyed thinking. Those types of fans rarely support an artist who does this drastic genre hop and young people might never support her.

  11. Peanut Gem December 16, 2011

    @ MELY B – I agree with you totally.

  12. TopModelDiva December 16, 2011

    Toni Braxton is a legend point blank period!! I hate when I hear people say stupid s*** like this artist or that artist is a has been like wtf do you do? She is far from a has been at least she can still sell concert tickets. Toni has been out of the loop for awhile b/c not only was she in Las Vegas doing shows (like many others acts see Celine Dion) every night at the Flamingo but she also developed Lupus. Plus it’s better to be a has been (which she is not) than to be a never was to begin with. So Boom! [in Tamar’s voice]

  13. Jasmine December 16, 2011

    @MELY B I’m not saying we need to see her on a reality tv show before we buy her music. But this show has kept her name in the media so that people don’t forget about her between albums. It’s great that Toni has fans like you, but she doesn’t have enough loyal fans to sell many records. Yes I know record sales aren’t everything however, if she doesn’t sell enough records her labels will continue to drop her. Then she won’t be able to pay her medical bills and so on. And I’m sure she isn’t selling as many concert tickets as she used to.

    There are plenty of artists who dabble in mainstream music and still hold true to their roots. If Toni were to come out with a few mainstream hits, it wouldn’t be short-eyed thinking. In fact, It would be a great marketing strategy. I hope that you could agree, from a business stand-point, what she’s doing right now isn’t working to well. Broadening her audience would be helpful to her career and journey to become a legend.

    I know the die-hard Toni fans will disagree, but she hasn’t quite reached legendary status. When I think of true legends like MJ, Tina Turner, Earth Wind & Fire, and Diana Ross. Toni doesn’t quite match-up yet.

  14. TopModelDiva December 16, 2011

    Ummm Toni Braxton is a legend and I am not a die hard Toni Braxton fan. I just believe in giving credit where its due. There aren’t many people who don’t know who she is unless you’re a youngster and Rihanna or Beyonce’ was your generation. Some kids don’t know who Chaka Khan or Patti Labelle are but that donesn’t mean they aren’t legends. She is very much mainstream. If she weren’t she couldn’t do shows in Europe or Japan. And I agree she isn’t MJ or Diana Ross because she’s Toni Braxton enough said. BYE!

  15. angie December 17, 2011

    Toni is the reason the show exist PERIOD POINT BLANK . so in saying that her Vegas show was the bomb i mean awesome and she made alot of money ALOT ! she needs to start over with fresh team new material and management. She can do it but her material needs to change her songs too she needs to do some pop stuff change it up start her own label, write songs ..something to make her feel as if she is still contributing to her craft..shes in a space right knw. midlife crisis is a b**** look at JLo right knw. As for Tamar she did get picked on THIS time but sometimes she is over the top annoying. She wants her chance to shine shes fun but she needs to grow up.

  16. TREVOR December 17, 2011

    I just read on another blog that Tamar was married before to another producer Darrell Delite Allamby. I wonder why this is not mentioned on this reality show but all of the others sisters dirty laundry is put out there for the world to see? I think Tamar has talent though and will make it big next year. Especially with super producer husband Vincent in her corner

  17. Jasmine December 17, 2011

    @TOPMODELDIVA I have to disagree with you about Toni being a mainstream artist. Usher, Rihanna, Gaga, Beiber, Beyonce, Chris Brown <– These are mainstream artists. I'm sure even Toni would admit that she's not one. Look at Jennifer Hudson & Monica, They're both non-mainstream artists who have fans in Europe & Japan. So having fans overseas doesn't make you mainstream.

    Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying Toni is less talented than mainstream artists. Really, she's more talented than most of them. However, If Toni makes moves to become a mainstream artist or at least some mainstream music, it would be very helpful to her career.

    @ANGIE I definitely agree.

  18. WordUpHeyForrealDoh December 17, 2011

    why does Tamar act like a damn idiot all the time? Shes too old to be acting like that. She acts like a spoiled special needs child then she wonders “what happened?” YOU HAPPENED DUMBAZZ! I cant take her. She always starts stuff then acts like a victim.

    and lol@Towanda’s Tamar impression “whats THAT about!?” she has her down to a science. and lmao@Toni “who am I”…..YOURE YOU! lol so funny! I love this show!

  19. ChrisBreezy4Life December 17, 2011

    LOL @ topmodeldiva! “It’s better to be a has been than to be a never was to begin with.” That was sooo funny. I love Toni braxton! And I agree she is a legend. She may be a lil underrated right now but still a legend nonetheless.

  20. TeamB December 17, 2011

    Love toni her family is too funny

  21. YOOSONDALOOSE December 18, 2011

    Poor Taymayo LOL
    Tamar is going to manage Vince LOL that will be funny!
    Go Toni she does need new management! Glad it wasn’t personal.
    Well done Trina!
    Love them all!


  22. NLOVE December 19, 2011

    Sometimes we have to realize when things are getting out of hand at this point with Tamar and Toni things are getting out of hand. Toni said she introduced her sister to Vince and now their married so now if you feel like things are not mixing well, then why did you not think about that before you, Toni linked the two together? So if you wanna talk about mixing bizzness with pleasure i think its too late now Toni, you might wanna consider a different manager because now your sweet little sister is all in his head as well as his pockets and he is not into managing you these days, sorry but i feel you screwed that up! With all that i wish you all well.

  23. Shawn152 December 20, 2011

    @MELY B I never said Toni had to change to be Mainstream and I never said she didn’t have loyal fans I’m one of her loyal fans I love her but it’s because I grew up listening to her. We can argue the ends and outs forever but the fact is the music business has changed this isn’t a Toni Braxton era she has not had a hit record in years and that’s not putting her down that’s the truth ! Any artist will tell you now a days the music no longer speaks for itself you have to market yourself like nobody’s business (Why do you think Bey,Rihanna,Katy Perry,Taylor Swift & Gaga work so much ?) Yes she had a successful Vegas show but so did Celine who used her show as part of her marketing strategy for her 3 albums she realeased while doing it ! Toni released NOTHING while doing her show. Yes Tamar is over the top and can be annoying but that doesn’t give Toni the right to attack her husband and get mad at her for defending him. Any other wife would have done the same. I don’t get why Tamar gets checked and called a diva for what she says and does but Toni can sit there IN FRONT of their Mom and say since she’s the most successful she doesn’t want to work with them and doesn’t need them hanging on her and THAT’S OKAY. Like I said I love Toni’s music but keeping it real she may be the reason people watched the show in the beginning put she’s not really the reason people keep tuning in as someone said she pretty boring on the show. Her sister are helping her out as well because by doing the show their keeping her out there too. She should be just as grateful to them as she expects them to be to her hell long did Tamar sing background for her without getting paid ? Yes she is a legend won’t take that away from her but she said herself an artist is as good as their last performance and her and her last chart performance SUCKED. If anything the show will boost her next album sales so I don’t get why she’s complaining so much !!!

  24. Sammi December 21, 2011

    Wow. I’m amazed by the fact that Tamar claims to have this great voice. She performed on the SoulTrain 2011 awards, and she was horrible. Off-key, mumbled…it was a total train wreck. Tamar cannot

  25. amanningc January 1, 2012

    I love Gabe and Trina they need their own show,,,but if Trina does not get it together somebody is going to take that fine man from her

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