Solange Blasts Beyonce Baby Rumors, Talks ‘Sexy’ New Album With ‘V’ Magazine

As has plagued most of ‘Baby Boy’ singer Beyonce‘s pregnancy, rumors have swirled around the birth of  her newborn daughter Blue Ivy.  And while attempts to mitigate such by the well wishes of hospital staff members and fellow celebrities have come multi-fold, some fans are still not as easily convinced and have bombarded social media outlets with theories and even ridicule.  But, despite remaining mum throughout most of the ordeal, Beyonce’s sister, ‘I Decided’ singer Solange Knowles, decided to break her silence (much like family friend Michelle Williams) today.

Taking to the very same front that has seen its last days filled with naysayers, Solange unleashed her thoughts via Twitter saying…

The singer’s address comes days after her feature in the Justin Bieber fronted ‘music edition’ of ‘V’ magazine.  There, the ‘Sandcastle Disco’ diva discussed plans for her new album, slated to drop this year, including her influences and more:

“There are a lot of songs about sex. It’s the kind of record you put on when your man is coming over, when you’re with your girls. There are songs that make you wanna dance because we were kind of partying our way through the record, but it’s very chill.”

“My references for the record were all Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, not just their typical Janet and Prince stuff, but SOS Band and their b-sides with Chaka Khan. At first the songs were really dark because I had a premonition before the record that I was going to die. I was having panic attacks and wiling out.”

“I don’t need anyone telling me ‘this isn’t cool enough’ or anyone from the opposite end saying ‘this seems kind of weird.’ I’m lucky enough to have been in this business for so long that I know how it works. It’s not that hard. It’s not rocket science.”



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  1. Jordan January 10, 2012

    She’s nuts but I love Solange!

  2. Cash January 10, 2012


  3. JER January 10, 2012

    blast away, stranger b****, it doesn’t change that BeYAWNce and her camp F***** UP by letting her pregnancy rumours get out of control.

  4. Yeezy January 10, 2012

    @ jer gurl take your troll a** of here… Love how crazy Solo is!

  5. White girl mob January 10, 2012

    Two irrelevant b****** yup I said it b****** these two h*** are flops beyonce had a baby to stay relevant cus she knows nobody’s gonna give a s*** about if she keeps on flopping like a h**. And her cant sell albums to save her damn life

  6. White girl mob January 10, 2012

    Tired of fake ass b****** on this site smile in they pic knowing damn well you ugly ass f*** & tired of fake b****** who sells they pusdy to TGJ like its nothing for them to post them (Rihanna) hahaha tired of us b****** basic ass h*** man

  7. Nat January 10, 2012

    Love Solange. Preach.

  8. HotMama January 10, 2012

    Can someone please tell CRAZY ASS Solo the NONO to sit her ASS down somewhere. This family is nothing but spotlight seeking whores who will do anything to get press. They (B & J) want to be and have what Michael Jackson had., with the world watching their every move all while proclaiming they want their privacy. B****** Please.

  9. Bey Fan… January 10, 2012

    Ppl know nothing….so Solo dont be mad….

    Ppl talked bad about Jesus, they shot Martin Luther King, called me gay in highschool….LOL. Dont get mad Solo….. those ppl are idiots with no life

  10. MaZ January 10, 2012

    @ CASH

    You have NOTHING except a laptop to express your frustration!

  11. Bey Fan… January 10, 2012

    And how can someone who spends their time on blogs site talk about someones career….smh.

  12. SLAYFANISTANN. January 10, 2012


    I mean,it’s not a big deal if you don’t necessarily find Beyonce to be your taste,but to throw insults and near desperate level blows to her and her family is just RIDICULOUS.

    It’s so sad when people call others’ kids “flops” ,”devil worshippers”,etc and make up a bunch of FAKE s*** just because of their disdain for the parents.

    What’s sad is that some of these people claim all these ignorant comments in the name of GOD.

    The ignorant comments alone are partially why I do NOT waste my time on somde silly conspiracy theory.

  13. SLAYFANISTANN. January 10, 2012

    Also people need to remember this famous quote

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say,don’t say it at all”

    Unfortunately the way some people act on forums,it’s pretty evident that some of y’all need to go back to Kindergarten.

  14. hope January 10, 2012

    Seems like all the dirt and hate Jay-Z did to people is coming back on his daughter. Sometimes you really have to be careful how you treat people because what wrong you put on someone will come back on your child.

    Now even the media are still talking that fake s*** and them taking over the entire floor at the hospital. Jay use to beat Foxy Brown ass and it was hush hush. Now he has a daughter.

  15. White girl mob January 10, 2012

    @bey_fan & @maze ya shut up! Nobody ask for ya two cents s*** ya always on here 24/7 talking beyonce sold this beyonce sold that nobody cares shut tha f*** up two broke ass b****** on here.

    I know ya be on looking for some d*** stop playing ya two need to #SopIt5

    Internet thugs/h*** lol

  16. White girl mob January 10, 2012

    @slayfanistans you think you Obama or something telling us how to act and s*** man s*** yo ass down you ain’t nothing you just like @bey_fan & @maze always got something to say but they still living in there mom basement listen to flop 4 hahaha bum b******

  17. Kingphoenix January 10, 2012

    Okay, other than ASIB soundtrack, this is my most anticipated album of the year i really cannot wait….Solange is the definition of underated talent, i cannot wait to see what she has been cooking up…TEAM SOLO!

  18. SLAYFANISTANN. January 10, 2012

    January 10, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    @slayfanistans you think you Obama or something telling us how to act and s*** man s*** yo ass down you ain’t nothing you just like @bey_fan & @maze always got something to say but they still living in there mom basement listen to flop 4 hahaha bum b******

    Where I live,it’s pretty rare to find basements.Tjat alone makes your point invalid.

  19. @Rihject January 10, 2012

    LOL GO AWF SOLANGE!! I knew she wasnt gonna be quiet for long! It’s been so much ignorance surrounding this pregnancy, it’s ridicolous! It’s mostly anti-Beyonce clowns that carried it this far. I honestly believe half of them dont really think she was faking. Just another way to hate Beyonce. smh

  20. trisha24 January 10, 2012

    Jay-Z smiling a lot lately. Never seen his evil self smile so much. Anyway Congrats

  21. laos January 10, 2012

    this whole pregnancy was rushed and poorly planned,much like the whole 4 era. solange is crazy, jayz is crazy, blue ivy sounds like a type of weed. babys already overexposed like her mommy. rihanna would never.

  22. Girllll January 10, 2012

    so um yea Beyonce had a miscarriage according to Jay Z there is some freaky devilish s*** goin on with this couple no mam no ham… #illuminati

  23. Girllll January 10, 2012


    Yo do you even look into why people call her a devil worshiper?

    They do s*** so bluntly to where ppl like you just brush it off but it’s some real s*** goin on and not only in the music industry, money is power in this world and ppl will do some strange s*** to get that power do your research boo beyonce ain’t the only one selling her soul

  24. trisha24 January 10, 2012

    Once you sell your soul you will become a mega-star. Your label buys your records to make people think they are selling. Selling your soul would get you anything in the industry. The ones who don’t sell their don’t get nothing even if they have talent. This is why people with no talent are making it because they have no soul. Also they start doing f*** up s*** that is not the norm. You look at Jay-Z he has that cold look.

  25. Girrrl January 10, 2012

    I will not ever joke about Beyonce’s child or miscarriage. Sam you need to ban girlll.

  26. lori January 10, 2012

    I Saw beyonce belly folding on live tv!!Is obvious she has a surrogate,anybody believes she gave birth to that blue thing is a jackass!!This b**** was walking around with a padded sTomach.Beyonce cannot have kids

  27. TeamBey January 11, 2012

    I just don’t understand how people could be so mean and hateful to a person that they don’t know on a personal level and only knows what they know b/c of tabloids, I feel for Bey and Jay and I know what Solange means..I wish people would stop being all up in they damn business. If I could protect bey from all of the negative lil f*** asses in this world I would..b/c I sure wanna slap the p*** out of all u b****** that has so much to say and probably can’t put cheese on a whopper..f****** bum ass c** guzzlin f****** b******!!! about that!!

  28. InthenameofBeyonce January 11, 2012

    I so wish that I knew where some of you h*** lived I would F*** off your whole blood line. Beyonce rules b******

  29. Martino January 11, 2012

    Honestly I Think It’s A Pathetic Mess That ppl Can Be So Cold Just Saying Any And Everything Out Their Mouths To Get Attention If U Don’t Have Nothing To Say Postive Then Keep All That Negativity To Urself Like Really Grow The F*** Up Yall It’s 2012 How Ever She And Jay Might Got Blue Ivy That’s Their Damn Business So Let Well Enough Alone And For Solange Continue To Be You Family Comes First And All You Doing Is Protecting Yours So Kudos To You Congrats Bey & Jay

  30. Troy January 11, 2012

    @ PhittedphillyQUEEN – we all realize you love, worship, adore beYAWNcy but the fact is, the b**** is a liar, she’s a deceiver. She made false claims to her fans by using a surrogate and pranced her ass around for 4 months wearing this fake prosthetic. Did you even watch the Australian interview when the stomach crashed all in. Seriously. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the look on her face when the damn thing crashed in that she knew she was caught. What’s sad about it is, she’s so fake that she couldn’t even pull off the fact that she had a surrogate, but leave it to her crazy fans if the thing would’ve fell out from under her dress, you all still would’ve believed she was pregnant. As far as the miscarriage rumors that Jay-Z put out there, if that w**** had a miscarriage at any point in her life she would have not have been the first woman to have one and if she had one, she would’ve had a whole different perspective on what she did by using a surrogate. Mariah had one, Janet had one, and they told the world about it. Let’s break down the real beYAWNcy, we all know that beYAWNcy loves the attention her fans have build her up to the point that she thinks and believes she is the messiah, she is not. If she was married or pregnant, there would have been a big to-do about the entire thing, big wedding, photogs, if she was pregnant, same thing, big to-do – none of that happened. Which means she was not pregnant nor married. If and when you decide to get a life you will realize that the entertainment industry is about staying relevant, deceiving those who look up to them. You and her fans have put her so high up on this pedestal that at some point and real soon, she’ll fall from that pedestal and she will fall hard. She has done so much dirt to so many people the Girls of Destinys Child, she’s screwed movie and music execs to stay on top and has befriended only those who she can use to get her ahead or keep her relevant. In doing such, along the way she’ll reap what she sows. A person can be pretentious for so long before their kingdom comes crashing down. It’s fine to look up to an artist, but remember none of the people in the entertainment industry is without faults, you think beYAWNcy is perfect, you have no idea. That surrogate will let it be known at some point that she gave birth to that child, and all of beYAWNcy’s little secrets will come out. It’s happened to the best of the best of entertainers so don’t think it won’t happen to her. She craves and desires FAME and it’ll eat her ass alive.

  31. jason January 11, 2012

    Solange needs to go sit her funny bug eyed ass down somewhere. It’s funny how she claims she’s so hurt by what people say on these blogs, but if you don’t allow what someone says about you or anyone in your family to roll off your back that only shows that you’ll feed into anything anyone says, even everyday normal people (fans or non-fans). She shows how ghetto she is, she’s real, and with her beyondalay growing up in the same house, that act that beyondalay puts on is totally fake. F*ck beyondalay, solange, matthew and tina, they aren’t nothing but a bunch of crooks, sinister and fraudulent. beyondalay and gay-z ain’t gone do nothing but pimp that child out like matthew did beyondalay. I wished jay-z, solange, matthew, tina and ESPECIALLY beyondalay would just go the hell away.

  32. RICK January 11, 2012


  33. Bey’knight January 11, 2012

    People hold on to their stupid theories so tight im like even if it were true how does it affect u? move on with ur life already. Bey n Jay r set for life. There are not readin ur comments, they have a baby to be joyful of. Hating n judgin n spending ur youth commenting on their life wont get u any further in life. In 10 yrs time u bums will be doin d exact same thing, hating while Bey continues to live her life

  34. Girllll January 11, 2012

    @ girrl

    U need to be banned honey I’m not joking about anybodies miscarriage that’s very unfortunate for anyone all my accusations are based on facts so how bout you stop scrolling blogs just to see what I’m gonna say and mind your own damn business boo

  35. Saetana January 11, 2012

    Do all you people who believe in devil worship and the illuminati still believe in Father Christmas as well? Its about as plausible in my book. I’m no Beyonce fan but that is no reason for people to keep on spouting crap about her and her pregnancy/new baby, get a life people!

  36. MaZ January 11, 2012


    Nobody is talking to you so have a seat b****!

  37. COOKIE – DIVAS- TONI BRAXTON, RIHANNA January 11, 2012

    Solange THAT’S RIGHT, SHUT YOUR ASS UP! I can’t stand your wanna be ass. The secrets of the COVER UP (Knowles) family is out there for the world to see. Your family has no morals or integrity..You’re better off by keeping your mouth shut! Simple.

  38. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) January 11, 2012





  39. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) January 11, 2012

    The insider told, “I thought it was a pregnant Beyonce [they were talking about], not a new mom Beyonce.” But according to our insider, Bey’s people were SERIOUS about it. The insider added,
    “Of course we’d make room [for Beyonce], she’s the biggest star in the world.”

  40. YOOSONDALOOSE January 11, 2012

    Solange is crazy! LOL BUT I LOVE IT!
    Glad her and Michelle said what they said!
    Cannot wait for her next album, I think it will be hot!

  41. HALF AMAZIN January 11, 2012

    This is why Solange is so off putting. Your mom and sister aint the last b****** to get talked about so shut THE f*** up!!! When you ask for the spotlight you better get used to the smell of the s*** that comes with it. If Beyonce isnt twitter ranting why the f*** are you?!?

  42. Neutral January 11, 2012

    To sit and say that worshipping Satan and that the illuminati is a theory is b******* because if you do your research, it’s there. Now to attack Bey after such wonderful moment in her life wether she worships Satan or not is just mean and uncalled for :-/

  43. Keith January 11, 2012

    WOW, some strong comments here toward the Knowles family…Anyhow, I’ve always preferred Solange musically and I’m excited to see what she has created.

  44. jill January 11, 2012

    The media and people have done this to Katie Holmes, they stated she was faking her pregnancy and Tom isn’t the father. He looks nothing like her blah blah. Now they found someone else to bash, they slaughtered Angelina and Alicia Keys. When you’re in the spot light it happens, Beyonce will be alright….. In a few months everyone will have moved on……………………………………………………………………….

  45. fatu sankoh January 11, 2012

    Solang dont worry this hatemongers dont matters at all they are mad with their own rottern lives god and the world will continue to love you bey jay blue ivy for life hatters can talk their lies all they want only them belive their own lies solang keep loving your sister dont mind this hatters god bless you bey jay baby blue ivy and the family for life long live the queen

  46. killuminati January 11, 2012

    beyonce is the biggest liar and copycat singer ever .

  47. killuminati January 11, 2012


  48. Pucci January 11, 2012

    @White girl mob

    Your STUPID ass shouldn’t even be talking. Kreayshawn has light years to go before she can reach Beyonce’s status. And how can you dare call someone a flop when Kreayshawn hasn’t even had an album out yet?


    Who are you & anybody else that Beyonce or Jay-Z or their camps need to address anything to? smh… Yall haters & s***! #NEXT


    Please dont come on here trying to discredit anybody in favor of Keri Hilson’s wack ass or get mad that ppl do not like her. Keri has soldified herself as the industry b**** with her poor attitude. Secondly, how does Beyonce try to ruin ppl’s careers? Does she go out of her way to purposely sabotage their performances? Does the hypnotized ppl not to buy their records? lol, yall haters give so much power to ppl… Beyonce doesn’t need to do that, ppl seem to forget that Beyonce can sing so that would have something to do as to why she’s so famous & ppl obviously like her music. Thirdly, talking s*** especially IRRELAVANT s*** doesn’t make you better than anybody (Jay-Z’s a drug dearl, gay & weak; Solange gotta speak up for Beyonce weak ass) AND? At least she got a sister who will do that for her? And we all know Jay-Z use to be a drug dealer? Is one now?

    Your are probably an even bigger idiot that WHITE GIRL BITCHmob!! GTFOH

  49. Pucci January 11, 2012

    That’s right Solange!!!! I wouldn’t take it laying down either if ppl who have nothing better to do were constantly talking about my family! Solange got balls, always has spoke her mind.

  50. Sweet Tea January 11, 2012

    Shes only in this business for so long cuz her sister is Beyonce and she needs to STFU#canSolangespremonitionbecometruejustsayin’

  51. Sweet Tea January 11, 2012

    @Pucci–Your right she looks like she has balls she actually looks like a man

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