Hot Shots: Lil Kim Celebrates New Year’s Eve

Published: Wednesday 4th Jan 2012 by David

Peep these snaps of ‘How Many Licks‘ vocalist Lil Kim celebrating New Year’s Eve recently.

Spotted in the company of what appears to be a number of close friends and sporting a far more demure look than usual , these shots of her are a far cry from the heavily photo shopped promotional images of her that surfaced last week in support of her upcoming EP.

More below…

Side Note:

We wonder if Kim’s writers have begun readying their response to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Stupid Hoe‘.


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  1. beyonce fan January 4, 2012


  2. Mickie January 4, 2012


  3. @DaRealRastaBwoi on Twitter January 4, 2012

    Hot!!! TeamKIM cant wait 4 a new single and the Promo pic is FIREEEHOTTT !!!

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi and check out my videos and subscribe

  4. Erin C January 4, 2012

    Who is on eyebrow control?!?!

  5. Roman January 4, 2012

    Nasty h**! She was probably humping every guy in the room.. She just looks so dirty tbh.

    So much blush on her cheeks, she looks like someone popped her in the oven for a few hours.

  6. RIHLUV January 4, 2012


  7. DaHotNig January 4, 2012

    OMG the LAB RATTTTTT LMAOOO! ET ain’t droppin no EP!

  8. Kingphoenix January 4, 2012

    I wish she would take a cue from her pal 50 and learn when to hang it up…

  9. trulo January 4, 2012

    damn i see the naysayers are up early this morning talking negative about lil kim… i see she stays on you all minds… isnt that cute the idiots are quoting thier knock off rapper ( minaj) lyrics . rotflmaoooo these kids are so funny…… the only thing they can do is talk about looks which says alot about how superficial majority of you are….

  10. D.Scott January 4, 2012

    I guess it was photoshop…

  11. trulo January 4, 2012

    i thought it was about lyrical talent not looks….. which LIL KIM can lyrically assassinate nicki minaj any day…to any nicki stan flocking to this article…. tell your b**** to step her bars up before comin side ways at lil kim… who is really listening to nicki dr. seus raps besides lil kids.

  12. HeardBarbInCharge January 4, 2012

    Stupid H** is my enemy. Stupid h** is so wack! Stupid h** should pay photoshop cos without em she lookin like crack!

  13. Kingphoenix January 4, 2012

    Go swallow a bottle of pills…just because someone is offended by Lil Kim’s surgical massacre of her body, or have a distaste for her wounded rhymes dosen’t mean they prefer Nicki Minaj…Get over it.

  14. MRB January 4, 2012

    @ TRULO IM WITH U 100% These lil kids have no idea!

  15. queenofthenavy January 4, 2012

    @trulo you make me laugh, have you forgotten what kim was ALL ABOUT in the 90s. Her beauty- and she was VERY beautiful- was the reason paid attention to her. Second was her great music that was written by the men who basically were the back bone for her career.

    As soon as those men left- biggie dying, diddy leaving, and as soon as she screwed up her face, her career went downhill.
    Nicki uses her looks too, but shes smart enough to know that looks mean nothing if you’re not smart enough to know how to use them,

  16. kelis January 4, 2012

    Cant wait for new music

    lil kim >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> clone clown

  17. queenofthenavy January 4, 2012

    LMAO at these Kim fans trying to paint her as this credible act.

    EVEN before anybody knew who Nicki was, Kim was regarded as being fake because she was s*** and well done up while Missy and Lauryn were seen as being more real because they seemed to be more toned down.

    As a female rapper, she is GREAT performer- underrated in my opinion, but because she doesnt write her own rhymes nobody has ever taken her seriously.

    This is why people are so quick to believe that b******* story about her swallowing too much c** and having to have it pumped out of her. Shes always been regarded as being a cheap h** and Nicki is capitalzing on Kims negative image to present herself as a smarter, more credible and far more experimental alternative.

  18. BRITNEY January 4, 2012




  19. EXLILKIMFAN January 4, 2012


  20. EXLILKIMFAN January 4, 2012


  21. DaHotNig January 4, 2012

    How can anyone say kim is a better rapper than Queen Nicki? Nicki MInaj writes 100% of her own rhymes. The VIBE Magazine and album credits tell that Biggie and others wrote 75% of kim’s rhymes so how the f*** is she the BEST? Get the f*** outta here you old wanna be gangstas!

  22. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 4, 2012

    @Dahotnig you have a point in that department. Lol.

  23. nivea January 4, 2012


  24. Davon January 4, 2012

    @DaHotNig-Nicki Minaj does NOT write her own lyrics

  25. Davon January 4, 2012

    And even if she did. They are nothing to be proud of.She makes up words and s***

  26. HIP HOP 4 Life January 4, 2012

    @davon Nicki does write all her own raps. if she didn’t don’t you think Fendi her former manager and now allie to Lil kim would have been told on her. And you talk about her making up words. Let’s see if I can say this so you will understand. In the words of Missy elliot “Ye-ye-ye-ye-Yow, ye-Ye-ye-ye-Yow”

  27. TEAM QUEEN B January 4, 2012

    WHAT lyrics did Nicki ever write prior to her mixtape? Everything after that was NOT written in english because you cant make out half of what the chick is saying. People have been saying Kim hasnt wrote her s*** for the 15 years she’s been around, AND SHES STILL THE QUEEN B***H. Biggie died in 97, its now 2012. SO how the hell did he write all her s***?

  28. DONT TRY IT B**** January 4, 2012

    Po chile, celebrated her New Year at the Brooklyn soup kitchen. Somebody please donate the chile some money. She needs a new wig. On her promotion pics she looks alright, but whenever I see Kim doing something normal like partying or performing at a hole in the wall club she looks a hot ratched ass mess everytime. She needs to get her money up. Her coons are VERY LOW and it’s showing. Just imagine if SHE NEVER would have dissed anyone? Who would be talking about Kim this year? *crickets*

  29. TEAM QUEEN B January 4, 2012

    All you dumbies talking about Kim can’t write…but WHO DO YOU THINK WROTE RAY J’S ONE TIME HIT “S*** CAN I” ….. oh that was co-written by Lil Kim…. hatin ass n*****

  30. MichaelAngelo January 4, 2012

    Say what you want…she is still Da Queen!!!

  31. Dawnieang January 4, 2012

    I just wish she would stop the plastic surgery she’s looking a hot mess

  32. whatashame January 4, 2012

    Erm, Kim has always associated with hoodrats who write her lyrics for her.

    As someone pointed out, if Nicki had done ANYTHING filthy or shady before signing to Young Money Kim would have exposed her because the man who discovered Nicki is now working with Kim.

    THIS is why Nicki keeps poking fun at her because she knows she has more on Kim than Kim could ever dream of having on her.

    Don’t forget that Diddy has at one point or another managed both Kim AND Nicki, so itd be safe to say that there are things that Nicki would know about her that Kim really doesn’t want to be revealed.

    I think Kim is a nice lady- just watch any of her interviews- shes a sweetheart BUT she has always been misguided. She allowed herself to fall for a married man who lived vicariously through her female sexuality and found herself in relationship with a schrizophrenic killer, THEN she went to jail for lying in court for those guys who tried to kill someone.

    Why in GODS name is someone who has achieved so much associating with murdering bums- why?! Kim has never known her worth or potential and thats why she’s now flopping.
    Had she been longsighted in 2001/2004 and said “Wow- Im actually the most marketable chick out there, I need to show that b**** Eve who the REAL queen is and broaden my horizons, i will be the bankablerapper- male or female- out there”.

    Now she has to watch Nicki steal her style and use it become everything Kim could have been.

  33. girllll January 4, 2012


    I’m wit u 100% f*** nicki minajari and her fake ass that h** been jockin Kim since she came out whack ass b****… I dnt see why people like her she sounds like a f***** schizophrenic rappin bout nothin lil Kim all the way can’t wait for the come back nicki minaj wont last long

  34. White girl mob January 4, 2012

    Kreayshawn debut album coming soon people are already calling this album a classic they comparing it to lil Kim hardcore album a little. Twitter & Facebook going HAM! For kreayshawn debut album 2012 is gonna be BIG for kreayshawn YAY

  35. NickiLuv January 4, 2012

    Hey white mobb girl, if they comparing it to hard core its gonna take awhile to go platinum lol, much less double plat. Ya ass shoulda compared it to PF or Missy’s.

  36. Maylashia January 4, 2012

    @QUEENOFTHENAVY God damn bytch.Shut the hell up.Y’all always come out Kim post with your BS.Are you even a Nicki fan are just a Kim hater.Lil Kim sold 3 platinum albums after Biggie’s death and everyone she ever worked with says she writes her sh*t .You say Kim need dudes for her carrer…Uh what about Nicki and Lil Waynes relationship and the fact the Nicki was also manage by Diddy in the begging of her career.Nicki can’t rap for sh*t with her nursey rhymes.The only reasons dudes like her is because she has a pretty face and a fat @ss.So shut the f*ck up with your bias BS.

  37. Stacy January 4, 2012

    @KINGPHOENIX Why are you even on this post with your f***** @ss.

  38. Seirra January 4, 2012

    @QUEENOFTHENAVY Girl shut up.Nicki is joke and is a female Lil B.Only dumb people like that sh*t.The bytch be making up words and extending them through out the song.

  39. Maria January 4, 2012

    @DONT TRY IT B**** She’s at an MTV party,dumb bytch.Why do y’all come on Kim’s post just to hate.

  40. Kira January 4, 2012

    @WHATASHAME You so stupid.Nicki has nothing on Kim.Kim life is an open book.We all know about the Biggie and Faith situation.Nicki the one trying to play good girl,but sucked Lil Wayne’s d*** before she got signed and let the rest of Young Money ran a train on her.

  41. queenofthenavy January 4, 2012

    Malayshia my dear- you’re proud of the fact that kim sold 3 million copies since Kim died? Didn’t he die in ’96, isn’t it now 2011, dont you kim fans claim hardcore alone sold 2 million copies in two years, really b****?

    You can try and dress it up as much as you want, but kim is dependent on men! Having a man as your boss doesnt make a woman any less powerful than if she was her own boss, but when everyoneknows how you run from crew to crew (Gunit, Young Money, Roc Nation) begging for a deal, its clear that you cannot function by yourself.

    Nicki Minaj is managed by Gee Roberson, signed by Wayne and sees a portion of her sales go to Baby but you think her deals with OPI, Mac etc are inking themselves.

    Kim fans cant name ONE venture kim undertook in the past that she is currently benefiting from now in the way Jay Z is still caking off Rocawear and Beyonce is still caking off Loreal.

    To me- Kim is nothing more than a glorified hoodrat who has been forced to regress back to being in the hood because she wasnt smart enough to capitalize on her short lived success.

    btw, i cant stand nicki OR kim, difference is- nicki gets my respect.

  42. Kimmy Blanco January 4, 2012

    so what if kim doesnt sell records, her lyrics stand on their own.
    nicki hasnt got one classic jam !

  43. Kim is done January 4, 2012

    She looks horrid… White makeup, black hands… She’s no queen

  44. HaterzStayPressed January 4, 2012


    True, Kim has many classic lyrics. Biggie was a fantastic writer. But Biggie is dead. The one good thing about Kim is her execution, no female out there can spit as hardcore as Kim. Hell, sometimes I wonder if Biggie wasn’t influenced by her flow. But that is in the past. This ain’t the nineties. Kim needs to slay. Nicki must be put in her place now by Kim or she will be a laughinstock and that legacy of classic hits will be just a footnote rap history. Kim is quiet and is obviously working hard on her EP.
    I wish her all the luck. And Kim, find a new ghostwriter.

  45. Anne January 4, 2012

    I know some of you are arguing over the two but personally don’t think of Kim OR Nicki as a good female rapper. In my opinion females like Latifah, Lyte, Eve, & Lauryn are on a much higher than Kim or Nicki talent wise. None of the females seem to be able to establish longevity in rap (besides maybe Salt & Pepa) no matter how talented they are and/or popular they become. However, Nicki seems to be taking female rap to new heights. We’ll see if she can add longevity to her list of accomplishments. Who knows?

  46. ThatLATEJuice January 4, 2012

    I swear some of y’all are typing with y’all ASS HAIRS!
    @DaFlopNig, The VIBE interview said that Biggie and others wrote 75% of her rhymes? F*** boy, it said, and i quote:
    Biggie helped Kim out with songs on HARDCORE. It goes on to say that KIM wrote 70% of HARDCORE. Biggie been dead for bout 14 years, so please explain HOW THE F*** he wrote her songs years later? Do u believe in magic, sis?

    To the rest of you dumbfounded epic fails, put ur listening caps on right the hell now!
    You gerls keep coming up with these theories, old wives tales, fairytales and the such….but at what point in time are you kids gonna produce some receipts?

    If Kim has been having other people write her rhymes for all these years/albums/etc, with EVERYTHING that went down last year and everyone trying to throw Kim under the bus, don’t you think at some point she would have been put on full blast about it? Don’t you think someone would have came out and spilled tea?

    As far as her face goes, we ALL know she f***** it up. She got over it, when will y’all? Also, LOL @ “she allowed herself to fall for a married man.”
    Really? Because last time I checked, I could’ve sworn Kim was with Biggie BEFORE he met Faith. Not saying it was right for her to continue f***** him after he got married, but LET US KNOT mistake facts for a idiot talking out they ass about something they THOUGHT they knew.

  47. lax January 4, 2012

    oh s***….her face about to pop

  48. Maylashia January 4, 2012

    @QUEENOFTHENAVY Bytch I said she sold 3 platinum albums not records and Hardcore sold way over 2 million by the way.She would of put out more albums but she got into some legal troubles that prevented her from recording.Also you said Nicki gets your respect?Respect for what? she sold her self out and jacked somebody style while doing it.Kim made it possibly for female rappers to rap in high heels cause lord knows every female rapper looked like butch lesbians before Kim came along.

  49. kayla January 4, 2012

    ” She sayin she the queen when she lookin like a lab rat”

    And for you idiots that think you know everything, it was possible for biggie to write raps when he was alive and Kim not using them until after he passed in ” dedication” to him.. but we all know she sucks ( no pun included) at everything she does… but don’t worry, you ain’t gotta worry about nicki, now it’s Roman!!!!??!

  50. LAX January 4, 2012


    If lil kim and nicki were to drop albums on the same day who will sell more.. NICKI DUH

  51. MC! January 4, 2012

    Stupid h** should of befriended me then she probably could of came back!!!!!

  52. Jessica January 5, 2012

    Nicki stans are soo damn pressed it’s a joke!!! LMAO!!! They know Kim will murder her lyrically in a battle hands down. When Black Friday track came out, it took months for Nicki to reply and guess who she had to use Lil WACK ASS Wayne!!! LMAO!! Kim is street- REAL HIP HOP!!! Please Nicki can’t rhyme with the big dogs- Mobb Deep, Nas, Jay, UGK, etc. I can go on. LOL. She’s only in Wack Money because her rhymes sucks point blank. Until Mobb Deep, Wu Tang, and all the real rappers add her in there tracks, she’s garbage!! LMAO.

    Anyways, can’t wait until Kim drops her s*** and kill it. NICKI UR FINISHED!! LOL!!!

  53. ThatLATEJuice January 5, 2012

    *Barrel to you’re face having you lookin down a long gun, then u realize u f***** wit the wrong one*

    Also, for the twisted mouth fucktards that think they know everything,
    It’s possible that Kim wrote her own rhymes and built a career off her own skills, seeing as how Biggie passed during the Hardcore era. But hey, we all know Kim slays when her back is against the wall…..but don’t worry, Roman’s weekend pass from Boarding school has been revoked and he’s locked back up in the Disney Vault where he belongs. Now as for Nicki???? LMFAO….yea…..LMAO…

  54. skintightjeans January 5, 2012

    Kim and Nicki are so f***** dumb. Do they know how much publicity they would get if they did a record together? Kinda like Whitney and Mariah or Brandy and Monica? That s*** would be hot! And maybe it’ll help generate some coins in Lil Kim’s pocketbook so she can buy a new wig and get some shyt done on that face because she looks like a slapped ass in the face.

  55. swagg January 5, 2012

    @ thatlatejuice yes to everything you said lol..
    so what nicki went plat quick and what? there is plenty females who have did plat who cares how long it took to get there..just like drake he sold albums quick on his first cd (425 k first week) and still only plat.. same amount of records sold by other artists different amount of time same amount of money total tho

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