Heidi: “Sugababes Aren’t Splitting…We Just Have Nothing Planned”

Published: Wednesday 4th Jan 2012 by Sam

For many, the Sugababes came to a much-needed end when they were forced to give away their last single ‘Freedom’ for free on Amazon. Oh, the irony.

However, all three of their remaining fans needn’t fear. For the trio’s longest serving member, Heidi Range, has confirmed that they aren’t splitting. They’re just not doing anything for the foreseeable (…).

Full story after the jump…

Speaking to Digital Spy while doing the promo rounds for Dancing On Ice (…), Range discussed the future of the band (or lack-thereof). Peep the interview below…

…and the circus continues.

Why the girls insist on sticking around when most people have to log onto Wikipedia to find out who’s even the group is beyond me.

Your thoughts?

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  1. CURTAINS January 4, 2012


  2. 14t33 January 4, 2012

    break up already…

  3. MIXKULA January 4, 2012

    such flops they are, i wanted them the break up already after “Push The Button”

  4. I.D. January 4, 2012

    Ironically, the most most irrelevant members of one of the most edgy girl groups this nation has ever produced.

    If they really want success, they should return with a different name. Simple as that. Their stubbornness to cling onto the Sugababes moniker without a genuine Sugababe being there doesn’t sit well with people. They, for whatever reason, wanna rest on the laurels and be associated with the edginess of the original members. But they are fooling NO-ONE.

    They want success, they should do as I suggested. Otherwise, we’ll be seeing them on many more of these ‘has-been’ shows.

  5. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) January 4, 2012

    Oh Lord…Sugababes shade again?Why shouldn’t they stick around?They’re all talented and it’s not like there are any other successful girl groups around in the UK, so why not give them a chance to make some noise next year?

    They have been working on their album for months and I believe it could be close to completion now, so they’re just gearing up for it.Jade is going to be on ‘The Voice’ (with a role similar to that of Christina Milian), Heidi is going to be on ‘Dancing On Ice’ and Amelle is doing some features and she may release a bit of solo material too.This all could be a plan of revamping each member’s popularity before their lead single is released, why can’t you stop shading them and give them a chance?

    And the funniest thing is that all this line-up has delivered is 2 songs : ‘Crash N Burn’ and ‘Freedom’.All the rest of ‘S7’ was recorded by 3.0 and then Jade went in the studio alone to re-record Keisha’s parts and she recorded ‘Crash N Burn’ with the girls a few weeks before the album’s release.And now they just gave us the buzz single of what is going to be their first real fully representative album.Give them the time to get their album out and then try to form an opinion…

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) January 4, 2012

    Sugababes shade again? *yawns* Why can’t you give them a break?And why shouldn’t they stick around?All the other girlbands have flopped and they are actually talented, so why should they split?

    The funniest thing is that people are writing them off, yet we’ve only heard 2 songs by them : ‘Crash And Burn’ and ‘Freedom’.These 2 are the only songs that this line-up recorded TOGETHER, all the other tracks on ‘S7’ were recorded by the previous line-up and then re-recorded by Jade alone, so ‘S7’ is hardly representative of 4.0.Why can’t you just wait for their 1st real album to be released to form an opinion instead of dissing them like that so early?

    Heidi will be on ‘Dancing On Ice’, Jade will be on ‘The Voice’ UK with a role similar to that of Christina Milian in the US, Amelle is going to do some features, so they’re all going to be in the media one way or another and this could be their chance for a popularity re-vamp.All their naysayers can just ignore them if they can’t stand them, but I loved ‘Freedom’ and I’m checking for them 😎

  7. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) January 4, 2012

    *double post 😳 😳 😳

  8. OpalLibra January 4, 2012

    What I.D. said!!!! Couldn’t have put it any better.

  9. I.D. January 4, 2012

    Have you listened to the footage? Did you hear what she said?

    “We’re not concentrating on it…. We haven’t got anything planned at the moment.”

    You’re as stubborn as them – peas in a pod.

  10. k January 4, 2012

    They need to just stop now it is getting embarrassing for all involved. Jade has a chance at being a solo star and the other two can go to hell.

  11. YOOSONDALOOSE January 4, 2012

    I love Heidi and Jade I think Sugababes still have a chance if they play their cards right.

  12. lik January 4, 2012


  13. J-esper January 4, 2012

    I can’t @ the shade for Heidi, tbh the babes got their biggest succeses WITH Heidi, so I don’t see why people keep coomplaining about the first line-up, it is not that Sobhian put that much effort in it.
    I will give 4.0. a chance since I think they could produce some hot music, still 3.0. stays my favourite line-up followed by 2.0.

  14. Dunk January 4, 2012

    I must admit, i despised the new line up after they kicked Keisha out, but here is the deal, they are 3 girls trying to do there thing and Heidi’s been around for a while but like it or hate it, she was not an original member and did not stand out in front of the greatness that is Mutya and Kiesha, those to had character, Heidi was the Happy Go lucky whilst the others were giving you Diva and some undeniably stella vocals, if Siobhan would have stayed you would have had 3 very edgy women giving you something so dynamic and unique the pop world could never dream of replacing them, I say let the originals come back and grace us with something so different and fresh from everything else that is out there, these 3 now are kinda typical and should really just come up with a new name, people would give them more of a chance

  15. Matty January 5, 2012

    yeah, well ive never heard them say that before, anywhere in their timeline. its kinda like karma. they shoulda just changed their name. and wouldnt they want to in the first place, sugababes just has this stigma to it now. unless its the origs.

  16. truth(its me) January 6, 2012

    lol “we havent got anything planned at the moment”………im sorryt hat made me laugh………sugababes has been shelved…..bring back the old members

  17. James January 7, 2012

    If the originals get back together, the current lineup are finito. They’re finished regardless, but if they try to coexist with the originals they will be THE laughing stock.

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