Watch: Braxton Family Values (Season 2 – Episode 10)

Published: Friday 20th Jan 2012 by Rashad

Switch that messy Kardashian nonsense off! The Braxton sisters are back and in a big way.

After warming our hearts with their debut season, Toni, Trina, Towanda, Traci, and, of course, Tamar, return to the small screen with season 2 of their hit WeTV reality series ‘Braxton Family Values’.

You can now check out episode 10 of the latest season below…

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  1. Phabian January 20, 2012

    Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Tamar is really showing her true colors. She will do whatever it takes to get to the top even if it means grandstanding against family….A sad, sad situation and its getting more and more, adsurd.

  2. dyizzy January 20, 2012

    I love you for this.

  3. dyizzy January 20, 2012

    That s*** was so tacky. They should have been able to get this together. And it’s sad Tamar can’t take a serious look at herself. Her reality tv whoring is ruining her family.

  4. Women Are Gamechangers January 20, 2012

    First of all not one of them recognized that no one attended Trina’s graduation. That was selfish on all their parts. Then Tamar goes off and did not want to take direction. Tamar on this show really showed she likes to be the alpha female in the group. I think they need a break from each other. All this togetherness is causing stress and friction in their relationships.

  5. RealrastaBwoi January 20, 2012

    I def watched,, This is my show,, These braxton sisters were very disapointed to my girl Toni this episode,,, I will be giving my dish on my wknd revw so check here for it follow me @DaRealRastaBwoi

  6. BEYONDGOSSIP.COM January 20, 2012

    I sooooo missed this show! love me sum trashy reality tv. The gurls lookin’ good…take it they took notes from the las’ series. Traci is pure jokes! 😀

  7. ANTHONY January 20, 2012



    Something is clearly bothering Towanda. She’s very uptight and aggressive this season. No bueno! It was sad to see Toni so dissapointed.

  9. Say Whaaaaat! January 20, 2012

    Good show….Towanda is Toni co assistant so she will be on the phone… The group needs a manager who can be in charge of rehearsals , studio etc… None of the sisters should be in charge of the group…I believe Tamar is jealous of Toni and Towanda’s relationship and Toni’s career….She believes it’s all about her…So she sabotaged the rehearsal ….Yes they need a break for each other…Toni has to realize that he sister are in the spotlight now…She’s an ICON and should enjoy the attention.

  10. rob January 20, 2012

    that episode was not a good look, but thats exactly why they need managers or someone to oversee cause their egos are out of control , and i love traci ,

  11. mpjt77 January 20, 2012

    say whaaaaat… omg u hit the nail on the head. I think Tamar so jealous of Toni & Towanda relationship. I think Tamar is so jealous of Toni career. She have been wanting that for along time BUT who want to work w/somebody like Tamar nobody cause of her attitude. I believe the industry chose the right sister TONI. not to say either of the others are not talented cause they all can sing. But Toni was the right choice. I also agree w/Anthony Tamar is all reality only!!!! Thats why she wanted to do the show in the beginning & Toni didn’t for the reasons that are being put in our faces right now. Who will go buy a Tamar cd????? be real.

  12. Slewis January 20, 2012

    It was pathetic that the sisters were not able to get it together for Toni’s induction. Granted, Tamar is loud & abrasive but I think the sisters should stop blaming her for their problems. Although I do agree with Tracy about Tamar’s deliverance about how she talks to people, I believe that Tamar just wanted everything to be perfect 4 Toni. The sisters r always talking about how Tamar has changed and became a diva due 2 her popularity but if u look at all the previous shows from Season 1 & 2 they’re always complaining that Tamar was always like that. Which leads me 2 believe that they r jealous of Tamar’s popularity & the fact she has a rich husband who loves her & spoils her & they don’t.

  13. @antertain January 20, 2012


    Props to Trina because she’s the only one who really got that it’s all about TONI regardless.

    The sisterhood is getting messy.
    Ego’s really need to come down abit and that’s not just Tamar.

    Reality is families go through all kind of things.

  14. Yolo January 20, 2012

    Tamar is trash. Everything is not about u girl!
    GROW UP! stop throwing tantrums like a newborn and then asking others to apologize to you for it. Vince is gonna divorce her, mark my words. Then she’ll be the doowop pop pop girl for Toni Braxton. She’s too far gone to realize that anything is wrong with her.

  15. Anieqie January 20, 2012

    Tamar annoys me…..she need to talk to her sisters with respect that is the problem. She talks down to them and when they answer she says everyone is attacking her…..Tamar cant handle success and it shows…..Look at how humble Toni is…..I love Traci I can relate to her……Trinia is the mediator….Towanda needs to stop doing her Toni’s busines…I dont see what Toni is paying Zo to do when Towanda has to be doing all the work

  16. nitraavery January 20, 2012

    Tamar attitude is shot…she acts like a twentysomething who’s just getting a taste of fame she needs to grow up quick,fast and in a hurry….enouugh is enough she puts the blame on everybody except herself and always want the ladies to apologize to her when she starts everything….

  17. Pucci January 20, 2012

    There’s a difference between being a PERFECTION & being a CONCIETED CONTROL FREAK. Tamar is a CONCEITED CONTROL FREAK, she wants to be right all of the time & she’s really not right 40% of the time.

  18. Suchahhdread January 20, 2012

    I wonder if Tamar watches herself and is disgusted… I love Traci’s blonde bob btw :.)

  19. voneeluv January 20, 2012

    right on pucci could not have said it better myself

  20. voneeluv January 20, 2012

    favorite Braxton outside of toni is Traci and Trina. in the beginning of season 1 Tamar was comical but from the end of season 1 to the entire 2nd season she is just tragic, self destructive. she’s afraid to try anything because she thinks people will talk bad about her so she sabotages everything event. she doesn’t want to be associated with anything whack sorry Tamar ur attitude already makes you whack! u expect people to support ur career after ur display on this show. I think her album will never come out and the Braxton album will never come out wish them the best though.

  21. chris d January 20, 2012

    The girls really do need a manager to help them out or they could have just taken some steps from Toni’s performances that they have done with her in the past when they did back up for her. It was only a 4 minute gig. It would of been over so fast. Just sing 3 different songs taking 1 minute each. Then use the las minute to say loving words. Either 1 person say the 1 minute speech or all 4 take 15 seconds each to say something. Problem solved.

  22. 80sbaby January 21, 2012

    I think Tamar is so afraid of failure and not living up to Tony’s standard musically that whenever the sisters get a chance to prove that they’re not just”doo wop wop” background singers she either sabotages or almost sabotages their opportunity.

  23. MYA NEWNU January 21, 2012


  24. YOOSONDALOOSE January 21, 2012

    It was rocking! LOL, cannot wait for the next episode.
    I think they need to come together and I hope they can on the next episode.
    Come on guys!

  25. arob January 21, 2012

    Tamar is so afraid of making any mistakes, and she is so rude to her sisters. She does not take fault for anything. I don’t get it. She thinks she is getting attention, but she has not accomplished anything. Toni is not the most egotistic from what I have seen.

  26. MOUSIE January 22, 2012

    tamar is a rass b**** she needs to look at herself she thinks she is all of that and load of ———— she have badmind fi toni cause wish it was her who was the superstar did yu hear what tamar say ” its not my fault i am getting all the attention” bad mind all the way then put it her sisters face leave for the airport to be with her man on his private jet all she has she jus wants what toni has and with that attitude people will not bye her music

  27. bede January 25, 2012

    the same things that make you laugh will make you cry ! Miss” I can get in my man’s jet”. Cause the truth is that I think “her man” is getting sick of her and her mouth too.

  28. Ty January 27, 2012

    Traci said, ” Miss Wanna be Diana Ross, Miss wanna be Tina Turner. You can’t talk to none of them F$#@n b******!” Wow. They are all too grown to be arguing with Tamar. They know that she is childish. If I were one of their sisters I would hold a secret rehearsal, get our steps and songs together and then call Tamar to come and take her place, LoL.

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