Madonna Weighs In On Nicki Minaj

Published: Wednesday 1st Feb 2012 by David

If the last month has proved anything, it is that Madonna has no problem airing out her feelings.

From poking fun at Janet Jackson‘s ‘Superbowl nip-slip‘ on ‘Leno’ and calling Lady GaGa reductive on ABC, the ‘Take A Bow’ belle’s opinions have proven to be just as controversial as her earlier music.

Now, days before she performs at the 2012 Superbowl, the icon has weighed in on Pop force Nicki Minaj, during an interview with Anderson Cooper.

Watch below…

Better watch out Nicki, we all know what happened to the last batch of newbies she kissed.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Xadax February 1, 2012

    VIva la Aguilera, no matter what you say Sam.

  2. dangrspot February 1, 2012

    LMFAOOO Madonna really knows what to do to promote an album!!! She is doing and saying all the right things all hail the queen of controversy!!! **bows**

  3. Nichole February 1, 2012

    I like Madge and I’m glad she’s back, but picking on her peers, and at her age makes her look extremely childish.

    However, I’m looking forward to her SB performance.

  4. PYTFROMAL February 1, 2012

    Its not about her voicing her opinions, its about her purposely creating controversy to garner attention. She has always done so to cover her lack of talent. Plus, I love how her fans claim she’s gonna slay when Hard Candy was only certified Gold in the US. After hearing that dated new single, I’m guessing this album will sell even less. As usual , she’s hopping onto the young artists for relevancy. Real artists don’t need to create controversy for attention.

    Oh well. I guess what other artists said about her lacking class some time ago was true :).

  5. ThatBoyLuke February 1, 2012

    @PYTFROMAL You do know that the US isn’t the only country in the world right? “Hard Candy” sold over 4m ww with just 2 propper singles (“Miles away” wasn’t even promoted) and went No1 and Platinum ALL over the world.
    Madonna might not be the best singer or dancer but she is a great entertainer which is why her tours are consistantly the biggest, if she wasn’t tallented people wouldn’t pay MADONNA prices to see her live. Also “HC” was the last album on her WB contract so they wern’t really helping her, look at how hard the promotion for this album is going to the promo for “HC” i think this album will do better.

    Also some people may think her antics make her look childish but the people buying her albums don’t care and neither does she, she’s a master manipulator and knows how to stay on top which is how she has.

    As for Nicki, I think she used Nicki because she’s hot right now but i believe she respects M.I.A as an artist. And no Madonna doesn’t NEED to use young people or anybody for attention she uses them because she wants too, out of 75+ singles this is the 3rd with ANY features artist so take a seat on that front.

  6. MicroPop February 1, 2012

    She is the QUEEN. She can do whatever she wants!! 🙂

  7. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 1, 2012


  8. jenny February 1, 2012

    Umm Young Money boutta slay this year b******, The Phantom is coming for that ass, co signs by Drake and Nicki Minaj!

  9. Rayvone February 1, 2012

    I was about to coment ob this then I realized, Luke is cute . .

  10. RDK February 1, 2012

    THATBOYLUKE so you are saying,nicki is getting used because she is hot and respect MIA as an artist so how is she not using nicki,did you notice you contradict your self,if you are going to f-cking tear down nicki like others just do it,don’t sh!t around..why would madge used someone because she can..what she is that bored and such a monster to f-ck with peoples feelings,you don’t even realize the sh!t you just written,,and what this using sh-t you are flinging around don’t you think it go,s both ways,the bigger venue and exposure for nicki….i love made and nicki,but like i said THATBOYLUKE whoever you are if you are going to try and tear down nicki minaj just do it,in stead of running on here contradicting your self making your self look like a r***** and trying to make madge out to be something she isn’t.

  11. Kijano February 1, 2012

    Madonna looks great !

  12. AmbeRussell February 1, 2012

    @ rdk madonna is known for “using” ppl for her advantage. she befriend mj but where was she during his trouble yrs n when he wasnt at the top? had babyface produce her album in after he made hits for tlc, his own songs, boys 2 men, toni braxton etc. or missy elliot n those gap ads, yet they aint cool no more. then she hooked up with jt after his successful future s** album n timberland. madonna hooks up with the it star of the moment
    amberussell on youtube

  13. Jay February 1, 2012

    STFU up Sam. Madonna didn’t say s*** about Janet, she made fun of herself. Starting s*** to make Madonna look bad b/c one of your favs is selling weight loss s*** on Cable while Madonna sells millions and fills stadiums

  14. ThatBoyLuke February 1, 2012

    @RDK no i didn’t contradict myself, i said she’s using Nicki coz she’s hot right now (which most people do) and because she’d sound good on the track but i also said she doesn’t NEED to use people if she doesn’t want too, she’s the Queen of Pop ffs when she drops an album it’s an occasion.
    Yep, Nicki will get massive exposure because Madonna has LET her be on her track and performance which also contradicts your previous argument that Madonna was using Nicki to gain exposure…

    @Amberrussel Madonna hung with MJ for a short period of time in the 80s why would she be rushing to his side in the late 2000s?! that would be fake, she respected him as an artist though which is why she did a tribute to him on her last show so sit down.

  15. Yasmin February 1, 2012

    She bores me. Madonna is an average dancer, a below average singer, and a s***** director. The only extrodinary thing about her that allows me to have the smallest ounce of respect for her is the fact she has stayed around for practically 30 years. Other than that all she has done is make it more difficult for women of pure talent to enter the industry. S** has become the standard because of Madonna and a couple of other female artists. If you take away her sexual ambition the way age and motherhood has for her (to deny that is stupidity), I would certainly be interested in seeing what she cooks up to stay relevant. *Sigh* other than that I don’t see anything positive Madonna has done for the music industry or our raunchy-and-never-satified current musical climate- besides bringing out its faults. Performing wise, everything she has done- someone has done better. This is the truth, though I do respect her effortless ability to become the talk of the town. Something that my post proves she has perfected.

  16. TheMan4u February 2, 2012

    i agree that madonna hasnt really done as much as her fans like to claim for music. All she really does is follow trends then uses controversy to sell herself

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