Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Smashes iTunes Record

Published: Thursday 9th Feb 2012 by Sam

In an era when most acts’ success doesn’t last 30 minutes, Pop royal Madonna has 30 years of chart-topping under her belt;  a trend which looks set to continue – even at the ripe age of 53.

For, spearheaded by the Super Bowl and a mammoth Clear Channel campaign, the Material Girl’s new album has broken iTunes records – more than a month before release.

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After being made available for pre-order last week, the ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” led set garnered the biggest one-day pre-order  sales in iTunes history. And by day three, the LP ranked at #1 in iTunes stores in 50 countries.

The unprecedented achievement is notable in that not only will it give the album’s first week numbers a pronounced boost, it also means Maggie is “winning” in an arena older artists usually falter in – the digital sphere.

Of course, the true measure of the singer’s current popularity will be revealed when the album is actually released on March 26th. But pending then, her Madgesty has plenty to smirk about…

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  1. The Undisputed Queen of Pop February 9, 2012

    Not a good year to be a hater. I mean come on, GaGa had to wear rotten skunk on her head to sell records and yet Born This Way is delivered straight to us from a garbage bin.

    Live well, Gaga; you just a trying hard wannabe! 😀

  2. ANNE February 9, 2012

    All hail the real one and only QOP! Good going MADONNA!

  3. Josh February 9, 2012

    Shes annoying and i dont like her.
    But anyway, congrats Madonna.

  4. DaBoi February 9, 2012

    Who else but the undisputed Pop Icon and The Queen herself !

  5. RIRI FOREVER February 9, 2012


    GO MADONNA !!!!!!

  6. jolojo February 9, 2012

    Good for her but she’s looking a lot like Jigsaw. Ease up on the cheek bones Madge.

  7. White girl mob February 9, 2012

    Ya just wait until kreayshawn debut album drop ya ain’t seen nothing yet kreayshawn gonna blow old crusty Madonna out the window when kreayshawn albums sells like hot cakes the first week then Madonna gonna look dumb

  8. LOL February 9, 2012

    And gaga fans will remain pressed…

  9. Mariah Queen of R&B February 9, 2012

    good, I hate monsters too!

    i can stand madonna not a fugly lady named GagGag

  10. Breaking Point February 9, 2012

    Why do people have so much animosity towards Gaga? I understand her borrowing things from Madonna’s image, but she has always praised Madonna and gave props where it’s due. It’s not like she took Madonna’s image, dissed her, and tried to pass it as her own. I believe some of you just love drama.

  11. Team NickiMinaj February 9, 2012

    Madonna is slaying effortlessly. Go gurl

  12. WOW February 9, 2012

    50 countries??? Thats huge!

  13. SAM u are the best February 9, 2012

    That GIF: “LOOK IT UP!!!”


  14. Aishaaguilerakeys February 9, 2012

    Well, congratulations are most certainly in order.

  15. opsssss February 9, 2012

    I just bought Give Me All Your Luvin’

  16. Britney Katy Riri & Beyonce Re-Unite February 9, 2012

    Yesssss !!!!

  17. Give Me All Your Luvin February 9, 2012

    11,000,000+ = YouTube downloads of new Madonna video…and counting. The most searched subject on YouTube and Google during the Super Bowl

  18. HaterzStayPressed February 9, 2012

    One thing I’m sick of on this site is the shots at Madonna’s age. So what that she’s 53! The b**** can still do dance/pop/rock/urban and still slay. She held on to her relevancy unlike chicks HALF her age so STAY PRESSED HATERS. Madonna is gonna sell 600k or more in her first week WITHOUT slashing her album to 10 effing cent like GaGa did.

    She is the QUEEN OF POP. Everyone else trying to come for her crown have a seat because it ain’t happenin’.

  19. bey IS LEGEND February 9, 2012

    u know u dont have to hate Gaga to love Madonna right? Gaga has always credited her influences including Madonna. in fact there’s an interview where she addressed the whole chord progression fiasco, apparently it was very synonymous with 80s music. you know when people say 80s sound, 90s music etc….. it goes som’n like that.

    SN: i just love seeing my birthdate in black & white. this is my 2nd claim to fame lol. first being Beyonce kicked I Am world tour on the 26th of March 2009 …. lol lemme stop

  20. Eric February 9, 2012

    happy for Madge’s fans. I hate Gaga’s fans…they are bunch school & internet bullies.

  21. Lily GaGa February 9, 2012

    Old ugly h** grandonna…please retire gracefully!

  22. STFU LIttle Monsters February 9, 2012

    Poor Lady Gaga..her album Born This Way is supposedly to be the album of the century yet turned out to be a collection of songs from the 80s Tampax-advert promo.

    ….sad isn’t it?

  23. Tren February 9, 2012

    I hate that people rip Gaga from copying Madonna yet No one rips Madonna from Ripping Grace Jones & Mylene Farmer. Do your research kids

  24. bey IS LEGEND February 9, 2012

    may i remind you that Madonna ripped her SB entrance off Kylie Minogue’s last tour? #thatisall

  25. tyra February 9, 2012


  26. Ryan February 9, 2012

    and this is why is she is queen :)!

  27. AliensAreOurMasters February 9, 2012

    LOL @ people saying Gaga’s always been open about her influences. Uh no she hasn’t not be rude but do your research before copying what everyone else says.

    She didn’t even say I’m just kidding or nothing(I’ve seen the whole interview).

    Plus Beyonce asked her, “where the f*** do you come up with these ideas?” Lady Gaga says, “I was born this way”. Lady Gaga is believing her own hype she actually believes she Lady Gaga.

    Lady Gaga has clearly coped Grace Jones especially that is why Gaga never talks about her.

  28. AliensAreOurMasters February 9, 2012


  29. LIttle Monsters Are having a fugly coma February 9, 2012


    112.6 Million Peak audience viewership during MADONNA’s halftime performance — largest in SUPER BOWL history — up 4 million from last year — surpasses MICHAEL JACKSON’s 1993 halftime performance

  30. bey IS LEGEND February 9, 2012


    ok that video is 11 seconds long for all we know it was a saboteur’s editing job and if it is as it appears, we don’t know the context, moreso if she did foolishly say that, she’s definitely made up for it by crediting her inspirations in more recent memory

    btw Bey doesnt use that language ha…. jus sayin lol

  31. The Edge of Coffin February 9, 2012

    Born This Way= a collection of songs from the 80s Tampax-advert promo.


  32. Lily GaGa February 9, 2012

    Beyonce paid for the Grammies according to Rihanna’s stans.


  33. MimiCarey4Ever February 9, 2012

    GO MADONNA… CAUSE I HATE GAGA FANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Look it up February 9, 2012

    Madonna is the Queen of Pop it is delusional to think otherwise. 😀

  35. Those That Cannot Do, Stan February 9, 2012

    Reductive indeed, congrats to Madonna! She’s clearly got the digital era on lock. I’m proud of her, that b**** killed the Superbowl performance.

  36. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. February 9, 2012

    You FOOLS!!

    iTunes means NOTHING

    MANdonna probably paid for this just like her label paid for ppl to play this SHITE single of hers.

    MANdonna will sell 3 million ww..TOPS

    4Closure FLOPPED & was #1 in over 20 countries on iTunes 😕 With heavy promo and all

    Same will happen to MANdonna . The hype will die in the 2nd week 😀

  37. Brave February 9, 2012

    Stop bringing up Gaga dumb b******.

  38. KATERINE February 9, 2012


    H** HUSH!!! Beyonce’s 4 is not a flop, it managed to sell 2.3 million without top 10 hit. If you wanna talk about flops then it is Femme Fatale by BS or Bionic by Xtina, album which sells over 2 million is not a flop h**. Your opinion is invalid because you stan for flop asses Khia and Ashanti. Deal b****

  39. Josh February 9, 2012

    “Plus Beyonce asked her, “where the f*** do you come up with these ideas?” Lady Gaga says, “I was born this way”

    Beyonce wouldnt say where the “f***” do you come up with these ideas… Since when does beyonce cuss randomly unless its in a role shes playing.. So your statement is obviously not true…

    @bey IS LEGEND
    Yeah, i thought the same thing haha, Bey doesnt use that language haha.

  40. Aunt Jackie February 9, 2012

    That s*** Cray!

  41. TeamBreezy February 9, 2012

    This is one thing Lil Kim will NEVER be able to do to Nicki Minaj


  42. Royalkev February 9, 2012

    I’m not a Madge or Gaga fan, but I will say that I do understand how Madonna stans could be aggravated with Gaga. I noticed that Gaga seem to have crossed the line between borrowing/being inspired and stealing. When I heard the comparions between BTW and EY it was a bit disgusting. Then her lame bold face lie at the Grammy’s claiming to have made that song for Whitney was just insulting to anyone that liked Whitney and Madonna. She wanted to use one diva to cover up her dishonesty with another one. Then the crosses, the breast thingy with the machine guns, etc. It was getting really old. Some one did have a point though, Madonna wasn’t so original either. Still, I think Madonna brought more than her inspiration of others to the tables (at times) than Gaga seems to. It’s way to much recycling going on.

  43. Mafalo February 9, 2012

    It’s actually number one in 53 countries, but who’s counting?


    The Queen; there is none higher or equal to. Sucker MC’s should call her sire.

  44. JohnVidal February 9, 2012

    Are most Madonna fans retarded now or what??? Why the hell is everybody talking about Gaga here? It smells like pressed. Born this way album crap??? hahahha have u f****** listened to the crap that is Madonna´s new single??? Pretty please. And do u really think she is going to sell 700,000 copies first week like BTW??? And I´m not counting the Amazon deal. But what´s worse: why are u pressed? Madonna is the Queen of Pop and she has sold more than enough to not release an album anymore. So why the hate for everybody else??? We could say so many bad things about her too. Way worse than what we could say about any other artist out there
    Congrats for these preorders though!

  45. Mafalo February 9, 2012


    Why are you so “pressed” over what Madonna fans have to say?

  46. Onyx February 9, 2012

    We could say so many bad things about her too. Way worse than what we could say about any other artist out there.

    I love Madonna because of her, i like the way she is, she’s not afraid to say anything, she’s a free spirit, she is like a Gay man, she is a b****, i love the dirty, evil and bitchy Madonna. i don’t want her to change, she is no an angel, she has done a lots bad things in her personal life and i feel related with that, about her new single is no her best but at this point do you think she would worry about trying to impress everybody, Madonna doesn’t repeat herself, as a fan of her, i lear to enjoy every move that she made in her career, about the sales she doesn’t has to worry about 700,000 copies in the first week, not at this point of her career, leave that for Gaga, what is impressed about this woman is that she is still relevant today as when she debuted, no many can’t say that, she is still compared with every new artist in the game, that doesn’t telll you something, i know you like more Gaga but please i’m not impressed not by her or Madonna, i seen better artists that this two like Celine Dion for example just to name a few, i do think both are very talented but what is more great about these women are their creativity no her talent, some say Gaga sings better than Madonna, i see equality in this, Madonna could see good when she wants, songwriter both co-wrote most of their songs, instruments, Gaga plays the Piano, Madonna plays the Guitar, so what Gaga has more talent just because of the piano, please even Justin Timberlake play the piano, and if Gaga is so talented why she keep copy Madonna, a non talented artist, personally i like both, but Madonna comes first, and only time would give us the answer (will Gaga had a career like Madonna), i seen great atists disappear in the time like Prince, and believe he is way more talented than Michael was, anyway i think Born this Way is Gaga at her best, i think a #1 single and more than 8,000,000 millions copies sold wordlwide is more than enough, is a successful album no matter what some people say.

  47. Onyx February 9, 2012

    i learn to enjoy every move that she made in her career

    what is more great about these women are their creativity not their talent, some say Gaga sings better than Madonna, i see equality in this, Madonna could sing good when she wants

  48. Ren February 9, 2012

    Madonna doesn’t need to sell 700k the first week to prove herself. Gaga sells 700k out the box, and it stalls at 2.1 US and 5.4 WW. I’m not impressed.

    Madonna has 2 RIAA certified DIAMOND albums and 3 of her albums sold over 20 million worldwide. Has Gaga seen numbers like THAT? Nope. Did Born the Way sell as much as Madonna’s sophomore album did? Nope.

  49. Mike February 9, 2012

    Madonna is the one and only Queen of Pop

  50. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 10, 2012

    I love Madonna! Been a fan from the very beginning. My favorite album is “Erotica.”

    However, this does not mean I cannot call b******* when I see b******* & her latest single is B*******! If the rest of her album sounds like that trash,

    Gaga’s “Heavy Metal Lover” destroys that song. If MDNA is not in that pop league, Madonna will not rest on her laurels and convince me to buy it. If the rest decide to buy it anyway, let them suffer the fate of “Hard Candy” when they first heard it. I know. i was one fan who was suckered by that album.

    Never again Madge.

  51. JohnVidal February 10, 2012

    Hmm yeah still reading too many retarded comments on here… Comparing nowadays sales to 80´s sales is not gonna work. One thing is for sure, gaga is the most comparable thing in this last decade to what Madonna´s impact was back in the day, whether you like it or not, and no Beyonce doesn´t count, she has not had Gaga´s impact ww, sorry. Nobodt needs to teach me lessons, i know Madonna´s career well, and my favs are Celine, Mariah and Whitney, all of them with several diamond albums. Relax

    I agree on everything! I love the type of fan you are. You almost said what I said 🙂 Only one little thing: Gaga´s vocals destroy Madonna´s to death. I know Madonna can have a pleasant voice and Evita was great… but come on. And you have to know I love Madonna. I just don´t like when people try to manipulate. I love so many songs: The Confessions album, Frozen, Music, Vogue, like a prayer, etc

  52. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 10, 2012


  53. Ren February 10, 2012

    Sales are sales. I don’t care what decade it is. Adele is on track to selling 20 million, so null & void on that. The bottom line is that comparatively Gaga’s sales don’t match (and are below) where Madonna was at that point in her career. So, no, Gaga isn’t at all comparable to where Madonna was. More people bought Madonna’s music then people who buy Gaga’s music now. Gaga is probably more like the f****** Spice Girls or something. Big for a few years, and then kaput.

  54. JohnVidal February 10, 2012

    Yeah yeah The Spice Girls… haha now it´s clear you don´t know about talent if you think Gaga is like them

  55. Beulah Eichberger April 9, 2013

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