New Music: Dawn Richard – ‘Fly’

Danity Kane‘s Dawn is officially getting her ‘one shot’ by stepping out on her own!

On the heels of being let go from her ‘Bad Boy Entertainment’ contract comes a brand new song by the name of ‘Fly’.

Listen to the former Dirty Money vocalist take flight on ‘Fly’ after the jump and sound-off below.

Are you feeling it?

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  1. bgkc February 27, 2012

    umm… no.

  2. Paula February 27, 2012

    I actually love it! I can definitely hear this in the club.

  3. pat February 27, 2012

    song’s her tho

  4. Me that’s who February 27, 2012


  5. crack0back0 February 27, 2012

    not fellin

  6. Me that’s who February 27, 2012

    I LOVE IT!

  7. MONTE February 27, 2012

    IT would be alot better if so much wasn’t goin on in the background OVER PRODUCED

  8. Jamie February 27, 2012

    Omg that GIF took me out!!!!!!!!

  9. Kingphoenix February 27, 2012

    is she tryna be Rihanna?

  10. Oh please!!!!!!!!! February 27, 2012

    Just when she was starting to change my mind about her she goes and drops this. Now I know its the Druski guy that’s the genius in this relationship because without him.

  11. iateezy February 27, 2012

    tryna be rihanna? not one ririsong sound like this one and this one is just ok… i dont know what dawn is doing but all those songs she putting on the internet this month are all just ok. I know she can do better! but i think shes busy with getting her name up on the internet so people wont forget her… i know i wont

  12. Olly Murrs February 27, 2012

    I saw videos of her performing this live a while ago and it is so much better than this over produced tripe. but the lyrics are terrible. Like nursery school rhythm basic.

  13. ABB February 27, 2012

    SOO dumb of her to stay with BadBoy, Diddy only used her for dirty money so thats why he broke Danity Kane. Every group has ups and downs but no her only thought of himself that dumbass. Sometimes when i’m on twitter, a lot of people tweet about DK and even made them a TT worldwide a couple of times. I want a reunion now.
    The only smart one is Aubrey O’Day. She is on the Celebrity Apprentice (7 million viewers) now promoting herself and letting people see her smart side. Next to that she is recording her Album on SRC Universal and preparing for the second season of All About Aubrey. It doesnt matter if people talk s*** about Aubrey, she is getting her name out and expanding her fanbase.
    What is Dawn doing? Diddy just dropped her ass.

    Its a cute song, she should have dropped the autotune cause she doesnt need it.

  14. hu February 27, 2012

    nice idea but that mix is distracting…among other things…got bored to quickly…like the idea fit tho…

  15. jo February 27, 2012

    FFirst of all the real version does NOT sound so squeaky and the bass is so much powerful…….where u can feel it! I love Dawn n i think the lyrics r so confident I love it

  16. vaun February 27, 2012

    this shpws her diversity.. and “oh please” she does all the writing and co producing with druski so that genuis is not just him… I think she is trying to touch all her fans.. this is that club record for peolple who don’t get the deeper stuff with Druski. oh and ABB babe she isnt with bad boy anymore!

  17. Dev February 27, 2012

    I watched the link that Olly posted and the live version sounds better than this one. The only Thing Rihanna and this song have in common is that they are only good for the gym

  18. Dev February 27, 2012

    Actually, i listened again. If this was Nikki M. ya’ll would be creaming your pants and panties over it.

  19. MISHKA February 27, 2012

    Sounds ok but the production is too heavy, I think.

  20. Traviie February 27, 2012

    Mane, this ishhh rite here Go supA Stupid!!! Sooooo Lovin” this……………..I am the definition of Fly

  21. BLACK MADONNA February 27, 2012

    Production is a lil heavy but I love me some Dawn

  22. Popeater February 27, 2012

    its not the Dawn I’m used to, but I kinda like. I agree with @Dev, if this was Nicki Minaj or Rhianna, y’all would be all over it.

  23. @antertain February 28, 2012

    I actually think if Rihanna sung this she would kill this.
    Different key though
    Beat is decent.

  24. DEW February 29, 2012

    its finally good to read some comments that agree with what i have been saying. the production in this song is an epic fail! its just everywhere and sounds a bit childish. Druski did not produce this anyway. I think Dawn should just stick 2 Druski for this her project. Overall, i have not been impressed with what she has been putting out but this one is the worst for me. I wish her all the best but i am yet to see any of her new releases that can equal her ‘Tell tale heart’ mixtape. i would have bought that mixtape but if her project is going to sound like this, i cant see myself buying it.

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