Preview: ‘The Game’ (Season 5 / Episode 6)

Published: Friday 3rd Feb 2012 by Sam

‘The Game’ season 5 continues next week in an all new episode.

Airing on Tuesday at 10pm EST on BET, episode 6 of the hit sitcom sees Malik‘s financial woes worsen. That, and of course all the drama, laughs, and sexy you’ve come to expect from the show.

Peep the sneak peek below…

{Video Removed As Requested}

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  1. H-Town Chic February 4, 2012

    This show sucks!!! I stop watching after the second episode with its weak and ignorant story lines. BET messes up everything smh.

  2. dee February 4, 2012

    The show is horrible. The writing team needs to be fired!

  3. CURLY SUE February 4, 2012


  4. Tehara February 4, 2012

    I blame BET for this .

  5. Jarrett Goer February 5, 2012

    Awful writing and terrible acting, plot development, character development, and structure is just not there, cheap low budget production, flat lighting, poor cinematography and editing, BET has ruined this show!! This show should have stayed canceled, smh!!

  6. Jasmine February 5, 2012

    I think they should have just had a good finale after they were brought back last season. This season sucks and whoever these new writers are they have destroyed this show. This show went from being cute/a little bit funny to not funny at all and just plain ghetto.

  7. Bokkor February 8, 2012

    Why is this show so bad now? its unfunny and very ignorant . ( cheap production Tasha now lives in a hotel? really? ) Melanie is a cartoon preppy sorority mean girl now verging on golddigging media w****. Jason looks like every week he has to appolgize for marrying Kelly because she is white? ??? Derwin is basically written off the show ( why is he there???) and finally Malik ……they destroyed his character completely. The flashy playboy superman is now a dumbdown loser who will probably have to be “saved ” by some “round the way sterotype sister ” who will make him a better black man… oops….Brandy is already working on Jason.

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