New Song: Madonna – ‘Girls Gone Wild’

Published: Monday 27th Feb 2012 by David

Give Me All Your Luvin’ may be somewhat of a ‘commercial mishap’, but that isn’t stopping Madonna from releasing its follow up, ‘Girls Gone Wild’.

In support of her new album ‘MDNA’, the upbeat jam premiered on VEVO today and is lying in wait for you below.

Tuck in…

Why oh why wasn’t this the first single!

Once again, Queen Madge has proven just why she will always be a cut above the rest.

Seductive from start to finish, ‘Girls’ is strong enough to contend with any of her previous hits, showcasing her ability to adopt trends without following them blindly.

Here’s to hoping the rest of the album is just sweet.

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  1. Bee February 27, 2012

    Lol did she copied Lady gaga’s born this way Cover?

  2. Mafalo February 27, 2012

    No she didn’t copy the Lady Gaga cover. That’s a fan made picture….

  3. David February 27, 2012

    What happened to people using there actual vocal voice!! not auto tune?? hmmmm Byee Madonna!! 😀

  4. Mafalo February 27, 2012

    LOL@David being critical of someone else, when his post is littered with grammatical errors. The word you were looking for was “their,” which is the possessive, not “there.” Have your ducks in a row before you attempt to be snide. 😆

  5. The One and Only Miss Perrylicious February 27, 2012

    I love it!
    The song is slaying and better than her first single.

  6. Bee February 27, 2012

    hahaha lmfao

  7. Bey Fan February 27, 2012

    Yeahhhh…Im gonna pass on this one too….

  8. Bey Fan February 27, 2012

    But yes….better than the first single

  9. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_IS_ROYALTY February 27, 2012


  10. RyanS February 27, 2012

    love it!!!!!!

  11. Onyx February 27, 2012

    This is a remix of the song for the video, anyway i love it, The Queen of the Dance Floor.

  12. joey blanco February 27, 2012

    here goes this s***, the same one talking s*** about Janet exposing boobs to be interesting…and yet you’re 50 year old ass is singing “Girls Gone Wild” and in a barely there bra on your cover, such a hypocrite

  13. Jay February 27, 2012

    Love it. Queen Madonna

  14. Kingphoenix February 27, 2012

    Looks like the queen of pop maybe failing this era, without real talent i just dont think madge can compete with the younger girls…smh.

  15. Darren February 27, 2012

    overly generic. she isnt even singing she’s whispering. this beat sounds like its been used for every other “dance” album this year. hope she ups her game soon.

  16. Royalkev February 27, 2012

    It’s funny because I thought this song was terrible when I first heard it as a snippet. It’s nothing that I’d purchase on itunes, but I respect the effort. It sounds like Madge is finally not just riding off her name and actually doing something artistic. It’s also one of the few songs that she’s recorded that don’t annoy me. So good for her!

  17. Carl February 27, 2012

    Sound like her own Celebration. I like it though. If she had released this 1st then she wouldnt been flopping hard.

  18. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 27, 2012

    i can’t deal with this level of slayage i get from this pic right there … i just can’t !

    I don’t care , a basic TGJ b**** better give me a link of a HQ version of it so i can make it a desktop wallpaper !!

    this pic for real made my day and gave me life ! i’m ecstatic overdose !!

    Slay me madge !!

    the song is not all that though , thanQ madonna , but i do enjoy ” celebration” and it’s accompanied remix by “Benny benassi” in your ” celebration” album. thank U ! i don’t want your new version of it ! not to mention a few similarities between it and ” sorry” , ” devil wouldn’t recognize you ” and ” she’s not me” !!!

    i’m good ! (^__^) , BABY U can KEEP !!

    but thanks for the effort. 🙂

    i swear if any Basic TGJ b**** said it sounds like ” i wanna go” , i’m gonna drag her to another planet back ‘n’ forth ! with no mercy ! 😆

    B**** , to make it simple for you , I wanna go is a watered copy of madonna’s ” HUNG UP” !

    You got it ?! 😡

    *opens a can of pepsi*

    @ONYX :

    Hi 🙂

    suddenly i miss @madonna lover 😥 😥 😥 !

  19. josh February 27, 2012

    Sooooo good. Welcome back Your Madgesty. This is just a fun pop song

  20. Onyx February 27, 2012

    @Pop Royalty (Rude Boy)
    Hi where have you been, i miss Madonna Lover too.

  21. nicoyuki February 27, 2012

    This is some basic as b**** s*** right here. The f*** is she think. This era is going to sound like every other song on the radio. She needs to stop trying to keep up with the kids and be a woman.

  22. Borilove February 27, 2012

    Not impress.. If this its the best the album can offer i think this album might flop.

  23. Deveal2014 February 27, 2012

    Its a basic pop tune nowhere as near as good as Britney Spears I , I ,I Wanna Go at all. But its comercial & bland so it may do good on the charts

  24. bobby d February 27, 2012

    her old ass need to put a damn shirt on.

    nobody wanna see them ancient tata’s

  25. Miao February 27, 2012

    It’s a reductive version of her own song called Celebration. Lyrics are below her level. It’s just ok! Not good enough for #1 spot. Not at all!

  26. Chinny February 27, 2012

    Saturdays’ All Fired Up? o_O

  27. Man-TAK-eee February 27, 2012

    Generic s***. 90’s s*** with auto-tune. Heard this melody with tons of other pop-dance tracks. This aint #1 on BB hot 100. Far from it. SMH. Not original AT ALL. Madonna is desperate… copying all the lame dance-house music around.

  28. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 27, 2012

    @ONYX :

    It is life boy , Life is a b**** and i’m riding Her 😆

    yeah , i miss this B**** ! but me and U can do good still 🙂

  29. There is enough place for every artist – Stans stop hating others February 27, 2012




  30. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 27, 2012

    seems like b****** didn’t read their history books !!

    do u remember ” CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR ” ?!

    this is teh definition of Dance music !! and i don’t remember anyone of today’s Djs and divas did better than it ! cuz it was the ORIGIN of dance music in 00’s !!!!

    i need to go to US to educate those h*** ! it’s madonna B****** 😛 ! go eat s*** if u don’t like it ! and who told u madonna need to live as basic b**** who still dreaming of topping BB hot 100 ?!

    she’s madonna B****** , she do what she want to do and it is going to be a trend 2 years from now !! WAKE UP ! 😡

  31. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 27, 2012

    @kingphonix :

    do U think madonna is competing with new girls ?

    For what ? she got everything they dream of !! like who can handle be compared to her from today’s seeds ?! who ?1 cuz i don’t see anyone who can come close to this amazing lady !! not gaga ” with all due respect to her art and her monsters” , not beyonce ” with all due respect to her 16 grammys and her Hive” and of course not Rihanna ” with all due respect to her 11 #1’s and her STRONG navy” !

    P.S : you know i’m a big fan of all , but let’s just keep it real , wake up from our dreamy world and back to reality !!

    WHO ?!

    She’s madonna , u remember ?

    but===> I <== see Rihanna is the closest one to become our new madonna in her own right , she just need to work harder ……. ( not a fact , just my opinion ) !

  32. MRDIVABITCH February 27, 2012

    It’s a good song, Madonna does not convey sexiness though, and it’s a little strange to hear a 50+ year old woman saying “I’m a good girl”.

    I think Kylie Minogue would have done a better job with a song like this…

  33. HBF82 February 27, 2012

    Cover art is looking like a always free prostitute from Czech Republic.
    Flop Flop Flop Flop flop flop flop flop flop flop*
    *Chicken dance

  34. MRDIVABITCH February 27, 2012


    Kylie was doing European dance music way before became popular in America
    And Madonna has copied her SEVERAL times, most recently for the Superbowl which looks like Madonna stole the whole concept from Kylie’s most recent world tour “Aphrodite”.

  35. SHESDUMB February 27, 2012


  36. This is some Huff February 27, 2012

    She kinda is riding her name but her s*** does sell though. Just because she is MADONNA doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck (which it does). Her album’s sell because of her fan base who doesn’t say her album sucks. A real fan says whether it’s good or bad no matter what.

  37. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) February 27, 2012

    @MRDivabish :

    You need to know 2 things just to be cool with each other :

    1. i’m egyptian
    2. kylie was doing aphrodite.
    3. aphrodite is not egyptian
    4. madonna did cleopatra not aphrodite
    5. kylie , with all due respect , didn’t invent ancient egypt civilization or she was aphrodite , it is a common used concept in movies , music videos , etc ..

    did u watch ” elizabeth taylor” doing cleopatra ?
    did u see that ” Cleopatra enters Rome” scene ?!

    YOUTUBE it !!!!!!!!!!

    that was way before kylie was even born 😉 !!

    and kylie minouge’s aphrodite album was a cheap copy of madonna’s COADF !! i see where you are coming with that Kylie Vs. madonna comparison , but acts are still facts , and i talk facts in this comment !!

    Kylie can’t do dance music lke madge , don’t go there ….

    her only hit was ” i can’t get you out of my head ” , right ?

    Good day 😉 !

  38. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) February 27, 2012

    @shes Dumb :

    Go buy ” Marry the FLOP” and be useful 😉

    now this is a FLOP ! 😥 , U little monsters did that !

    gaga deserve a better fanbase , love her !

  39. Geezy February 27, 2012

    This is nothing groundbreaking but much more enjoyable then that first single.

  40. JP February 27, 2012

    Where is Kylie Minogue when you need her?

    I really just have zero interest in Madonna. Kylie Minogue does what Madonna does but so much better. How can she have so much coin and hype and release this?

    Very cray…better than her first effort from this album but that doesn’t say much.

  41. mel February 27, 2012

    Why is people comparing Britney and Madonna? Madonna suppose to grow as an artists not compete with the newbies…. The song is cool for kesha or Katy. But for a 53 year old woman eh… At least Britney can get away with it, she’s only 30.

    I love Madonna so good luck to her, s*** she signed a deal with Live Nation for 120 million so….what do I know.. (Shakira, Jay-Z, and Nickelback is Live Nation family so…….alright….I see you Madonna).

  42. Onyx February 27, 2012

    I love Kylie but she herself has say that Madonna is her Idol, b****** listen to Pop Royalty he knows what he says.

  43. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) February 27, 2012

    Sorry but NO! Didn´t she releas this song years ago? Like please! Generic, recycled and with a touch of trying to compete with awful itunes queens when she doesn´t need that. I´m sure she tried to do this generic music for this new album so she could have bigger hits than she had recently on singles charts (a disgrace nowadays, the singles charts I mean) but the funny thing she is doing worse than ever with her first single. Maybe if she didn´t try that and would have gone for a more mature and really great song (Frozen, music, American life…) it would have been better
    I just want the people who are legends to make great music cos music industry is a mess for the most part nowadays. Please madonna, Mariah or any other great who we have left, do great music. PLEASE: Katy perry or Rihanna or Britney are not going to do it, so PLEASE

  44. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) February 27, 2012

    @poproyalty and @onyx are right!
    But at least Kylie´s “All the lovers” is a way better song than what Madonna is serving now. I´m so dissapointed

  45. THE WORLD RENOWNED LACEFRONCE. February 27, 2012

    The GREAT LACEFRONCE has arrived

    this is SHITE!!!!!!!! Wrap it up, MANdonna 😕 All music thus far has been generic dated shite!!!! Does MANdonna realized that the year is 2012????????

    This album will TANK, just like Give Me All Your Love, may do DECENT #s in the first week but it will FLOP in the 2nd week

    2 million worldwide

  46. JP February 27, 2012

    Madonna can be Kylie’s idol…that doesn’t make her music any less wack and it doesn’t make me any more interested in Madonna. lol

    I’m not really sure how Madonna being Kylie’s idol makes Madonna or this song relevant at the moment. I just know Kylie needs to release a new album in the U.S. ASAP!

  47. chocolatebox777 February 27, 2012

    Whose that on the cover???

  48. Onyx February 27, 2012

    I don’t think her recents singles are generic, “Give Me All Your Luvin'” is a 80’s Retro song with influences of Pop, Bubblegum Pop, New Wave and Dubstep, “Girl Gone Wild” has a vibe from the songs of “Confessions on a Dance Floor”, not that i’m saying that these songs are the best from her but is not generic, i realize that no matter what she does, people will always criticize her, she has not talent ect, ect, go to find the very beginning of Madonna when she was in the bans “The Breakfast Club” and “Emmy and the Emmys” you will find that she is very talented, she plays the Guitar, she wrote and Co-wrote most of her songs, she has done great albums, she is a great performer still in her 50’s, her voice is very versatil, i remember a day, i was listen to the radio and there was Gaga with “Paparazzi” and the host of the radio-program said that the voice of Gaga is a mix between Madonna and Gwen Stefani and them you some people say her voice is light year better than Madonna, God she can sing but she is not Whitney or Mariah, (the same for Madge), my point is that i learn to enjoy every move she make in her career whatever she is not her best or not, is a joy to me that she is still making Music, if you think at this point of her career she is not talented then i don’t know what an artist has to do to prove it, as a fan of her i’m used to it.

  49. Onyx February 27, 2012

    I’m a huge fan of Kylie, i’m the first to think she deserve more success here in the US, the song has nothing to do with her my comment was about the comparisons.

  50. ohlala February 27, 2012

    sorry madonna…sucks….should have been named Granny Gone Wild..

  51. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) February 27, 2012

    You know I didn´t say she has not talent hun… haha I said I don´t like what she is doing, that she could do better and that I know why she is doing it (and I find it ridiculous cos for doing it she is not achieving more success… so these attempts are useless)

  52. Onyx February 27, 2012

    As i say i leaen to enjoy every move that she make in her career whataver is not the best that she has done in her career, at the end of the day she is still here THANK GOD!, that’s why i celebrate her Life.

  53. Onyx February 27, 2012

    i mean Learn

  54. Burst Yur Bubble February 27, 2012

    I agree with MAN-TAK-EEE …MISS!!! There isn’t anything “new” about music containing auto tune. It’s been done AND heard before.

  55. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 27, 2012

    @POP ROYALTY (RUDE BOY), you betta tell them about the MASTERPIECE “Confessions on a Dancefloor.” After that album, it’s just very hard for me to listen to people trying to do “dance” music.

    In terms of this song, WAY better than the first single but I still don’t love it. Love Madonna but I will have to hear this album in its entirety before I buy it. Not feeling it.

  56. White girl mob February 27, 2012

    Kreayshawn is bigger than this old bag of bones with plastic tits. Madonna better know her place is behind kreayshawn, man.
    If the mob see this old b**** in oaktown. We gon beat her like a drum till she pees, man!

  57. ohhya February 27, 2012

    trying to be FAIR..but this song isn’t doing it for me…I’ll still bump her old stuff..what happened to her vocals? Too much AUTOTUNE

  58. stan February 27, 2012

    um what? this song sounds generic

  59. Amy in Chi-town February 27, 2012

    Love this damn song. It’s not her best by any means but it’s catchy as hell and would be an awesome club banger or radio jam. Age doesn’t mean anything. Madonna can still write a deep song when she wants but you’ll b**** when she does and say you want a fun dance track. Love it

  60. MRDIVABITCH February 27, 2012


    Madonna’s Superbowl performance had dancers dressed as greco-roman gods/gladiators. That’s not Cleopatra.

    Anyway, “Confessions” was boring as f***, the only semi decent songs were “Hung Up” and “Jump”, Kylie’s “Aphrodite” is WAY better from a pop songwritting perspective…much more solid album.

  61. lolax February 27, 2012

    remix FT. BRITNEY

  62. lashan February 28, 2012

    I can’t stop listening to this track!!!!She need an epic video to promote the track!!!!! ‘Kylie is better looking,sexyer, and more approachable than madonna…awl Madonna has is a strong fan base!!! I need Kylie to be back and shaking her ass for me!!!!

  63. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 28, 2012

    Gurls , don’t make me lower my standards and compare Kylie to madonna , let’s not !

    kylie is creative , i will give her that ! but she don’t have that ” madonna” power , you get it ?!

    and her set for her “aphrodite” tour resembles ancient greece and maybe elements of ancient rome ! NOT egyptian like when madonna did !! OK ?!

    i understand all of you are american or UK so u really won’t know what the difference , but as i said , i’m egyptian , my country saw them all come and go 😆 😆

    the bottom line :

    the whole concept is common ! and it is only original in ancient civilizations ! your precious kylie didn’t invent it ! all she did is reading a book or watching walt disney’s ” hercules” and : hey , let’s do it a la ancient greece guys !!! the same goes to madonna who watched the movie ” cleopatra” by elizabeth taylor and got inspired !!

    U get it ?! this is called art , hello !! but i won’t allow any basic b**** to say kylie was original about it , this gonna be insult to me and ancient history !!

    and Oh please , get your ass together to s*** properly i have “aphrodite” already the tour edition to be exact” , and COADF s*** on it major s*** Loads !

    and all the lovers is a REDUCTIVE version of Future lovers by madonna , there u go !!

    i can make comparison album by album , track by track in both ladies discographies and madonna will win effortlessly !!

    and u talk songwriting ?! kylie ?!
    i agree with ppl who say kylie is way underrated , but she can never be compared to madonna or be ON her lane. madonna is the greatest female pop artist ever ! #respect and get gone !!

    @Mrdivabitch :

    watch , learn and absorb !!

    this is what madonna was inspired by !!! not aphrodite !

    and i suggest you go and read a book about ancient civilizations to know what is original and what is NOT.

    gurls bye !!

  64. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 28, 2012

    so in that SB performance , madonna was inspired by :

    1. ancient greece , which was NOT invented by kylie
    2. ancient EGYPT , which was NOT invented by kylie.
    3. ancient Sumerian civilization , which was NOT invented by kylie.
    4. ancient Rome , which surly was NOT invented by kylie.

    and anyone can get inspired by those ! they are not exclusive to kylie !

    kylie is NOT aphrodite ! U get it ?!

    Peace !!!!

  65. aynon February 28, 2012

    why wasnt this the lead single! should have been released instead of Give me all ur lovin

  66. MRDIVABITCH February 28, 2012


    Don’t come at me with that “I’m Egyptian” b******* when your supposed country is ashamed of its own civilization taking on Islam instead of embracing its pagan roots.

  67. Joe Harden April 23, 2012


    HILARIOUS STUFF!! I am going to be using “marry the flop” in conversation (as soon as i manufacture a reason to bring it up with my friends…lol), I literally busted out laughing. But yes, Gaga has gotten boring in the past year or so. The b**** “nuked the fridge” when she did that horrible drag performance at the VMAs . Trying to be Madonna again without the Madonna intelligence NOT not wear out character BY DOING IT THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW! lol

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