Must See: Trey Songz Silences Journalist After Chris Brown Joke

Published: Monday 27th Feb 2012 by David

For some strange reason, there are those who find Chris Brown‘s current state of affairs to be funny.

Indeed, in what has become a truly distasteful running gag, the incident between he and Rihanna continues to be used to either criticize his cause or to simply mock him.

Now watch what happens when a journalist tries to make light of a recent rumor surrounding Brown, during an interview with Trey Songz below…

Whichever way you look at it, this was inappropriate on a number of levels.

1. There is nothing funny about domestic abuse and 2. there is also nothing funny in kicking someone when they’re  down, and that is what we think Miss Songz was responding to.

But what do you think?

Did he overreact? 

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  1. Josh February 27, 2012

    Trey Songz is so….ugh…he thinks his b*** don’t stink at the end of the day.

  2. IAMWHOIAM February 27, 2012


  3. iateezy February 27, 2012

    i cant see the vid

  4. QueenOfTheNavy February 27, 2012

    he shouldnt have reacted that way,now the press is gonna pick this up and make things worse and IM HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!

    I knew rihanna shouldnt have put him on birthday cake, hes trouble and he brings it all on himself.

  5. PaigeJ February 27, 2012

    What kind of question was that anyway? So unprofessional. And that rumor going around was false anyway *rolls eyes*

  6. Galuda February 27, 2012

    “MISS Songz”

    DEAD at the Grapejuice shade!!!

  7. TB4L February 27, 2012

    i love he did tyhat he shut her down

  8. Meeeeeuuuuuu February 27, 2012

    Ummm the video isn’t playing.

  9. MISHKA February 27, 2012

    1. Even though I’m a fan, people are allowed to make fun of Chris if they want to. I mean, TGJ you make fun of Rihanna everytime you’re in lack of posts. So you can let the hypocrisy sleep.

    2. I never found the “I promise I won’t hit you” thing funny. So I have a hard time to figure out where that chick was heading to with this. She wanted to make of something barely funny with someone she doesn’t know and she got burnt

    3.Chris Brown is not down, He won a Grammy and has a top10 hit on Billboard, which it’s not the case of Trey Songz. If he really snatched that iphone, well, that’s on him.

  10. Smh February 27, 2012

    Miss songz? Really Sam? What are you? 12?

  11. mel February 27, 2012

    I guess this goes over the head for many of you because your a child. But that bull crap she thought was funny WAS NOT. Chris is Trey and Usher friend. Regardless of the matter, if you’re a TRUE friend you will not let someone disrespect them like that. This shows that Trey is a GREAT friend to have. I applaud him.

    Question: Why did she bring Chris up anyways? This is Trey interview. Did she believe he was going to laugh or something?

  12. mel February 27, 2012

    Miss Songz.? Just for defending a friend and showing Chris respect you try to shade Trey? Wow interesting.

  13. IBKNOWING February 27, 2012

    This confirms my theory that Chris Brown and Trey Songs are f******. One of my friends was Chris’s dancers and he said after a concert, Breezy and Trey went into Trey’s dressing room which is nothing unusual for friends but Breezy left Treys dressing room in a change of clothes and they left behind one another mad suspect. The dancer this is not the first time, where he always notice what white people would call a bromance but black people just call it gay.

  14. D.Strock February 27, 2012

    Too bad the video’s down. Fail post

  15. HeavyHeavy February 27, 2012

    Thats what i like to see, supporting each other..proud of Trey for telling that H** tryna buss joke but she flopped!

  16. Jamie February 27, 2012

    I would really love to hear what Trey sounds like when he’s off camera. His masculinity seems so forced. Also, if he were asked that by a man would his response had been the same? I mean, it’s evident the interviewer meant no harm or disrespect, and just because he did this doesn’t make him “real”. It definitely won’t help his album sales. It just guarantees he’s one less of an interview–maybe more.

  17. chris d February 27, 2012

    I can’t believe the ignorance of ppl actually being mad at trey songz for not taking part in that . WOW I hope everyone is under the age of 15 that doesn’t agree with him. I can then understand why u don’t think it’s a big deal. SAD

  18. Dale__23 February 27, 2012

    Look at Trey coming to his boo’s rescue.

    Drake’s probably fuming.

  19. Girrrl February 27, 2012

    I’m surprised people are defending that ignorant question asked. That would be similar to talking about making someone deaf to one of Halle Berry’s friends. It’s unprofessional and out of line. I think it’s great that in the fickle music industry, Trey Songz is one of the few who has Chris’ back while he is alive (unlike Whitney), Regardless of Trey’s masculinity, that is something that should be commended.

  20. chianne February 27, 2012

    I couldn’t view the vid anywhere else BUT here. Did they restore it? or is it about our connections or computers? I’m a tech idiot.

    That was loyal and high class of Trey. Wish more people would fight back at those haters so Chris wouldn’t have to do it so much. I think homie is controlling himself quite well, considering how non-stop these people trying to kill his spirit. A handful of flare-ups in over 3 years is understandable, considering the mental hell he is dealing with. Keep putting your musical success in their faces.

  21. chianne February 27, 2012

    BTW – the QA in the video wasn’t that dramatic. Trey was pretty subtle, saying -‘im not cool with that question…. that’s my homie, we not gonna talk like that.’ Well said. And hey, it was Trey – he didn;t get angry.

    I had more fun imagining the whole thing, before I saw the video. If you can’t see vid, ur not missing much. IMAGINE it.

  22. OZ February 27, 2012

    WHAT-A-QUEEN !!!

  23. credits February 27, 2012

    I guess chris brown should be grateful he has a friend like that.

    if that was me, even if i wasn’t chris brown’s friend, i would still consider the question rude and uncalled for.

  24. love February 28, 2012

    Trey just want some attention, it wasnt about defending chris..smh

  25. @antertain February 28, 2012


  26. bLaine kelley February 28, 2012

    that’s what happens when you’re a famous musician who is stupid enough to beat the s*** out of your superstar girlfriend; it follows you and people make jokes!
    he will NEVER Live that down!
    #deaL with it!

  27. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 28, 2012

    what do i think ?

    1. the girl ” who’s interviewing him” is messy !
    2. trey’s response was predicted. man don’t need any drama or does he need to get involved in this mess of a situation. more power to trey !
    3. CB is not down
    4. ppl are free to mock him ” personally” !! no one make fun of domestic violence. but we are allowed to trash , whip , make them feel guilty and finally FORGIVE ppl who beat up other people , right ?! this is what is happening with CB since 2009 ! what’s new ?!
    so if this girl was making fun of CB , she’s re to do whatever , he brought all that to himself !! then he should handle what his hands got involved into !! as simple as that !

    to stay relevant : Trey did the good thing , staying away from all this explosive TNT mess !

    peace !

  28. diehardC February 28, 2012

    Whatch saying that for – ‘Trey just want attention’, ‘just trying to stay out of it’ – -not defending Chris. He didn’t just say ”I want to stay out of that’, or ‘I don’t like that question.’ He said THAT’S MY HOMIE, AND WE SHOULD’T TALK LIKE THAT – after she brought up one of the ‘lets–bash-chris-some-more’ beating jokes.

    I guess we are hearing differently. That sounds like a spontaneous, heart-felt defense of his VA homie ChrisBrown. They have a bond.

    And sure! she has rights to ask about whatever ‘lets–bash-chris-some-more’ rumor the the gossip blogs have fueled. Its just low and gossipy, and stupid of her to think Trey would actually respond to that crap.

  29. Pucci February 28, 2012

    I’m just going to say this little tidbit, someone said it best “Chris beat up his SUPERSTAR” girlfriend. If he beat up some random chick, such as Charlie Sheen has done numerous of times, would we even care? I don’t think so. Its going to take a LONG time for Chris to live this down & that’s to be expected. Whether he brings it on himself, IMO, sometimes he doesn’t, most of the time he does not, but anyway good for Trey, I wouldn’t have responded to that either.

  30. VA STAND UP!! March 1, 2012

    *DEAD* at ‘Miss Songz! TGJ y’all REALLY ain’t s*** sometimes! I guess y’all are still bitter about that interview y’all did with Trey like what, two, three years ago? He REALLY pissed y’all off didn’t he? Damn.

    Anywho, I LOVE Trey for this! That b**** should have felt as dumb as she looked!
    Even though Trey has been known to be a lil, well rude, in his interviews, I don’t think he was out of line AT ALL here! Who doesn’t know that Chris and Trey are boys at this point? Did she really think Trey was just gonna answer the question like she hadn’t shaded his friend? Trey checked that b**** like he should have and you could tell her ass felt stupid as hell! I bet the interview was hella uncomrtable after that.

    That ‘joke’ was rude, tasteless and very unprofessional! Not to mention it was based on a FALSE rumor that was spread by a tabloid magazine! It’s crazy DV is supposed to be a serious subject matter but people think it’s ok to make jokes about! Apparently people think Chris invented DV and he is always the b*** of every DV joke now. Yeah celebs get made fun of all the time and CB is no exception but if you are dumb enough to disrespect someone in front of them then you deserved to get checked!

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