Watch: The Word…On Madonna vs Lady GaGa

Published: Tuesday 7th Feb 2012 by Sam

Since announcing the arrival of her new album ‘MDNA’, Madonna has ensured she be the subject of many a headline. And while her “Pop royal” status was always going to command the attention of the masses, it’s her comments on megastar Lady GaGa which has drawn the most gasps.

Indeed, the Material Girl has not held back in relaying her belief that the ‘Born This Way’ singer’s output has been “reductive” and lifted from her own.

Ever keen to hear what the masses think, That Grape Juice hit the streets of Hollywood to hear what folk are saying about the matter.

Hit ‘PLAY’ and get into ‘The Word…On Madonna vs Lady GaGa’.


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  1. Nahjee February 6, 2012

    TGJ trying to start s*** once again LMAO!!!

  2. White girl mob February 6, 2012

    Kreayshawn is better then both of them h***.. They wanna walk in kreayshawn shoes but they can’t

    Lady gaga is a kreayshawn look alike trying to swagger jack people

    Madonna is just old and crusty!

    Kreayshawn debut album gonna sell 435,000 it’s first week ya will #deal

  3. kimberly February 6, 2012

    Madonna thinks lady gaga is a threat . point blank. the solution is to be the best at what you do, be satisfied and move on. Now lady gaga is a better dancer, sings live and holds her own, madonna doesn’t want to accept it. FACT. This era will definitely prove who is more talented and people will compare their performances and see how hard gaga will stomp her.
    Madonna has made her mark and like all other legends she should release a single every now and then but to come with an entire album and era. People will remember her for her last project which is clearly not her best. she has already entered the house of legends, she should just pass the touch. She is clearly causing so much controversy like she will forever be around. I personally think madonna doesn’t want gaga around. Britney was no threat in the white world cause she is crap but gaga really strike hard at madonna.

    This is coming from a madonna fan and not a gaga hard core fan, just recognize her talent.

    countdown to the haters attack 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

  4. White girl mob February 6, 2012

    @kimberly shut your wack ass up.. You stupid h** lady gaga is hot garbage the b**** looks like my fave kreayshawn gaga needs to find her own look and stop barking up kreayshawn tree. Haters are going to attack you damn right they will but I’m far from a hater.

    I see you on this site 24/7 you must not have a f****** life you probley live off your mommy and daddy at the age of 26 SMDH

  5. Imgunnacheckuboo February 6, 2012

    @WHITEGIRLMOB, SIT YO DUMB ASS DOWN!!!! I am so sick of you stanning for that white trash, pin cushion, can’t rap, no ass havin’ troll. You only makin me hate her try hard ass.

  6. White girl mob February 6, 2012

    @imgunnacheckuboo that’s my job you ass whole to make you hate her.

  7. Imgunnacheckuboo February 6, 2012

    @WHITE GIRL MOB, Then you’ve succeeded

  8. SHESDUMB ♥ PRINCE, JANET & GAGA February 6, 2012



  9. kimberly February 6, 2012

    @ white girl trash… where is kreashawn/???? where is her cd. I have not read one article about her. You are clearly wasting your time. Atleast I can give Mia some attention but where is kreshawn????? You must be so misearable right now making the statement that she is better than madonna and gaga. B**** have a sit on some nails.

  10. Amy in Chi-town February 6, 2012

    Madonna is a Queen and GaGa is just one of her b****** in waiting

  11. White girl mob February 6, 2012

    @kimberly I’m not that miserable honey I’m just doing what I was sent here to do.

    And it seems to be working

  12. belladonna February 6, 2012

    Its crazy how this s*** wont die and its making me want to hate madonna because how do you work so hard to make the world a better place and then talk s*** about the only person thats carrying on the belief that everyone is beautiful that were all amazing and No matter Gay,Straight,Bi or Transgender we were all Born to be who we are! And Im not hateing on anybody else but Britney doesn’t fight for equality Like Gaga,Beyonce doesn’t fight for equality like Gaga and Rihanna doesn’t and I Iove all of thos artists that I named but the fact is that if Gaga wasn’t here anyone that’s not A white male and there under the age of 16 wouldn’t have a voice in music Madonna should help her not talk s*** because the same rich Republicans and homophobes and racist that hate Gaga hates Madonna two.

  13. JER February 6, 2012

    Sorry, but still trying to say “OH ITS OK EVERYBODY BORROWS FROM EVERYBODY” isn’t flying. The only person Madonna was even similar to for 2 seconds was Cindy Lauper in 1984 but b**** MADONNA came out months before She’s So Unusual. Before Madonna there was NOBODY. NOBODY did what she did. EVERYONE has done what Lady Gaga has been trying to do. Bjork, Kylie Minogue, Anni Lennox, Britney, Christina, Madonna, Janet. They’ve all already done that s***. Gaga just does takes a little from EVERYBODY so it looks like she’s the one coming up with this s***. I’m sorry, but Pop music did exist before 2009. The “Argument” isn’t an arguement, it’s a FACT that Gaga has been so overly “inspired” to the point of exhausting herself. She couldn’t even live up to the hype of Born This Way, the album lasted for 5 months and fizzled out (See FLOP: Marry The Night) Gaga has been hit and miss already and on Album #3. We’ll see how relevant Lady Gaga is in 26 years and on her 18th Release

  14. laos February 6, 2012

    yawn, all these b****** are lame, rihanna really is the only girl in the world because all these b****** are irrelevant when it comes to music.

  15. Bey is legend February 6, 2012

    Yall notice Gaga hasnt said ish. When she retaliates, lawd its gonna be an epic war of words in pop world. The perfect timing will be when she’s promoting her new cd


    dead at people thinking madonna is threaten by gaga…

    madonna been in this game for over 29 years, and yet nobody has taking her crown as the queen of pop..

    as mattter of fact she herself said britney is the only person close to her throne…

    are we really trying to compare 29 years to 4 years?

    gaga has along way to go before she reach madonnas trust madonna aint threaten by s***…


    gaga is very talented, shes a great singer and performer…..


    she aint no madonna….theres only one madonna….

    i’m still laughing at people thinking madonna, madonna of all people would be threaten by gaga…

    gaga has accomplished alot in 2 years in what it takes people 10 years to do…..but shes not anywhere near madonna’s level…

  18. kimberly February 6, 2012

    @RATED X b**** shut the f*** up. Gaga is better than madonna. Madonna career is based on controversy. madonna was the only one in her time doing her madness, people never saw before. We are now in the 2000 baby and we know better and what talent is. gaga is a threat and it is working or else she wouldn;t want to come out to prove s*** again. Madonna ia madonna, not respected as other legends (remmebr the problems she faced to enter that legend hall?) but she is not the best artist and entertainer. Is it that impossible to have someone better than madonna? b**** you on crack just like your fav britney.
    Gaga is a better performer and more experimental and creative in her music. Well rounded and shits on madonna. I respect her for her longevity but she is not original, not a great singer, not a great dancer and average performer. #DEAL….

  19. Lady Gaga is said to take a pen and notepad during Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance February 6, 2012

    Madonna is the Queen of Pop

    Lady GaGa is the Queen of Copycat !!!!! 😀

  20. Lady Gaga is said to take a pen and a notepad during Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance February 6, 2012


  21. Chris February 6, 2012

    Kimberly, do us all a favour and kill yourself already, you stupid waste of air and space.

    Lazy Gags is done and dead, the world is tired of looking at her ugly mug. Madonna’s reign of 30 years is not gonna end, DEAL with it b****.

  22. Lady Gaga is said to take a pen and a notepad during Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance February 6, 2012

    Lady GaGa is pouting today !!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  23. Lady Gaga is reported that she is pouting because Madonna is the greatest performer on earth February 6, 2012


  24. Madonna MDNA #1 on iTunes in 54 countries February 6, 2012

    Lady Gaga is hospitalized for having a sudden depression !!! 🙂

  25. Tyler February 6, 2012

    Madonna got more viewers than the actual game! Damn girl

  26. tee February 6, 2012

    madonna is old and played out ,only her old songs are good from the 80’s and yes lady gaga took her style and ran with it similar to beyonce stealing her whole career.

  27. Onyx February 6, 2012

    Lady Gaga is very talented just as Madonna is, both co-wrote many of her songs, they are very into her works, one plays the piano and ones plays the guitar, so piano is better than guitar is just in the eyes on the person, many people play the guitar so as many people plays the piano too, both are very creative, we already know Gaga is good but most of her fans has to learn to respect her because she is already a Legend you like or not, is like the fans of Usher, Chris Brown or Justin Timberlake disrepect Michael Jackson just because he was old and the mantioned here are young or because you think their has more talent or you just like them most, every artist has their own place in the Music.

  28. tee February 6, 2012

    lady gaga tries too hard to be the next madonna the thing they have in common is having tons of gay fans. gay people are just disgusting they give eachother a*** abs to their partners if they are on the dowl low .i feel that gays should all die because its not right in gods eyes to have s** with the same gender.

  29. tee February 6, 2012

    lady gaga tries too hard to be the next madonna the thing they have in common is having tons of gay fans. gay people are just disgusting they give eachother a*** abs to their partners if they are on the dowl low .i feel that gays should all die because its not right in gods eyes to have s** with the same gender. nasty

  30. @antertain February 6, 2012

    Legend in her own right Madge so thats that.
    Gaga a wayyyy better singer though

  31. Paige February 6, 2012

    Did she really need L.M.F.A.O.Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and CeeLo all on stage with her. I am a fan of classic Madonna songs and I am not delusional enough to realize Madonna needs all those sidekicks to stay relevant. She needs to attract the young crowd because it’s not 1984 anymore. It’s 4 mins all over again with Justin and timberland in 2008. Also the best part of her show was the production. A 53 year old woman during cartwheels and calling herself a girl is just pathetic. Best Part was Kelly Clarkson. **** that girl can sing. She did amazing without all the gimmicks Madonna brought with her. Just a mic and her spectacular voice. Madonna is indeed a legend but putting all those people on stage with her made her look desperate. Gaga does a real voice though unlike Madonna.

  32. NICK February 6, 2012

    I am sorry, I do NOT see the reasoning behind comparing MADONNA & LADY GAGA, Madonna has been around for years….Lady Gaga has not, it is NOT fair, they both are white women with blonde hair, same as LIL KIM & NICKI< u cant compare, OF COURSE they all have similiarities, BUT DUH, they all stole from the KING MICHAEL, so let's be real…..let this convo go please, its irrelevant..

  33. LittleMonster February 6, 2012

    these comparisons are DUMB! Madonna is the ORIGINAL Queen Of Pop. and I love Gaga. But you can NOT compare the two, I dont think Gaga copied her whole style from Madonna. But you can clearly tell she was inspired. because if you wanna go there, Madonna stole Marilyn Monroe’s look and ran with it back in the 80s. -_-

  34. LittleMonster February 6, 2012

    @TEE SMDH! WTF does homosexuality have to do with anything thats going on in this video? you think all gay people should die…..DO YOU REALIZE WHAT AMAZING CONTRIBUTIONS GAYS HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO OUR SOCIETY? people like you make this world the f***** up disgusting place that it is. you’re pathetic!

  35. JohnVidal February 6, 2012

    I agree with you on one thing I´ve always said: Madonna never saw Britney as real competition and that´s why she was always nice with her. But Gaga is true huge competition with her creativity, singing, dancing, music, work ethic, songwriting, etc. Definitely the biggest pop star since Madonna (and I´m saying pure pop, cos you have Mariah and others in the middle of course). Still Madonna shouldn´t worry cos she is the Queen of Pop and has made more than enough, but that new music is really bad and that´s where Gaga seems to win, the real music side of the industry, live singing, piano, songwritting, etc

  36. SLAYFANISTANN. February 6, 2012

    I really need Madonna stans and Gaga stans to stop arguing about originality.

    NOBODY who is Rational is trying to deny Madonna her 27 years of achievements,

    BOTH of them,yer BOTH of them were “inspired” by others if you want to use that logic (side eyes JER’s paragraph of BS)

    I find it really unfair that everybody keeps wanting to label Gaga as a copycat all the damn time,especially when Gaga cites her inspirations.(That Whitney Houston quote was only ONE occasion,I don’t want to hear about it!)

    Yes I have said Madonna was NOT original,but that was for the stans who keep panning Gaga for “copying” while acting as if their fave was original.I really want BOTH of the stan groups to sit down and stop it with this stupid s*** because it just isn’t necessary,and makes Gaga’s and Madonna’s fanbases seem as if they have no history before their faves came out.

    ALSO,I do NOT want to hear ANY of y’all bicker about one of the two “gimmicks”,BOTH Madonna and Gaga were heavy users of shock factors,so there’s going to be “gimmicks”

    If you are too pressed about originality,go grab a time machine and go back to the days of Adam and Eve.Until then,listen to the music and cut out the extra s*** and Ageism out,DAMN!

  37. SLAYFANISTANN. February 6, 2012

    Oh and the Angry Wal-Mart Customer can sit all the way down trying to be homophobic.You’re on a site where much of the readers prefer the same s**,go somewhere else with that s***.

  38. rave February 6, 2012

    Madonna need stop acting like she originated everythang okay! So what Gaga was inspired by Madonna…Lets not front its not like Madonna didnt cop some of Grace Jones stuff…..Just like KFC stole the recipe….mmhh people lets be real ookaay….Plus I aint never seen Madonna sing her b*** off and play the piano while dressed like a man okaay…

  39. SLAYFANISTANN. February 6, 2012


  40. Davon February 7, 2012

    Let Me educate you h*** who are hating on Madonna.Here are a few tidbits:
    1.Madonna is #1 in 47 countries right now. And the album doesn’t come out until MARCH.
    2.Her single is #3 as of now
    3.She has sold over 500 million records
    4.She’s not old she’s only 53 years that is NOT old. She’s getting up there but she’s not old yet or a damn granny so cut the s*** you ignorant AGEISTS. You all may be younger than her but you could NEVER do the s*** that she does.
    5.Madonna is worth about 600 million dollars. Where’s your money? WHERE is it?
    6.She reinvents herself every decade.And keeps up with the times.
    7.Her halftime show got more ratings than the game itself.
    8.She’s had over 50 songs on the top ten hits. lol Where’s your music? WHERE?
    9.Her clothing line is amazing
    10.She’s opening 10 schools in Africa. 1 is open and the 2nd is coming soon.
    11.As of right now She has several albums on the itunes charts-Madonna US iTunes Album
    MDNA=#1 Celebration=#3 Celebration Deluxe=#34 Like A Prayer=#123 Madonna=#143 Like A Virgin=#144 Ray of Light=#175 True Blue=#194

  41. dre12345 February 7, 2012

    haha reading some of the comments .

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