Whitney Houston Fans Eye Superbowl 2013 For Tribute

Published: Tuesday 6th Mar 2012 by David

Following her death, the out pour of love from Whitney Houston supporters has been astounding- to say the least.

From Twitter, YouTube, Facebook  to Tumblr, the late icons fans have taken to many a social media outlet in concert these last few weeks, all in support of the woman affectionately known as ‘Nippy‘.

This week, less than a month after her death, these supporters are launching a campaign which will see the most iconic moment of her career brought to life for one more time.

Details below…

Sponsored by the Whitney Houston Fan Community, a petition for Houston’s Superbowl 1991 ‘National Anthem‘ performance to be re-aired at Superbowl 2013 was launched, in a bid to honor the star’s legacy.

The official page reads:

Why we need your signature:
The reason why we should come together to sign this petition is to honor her legacy and show the world why her voice is the standard above all; and what better way to do this by resurfacing her Symbolic rendition of the National Anthem at next years Superbowl amongst hundreds of millions of viewers from around the world.

With 103 signatures so far, the campaign seems to be picking up speed and is set to gain further momentum following Oprah’s interview with Whitney’s daughter Bobbi this coming week.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cassidy March 6, 2012

    I dont no y this performance is so iconic, although her voice is amazing i have seen her sing better. I much prefer beyoncès national anthem and im not that big of a beyoncè fan but that just proves she is just as good as whitney. If micheal jackson and whitney houston had a daughter i think that would be beyoncè as she is like those two combined. Nice idea for whitney tribute tho she is a legend. RIP

  2. NippyVocalBible March 6, 2012

    THANK YOU! Us fans really appreciate you guys making this awareness for us! We would really love for this to happen! Thank you David!

  3. PersianAliCruz March 6, 2012

    Im not even going to speak on @CASSIDY’s stupid ass comment….. -__-

    Anyway its a wonderful idea to honor Whitney is such a way.

    She was the greatest…

  4. BeyStan March 6, 2012


  5. Teyah March 6, 2012

    I think this is a great idea! Everyone is always saying her superbowl performance was the best out of all!

  6. THE ONE March 6, 2012


  7. MISHKA March 6, 2012

    I love Nippy and will always love her but in my humble opinion, this is unnecessary.

    Life goes on, people. Let her rest in paradise.

    Why do they always chose a female? Maybe they should have John Legend this time for a change.

  8. LAX March 6, 2012

    GONE TO SOON…….I wish she had another album in the works and was almost done with it…I want more new music from her UGH!!!!

    We miss you NIPPY

  9. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 6, 2012

    I think it´s a good idea! that performance has become memorable and legendary. Nobody after that topped it so it would be great if they just play her performance instead of the usually horrendous National Anthems we hear
    And please, Beyonce stans get more basic day after day. So now Beyonce is as good as Whitney??? Buahahaha

  10. cassidy March 6, 2012

    @JohnVidal nope shes better!

  11. Danny b March 6, 2012

    On behalf of all us sane Bey stans, please ignore the retarded comment by @CASSIDY. Pretend it didn’t even write it please. More over DO NOT start a Stan war/Beyoncé bash thread because of one ignorant flop’s comment.

    With that, I am all for Whitneys version being played at next years Superbowl. I am a Whitney Stan as well and it would mean the world to me as a Stan.

  12. PersianAliCruz March 6, 2012

    @CASSIDY Beyonce herself would slap the s*** out of you for these dumbass comments…

  13. PYTFROMAL March 6, 2012

    Nobody has done it better, which is why years later, her performance is still viewed as the best not just by fans but critics as well.

  14. ashgino@gmail..com March 6, 2012

    i will sign the petition, but wouldn’t it be awkward to air a taping of the national anthem during superbowl, as iconic as her anthem was, isn’t it anti-traditional to not have someone sing before the game?

  15. CASSIDY March 6, 2012

    First of all i am not a beyoncè stan infact im not even a fan!! Its just my personal opinion i like beyonce better so please will all you drama queens shut up and stop acting like whitney is god or the best thing on the planet, many like myself would disagree. She was good about 20 years ago get over yourselfs!!! DAMN.

  16. Onyx March 6, 2012

    Yes! when i heard this she makes me proud to be an American, nobody has sung our National anthem like her, can we please declare this the official National Anthem of the USA.

  17. JENNA Sheldon March 6, 2012

    They choose a female for a reason you idiot. the song spans a wide number of octaves performed correctly. and Cassidy shut your dry ass up you stank ass b****. Whitney is The VOICE and you are the The Piece of IRRELEVANCE. Cassidy 20 years ago shows alot check her record sales who comes close??? Cassidy just drink ya mother bath water and drown. Whitney forever will lead the Pop Diva personas

  18. Man-TAK-eee March 6, 2012


    You want Beyonce’s legacy? How about her history of lip syncing, dancing crotchless across the stage, her lame ass hair flipping dance moves, and last but not least —> her untouchable approach to swagger jacking. If that doesn’t convince you… how about the fact she’s not credible enough to make Rollingstones all time best singers top 100 list??? Yea, you might wanna open up a book and stfu. NEXT!!

  19. Edward Ponton March 6, 2012

    I agree with an above statement this is somewhat irrelevant for we have to move on and while Doing so her legacy will still be remembered. I also agree with Cassidy, just because he believe Beyonce is a better performer or vocalist than Whitney does not make bra ignorant. That’s his personal preference. Beyonce is one of a kind y’all. Stop sleeping on her (although her name shouldn’t even came up in this thread)

    R.I.P. Whitney you are missed.

  20. LAX March 6, 2012

    Amen @Edward Ponton

  21. PersianAliCruz March 7, 2012

    @Edward Ponton Please @Cassidy was just trying to cause a scene and get a little online fame by making that statement.

    As Billboard, RIAA, and countless outlets have said Whitney’s National Anthem is the only one that matters.. END OF STORY!

  22. TheMan4u March 7, 2012

    the fact that after Whitney sang the National Anthem every singer after her started singing her version of the song instead of the original version shows how iconic hers was. that being said, i think in honor of Whitney we should let other females sing it, that in itself is a tribute to her since her name is brought up every super bowl after someone else sings it.

  23. CASSIDY March 7, 2012

    Really didnt mean to upset anyone just ive watched the video of whitney singing the anthem and didnt find it that amazing!

  24. Renee March 7, 2012

    I love Whitney Houston and have since the beginning of her career. But we need to look at the reality of this: The superbowl is about football. The National Anthem did not belong to Whitney, although she sang it like she owned it. I love her rendition and personally believe no one will ever top it however, the NFL is not going to go for this. If they do I will be shocked. RIP big sis Whitney!!!

  25. MadBrax March 8, 2012

    oh f*** off stans. honor her through her music. She has nothing to do with football, and countless others have sang it before and after her. The NFL is going to look at this and say “P*** off” To you stans you love and honor her memory to countless others she’s just another junkie who took too much

  26. KillBill92 March 8, 2012

    @PersianAliCruz Cassidy stated his opinion let him be. Everyone doesn’t think Whitney has the best. Just look up whose next in line as the best National Anthem via billboard oh okay.
    @Man-TAK-eee Whitney has lip-synched as well, she had bad performance, and that same fake holy ghost jump when she sings. BTW Mary J. Blige is on that list she doesn’t sing better than Beyonce and you know that, Xtina hasn’t had a good vocal performance in years and she’s on that list.

  27. Tom May 16, 2012

    Thank you fans i really liked it

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