Drake’s ‘HYFR’ Labelled Blasphemous

Published: Saturday 14th Apr 2012 by David

Last week, in unison with his Rihanna assisted clip ‘Take Care‘, Drake released the clip for his latest release ‘HYFR’ featuring long time friend Lil Wayne.

Documenting what he called his re-commitment to Judaism, this week saw the video come under fire, labelled blasphemous by our friends over at MTV Buzzworthy.

Details below…

In an open letter to the Rapper, Buzzworthy explain:

As anyone who’s gone so far as to recommit themselves to Judaism surely knows, the Torah is one of the most holy and sacred objects in the Jewish faith. That’s why it gets its own special little home in every sanctuary, why we stand up and pray before and after we’ve read from the Torah, and why the Torah gets its own holiday.

You get it because you know. A cake in the shape of a Torah is slightly tacky, but slamming down down a Torah cake? Undeniably poor taste.

Getting wrecked in the sanctuary? Come on, man.

Granted a Bar Mitzvah is a TON of hard work (you know because you’ve had two of them), and as far as I’m concerned, it’s appropriate to celebrate the tireless amount of work that goes into it. (And don’t get me wrong — I LOVED a good game of Coke & Pepsi.) But a Bar Mitzvah is not a red cup event.

And having Lil Wayne wear a mask and rap about roofie-ing a girl at a Bar Mitzvah? Not really okay. (Also, side note, I know Weezy could’ve popped for a suit.)

In my eyes, you took one of Judaism’s most sacred objects events and made them totally profane. (And unfortunately, there are enough people out there willing to desecrate our religious objects and places of worship — we don’t really need to do that ourselves.) 

That alone was really disappointing, but so was the fact I had high hopes that you’d be the guy who’d make a music video that made being Jewish feel legitimately cool. But instead you just trashed a temple, a (cake) Torah, and a very sacred rite of passage.


To be fair, we’re sure offending anyone was the last thing on Drake’s agenda. However, not everyone takes religion as light-heartedly as he may which is why the above isn’t much of a surprise.

But what do you think?


Should Drake apologize?

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  1. KAT DELUNA FAN April 14, 2012

    Controversy about a video?


    Gaga taught Me.

  2. nothing but the truth April 14, 2012

    drake and lil wayne are overrated little b******, as are all of Young Money. i will stick to Nas, Lauryn Hill and Common rather than drake nicki minaj and lil wayne.

  3. antertain April 14, 2012

    Real Talk and thats why thought should be careful before doing videos of that kind.

    That was EXPOSURE!

  4. MISHKA April 14, 2012


    They had no issue with Madonna, Lady Gaga and countless other acts but now they’re offended because it’s Judaism?

    Drake is Jewish anyway. And Weezy don’t give a damn. This is a lost cause, MTV, cut it out.

  5. Layla April 14, 2012

    So Nicki offends Catholicism and Drake offends Jews.Young Money is satanic.

  6. haterzstaypressed April 14, 2012

    In reading the entire article, the editor didn’t ask him for an apology so NO he shouldn’t apologize. He’s Jewish, so he has a right to do & say whatever he wants regarding HIS Bar Mitvah.

    I really don’t care 😆

  7. 12345 April 14, 2012

    when its catholic is ok but bc the jews run the world its wrong right?

    I as a christian have to agree though, its wrong to use religion like that of any kind.

    f*** drake and nicki and madonna and gaga

  8. mobwife April 14, 2012

    Did he get RE-CIRCUMCISED too? LOL 🙂

    “Wheel Chair Jiimmy” I’m gonna need you ro have several seats with this ” Gangsta Jew” routine. Honestly, I don’t see the purpose of this song or video 0_O?

  9. YOOSONDALOOSE April 14, 2012

    Nah I don’t think it was, but if it offends people of that faith then it should be stopped i guess.

  10. tukie June 18, 2012

    they’re giving praise to the devil insyd Gods house …..”hell yeah!…is what they are saen….and that sign behind him and Trey ,…what’s that now????

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