Hot Shot: Christina Aguilera Showcases ‘New’ Body

Published: Saturday 14th Apr 2012 by David

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Lost a few pounds and my weight went….

Get into Christina Aguilera, showcasing a brand spanking new slimmer fame.

Snapped on her way out of a LA Starbucks, ‘The Voice‘ icon looked nothing like the Aguilera of last year, who came under media scrutiny for the weight she gained after giving birth to ‘Bionic’, her latest LP.

Aguilera is working on its follow up alongside Cee Lo Green, Max Martin and Talay Riley.

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  1. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 14, 2012

    looks ok enough, but why she said she loved her body when she was fat and lost weight after that ?!!!

    i guess she was saying that to feel good about herself.

    S.N : she need to lose some fat from the belly area. and to get rid of that Red lipstick , upgrade your style xtina 🙄

  2. therealhonesttruth April 14, 2012

    Liposuction and spanx.

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN April 14, 2012

    Latin queen coming real soon !!

  4. cumonme April 14, 2012


  5. April 14, 2012

    She looks Good.

  6. hyfghg April 14, 2012

    Yaas Mama

    Being fat is not ideal for someone who sings/performs like she does. She’s certainly no adele. Also she’s a mother she needs to keep healthy and set an example

    2012 is ur year mama!

  7. Burmy April 14, 2012

    Where have all the women proud of their curvy selves gone?!

  8. BrealK April 14, 2012

    You’re suppose to love yourself no matter how you look. She probably lost weight for health reasons. It’s best to be weight proportioned and she is a small person. She gave birth to a child and went through a divorce. That will make you gain weight. She’s most likely in a happier place now.

  9. krys April 14, 2012

    Sorry but i prefer her like this to her “i love my body” For a clip, promo & other for next album & single! Her look was perfect like this! (*_*)

  10. Burmy April 14, 2012

    Remember, THIS IS A HIP-HOP WEBSITE. We like our women THICK, with CURVES and ASSETS.

    You don’t like ’em, take ya writin’ somewhere else!

  11. aynon April 14, 2012


    she is far more talented than Adele…IMO she has the best vocal ability in the business. better than Adele, Mariah, Leona.

  12. alex April 14, 2012

    i may be a christina fan and always will be but while i truly love her voice, she is NOT better than Mariah or Leona. Mariah may have lost some power and her pitch-perfect ability (at least live) but she remains the best vocalist as far as technique. It is not a matter of taste, it’s a matter of telling the obvious truth. Leona doesn’t have to push her voice to get those belted notes out, they come quite naturally while christina has a tendency to sing out of her natural range. i’m not hating but i don’t get how some people cannot see the obvious truth. coming from someone who loves the three of them very much.

  13. Your fav’s fav (Grammy) April 14, 2012

    damn there goes the pigtina jokes lol im jk …. love your body Xtina now show me what u can do in the studio. Raise me a glass for the talented POP stars

  14. Rob April 14, 2012

    Can someone send this picture to Kelly Osbourne and slap it in her face. Bwahahaha!

  15. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) April 14, 2012

    She looks great! 😀 I’m ready for the new album!!

    And yes, she did say that she loves her body and stood up for her curves, but she’s also gearing up for a comeback, which includes many rehearsals, video shoots, photoshoots and probably a tour. Even if she wanted to keep her curves, it would be impossible given her busy schedule. Christina has always been proud of the way she looks and she’s quite unapologetic about it. Besides, she always gains weight in between her albums and loses the additional pounds just in time for her return. This time is no different 🙂

  16. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. April 14, 2012

    STRAINtina is a FLOP & irrelevant

    Lets get a post on LEGENDhanna!!!!! 🙂

  17. lucifer April 14, 2012

    Kelly Osbourne must be mad now

  18. MaZ April 14, 2012

    Album and promo coming soon!

  19. Jasmine April 14, 2012

    I think she is getting ready for promoting new material. She always loses weight when she is getting ready to promote. Look how skinny she was in both of the videos for her last album. She is very short so naturally when she stops working out and eating more the weight is very obvious. I would like to hear a new single.

  20. honeydip April 14, 2012


  21. REAL TALENT April 14, 2012

    But Rihanna said she wouldn’t go back to the guy who beat her or have anything to with him even became a spokes person for abuse and look what she went to do so don’t come for xtina #justsaying Tired of you judging everyone but you stan for goaty

  22. TheMan April 14, 2012

    She looks amazing and has a great voice but Mariah is #1.

  23. BeyHiveBuzz April 14, 2012

    Yes b**** you better f****** werk! Lawd! It might have taken her a few years to get it together but the end results are great. NOBODY can say Xtina doesn’t look good! Props to her.

  24. TheCat April 14, 2012

    so now that shes skinny
    shes beautiful again


  25. Onyx April 14, 2012

    She looks great.

  26. irene46 April 14, 2012

    the photo looks somewhat stretched the way they have been known to do to make artists look slimmer even in videos.

    on her show you can tell how she really looks and she looks grrreat.

    it’s astonishing how she is on a successful tv show, has an album in the works, has a single collab that was # 1 on the bb chart for about 8 weeks and in the top 20 for almost 30 weeks also her ‘burlesque’ soundtrack was on the bb chart at least 10 weeks longer than britney’s ‘femme fatale’ cd but she still gets very little media attention.

    they give jlo respect even though her last album sold fewer than christina’s ‘bionic’ and she had made a decent grossing movie in years. the press gives way more props jessica simpson than christina and she’s considered relevant, why?

    looks like the only love for christina is going to have to come from her fans because the media is going to be busy trying to make her look irrelevant and delude everyone into thinking britney still outshines her.

  27. irene46 April 14, 2012


    and she ‘hasn’t’ made a decent grossing movie in years.

    the press gives way more props ‘to’ jessica simpson

  28. kim April 14, 2012

    thank god she looks better slim weight doesnt fit her

  29. christinascoming April 14, 2012

    @ IRENE46

    the media enjoys tearing Christina apart because she’s always been and always will he a triple threat to all these other manufactured gimmicks so what better way to demonize her than to make her look irrelevant? Christinas look and voice will always give these lessers a run for their money.

  30. I hate CUNTriah Carey and BeyonSLUT April 16, 2012

    @The great lacefront – Whoriah Carey is a flopped animal DEAL with it and RiHOEna is straight up talentless garbage. Legendtina will return to slay these two flopped c****!

    @Your fav’s fav (grammy) – B**** CUNTyonce is the biggest lying theif and fraud and for that she is flopping already. Madonna and Legendtina will slay this fake lying stealing plaigarising c***!

  31. Kears10 April 22, 2012

    I love how people have been calling Beyonce’ “fat” forever, and she has had her weight loss/gain moments, but overall, she still has her curves and could give a FJUCK what people say about it.

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