That Grape Juice A&R: Rita Ora’s Debut Album

Published: Saturday 14th Apr 2012 by David

They may have taken their sweet time, but this year saw ROC Nation launch Brit Pop belle Rita Ora.

Kicking off her campaign with the singles ‘Party’ and ‘RIP’, her long awaited first album is set to hit Pop shores within the next year, following a summer of touring with Coldplay.

With the benefit of Rihanna‘s manager and Beyonce‘s backing, expectations for the project are high- especially after less than stellar efforts from ROC sisters Alexis Jordan and Willow Smith.

So, now it’s time to have to your say.


Details below…

Listing 13 songs from any genre or period of music from any artist out there, we want you to create the ultimate Rita album, made up of cuts you feel would feel would win her commercial and critical acclaim alike.

Perhaps Nicki Minaj’s  ‘Va Va Voom’ is just the vibe she needs to secure her a #1 single or is Adele’s ‘He Won’t Go‘ the sound she should be going for if it’s critical acclaim she desires.

It’s completely up to you.

If you’re feeling extra bossy why not tell us how you would promote the album to ensure it generates sales akin to  ‘Loud′ and ‘Confessions‘.

Remember, someone from the label might see this, so every idea you give counts.

Get creative below!

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  1. KAT DELUNA FAN April 9, 2012

    The new queen of TGJ 😆

    Why does Bey is backing those ungrateful mtfs? She should focus on herself cause God knows she needs all the help she can get (Matt is laughing at what Jay turns her to be ) 😆

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN April 9, 2012

    Rita will become as big as her label want her to be.
    Labels look at numbers and statistics,so all the mag’ covers and blog attention are a sign.Cause when Jay wasnt feeling her,she wasnt doing s***.

    Now she is coming there is nothing WE CAN DO ABOUT THAT !!

  3. Jey April 9, 2012

    So you want us to list our fav top songs? That’s basically all I’m seeing in this post. She should do her own style, not… um… cover other peoples sounds? I truly don’t understand what you’re asking us to do.

    But TBH, Rita is boring. That RIP song is just… boring. I like her and all and she’s very personable… have nothing against the girl in the least bit. It’s just she’s so boring.

  4. TheFame April 9, 2012

    Ummmm. NEXT


    If I am a new artist, why the hell would I want to be compared to other artists out there, or make the same music as them?

    thats why I never get the purpose of these type of post…

    most music out there are garbage, so trust I would want to bring something new to the table…

    so Rita all I got to say, is either bring it hard, or go home…

  6. Mike April 9, 2012

    I think Rita should do Urban (with pop sensibilities) so that she is distanced from Rihanna in the mind of the consumer, but still mainstream enough to chart on the pop charts.

    * This is very important! She NEEDS to dance in her videos!

    1) Diva – Beyonce
    2) Change The Record – Melanie Fiona
    3) Body – Teairra Mari
    4) Take It All – Adele
    5) Cold Case Love – Rihanna
    6) Toy Soldier – Keri Hilson
    7) Save Me – Nicki Minaj
    8) Cockiness – Rihanna
    9) Birthday Cake – Rihanna
    10) Only U – Ashanti
    11) Need U Bad – Jazmine Sullivan
    12) S*** To Me – JoJo
    13) Ain’t No Other Man – Christina Aguilera
    14) Prima Donna – Christina Aguilera
    15) Woohoo – Christina Aguilera
    16) Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie

    17) Perfect – Pink
    18) WIld Heart – Sabi
    19) Rumour Has It – Adele
    20) Drop Dead Beautiful – Britney Spears
    21) Heard Em’ All – Amerie
    22) Tell Me What Your Name Is – Ciara
    23) Gimmie Dat – Ciara

  7. JustMe April 9, 2012

    I like Rita Ora’s music so far i just think her label needs to market her differently because her look just comes off way to Rihanna everytime i see a pic i think Rihanna for some reason & the drake written R.I.P song meant for Rihanna doesn’t help either She’s very talented & deserves a chance I guess we will see.


    Jay z can spend all the money on her, put her on all the magazines, promote the s*** out of her

    if people are not feeling her, she’s not going to get big…

    what some people fail to realize, we as the consumer can make an artist HUGE…

    once we stop feeling ur ass, U FLOP………hence why a lot of artist do alot of desperate s*** to get their fans back……

  9. Lax April 9, 2012

    @RATEDXXXX Hey There how or you, and you just said a mouth Full….
    Shhhhhhh i don’t want to wake the Ass Wipes up…Wink, Wink!!! Smiles
    and tips away from Key Board……Until something Hits me, Wink, Wink, Wink…

  10. QueenOfTheNavy April 9, 2012

    1. Party
    2. Te Amo
    3. Bad Girls (MIA)
    4.. Rude Boy
    5. Boys (Britney)
    6..My Love (JT)
    8. Acappella
    9. Marvin’s Room
    10. Do Ya Thing
    11. Love Game
    12. Fire Burns

    What’s My Name

  11. ONE&ONLY April 9, 2012

    Kind of rubbish list!

    1. Ignition- R. Kelly
    2. One & Only- Adele
    3. Fire Burns- Nicki Mianj
    4. Hold Yuh- Gyptian
    5. Talk That Talk- Rihanna
    6.. Journey To The past- Alliyah
    7. Paper Planes- M.I.A
    8. She Don’t Mind- Sean Paul
    9. Mary Jane Shoes- Fergie
    10. Forever Young- Jay Z
    11. Marvin’s Room- JoJo&Drake
    12. Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow-

    1. Rock The Boat- Alliyah
    2. Who’s That Girl- Eve
    3. Try Again- Aaliyah


    B.o.B, J Cole, Astro, Iggy Azalea, Toni Braxton, Beyonce, Frank Ocean & Chase+Status.

  12. QueenOfTheNavy April 9, 2012

    My list

    US/International Edition:

    1. Cool- Gwen Stefani
    2. Party.
    3. All The Things She Said (a duet with Rihanna)
    4. Rude Boy
    5. Girl Gone Wild
    6. Lap Dance (
    7. Perfect Lover
    8. Family Portrait
    9. If I Were A Boy
    10. Take A Bow – Madonna
    12. Time After Time

    US Bonus:
    See It In A Boys Eyes- Jamelia

    UK Edition:
    1. Cool
    2. Party
    3. RIP
    4. All The Things She Said
    5. Luxurious
    6. Rude Boy
    7. Girl Gone Wild
    8. Perfect Lover
    9. See It In A Boys Eyes
    10. Take A Bow
    11. Time After Time
    12. If I Were A Boy

    Lap Dance (Ft Tinie Tempah)
    Family Portrait- ft Jessie J

    1. Party ( US Radio Only)
    2. RIP ( UK, international)
    3. Rude Boy
    4. Girl Gone Wild
    5. See It In A Boys (UK and US Radio)/ If I Were A Boy (International)
    6. All The Things She Said
    7. Cool

  13. JER April 9, 2012

    4lop. Even Rihanna can’t compete with herself in this oversaturated market. Rihanna has had 7 songs out in the past 4 months. There’s no room for this strangerbitch.

  14. FYi April 9, 2012

    TGJ is obviously affiliated wit Rita’s camp and is using our opinions to help her become a success but it aint working cause lets face it …. Rita aint all that!

    True talent don’t even need posts like this to push their music for the masses to receive! If you got it you don’t give a f*** what other people want because your talent and music will speak volumes!

    The truth is Rita’s camp are scared as hell, they know that something is missing with this chick that’s why they took soo damn long to put her s*** out….

    Her image is cloned and its soooo plain for everyone to see smh. Shes like a poor version of Rihanna, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani rolled into one and her voice sounds nasally and sooo generic it aint even funny.

    Plus her team need to coach this chick when it comes to interviews because she sounds so inarticulate with the way she expresses herself and her speaking voice is sooooo ugly, she just dont come across as a likable person.

  15. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 9, 2012

    gurl bye and take care. 🙄 , rob kardashian is waiting 4 UR ass.

  16. Ugh April 9, 2012

    the rihanna stans are always leaving negative comments about Rita. it’s sad.

  17. Jazmine Sullivan FAN April 9, 2012

    Who cares????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I’m so tiret of this “Ritalization”…the girl sucks!

  18. Jazmine Sullivan FAN April 9, 2012


  19. flawda April 9, 2012

    Alexis Jordan had a platinum single in Happiness and her album sold platinum worldwide. FYI Once again The Grape Drink is talking out their ass and don’t know anything about the business.

    Jay-z and his team knowledge of the business > ya’ll clueless asses

  20. jay April 10, 2012

    as I already said in her video post,Roc nation needs to stop marketing her as the next beyonce/rihanna, even when vocally shes more talented than these girls the comparisions are unstoppable ,just look at the pics
    musically I think she doesn´t fit the generic autotuned R&B POP dance music thats in todays radio shes more talented to just be boxed in those genres ,

  21. Breeze April 10, 2012

    What Roc Nation really needs to do is give her songs that better fit her voice! Because while Party&B******* was not AS bad, R.I.P. sounded way better when Drake sang it(and im a Rita fan!) She has a very soulful voice so they should deff go for the critical aclaim. And being on a label with such a big roster they need to have the other artist name drop her. DUH!! People like what they’re favorite artist like. Get her on some talk shows too! The b**** is sweet and funny and mixed wit her sexyness they can bank on that. If shes so “INDORSED” by Beyonce, have that b**** give her a shout out on twitter! I swear to god Roc NAtion needa hire this boy cuz I knows what to do!!!LOL.
    Have you heard old girl LIVE!?!?!?!?! She kills it!(GET A CASKET FOR EM!) She deff sounds better live than in a studio! Get lil shawty on 106&Park! ANYTHING is possible when ur Jay-Z he needa get his ass back from Saint BArts and put in work. Meet and Greets back in London would do her wonders too cuz they love the b**** over there, she already had a number 1! UGh I just can’t say everything I need to!!(OH and ONE LAST THING!) Why wasn’t Drake on R.I.P. he had a lil verse on the original that he could have worked with and he’s way bigger than Tinnie! EVEN IN THE UK so I dont wanna hear they was keepin it local.PAUSE.
    Any more questions feel free to find Jay Breeze on facebook!

  22. sammy April 10, 2012

    rita ora need to dance good choreo thats what is missing from her

  23. CRAMPED April 14, 2012

    I like Party, hate RIP.
    She is very soulful like Adele, but she should probably try what Xtina did earler in her career – A soulful voice singing pop tunes then She can balance it out with a few powerful ballads here and there. She needs a great writing teams that understand her as an artist first and then it from there.

  24. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. April 14, 2012

    Who cares, it will FLOP

    A**-Z struck gold once with LEGENDhanna but other than that, M*****-Z is not a good manager 😕 (bridget kelly, Jay Electronica, alexis jordan-all irrelevant!)

    Look what happened to BLEACHonce with 4closure, under his heavy influence, the album was her worst seller to date. LEGENDhanna outsold 4closure with TTT in a matter of months 🙂

    This will be another Willow Smith case. The hype(only seen on urban, c***-like blogs such as this one, will FADE)

    Time for Camel-Z to retire along with IRRELEVANT-once 😉

  25. CRAMPED April 14, 2012

    *then take it from there*

  26. LAMBCHOP April 14, 2012

    If she can do what no artist alive can do other than Beyonce, which is sing & dance at the same time, FLAWLESSLY, she’ll be good. I’ve yet to se her bust a move. Like I said before, if this girl is supported by Bey & she does right by her than her fan base can only grow. Even if I hate her music, as a Bey stan I will buy the album to support Beyonce.

  27. Illuminati Crusher April 14, 2012

    What the Hell is this garbage?

    Roc got no ideas of they’re own? Why the hell are the fans always being asked to come up with Ideas? these people get paid millions of dollars while others are out on the streets beggins for food in Obama’s land of “hope and change” what a load of b.s.!

    Why should I do Rita ora or Roc nation any favours! Roc nation is like a leech feeding off the creative blood of the people who are more creative than the misogynist Jay Z! and his new Arian race blowing the “man’s” you know what!

    Im tired of the crap.!

  28. therealhonesttruth April 14, 2012

    She will s*** on Rihann. Then her Jay Bey and Kanye. Will take over the music industry. Rihanna is trying to hard to be one of those white pop singers. Jay ain’t having it. It’s okay to be light skin but now b**** thinks she is a white girl getting on stage with those horrid vocals. B**** can’t even whine and she is from the carribbean . Rihanna you can’t even master your own ethinicity let alone try to jump on the white pop bandwagon

  29. Matthew April 14, 2012

    These are the sorts of songs she would make;
    all of these artists seem like the kind of stuff she’s influenced by and would

    Bubble Pop Electric – Gwen Stefani
    Oops (Oh My) – Tweet
    Cold Case Love – Rihanna
    Sitting Up In My Room – Brandy
    BugaBoo – Destiny’s Child
    Climax – Usher
    Go – Delilah
    Murda Bizness – Iggy Azalea
    Abracadabra – Jessie J
    Muny – Nicki Minaj
    Poison – Bell Biv Devoe
    Ritual Union – Little Dragon
    Ain’t Nobody (Breakage Remix) – Clare Maguire
    Heaven – Emeli Sande
    Tear It All Down – Mz Brat
    Blauw – Ciara
    Burn (Stenchman Remix) – Jessica Mauboy
    You Know You Like It – AlunaGeorge
    Like This – Kelly Rowland
    Wildfire – SBTRKRT

  30. commanderofthedancefloor April 14, 2012

    the people who should produce her songs are linda perry for her more rock songs and paul epworth for a few stand out tracks, of course the dream for that one smash track (which she has, roc the life) and some pop songs by stargate or dark child! and finish it off with some slow jams by rico love!

    that would be my ideal production team for rita! hopefully roc the life is the next single because i am so amped for it!!!

  31. jessie April 14, 2012

    Negative comments from the Navy

  32. jessie April 14, 2012

    Battleship can be #1 all it wants. Remember it’s the money that counts. Already in the US they said it will be a MISS. When overseas get to $400-$450 or better millions then post how the movie is doing. Any movie can go #1 but it’s the input of monies that counts.

  33. Lax April 14, 2012

    @MARIE Thanks you just put some more screws in “The Haters Coffins”
    Battleship or making them keep those “Depend Penned On With Safety Pins”
    and the sticky tape…Rihanna killing them Softly, Effortless….

  34. Lax April 14, 2012

    @JESSE,,,STOP trying to decide on which “Wrist To Cut”
    Just cut them both and take yourself out of your misery, Son!
    And ask the others who or so miserable to do the same because
    Will deal or “SQUEAL”! The Caribbean Keeps Right On Winning!!

  35. Lax April 14, 2012

    Rita is talented and beautiful and she will be just find, and i am
    sure that if she changed herself into “Rihanna” then she would
    not be able to stand up aganist all of the slime and grime that
    will be thrown at her. Jay and Beyonce has/is there for Rihanna
    still Rihanna just never really got used to Kissing their asses and is Her OWN’dam woman!!!!

  36. WJ April 14, 2012

    Hm… I’m loving it! Let’s go:

    1.How We Do (Party)
    2.Only Girl (In the World) – Rihanna
    3.No One – Alicia Keys
    4.The Boy Is Mine – Brandy and Monica
    5.Wanna Be Starting Somethin’ – Michael Jackson
    6.Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani
    8.Hurt – Christina Aguilera
    9.Radio – Beyoncé
    10.Te Amo – Rihanna
    11.Grenade – Bruno Mars
    12.IEmotions – Destiny’s Child version
    13.Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

    About the promotion, they need to make a massive capaign on Internet first, then her first U.S. TV performance happens a month after the music video release (on SNL or even The Ellen Show). She also can make non-musical appearences on TV, e.g. a guest on a popular sitcom, and Glee could make a cover of “How We Do (Party)”. A performance on Billboard Awards would be good too!

  37. WJ April 14, 2012

    A change:
    7.Rich Girl

  38. Gita April 14, 2012

    The album should be a mix of Xtina’s “Stripped” and Beyoncé’s “I Am Sasha Fiierce”, then she would be seen as a diva and as a popstar (and a potential Best New Artist at Grammys). Her first TV perform at U.S. should be at The Voice or SNL three or four weeks after the mainstraim radio release.

  39. future a&r April 14, 2012

    To whom it may concern:

    Please take public note of what we the consumers are stating. Please do not try to make a clone of Rihanna. Rita, needs to be herself. The Gwen Stafani look is horrid and screams copy cat. Her vocals are soulful, and go in the realm of Ain’t no other man type Christina songs. The bubblegum pop music makes her vocals sound nasal (RIP). The track was clearly written for Rihanna’s sound. Rita also dosent even dance. How will she be set apart from her labelmate. Why do you have her here in the US and a US native overseas(alexis jordan)? What is so different between the too? I had more hope in Jordan. Its all to boring and repetitive. We need some new Ciaras. You guys keep signing the same girl, but different names. Their all light skinned? What’s up w/ that? That is disturbing.

  40. future a&amp April 14, 2012

    Whomever the real a&r dosent even know what to do with Rita. Just the same ole same ole. Wonder why Adele is winning. We the consumers are tired of the same chic being thrust into our faces with recycled songs, no true substance, bleached hair, no stage presence, & light skin. Just please stop!

  41. angela wesley April 14, 2012

    I kinda like the Rip song but she did god singing say my name. I agree
    with some of the posterthat she needs sing some ballads to set her
    apart from Rihanna.

  42. LAX April 15, 2012


  43. Connor Evans April 15, 2012

    I think its important to cater to BOTH her potential POP and her R&B fan-bases. One of the problems I often find with Rihanna albums is that there are about three dance-pop songs, and the rest is R&B-esque. That is why I think her sales this era are suffering. “We Found Love” was a massive hit; “You Da One” was not! DO THE MATH!

    Anyways, back to Rita. I feel that her album should be everything that Kelly’s “Here I Am” was meant to and should’ve been. Tracklisting as follows:
    1. “We Found Love”
    2. “Only Girl (In The World)”
    3. “Elephant”
    4. “Woohoo” (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    5. “Till The World Ends”
    6. “He About To Lose Me”
    7. “Just Dance” (ft. Colby O’Donnis & Akon)
    8. “S*** B****”
    9. “RIP”
    10. “How We Do (Party & B*******)
    11. “Red Lipstick”
    12. “Roc Me Out”
    13. “Cockiness (Love It)”
    (These are not in any specific order)

    After the less-than-fabulous “RIP” and the only just more decent “How We Do (Party & B*******)”, I would select a dual-single of something like “Only Girl (In The World)” and “Red Lipstick”.

  44. akidnametraveee April 15, 2012

    Well to start off I never heard her music but she looks kinda interesting… I feel that she shouldnt channel anyone and be her own self cause a lot of these artist are trying to recreate the veterans and it can be a hit or miss I.e. Monica and Keyshia cole= Mary J. Blige( some days hit and some days miss) Ciara and Cassie= Aaliyah and Janet ( 100% hit for Ciara and 1000% fail for Cassie), Rick Ross = Biggie ( 100% hit) Chris B, Usher,Justin T, and Omarion= Michael Jackson (I’mma let the public decide) but u get the point… I think she need some Cray promotion cause Ive heard of her but not her music… She needs to appear on radio stations, tv shows like 106, the Buzz, Sucka Free something, she needs a new and fresh look cause done see the blonde look so many times and quite tired of it.. matter of fact she need a whole new glam squad to get her package right. If she know how to dance get her the right cherographer ( I know it is misspelled) dont get someone who is established like Fatima Jamaica Craft, Tina Landing or Laurie Ann get someone fresh so they can Delevop her signature style like how Fatima did for Aaliyah and Jamaica did for Ciara… Ummm also put her on some tracks with other artist like Nicki Drake etc so she can get a buzz

  45. César April 15, 2012

    1.How We Do (Party)
    2.Independent Women, Part II
    3.Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart
    4.Check On It
    6.Disappear (Beyoncé)
    8.Can’t Hold Us Down
    10.Say It Right (Nelly Furtado)
    11.All Night Long (Demi Lovato)
    12.Acapella (Kelis)

    She has the promote it for at LEAST one and a half year. A Deluxe Edition or an Acoustic Edition could help it. And a ballad should be released as a single before the album drops, it reaches a public that Rihanna doesn’t.

  46. Shynlow April 15, 2012

    She’s really talented i like her style!

  47. WJ April 15, 2012

    @Connor_Evans Rihanna sales are not that good because she lost all her R&B fanbase with “Loud”. They see her as an oportunist now!

    Rita CAN’T make an electro-pop album. Album-buyer public is hating it and singles-buyer public is starting to leave it. R&B and maybe dancehall will give her more credibility! How We Do is catchy and yet not derivative, the album has to have that idea. I agree with other commenters that she needs to release a ballad single before the album drops, cuz that’s Katy Perry’s and Rihanna’s weakest point.

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