Report: Lil Kim To Launch ‘Return Of Queen Bee Tour’

Published: Saturday 14th Apr 2012 by David

For Lil Kim, the last few years have been a long and uncertain road.

Falling asleep on the job and waking up to find Nicki Minaj dominating her territory and then some, Kimberly has never had to fight harder to protect her once spotless legacy.

So, in a bid to restore that legacy, the icon is readying a tour with Live Nation, set to kick off this year.

Details below…

Scheduled to launch at Cincinnati’s Bogart‘s, the ‘Return Of The Queen Bee Tour‘ was confirmed on Live Nation‘s official site earlier this week. Yet to be confirmed the Rapper herself, the venture is set to launch June 1st, with more dates to be confirmed in coming weeks.

Tickets for the first show went on sale April 11th and will cost  fans $39.36.

It’s always interesting when acts (who aren’t Madonna) think they can sell concert tickets,when they struggle to sell singles for ten time less. Sure, Lil Kim‘s fan base has never been stronger, but how powerful are they outside of and Nicki Minaj’s Twitter mentions the Twittersphere?

For, as is evident with the commercially impotent singles she stays releasing, Kim fans have no desire to pay for what she’s selling and this is the reason we fail to see the thinking behind the shows and the smarts of her current team.

A team, who if were half as smart as they make out to be, would be angling jobs for Kim outside of music, since that ship has well and truly left the harbor.

Who knows? With Nene Leakes reportedly earning $1 million a season for ‘Housewives‘, putting her on a Reality TV series would be a great way to restore interest in her profile, and add a few extra zeros to her account.

But what do you think?

Would you pay to see Kim live?

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  1. Layla April 14, 2012

    Sam stays pressed on Kim.

  2. Houston April 14, 2012

    I rather pay to see Kim perform than Nicki’s stiff @ss.Kim knows how to put on a show.

  3. OLB April 14, 2012

    Her show in NYC Paridise Theatre is damn near sold out! I purcased two floor seats. Lil’Kim still has that it factor. F*** whatchu think overseas.

  4. Nahjee April 14, 2012

    Kim just needs to settle down and have a few kids.. After nicki Minaj there will probley be iggy or azealia banks. There is no more room for old heads nowadays Kim. Just relax your body you getting old you was popping when Kobe Bryant was number 8

  5. minajesty April 14, 2012

    her ‘comeback’ has lasted over a year now, and she still hasnt done anything decent apart from the diss track “black friday”

  6. JHA April 14, 2012

    HELL YEA!!! I Would pay too see LIL KIM

  7. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) April 14, 2012

    Can’t fault Kim’s showmanship, though. For the standards of female rappers, she has lots of stage presence.

    Tours are always more successful than singles and albums. How come Britney’s ‘FF’ tour grossed 70 million, while her album barely reached the 1,5 million mark worldwide (not the right example, I know, but just saying…). Granted that the price of the tickets is reasonable and the venues are not stadiums or arenas, she can pull a successful tour off 😎

  8. AppleMinaj April 14, 2012

    $40? Nicki is costing me $400 when she announces her US tour dates. I might just have to see Lil Kim if she comes to Los Angeles. Nicki’s tickets in Europe sold out in seconds so if I don’t get tickets on time then I’ll definitely be buying tickets! The Jump Off is my favorite Kim song so she better slay my soul when she performs it!

  9. Diane April 14, 2012

    I’m not gonna say this to you again Sam but Kim’s fans do buy her music. Her core fans were able to get I Am Not The One to #132 on Itunes and If You Love Me up to #50 on Amazon and #112 on Itunes.

    These shows are a good buzz for Kim to EXPAND her core fan base. They should be professionally taped for YouTube. The casual fans probably ain’t buying her music because she doesn’t have the hoopla attached to it like she would if she was signed. But don’t get it twisted, her Twitter core fans, who Kim presents the music to is buying it.

  10. joey blanco April 14, 2012

    Of course people will pay to see Kim, your hate and shade is getting old and with each day it makes you all look more and more like biased unprofessional journalist…Oh I forgot you aren’t real journalist…you’re bloggers….so have several seats with your shady commentary and posts.

    Anyone interested in seeing Kim can purchase below, more dates are being added

  11. THEREALDILL April 14, 2012



  12. Original Black Barbie April 14, 2012

    Lil’ Kim was worth the travel and the wait. Despite running unexcusably late (she didnt come on until after midnight), Brooklyn’s Queen Bee aka Lil’ Kim aka the Original Black Barbie puts on an intense show. No other female rapper can command a crowd’s attention like her. Especially after not having an album out in five years. She performed all of her hits and features and some new/unknown material. I didn’t hear one person complain when we left.
    Favorite moment: Kim busting out the Michael Jackson moves was my favorite moment.

  13. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here…) April 14, 2012


    “There is no more room for old heads nowadays”

    …maybe not in your iPod lol. I’ll bump anything that comes correct from ANY artist.

  14. therealhonesttruth April 14, 2012

    I though that said King B for a second.

  15. haterzstaypressed April 14, 2012

    Sam, have you posted the Nicki Minaj/Starships remix by Nokia Lumia 900?? Here’s the official video:

    Go Nicki! How many people were there? 20k?

    Congrats Nicki!

    Oh yeah, good luck to Lil’ Kim on her little theater tour!

  16. CarlKellyDC April 14, 2012

    I will buy whatever Lil Kim sells! And whatever show she is at, I’ll be there as well! COME ON KIM!! #DCSTAR 4/14/2012

  17. Young Firestarta April 14, 2012

    @Haterzstaypressed that wasnt shade, that was a full solar ecilpse! Sam if you truly want to shade Kim correctly to at how Haterzstaypressed lowered the boom.


  18. sentfromupabove April 14, 2012

    i have came to the conclusion that the people who write this blog no precisely f*** all about music.

    KIM CAN PUT ON A GOOD F****** SHOW!!!!!!

  19. ChaselenDaze April 14, 2012

    Sam be more of blogger n less of a D**k rider Nicki Minaj must be…well lets jus say Keepin you much satisfied with her lame as life lyrics…anyways I will be sure to attend The “Queen” Bee’s Tour!! Congrats Kimmy keep doin ya thang boo!!! Nicki’s declining album sales is addressing the naysayers for you…Im Out!

  20. @MsHennyWhite April 14, 2012


  21. Black Butterfly April 14, 2012

    I love QB I can’t wait to see her when she comes to LA. If Nicki Minaj would focus more on her music instead of dissing Lil Kim and other females in the industry she probably could have cleared that 500K she was expecting. Real #1 Albums have more than 1 song in the top #50 on Billboard IJS

  22. Nats April 14, 2012

    @Diane…I’m not gonna say this to you again Sam but Kim’s fans do buy her music. Her core fans were able to get I Am Not The One to #132 on Itunes and If You Love Me up to #50 on Amazon and #112 on Itunes.

    Oh Diane, look at those numbers again and tell me again how impressibe that s*** is. Lol u kill me with #132 on iTunes. Nicki’s songs go straight to #1 boo boo and so do her albums.

  23. Teacher April 14, 2012

    Yaaaassss Kim!!! The Original Queen B!…until that THIEF stole that name/title

  24. QueenSize April 14, 2012

    @Blackbutterfly….thank you for saying that. I could of sworn that nicki did say she was expecting to go gold for the first week sales. When her album drop and those sales weren’t there she kept saying first week number don’t matter. Lying Delusional broad.

  25. Wow. April 14, 2012

    F*ck what yall think. My sister went last year to see Kim and her concerts are always hype so i’m going this time.

  26. Meisha April 14, 2012

    Hagar this site and all you other Bozo’s stay pressed the Queen is back on the rise n y’all can’t stop her. As for twitter most of Kim’s fans don’t use social networks. All Kim need is the promotion to let everyone know she’s back her talent speaks for itself! Why NICKIMINAJ fans begging Kim not to drop music! Stay pressed #thats why u mad # bow to greatness

  27. Quetta April 14, 2012

    Hope she coming to Florida because I am def. Goin to see her in concert. Seems like everytime I watch a video of her performing the crowds be hyped! Even, on BET’s rip the run way.

  28. nickiminaj April 14, 2012

    yall need to help her out stop talkin about it be about it

  29. Tbozfan10 April 14, 2012

    Those are going to have to be some small ass venues. What is LiveNation thinking ? And $39.95 for a ticket? Damn she think she’s Madonna or something when shes more like Cyndi Lauper.

    And @BLACKBUTTERFLY I can believe you just said “real #1 albums have more than one than one song in the Billboard top 50..” let Minaj tell you about having a “real” #1 album. Kim fans don’t have an idea what that even means. Nicki has 2 #1 albums. Lil’ Kim has 0. In fact she hasn’t had an album on the billboard 200 since 2005 or 2006 at the latest. That’s generations when it comes to the music industry. She can’t even get an album put on the market. How does it feel to LOSE? Lol

  30. Keisha April 14, 2012

    @TBOZFAN10 Girl shut up.Nicki put her album out when nobody else did,so she had no choice but to go number one,and do you really think 40 dollars is expensive.

  31. TheZolonskiTrap April 14, 2012

    This H** is dumb ass f***…you would start a tour when Nicki Minaj is about to go on the ‘Roman Reloaded Tour’….be real, who are people reaaaaallllly gonna see…she’s a dumb b**** and don’t know what the f*** she doing..”don’t fight fire with fire because it’ll just make a bigger fire” Translate: don’t compete by doing what Nicki be doing, try another lane because people just gonna think you a stuck up jealous b**** 4real….besides, i hope the “BIG” suprise is that she’s gonna release new music…because i mean, of course i would pay $40.00 to see a washed up b**** with a f***** up face perform songs that’s been long forgotten….until a recent uprise of a female rapper from queens..
    “Now don’t you feel stupid, yeah that’s egg on ya face..if you wasn’t so ugly, i’d put my d*** on yo face”-Come On A Cone
    #RomanReloadedTheTour…-This May!

  32. tbozfan10 April 15, 2012

    Um Keisha.. for a LIL’ KIM CONCERT in the year 2012, $40 is way to expensive. If these were the 1990’s or most of the 2000’s, yes, but definately not now.

    And the fact is at the end of the day that the chick I was responding to who stans for Lil’ Kim while giving a lecture on what a “real #1” album really is. She sounds like an idiot saying that when her queen bee has literally NEVER had a #1 album. I’m not saying at the end of the day it even matters if an album is #1 or not. Alot of times it doesn’t matter but for her to say that Nicki’s album isn’t a “real #1” while stanning for Kim is pretty delusional. She definately didn’t even think before she opened her mouth.

  33. deveal2014 April 15, 2012

    All Yall stupid arguing over h*** who don’t give two shits about Yall lol. Both the h*** rich so why you ppl in they pockets like that. They both gonna go on tour, they both gonna get richer, and both fan bases will be happy. What’s the problem? As far as saying someone career over, get a career first then comment. Lil Kim is a legend and the best female rapper to do it and Nicki is the new product hot on the market doing big things. Both deserve respect not no trashy fans wasting they life acting like they getting the record sale/concert money cuz your not. Remember just because you write someone off doesn’t mean the world is doing the same.

  34. kayla April 15, 2012

    Really…. put her cd out when no one else didnt….she’s been promoting this since January…people could’vechosen to choose this date…and even if so, if nicki album “sucked”…the present beholder of #1 could’ve remained there…i swear, y’all invent excuses 4 everything nicki…and this b**** wack, she need 2 fall da f*** new music, what’s she gonna perform..oh those 2 new songz she steady trinna promote???Bwahahahahahahahaha..yeah.

  35. deveal2014 April 15, 2012

    She’s gonna promote herself and her vast catalog of music fyi Lil Kim owns her publishing and all her music. Most artist would kill and steal for that.

  36. itsme April 15, 2012

    TGJ hating yet AGAIN…

    Lil Kim is making money and doing her thing…she has been in the game since 1995 and still performing…

    You will not be even be thinking about Starships or Roman Revenge in 2 years…

  37. bboyblue April 15, 2012

    Grapefruit you are some dumn asses (haters) I would pay to see Lil kim and so would her true fans… and yes there are a lot of fans that are looking forward to her putting great music… which we will see soon… she is the queen of rap… nicki is a danm pop singer… no one considers her a real rapper these days… so all hail the queen!!! cant wait to buy my tickets….;0-)

  38. HOLLIWOODNOLLY April 18, 2012

    F*ck yall that b**** s not talented!!!

  39. JAL April 23, 2012

    You guys sound ignorant. I’m 16 and I can tell you right now everyone at my school thinks Nicki is a joke compared to Kim. Come back when Nicki makes tributes toi real hip hop. Im going to see Lil Kim in cincinatti for sure.

  40. bag b April 24, 2012

    Everytime I see dis blog its always bad about Kim or falsely written stuff step ur cookies up

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