Hot Shot: B2K Reunite…

Published: Sunday 1st Apr 2012 by Sam

…minus Raz-B.

They once had the world quite literally at their feet. However, doomed solo and duo runs have seen the boys from B2K teetering on the border of Pop oblivion.

So, in adhering to the Industry 101 (see: three flops are better than one), the group (Omarion, J-Boog, and Lil Fizz) have reunited for a new project of sorts. And while little is known beyond the fact they recently recorded together (see: shot above), one things is certain: controversial member Raz-B will not feature.

Indeed, many will remember Raz’s shocking revelations, which left lead singer Omarion none-too-impressed. Remember this…

Oh the tension in the room.

What was palpable was that it was less the validity of Raz’s claims which seemed to irk Omari; it was the fact he was spilling it to the world.

Only God and the group know exactly what went down. Whatever the case, it’s clear they’re trying to push past it. Yet, in a world where much of their audience are nearing 30 and the teeny-boppers have Mindless Behaviour

Are you still checking for B2K?


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  1. donavin April 1, 2012

    april fools!

  2. rob75 April 1, 2012

    there are certain people such as members of b2k, kelly rowland, nicole scherzinger etc who are stronger artists in a group. if b2k made some hot ass songs, because i know they can all dance, i think they could make a comeback

  3. Lola April 1, 2012

    Saaaay Whaaaat?! lol

  4. Renee Lynn April 1, 2012

    I will forever be a B2K fan…guilty.

  5. Juicy April 1, 2012

    Donavin took the words out of my mouth: APRIL FOOLS. lol. But really tho, if they’re serious I don’t think it will work unless they come HARD on production and promotion.

    @Rob75 I believe Kelly Rowland in particular actually has found much success, but mostly in other countries where her style of sound is more appreciated. Proof? Many stores, especially European brands, and nightclubs have more Kelly R. tracks on spin than Beyonce. And Nicole Scherzinger is actually quite a strong artist, but has an awful choice in team/production which can kill even the best careers.

    I don’t think they deserve to be grouped with members of B2K. Cuz I can’t remember a damn thing anyone else in that group aside from Omarion contributed beyond looks and back-up dancing.

  6. Lourdes April 1, 2012

    Who exactly will they target? All of their former fans are grown now (including myself lol).

  7. GAGATHEQUEENOFPOP April 1, 2012

  8. mobwife April 1, 2012

    Hummmm, just like I’m SEE THORUGH *Breezy voice* 🙂

    I use to love B2K back in the day. They had some talent especially O. I have even enjoyed a few of his solo projects throughout the years. Unfortunately, the music industry is in such a strange place until it’s hard for an old act to come back after so much time away. I wish them well. ”

    RAZ-Berry” is going to flip his crazy lid when he finds out about this. EXPECT ANOTHER TWITTER and/or VIDEO RANT SOON!…LOL 🙂

  9. rob75 April 1, 2012

    @juicy i understand your point, yes im in the uk and both kelly and nicole have done better over here than in the US. especially with x factor kelly became more popular. but i meant as an overall artist i dont think they are as strong solo than in a group. nicole was better suited in PCD i feel because the girls were great dancers and they were a hot group with catchy songs. and although here i am has been a success for kelly compared to the past, i dont think shes a strong enough solo artist to achieve what DC did. beyonce is strong enough solo to top what she did in DC, same with justin and nsync, michael and jackson 5 etc but some others are better off with the support of being in a group

  10. badgirl April 1, 2012

    Ya’ll got me, Fools day lol Ain’t nobody checking for these lames. I guess they miss each other, awwww that’s so nice. Usually victims of molestation cling to each other for moral support. I’m glad they can recover together. I just hope they keep Pokey Stokes away, don’t turn back boys.

  11. RIHANNANAVY CAPTAIN April 1, 2012

    Omarion is back with B2K because his solo was over when it started. That is all.

    Beyonce will try to re-group Destiny’s Child when her fifth album flops worse than 4Closure.

  12. lyric commander lee April 1, 2012

    @juicy i totally aggree with you = ms kelly should not be grouped with b2k. she is a strong solo artist working with what she has to prove that she isnt a backup artist and HERE I AM proved that totally – she is making waves on her own and I love – already at work on her 4th album too – she will then tie and SURPASS dc3 wih top 20s in the UK (14) so as far her besting her own group, its definently possible so Kelly is doing just fine on her own.

  13. Please April 1, 2012

    They have not recorded any songs together as of yet, maybe in the future but they were just in the studio chillin on some homeboy stuff. Raz is certainly a flop and Boog & Fizz haven’t been too great but Omarion is far from a flop.

  14. 12345 April 2, 2012

    i sooooooo believe razb.

    random but today i read this and i watched the b2k video dvd earlier today and watched some videos of them. lmao

  15. Jay April 2, 2012

    Im 16 years old and Ive been a B2K fan since they came out and honestly Im excited to seen how its gonna be.

  16. ILOVEKELLY June 12, 2012

    Kelly Rowland can be as successful as DC..Here i am was a beautiful album…she still has the buzz going so i think her 4th album is going to be a hit for her..i think what killed Here i am was that long wait because she went back to cut more tracks..She is a underdog so don’t count her out just yet…B2K IF THEY START UP THEY COULD COME BACK BECAUSE I DID LOVE THERE SONGS..O YOUR SOLO CAREER AINT HAPPNING SO MICE WELL DO THE B2K THING EVEN THOUGH I LIKED YOUR NEW SINGLE

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