Hot Shot: Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Sizzle In ‘Dance Again’ Video

Ignoring past mistakes of mixing business with boyfriends, Jennifer Lopez gets up, close, and not so personal with her dancer lover Casper Smart in the video for new single ‘Dance Again’.

Set to premiere on American Idol this Thursday (April 5th), the clip is being teased by team Lopez, who’ll no doubt be hoping the Pitbull assisted cut replicates the success of their last outing – ‘On The Floor’.

Tidbit: On somewhat of a random note, the trac is interestingly being released via Epic Records. Why is this of any relevance? Well, the label had been Lopez’s recording home since the start of her career; that is until LA Reid poached her to join him over at Island Def Jam in 2010. And yet with Reid now heading up Epic, it would appear La Lopez has jumped back home. If indeed so, it’ll be interesting to see how the whole situation plays out given Ciara is reportedly Epic’s biggest priority.

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  1. kimberly April 2, 2012

    you know what jlo and her toy boy in people’s face is just disrespectful but yet her fans have the right to call another artist who has been through one marriage ever so filmed and known to the world with one man a s***. Jlo is the a s*** and she knows that and obviously doesn’t care. I used to love her but now she is a turn off for me. sorry jlo americal idol did not save your last album the present will not be saved neither. hang it up and go to your twins.

  2. Onyx April 2, 2012

    She has the best body in The Music industry and Hollywod, J.Lo’s love men it’s that a problem hell noooooo, is her f***** life, i love b****** who live their life whithout thinking in what others think about her, Go J.Lo.

  3. RoyalKev April 2, 2012

    I think Jlo is hot. I see why men want her, she’s blessed. Still, I wouldn’t keep making videos with someone I’m involved with, but to each their own .

  4. Jasmine April 2, 2012

    I disagree ONYX. I think Halle Berry, Ashanti, Beyonce, and Mya all have better bodies but Jennifer is still up there in terms of looks and s** appeal. I like her ambition and it is good to see a woman not afraid to go after and find love, even if she was married 3x before. Although, I think this relationship is just a “Stella Got Her Groove Back” kind of thing because I doubt she would actually marry a man without money after just leaving one (Marc Anthony) who had money. Marc did not have half the amount of money she does but he still was worth more than 50 mil.

  5. Onyx April 2, 2012

    I agree with Halle Berry but not with Ashanti and Beyonce, i don’t like Ashanti’s body and Beyonce’s stomach looks rare, J.Lo’s body is more feminine.

  6. Nikkiischillin April 2, 2012

    J-Lo is a banger. But her boy toy Casper is not cute to me. At. All.

  7. Spunkypoop April 2, 2012

    AMEN! @Royalkev She is such an idiot!

  8. AgusV April 2, 2012

    Is her f***** life + best boody in the world
    GO J-LO! ♥

  9. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) April 2, 2012

    how does a stomach look rare??? huh? @Onyx *scratches head*
    but Beyonce and Jennifer have the SAME body type so i don’t see how u can say u like J.Lo’s over Bey’s coz they look the same.
    anyway,I wish she would stop mixing business with pleasure! but anywho,I never noticed til now that her man is HOT! she’s hot,he’s hot so why not? U go girl! and btw,I LOVE THE NEW SONG!

  10. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) April 2, 2012

    hmm,is this guy also latina or is he biracial?

  11. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 2, 2012

    i love when LOLA is in the building. any basic J.LO fan will understand what i say.

    i’m XD , but i don’t care about if she’s sleeping with a boy half her age. she can do whatever she like and god will judge.

    Go LOLA , DA rules and go hard.

    best body in the game after Rihanna , i agree with @onyx 🙂 , beyonce is great too. but J.LO got the best booty in the industry. and her body is banging after she gave birth naturally without any rumors about faking her pregnancé to keep her body in shape.

    j.lo is great. love her and shakira so much. 🙂

  12. Onyx April 2, 2012

    @Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal)
    The both have the same type just because they’re both Big girls but J.Lo’s booty is better.

    @♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy)
    I didn’t know you know about the Lola nickname. you surprised me everyday.

  13. jesse lopez April 2, 2012

    Hold up! jlo and beyonce have similar shapes but not the same body because jlo has hips and ass whilst beyonce just has the hips and no ass. but similar i agree. Ashanti definitely doesn’t have a better bod than j lo. because jlo is so toned and shapely only halle could be there with her for best bod.

    JLO/LOLA just give me great choreo in this vid please! i beg of you mami!!!!

  14. mikee25 April 2, 2012

    Its her life and she can put whom ever she wants in her video…..whether its a mistake or not, then it’s her life and her mistake to make….I just cant wait for the video!! Love the song……its hot and video will hopefully be hot as well…..

  15. Christobal26 April 2, 2012

    These pics are FFIIIRRREEEE! WOW! They look amazing together! This is why I live JLo, she does what she wants and doesn’t give a damn what anyone has to say! I feel like when she was with Marc she was subdued and wasn’t herself! I’m glad to see JLo back! And yes I think we’ll be getting some Lola! Lol

    Btw I do agree that although both Beyonce and JLo are gorgeous and have hour glass shapes for some reason I think JLo’s body is better. I’ve seen both in person and JLo’s thigh’s are not as big and she has an amazing ass where as Bey doesn’t have one. And I do agree I prefer JLo’s abs. Bey’s look so weird to me. Both ladies are gorgeous though and yes Halle Berry is out of this world! She could give them a run for their money!

  16. Yan April 3, 2012

    Ciara is NOT epic’s first priority.

  17. Donna June 14, 2012

    Jennifer dresses cheap and looks like she is cheap. Her body is not proportionate at all bust at all. and her hips and rear are wider than her waist and makes her look like herman monster. Her backside is really distasteful only people who like it are dirty men. she wears tacky silver and gold clothes and with all the money she has she should get a boob job so she is proportioned. I wo uld have had the cellulite sucked out of my rear already if I had her money.

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