New Video: Melody Thornton – ‘Smoking Gun’

Published: Monday 2nd Apr 2012 by Sam

Melody Thornton continues along the promo trail for her critically acclaimed mixtape, P.O.Y.B.L, today serving up the video for the haunting ‘Smoking Gun’.

Check out  the former Pussycat Dolls singer in action after the jump…

Check out Melody’s live rendition of the track on That Grape Juice’s ‘The Splash’

Click here to watch her full session


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  1. Yeezy April 2, 2012

    Very beyonce “why dont you love me” overall the girl is working hard.. good job Mel

  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) April 2, 2012

    I hate the ending, but the rest of the video is great. She’s very creative and promising, I loved her mixtape 🙂

  3. jawon April 2, 2012

    wtf was that!? i want my 1:59 minutes back!!!

  4. nikoyuki April 2, 2012

    She needs to make a full video, I need her to. But I still love the shorts ones she is putting out. Longer ones would give her more room and time fir some epic s*** man.

  5. lewminous April 2, 2012

    I think she’s keeping the videos short due to cost…but they are awesome so far. Per usual, the haters are mad.

  6. kingphoenix9 April 2, 2012

    You guys, she isn’t “making the video short” thats the length of the song. DUH! lol

    I love this vid and song….but i’m scared she wont make one for either of my favorites…” The One that Got Away” or “Someone To Believe”

    I really think a beautiful video for “The One that Got Away” will be an amazing launching pad for the album…its great for radio play, and the video would be perfect for VH1 countdown.

    But grateful for the visual all the same!

  7. Stevie April 2, 2012

    Gotta say. She is the smartest chick out right now. These signed artists keep putting out snippets of their videos that actually end up being 10 times better than the finished product. This way she puts out the best product whilst leaving people wanting more.

    Dawn Richard and Mel seem to be the most hungry and talented artists out right now and they are doing it independently …… Labels suck right now.

  8. MaZ April 2, 2012


  9. MaZ April 2, 2012

    @ Yeezy

    Get a life! The world is not surrounding around Beyoncé! And it comes from a Bey fan.

    What do you know apart of WDYLM video? You seem very limited and narrow minded. The world hasn’t started ten years ago when you discovered Beyoncé.

  10. t April 2, 2012

    omg that style of why dont you love me is so old f*** outta here… anyways this girl be doing so much better than i expected i f***** love it! the whole art of the video is so awsuuuum

  11. GLYNNJE April 2, 2012

    LOVE IT.

  12. TheOuyonB April 2, 2012

    She is gonna be huge . Period. She has what it takes. And as soon as the financial backing is in place, we will she her full rise to the top.

  13. Auntie_Jackie April 2, 2012

    Bad B****. Great song & video. Sign her someone, jeeze.

  14. letitbeme April 2, 2012

    This Chik can SING!!!!!!! luv her cannot wait for her to get with a Major!! mixtape is excellent

  15. jamelisyours April 2, 2012

    YES MELODY & cosign @auntie_jackie !!
    she is a force to be reckoned with , watch what i
    tell you !!

  16. Vegas Girl April 2, 2012

    I really like her new vibe. The songs instrumental sounds a lot like Portishead (which is always a good thing!). And I love the visuals that she is giving us, Bravo mama!

  17. Mona April 3, 2012

    Love this girl!!!!!

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