Hot Shots: Beyonce & Blue Stun In NYC

Published: Tuesday 17th Apr 2012 by David

Feast your eyes on Beyonce, positively glowing during a walk with daughter Blue Ivy.

Sans Jay Z, the Pop Domina seemed her usually upbeat self gliding through Central Park with the now visible Blue, weeks before she makes her long awaited stage return in New Jersey.

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  1. beyonce adele fan April 17, 2012

    Beauty class wow I love this woman blue is growing so fast
    Can may come already I need Queen bey to slay
    My love for her increases every time
    A legend!!!!

  2. Stevie April 17, 2012

    Yasssss! Blue healthy little legs see day light!!!!

  3. TheDreamer April 17, 2012

    So cute. Blue has got chunky legs, probably going to be bootylicious like her mum. There’s also pics on dailymail of her going to the basketball with Jay and Julez on the same day which are adorable.

  4. TheDreamer April 17, 2012

    And now she’s got curly hair……cute.

  5. kimberly April 17, 2012

    owwwiii love this woman. Queen Bey show em how to do it. Can’t wait for that REVEL DESTRUCTION. Beyutiful, ever so glowing, just a natural beauty

  6. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 17, 2012

    aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh she looks Cute and adorable.

    look at her legs , she’s s*** 🙂 !! i talk def about BEYONCE ! 😉

    and now them b****** with the “doll” rumors can STFU 🙂 !!

  7. MJ King of Music April 17, 2012

    that poor baby has no clothes, socks or shoes on

  8. TheDreamer April 17, 2012


    Babies don’t really need shoes or socks on if it’s warm outside. And she is wearing a onesie.

  9. whyohwhy2 April 17, 2012

    That’s normal for babies, but she is a healthy one and I like that for a baby. Blue really agrees with her mom. Head full of hair..Go mommy B!

  10. @Cornell_Antwoin April 17, 2012


  11. tasha32 April 17, 2012

    They look SO ADORABLE. Both just glowing away, Bey’s legs look AMAZING and look at little chunky Blue with a head full of hair. Cant wait to see the clips from her Memorial Day concert. There was a 3D video showing the Venue and it was classy and elegant just like BEYYYYY!

  12. Ugh April 17, 2012

    Awwwwww look at her fat little legs and curly hair. Beyonce looks great these days you can tell she’s loving motherhood.

  13. DIGGER BEY April 17, 2012

    *Tears* I love THE QUEENS JOYFUL ALTITUDE! She is always smiling up a storm! Thats just let the haters know they are NON FACTORS n her life Lmao. And Blue is looking so PRECIOUSSSS! Aww, i just wanna grab those little legs and play with them. She is so Adorable! Shes gonna b a Billion just like her Momma!

  14. B_STANNING April 17, 2012

    Omg blue legs are showing. im so glad bey doesnt have her covered. im can tell its warm to though. bey looks good as always come on with these shows bey.

  15. beeboy April 17, 2012

    beyonce, i love u. D most beautiful woman in d world. I cant wait to have u bk to d stage business honey bey!

  16. COOKIE – DIVAS – RIHANNA, TONI B. April 17, 2012

    The spanish surrogate rumors were true after all. Awwwww..

  17. HALF AMAZIN April 17, 2012

    Spanish surrogate??? What in the world? That baby might not have popped out of Beyonce’s vajay but that is HER baby. Surrogates sometimes only rent their uterus, they don’t always give away an egg too. Have you seen the pics? Baby looks just like her. I’m not into Beyonce but I have to mention when some s*** is ridic!

    Anyway, Blue has some fat little legs. I love chunky babies!

  18. BeyHive April 17, 2012

    C she is no a dull bitchess cute Mama cute baby king B

  19. Angie April 17, 2012

    Awwwwww the little feet and chubby thighs!! Only a matter of time till bey show her precious face again awwwwww

  20. Bey Fan April 17, 2012

    LOOK AT MY BEYONCE,,,,,, loves it…. she looks awesome….. cute pic.

  21. WHUT April 17, 2012

    I must be seeing different pics cause so far I see lemmings celebrating like for once this baby isn’t being smothered in a world of fear and darkness when in every single pic the child’s face still is.

    The only thing diff about these pics of suffocation is the fact that the child’s legs are out while clown b****** shout “YAYYYY CHUBBY LEGS” and skim over the fact that she is positioned WRONG in that carrier and her leg circulation is being cut like a b**** (poor child) all while ha flop ass failure as a mom/artist waves “Hey GAL” to the paparazzi as she continues to pimp this poor child for relevancy filth. Jay needs to come get his baby like forreal!

  22. Rick April 17, 2012

    i love this pic…. they look so cute…………….
    adorable… and the sexiest mama alive is looking more beautiful
    U ONE DUMB ASS B****!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Rick April 17, 2012

    And do u all see baby blue hair…. wow it looks so nice very curly
    and look at the QUEEN LEGS
    still laughing at @WHUT….

  24. AMAZINJALEN April 17, 2012

    I hope Little Ivy can breathe! o.O

  25. WHUT April 17, 2012

    Would be difficult for her too @amazinjalen, but her “mother” of course doesn’t seem to mind as long as she can be used to keep her in the press. Just disgusting.

  26. t April 17, 2012

    ,@whut go kill yourself already. Ypur obsession with king bey is sickening. Seek help asap.

  27. riri and beyonce April 17, 2012

    Ignore whut. she is a troll.

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