Beyonce Tributes Donna Summer

Published: Friday 18th May 2012 by Sam

The death of disco diva Donna Summer yesterday rocked the music world to its core. Following the news of her passing, a steady stream of tributes have poured in from fans and artists alike. The latest to honor the 70’s megastar is Beyonce – who sampled Summer’s ‘Love To Love You’ on her 2004’s ‘Naughty Girl’.

Her words after the jump…

Donna Summer made music that moved me both emotionally and physically to get up and dance. You could always hear the deep passion in her voice. She was so much more than the queen of disco she became known for, she was an honest and gifted singer with flawless vocal talent. I’ve always been a huge fan and was honored to sample one of her songs. She touched many generations and will be so sadly missed.

My love goes out to her family during this difficult time.




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  1. Sam May 18, 2012

    Why does Beyonce always wait a day before saying something? She did the same thing with Whitney. Who does she think she is? Such a snob!

    “She think she better than everybody…but she ain’t nutin’ but common”

    • Objective May 18, 2012

      You were so pressed to comment First and try it, that you mistakingly stated she waited a day ‘before’ (Which makes no sense) when what you meant to say was that she waited a day after! But nonetheless, Instead of worrying about Beyonce’s time management, while losing the sight that she has a Life, Priorities, and her own Job to worry about, worry about yourself and trying to get your two cents posted onto a Blog OUTSIDE of the comment section.

      • Nai May 18, 2012

        @Objective, what Sam said was fine. Perhaps Sam needs a comma somewhere but a person can wait, a day, before saying something. “Beyonce waited for a full day to pass before she commented on the death of Donna Summers.” I think that is what Sam may have meant.

        Regardless, Donna Summers was ACE! I had no clue she was such a pioneer for the disco genre.

  2. Huh May 18, 2012

    Why do you care?

  3. Huh May 18, 2012


  4. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 18, 2012

    In the thread about Donna’s death, someone said “waiting for a post on Beyonce’s response” and I disagreed. Silly me :p

    But seriously, Donna was a legend, so there are at least 200 artists, maybe more, that have responded to her death on Facebook and Twitter. I know you love Beyonce, but wouldn’t it be more constructive if you made a post about how all celebrities reacted to Donna’s death? Just saying…

    Anyway, RIP Donna

    • HALF AMAZIN May 18, 2012

      All this “writing” from Beyonce all of a sudden….I guess that’s cute. Now she wants to be regular and all connected to her fan now o_0

  5. milan May 18, 2012

    there are huge artist who commented on her death. I think its soooo unproffesional to always post what beyonce has said. You did the same thing when Whitney died 🙁
    Beyonce isn’t all that

    • B. Hill May 18, 2012

      Yes, Beyoncé IS all that.

      To break it down:
      Beyoncé is all that, then some…plus a little bit more!

      Learn it!

      Thank you.

      • Lola May 18, 2012

        Not only do they need to learn it, but they need to become one with it!

  6. johnvidal(rip whitney-truegreat) May 18, 2012

    Pointless post! Why the hell is more important what beyonce said (always prefabricated and unnatural) than what the rest of artists are saying? Like seriously? Maybe it was so we could see how badly Donna slays Beyonce by having a better voice and being a pioneer? Really I don´t know why. I agree with @milan it is so unproffesional and desperate

    • Alejandro May 18, 2012

      Becuase Beyonce sampled a Donna Summer song

  7. mobwife May 18, 2012

    I won’t say the Donna Summer’s sample was the only reason I listened to Beyonce’s song in the 1st place! I love the video though! 🙂

    LOL at Donna’s back up dancers especially the blonde in the front! 🙂

  8. S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

    I was waiting for this post, you can dislike what i’m about to say but is the true, now since every Diva dies Beyonce make a statement as a tribute to that person like if everybody is expecting what she has to say about it, she’s desperate for attention i never thought that she will became a person like this, in the beginning of her career she was so down to earth, so sweet and almost lovely but now the beast comes out, i think the money and fame has changed her whatever her fans want to admit it or not, i’m tired of her, if you are so good, let the music and your work as an artist speak for itself and stop being so obsessed with overcome everybody in the Music Industry.

    • HALF AMAZIN May 18, 2012

      Attention whoring is the new norm for everyone.

      • tia May 18, 2012

        Both of you can have a seat, what the HELL would BEYONCE one of the biggest names in music have to gain by attention whoring when the very fact that shes breathing gets her attention? She could do nothing all day and still have someone say her name, furthermore had she said NOTHING about Donna Summer you would think that she was being a snob or didnt care. She cant win for losing with you Heaux….. especially on this website…… please, try someone else, the Beyonce hate is old

      • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

        Tia, exactly what i say, you Beyonce fans has no respect: i think the money and fame has changed her whatever her fans want to admit it or not.

    • Virtuoso Intellect May 18, 2012

      I dont understand why this comment is thumbed up at all. In what world is paying tribute to someone’s passing, an influence no less, attention-seeking? Seriously EXPLAIN!!

      Oh @Onyx u may be alot of things but tired of Beyonce is not one of them. The effor u made to spin a noble act so sinister … WOW i dint know ur complex against her was this deep … Oh well

      • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

        Sounds pressed.

  9. GRAPEJUICE May 18, 2012

    It is kinda strange that she was an inductee for seven years in a rowand was never voted by the board into the hall of fame. SUMMER IS NOT IN THE HALL OF FAME! It is really confusing. Now that she is dead the board is at a high. major regrets, but why now? SHE IS DEAD, she cannot experience the thrill of it anymore.
    It is just disappointing how the hall of fame operates, the artists who don’t deserve entry gets in at first induction. I really cannot emajine the mess of artist who would GET in the next 30 years cause our present artist are no better than Summer. People appreciate the nonsense thrown at us. SEE DIANA ROSS, THREATED LIKE S***. Madonna should never be in there before Summer. NEVER


  10. Jer May 18, 2012

    Wow BeYAWNce giving her unwanted 2 cents about a legend dying. B**** nobody asked you! Oh a legend died i wonder how BIONCI feels! Because NO ONE is more hurt or devestated when legends die than BeYAWNce. Neaux1curr b****. Just another icon BEYsic desperately wants to be associated with. Im sure Donna summer was alwas her favourite too and she was so insired by her. I cant

    • PrettigurlrockD May 18, 2012

      oh shut up. It’s soo unwanted you had to click on the post just to make that comment. I can see if she was saying something evil and nasty but all you’re doing is perpetuating your ignorance. You don’t know her personally or how she feels emotionally. I’m pretty sure you’re just mad sam decided to post about beyonce’s reaction and you’re mad your wack fave isn’t wanted. So stay mad. I’m pretty sure you were anxious to see what beyonce had to say long before this was posted, dumb hater. Not to mention you hate on nearly EVERY post on grapejuice. So I’m not surprised by your non-chalant attitude.

  11. danny b May 18, 2012

    Everyone is always so pressed and hating whenever Sam or any other media decodes to post on even just the mere subject of a comment of Beyonce’s. But what you all are failing to realize, regardless if you hate her, thinks she’s overrated, dont like her music, or whatever the reson, she IS an icon in this day in age and people care what Beyonces and says. Not saying that its more important than anyone else, but its BEYONCE and you need to live with that. You dont have to like it but you need to deal. And to add to that, Donna Summer was a huge influence on Beyonce’s music, specifically her debut (see Naughty Girl). So it would only be fitting to see what Beyonce has to say about her passing. The same way anyone would post about maybe Usher talking about MJ, Britney/Gaga on Madonna, Brandy on Whitney, etc. And to add to that, many legends have already dubbed Bey as a legend in the making so it makes sense for there to be a post on a legend commenting on another LEGEND. It was the same when Sam posted on Chaka talking about Whitney, or Bran on Whitney. But Beyonce is coming into her own as far as being in that league goes so it makes sense. You all are so pressed and have nothing better to do but nitpick on everything she does or bash those give her praise. You need to be more worried about what people like Justin Beiber or Rihanna have recording contracts rather than worrying about what Beyonce writes. *tea*

    • JER May 18, 2012

      B**** are you on ThatFLOPjuice payroll? Then have a seat? Are you on BEYAWNce’s payroll? B**** have a seat. Leave it to some troll riding BIONCI’s c*** to say people shouldn’t be worried about what other people do. N**** get out the house, go see a movie, and have all the seats.

      • B. Hill May 18, 2012

        B****, you need to do the same damn thing. Because you’re as useless as any stan.

        JER, I’m going to keep it real w/you for a second:
        The only difference between you and manure is that manure can be useful. You’re not. You’re a waste of time and space.

        Don’t take a seat, take a nap. Nah, better yet…take a coma. Just go away. You’re useless.

      • danny b May 18, 2012

        Thanks B. Hill

        JER the fact that you took the time to read my whole post and then are telling me to have a seat and go see a movie shows who the FLOP is you cumguzzling b****. Youre just as pressed and sad as the next flop b****. Im done.

  12. BEYONCE IS NOT CREATIVE! May 18, 2012


  13. Tru Voice May 18, 2012

    I think it was nice of her to release a statement. Should it be blown up like she the most important singer?? no.

    But f she didn’t say anything, I wonder how many people would called her out for not paying homage especially after she sampled one of Donna’s songs??

    Post what every singers says about Donna. Don’t single out one artist like she is the only one who matters. They all matter because they are all paying respect.

    • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

      Madonna’s sample “I Feel Love” in one of her songs and where is the statement of Madonna and where is the people called her out for not paying homage to her and Madonna is one of the most important singers of all times, there is not need, we do’t need a Beyonce statement.

      • JER May 18, 2012


      • Virtuoso Intellect May 18, 2012

        Who’s we? Im sure the likes of u were not on Bey’s mind when she wrote this. If u dont want her statement ignore it. She didnt mail it to your home!

      • Melia May 18, 2012

        First off, beyonce put this on her damn website. It’s not her fault that people use her letters to blow it up!!!!! Beyonce knew Donna so why wouldn’t she comment? You’re dumb!!!!

  14. BEYONCE IS NOT CREATIVE! May 18, 2012


  15. BEYONCE IS NOT CREATIVE! May 18, 2012


  16. BEYONCE IS NOT CREATIVE! May 18, 2012


  17. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 18, 2012

    Why ya’ll always in beyonce’s neck???? she didn’t say anything wrong did she???? R.I.P Donna Summers…..but in the naughty girl video why does she look like she having mini seizures.

  18. Quetta May 18, 2012

    Why are y’all mad at Beyonce it’s not like she posted this on tgj. Y’all mad because she didn’t sign your autograph, didn’t give you a hug, or take a picture with you? Like seriously, what did she do to you personally??

  19. PrettigurlrockD May 18, 2012

    Waiting for KELLY ROWLAND to play Ms. Donna Summer in a biopic. Everyone thinks they look so much alike!

    I don’t get y ppl are making such fuss about beyoncé’s reaction being posted than others. We ALL know beyonce is one of the few artists that got inspired from Donna summers that made bey such a diva to this DAY. Hence the naughty girl song! I mean it’s so obvious Sam was gonna post this considering he is a stan. I’m actually grateful beyonce is speaking up about musical icons like etta and donna. (I don’t remembe her saying anything about whitney but I’m sure it’s out there. She’s a legend as well.) cuz it makes her seems less vain and self centered. I’m glad she is humble enough to pay homage to greats before her! So I DON’T consider her a snob for saying nice and gracious things about legends.

    Follow @

  20. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 18, 2012

    i honestly don’t any see any obvious reason to dislike what beyonce did in here !!!

    she didn’t anything wrong to get all this negativity. oh and please , for such a busy bussiness woman to take couple of minutes to dedicate a post/letter in her own official website ” not a simple tweet , not a facebook status” prove she’s such a sweetheart. 🙂 , you gotta love this woman. she took it seriously despite her heavy schedule !

    oh and she did post it for her fans who visit her own website. didn’t know her haters and dislikers visiting it too !! 😡

    she didn’t do anything wrong in my eyes. i guess beyonce should have posted it the minute donna’s soul went above for you to love what she did in here …
    like she should have known the exact time donna’s soul went above and ready with a post in hand to post it before anyone and call it a beyoncetakeout super world exclusive !! :mrgreen:

    the stupidity level in this post is too much for me 😡

    • PrettigurlrockD May 18, 2012

      There’s always gonna be big controversy and speculative bird talk with beyonce no matter what since she’s a big star. I can honestly say bey’s personality does come off as dispassionate when talking but I think people are just mad beyonce’s comment was glorified here than others. But then people should be mad at sam for only posting bey’s comment. Not BEY. She was just trying to share her condolescences. I’m sure if she read these comments she would think “yall some bitter no-lives” and I wouldn’t blame her.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 18, 2012

        yes , she will say they have no lives and should search google for one each ….

        cuz it is getting tired TBH.

    • Virtuoso Intellect May 18, 2012

      If she posted this within one hour of her death. They’ll say she’s doin it for attention to make it seem like she’s close to Donna or that she heard b4 anyone else lol

  21. PrettigurlrockD May 18, 2012


    I see the beyonce TROLLS are on their jobs thumbing down comments in a illogical attempt to make beyonce seem like she’s some sort of horrible person for saying nice things. Sorry, you can say FUMMING mad. Beyonce didn’t ask grape juice to release this statement for her NOR imply that her comment was more significant and valuable than others. She just said how she felt and left it at that. So why YOU REALLYYY mad?? SMH. I’m not even a big beyonce fan but I can spot a hater when I see one. Like I said, stay on your jobs since being important in society will never work out for you.

  22. Virtuoso Intellect May 18, 2012

    So what would yall rather Beyonce did, not acknowledge legends’ passings? Would that give u one less reason to hate on her?

    This hate thing is just prepostrous. All she did was pay her respect and put it up on her site. Some used twitter, some facebook, some spoke to the press. Thisis just another medium. It’s not her fault tgj posted and if u really are uninterested in what she has to say simply dont read it.

    Anyways im not really surprised, the folks here like onyx, johndival, jer etc never really have anything positive to say about Bey. It doesnt matter what she does. Im sure Donna’s family appreciate all the beautiful things said about her by anyone and that’s what really counts. For yall its just another excuse to attack Beyonce. When there’s no valid reason to hate, u hare for the stupidest reasons.

    Oh btw this is the 1st time im hearing there’s a 24-hr limit on when u can comment on someone’s passing. Damn Bey shoulda been waiting by her phone with her note & pad ready to ink this tribute the moment she got a call from Donna’s doctor. How dare she post this after a whole day of her passing tut tut Bey.

    • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

      kiss my big lips babe.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 18, 2012

      this is exactly what i had in mind once i saw those negative-for-no-reason comments !

      • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

        No reasons, please baby, you know those are not negative comments but just our opinions.

      • Virtuoso Intellect May 18, 2012

        Exactly im not really surprised with people like @s****** lover is saying. Every day on tgj he hates on Beyonce but im surprised why the people attacking for tributing a dead woman are being thumbed up and we that question them are thumbed down. I dont get the logic of people that visit this site. I guess majority dont like her but damn a positive gesture is a positive gesture even if u dont like someone u should admit when they’ve done somn nice and if u really have nothing good to say about it then say nothing. This says more about their character than it does about her. They’re literally sayin she shouldnt comment a statement if a musician passes … Even if its on HER WEBSITE lol. Thats some sh*t

  23. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 18, 2012

    @s****** :

    No , they are NEGATIVE and for no reason. show me the reason to Dislike what she did in here ……..

    and your reason” if any” must be something that is reading- worthy cuz you know i’m not here for BS …………………….. babe 😉

    • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

      Sometimes your fanatic eyes makes you blind, i consider you a smart person so i think you know were the wrong part of this post is.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 18, 2012

        yes i’m smart and i do not see anything wrong in what she did.
        i think she should have never commented on donna’s death for you to to like her more.

        and what fanatic eyes ? the woman did no wrong !! 😯

    • Denial May 18, 2012

      Calling another man babe with a wink no less? Yes that’s not homosexual at all. How is your “girlfriend” doing btw? lol

      • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

        She’s doing great thanks for ask, haha.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 18, 2012

        didn’t know using ‘smileys’ make me gay now !!!

        also i drink water everyday , does this make me gay ?

        oh , and she says hi to you that u asked about her 🙂

      • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

        Pop, i think he think we have a relantionship haha.

  24. Girrrl May 18, 2012

    TGJ can y’all do a post on what all the celebs said about Donna Summer? The prob. people have with this post is that TGJ is acting like Bey’s sentiment is the only one released or like hers is the only one that matters.

  25. Seriously? May 18, 2012

    If you love music there is a good chance you love Donna Summer she was DISCO which inspired every sound you dance to. I’m glad all these artists came out to honour but disappointed there where not more.

    Still. Bey had to be pissed that Kelly Rowlands name is one of the 1st names in peoples mouths for both Whitney and Donna. Solange been coming for Kellys Donna spot too.

  26. RazB32 May 18, 2012

    How you gonna argue over someone making a statement about someone elses death? Everyone grieves in different ways and let’s just be thankful B is sharing her thoughts on the matter.
    Ya’ll are something else on here, rabid ass stans.

  27. Virtuoso Intellect May 18, 2012

    Your opinion is bias and nonsensical cus it lacks logic. When a legenddies, artists pay tribute. Many artists have done that incl Beyonce. There’s nothing attention-seeking in it. Its normal. Im not surprised u said it is tho this is how u are when it comes to Beyonce im just surprised anyone with common sense agreed with u. Unless im in an alternate universe, what Beyonce has done here is not deserving of criticism at all

  28. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 18, 2012

    all of you guys want me to be gay , why is that ?

    IDGAF , but i like to mind-f*** you all for that matter !!

    i’m a straight male and you really shouldn’t try to impress me with your gay ass. i already have my love life and stuffs. so …… you are wasting your time on the wrong person.

    and being a nice straight man won’t stop me from joking around with men like @onyx and mind-f*** all of you gay dreamers ;lol:

    • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

      I’m a flirt, i know, is it all my fault.

  29. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 18, 2012

    @onyx :

    LMFAO. TGJ is all about streeotypes ! they are like :

    oh , two men are talking with each other ? they must be gay and f***** each other ?

    oh , he is using smileys , he must be gay !

    oh , he likes beyonce and rihanna , he must be gay !

    “insert a dumb reason” + he must be gay !

    etc …..

    thank god i don’t live in a country with such dumb h*** 😡

  30. Truth May 18, 2012

    Y’all bitter b****** are just mad because Beyonce has the pull to get away with her OWN post wishing condolences. Beyonce stepped over every other celebrities “casual” RIP message and made a statement that was bigger! Haha! DIVA!

    Be mad…

    Doesn’t take away from Beyonce’s clout around here.

  31. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. May 18, 2012

    This Washed up H** is desperate for attention!

    • Gilberto May 18, 2012

      At least my fave didn’t have to record a song with Nicki Minaj to keeep relevant. OopS!

      • S****** Blonde May 18, 2012

        Not but with Andre 3000 or worse with J cole.

      • ohreally May 18, 2012

        @S****** Blonde

        Are you saying that Nicki is bigger or better than Andre 3000??? Oh child you are truly delusional. Speak box and the love below that is all.

        Party>>>>>>Give me all your flops

  32. fatu sankoh May 18, 2012

    hatemongers you all go to hail you dont matter at all you can hate bey all you want beyonce is loved will be loved for life we her fans know she always love donna summer bey what you said about donna summer is well said and well written god bless you you have a heart of gold long live the queen

  33. Teacher May 18, 2012

    I’m suprised she gave her credit…even tho every1 knows the song

  34. Gaaglooo! May 18, 2012

    TGJ Sucks this months!

  35. Bey Fan May 18, 2012

    o_O …. Are people really made at Beyonce for posting a statement on her website about the passing of a music legend???? I mean seriously?? And yall dont think yall take hate to another level…. smh

    I understand ppl not liking Bey music or not liking her fans….but to say something negative because she made a statement (on her official website) about the passing of someone…… thats f****** crazy……yall need help

    RIP Donna

    • B_STANNING May 18, 2012

      Yes I couldnt agree more.

      The hate just shows how Bey has the power to bring the dummy out of people. Im convinced to see Beyonce as being more than a human being. How the hell you hate for her showing love to Donna Summers. Bey was inspired by her. After all Bey did sample love to love you baby.

      Haters go somewhere and purchase a life

      • Bey Fan May 18, 2012

        I meant mad not made…..

        But yeah. S*** is ridiculous. Im tryin to understand how anyone could read this and say something negative.

  36. BEYONCE:FORCE May 19, 2012

    Another RIP…

    Stay tuned for MARI’s new nickname..

    MARI (RIP Michael Jackson, Whitney Huston, Etta James, Donna Summer and My Beloved Grandmother

  37. monsterhive May 19, 2012

    This is genuine, unlike other artists, Beyonce paid homage to Donna Summer while she was still with us. She sampled Donna’s classic “Love to Love You Baby” for her song ‘Naughty Girl’ which if you notice in the video was rocking a Donna inspired hair style & she mentioned Donna as one of her inspirations during her 2008 Grammy performance. Beyonce will never satisfy the haters though, stay reaching.

  38. JohnVidal(rip whitney-truegreat) May 19, 2012

    I already left a comment yesterday but I have to say my problem was with Sam making a post about this (only Beyonce). Not with what Beyonce said (well what they probably wrote for her 🙂 ) I couldn´t care less and it´s an usual thing when someone big and great dies, so my problem was with Sam


    I love naughty Girl!
    Suck me

  40. kimberly May 19, 2012

    It is unbelievable in TGJ. Beyonce went on her personal website not on twitter or facebook. She posted her inspiration to her fans. If she wanted attention she would post this on twitter the wider medium. These wasps are so jealous, they are troubled. *says silent prayer for their souls*

    The navy are the ones but their shallow artist have no knowledge of music to know any musician in dept, but go by what is handed to her. If she knows nothing about vocals what to expect. They have nothing positive to say about their fav. Why didn’t they comment about their fav calling her mother a b**** to millions of followers?

    JER and other navy members have no class, morals, dignity pride, whichever one you want to use cause they role model have none and practice none.

  41. salah May 19, 2012

    are you all serious? she gave tribute to DONNA and her family not to any of you, tbh i dont think she gives two mutherfucking shits about everyone, she put it on her website for Donna and her family, yes i do think TGJ do make everything beyonce does a big thing, but thats no reason for bashing Beyonce -.-

  42. Anthony May 21, 2012

    OMG! I just came on here for the first time to say how I loved Donna summer since 1978, and I have just one question…How the hell did this become about beyonce?!?! So she waited a day! Not every celebrity commented the day the Queen died. At least she (Beyonce) gave her condolences, keep this about Donna and the respect she deserves.

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