Billboard Music Awards 2012: Performances

Published: Sunday 20th May 2012 by Sam

The Billboard Music Awards 2012 are currently underway at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. As ever, That Grape Juice will be providing you with performances as they occur!

Check out performances from Usher, Chris Brown, Nelly Furtado, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys and more below. Keep refreshing, as we’ll be updating minute-by-minute!

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  1. C-Squad (Fantasy Ride) May 20, 2012

    smdh @ that hot mess LMFAO call a performance. who booked them and why???

    • C-Squad (Fantasy Ride) May 21, 2012

      yall can dislike all you want but you know damn well those boys are useless. cant sing, cant rap, cant dance, cant write, cant produce, cant cant cant.

  2. Late May 20, 2012

    So far, I’m pretty unimpressed.

    Usher is performing now, and he’s not bringing it like I need him to. Plus, he looks old with that stupid haircut he has. He should have performed ‘Climax’.

    Is it weird that I found the short haired guy from LMFAO cute? I’m so used to them having so much hair that I’ve never actually looked at their faces!

    Kelly Clarkson was ok, Chris Brown was good but predictable, Brandy looked hot… But so far, it’s been a snooze

    • tee May 20, 2012

      i agree!!!!!!!!!

    • Late May 20, 2012


      LMFAO had one of the biggest years of their careers last year, and ‘Party Rock Anthem’ was single handedly the song of Summer 2011, so kindly take a seat instead of worrying about who booked them!

      And how are you going to say that Ciara’s forgettable performance is anywhere close to being on the same level as Beyonce’s? SMDH

      • RiriNavy May 20, 2012

        Beyonce stole the whole concept of that performance Girl Bye Ciara and Beyonce slays the stage I won’t Lie but bey steals and Ciara has fallen

      • LTM (Wide Awake) May 20, 2012

        Sweetheart please, LMFAO are flops. There album barely pushed 1million WW despite having 2 of the biggest songs that year. And Ciara’s performance was better than anything LMFAO could think of doing and on the same level as Bey’s

      • C-Squad (Fantasy Ride) May 21, 2012

        gurl bye!! Ciara is the only b**** who can perform as good as Bey and you know it. they are born entertainers.

        and please boo, lmfaNO will fall just like Cobra Starship

      • Late May 21, 2012

        @LTM & C-Squad

        Both of you need to hudle up in a deep, dark corner and have several seats…LMFAO won 6 awards last night. How many has Ciara won? I’ll wait…

        When was the last time Ciara won any kind of award on a major televised event? I’ll wait…

        She’s a great performer? Good luck booking the stage you speak of.Heck, even Jason Derulo was able to book the American Idol finale and he doesn’t even have new material coming out, and your fave Ciara couldn’t even do that. She fell off after her 2nd album.

        Basic Instinct was supposed to be her returning to her roots, getting back to the Goodies era, but no one cared and no onebought it.

        Youre here talking about how LMFAO barely pushed a million WW of their cd…how much did Ciara sell of her last cd? GO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE AND RE-THINK YOUR LIFE

    • virtuoso intellect May 20, 2012

      what do u mena she stole the whole concept? she got the guys to make similar projections for her performance. did anyone think she came up with the graphics herself? besides that bit was used for before the end of the first verse so have a seat. u just bitter cus the world knows ri is as boring as dishwater hence her lewd stage costumes and antics #rigroupon

    • LTM (Wide Awake) May 20, 2012

      I agree. Ciara & Beyonce killed the stage

  3. whyohwhy May 20, 2012

    No Beyonce, no good show..Face it!!!

  4. Speaks Truth May 20, 2012

    These performances are all over the place smh!!!!! Music is really coming to a end MINUS USHER!!!!

  5. C-Squad (Fantasy Ride) May 20, 2012

    Breezy’s performance was FIRE!! thats all I came here for

    • ANTHONY May 20, 2012

      I hope he sung live!!

      • Failure 03 May 20, 2012

        No he didn’t lmao

  6. steph May 20, 2012

    Chris Brown does the SAME s*** everytime, he’s so lame to me.

    • nana May 20, 2012

      sooooooo trueeeeeeeeee. he is just an Usher wannabeeee

    • DJ May 20, 2012

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m over artists who NEVER sing live. Can he really even sing at all?

  7. hunni2nice May 20, 2012

    As much as i love chris brown, i wish he performed his slower songs maybe sweet love?

  8. JER May 20, 2012

    Chris Brown sit yo ass down with that feedback so loud and your perfromance so whack STILL trying to make “Turn up the Music” happen. The ONLY hype around that song was the remix with Rihanna.

  9. Failure 03 May 20, 2012

    Chris did some awesome dancing but was predictable. Usher was disappointing, the dancing was good, the concept was smart but the singing was all over the place and the performance was subpar. Should’ve done a medley of “Climax” and “Scream” instead.

    I was actually bumping up to “Call Me Maybe”. The song is annoying as f*** but Carly is really cute and surprisingly, not under-age so I can enjoy her looks even more so. 😀

  10. Suicide Blonde May 20, 2012

    Breezy performance was so Gay, don’t get me wrong i think it was good but sometimes when he dance….

  11. Failure 03 May 20, 2012

    OK looking back, Usher’s performance was actually pretty damn good. I think it was the high expectations that got to me, but it wasn’t that bad at ALL. It wasn’t top notch, but it wasn’t s***. It was sorta slightly disappointing, but man he can STILL DANCE!

  12. Nahjee May 20, 2012

    Guys ya gotta admit that “call me maybe” song is catchy as hell plus she is so pretty to
    I like her and wish her the best!

    LMFAO got the party started tho with there Proformance.

    Chris brown kinda gets boring after a while he does the same s***

    Am I the only one who thinks Carrie underwood looks like Kelly Kelly from wwe a little when she smile

  13. Late May 20, 2012

    Why is Beiber trying so hard to be urban all of a sudden?

    • DJ May 20, 2012

      omg. It’s not sudden. He’s been trying for a long time. Ugh. I can’t stand him or his music.

  14. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 20, 2012

    Loved cb’s performance but wtf JB doing…………………i swear dis lil boi is a chris brown half clown and when he tried to rap it sounded nasty……

  15. Mike May 20, 2012

    The Proformance that got everybody hype was LMFAO it was pretty funny and good.

    Justin bieber was ok nothing much

    Kelly clarkson was boring as hell but she sure is thick tho wink

    Usher I think his was better then Justin Proformance.

  16. PrettigurlrockD May 20, 2012

    Lmfao are garbage. Y do they have a record deal????

    • ANTHONY May 20, 2012


      • LTM (Wide Awake) May 20, 2012

        No one is buying their album, trust me. It barely sold 1million world wide.

    • treschic May 21, 2012

      Cos one of their dad’s is a big name in music industry? Think he started Motown records

  17. LAX May 20, 2012


    W.T.F everybody that perform on billboards suck!!!! ass

    • DJ May 20, 2012

      i’ve never seen k.p. actually give a performance live that was worth a crap. she really can’t sing at all. goes to show anyone can have a career in music with a mixer and engineering. not hating. i like her music. she just can’t sing.

  18. LAX May 20, 2012

    first of all JB barely dance and he sounded horrbile live…..w.t.f is billboard putting on….what type of b******* they running tonight

  19. Late May 20, 2012

    The great thing about LMFAO is that they don’t take themselves too seriousl, and in this day and age where people are losing their jobs due to the harsh economy, or losing loved ones to illness, we need music that we can get up and dance to. Music that helps us forget about our problems for a bit

  20. Suicide Blonde May 20, 2012

    I’m the only one here that never ever has seen a video, listen to a song, watch interviews or performances of Justin Bieber, i refuse, i don’t permit myself to watch him.

  21. ANTHONY May 20, 2012

    U can say what U want to say about Usher performance!!, but atleast he did live vocals and gave a performance…IT not real entertainment when u just dance thru the whole performance, Chirs brown might as well be a back up dancer, am missing the old day of real performers!!

    • Failure 03 May 20, 2012

      I totally agree! However I thought Chris Brown’s performance was decent. His dancing gets old but at least it’s entertaining. Kinda like a popcorn flick. 😀

  22. LAX May 20, 2012

    Thank you Jordin Spark!!!!!!! You did really good!!!!! thank you

  23. Late May 20, 2012


  24. ANTHONY May 20, 2012

    Chris Brown is Usher!!, when Usher was young..All the things CHris brown doing, Usher already did!! SO DNT GET IT TWISTED!!

    • Failure 03 May 20, 2012

      Except, you know, Usher actually sang live and improved his vocal ability after every album he released. Hell look at the new album, huge vocal improved over RvR already.

      Not shading CB, but he isn’t even half of what Usher was at 23. He still has a decade left to catch up to where Usher built himself upto currently though.

      • ANTHONY May 20, 2012


  25. PrettigurlrockD May 20, 2012

    LikE I said lmfao are garbage. If u wanna dance u can dance to someone like beyonce or gaga or usher who still make good dance hits and have actual talent at the same time. We don’t need this auto-tune garbage anymore. It’s quite pathetic. Lmfao r lame and unentertaining and a waste of space. They might as well just be dj’s.

  26. ANTHONY May 20, 2012


    • Failure 03 May 20, 2012

      Don’t think he’s trying to. He’s just doing what male artists are normally regarded to do. (look at Usher, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo dancing live)

  27. Jessica May 20, 2012

    Best of the night is Jordan Sparks and John Legend for the Whitney tribute period!!! Wasn’t feeling Usher performance at all, Berry Gordy of Motown, I know LMFAO is your son and nephew, but they suck!!! There music is horrible, smh!!! They should stick to producing!! Everything else was just blah!!!

    • Jessica May 20, 2012

      Also Stevie Wonder tribute was really good for the night also, but that was it!!! Love Stevie Wonder!!!

  28. Late May 20, 2012

    …there goes Taio “I wear my sunglasses at night” Cruz.
    I swear those Rokkstar glasses are glue to his face

  29. PrettigurlrockD May 20, 2012

    Lol at fan boys and girls disliking my comment but at least it has some truth to it. No one is gonna remember lmfao years from now. Their music is disposable and cheap electronic gimmick trash. But ppl that understand where I’m coming from would only agree.

  30. DTG May 20, 2012

    LMFAO is basically a latter day version of Right Said Fred doing “I’m Too S***.”

  31. Late May 20, 2012

    I agree and disagree…
    I am a fan of the 3 artists you mentioned (Usher, Gaga & Beyonce), but the music scene can’t consist of just those 3 artists.
    Furthermore, the great thing about music is that it is subjective…what one person loves, another hates. Certain songs bring specific memories, and it just so happens that for me, LMFAO defined last summer. Is their music disposable? YES! Have they ever claimed to be anything more than funloving, non-serious, light-hearted musicians? NO! You are taking them way too seriously, more serious than they take themselves.

  32. DIGGER BEY May 20, 2012

    Usher, Jordan and John saved this show! Breezy was good but predictable. I also liked Nelly, Stevie & Alicia and Carrie. Last year BBMA straight SLAYED this years! Why was LMAO there performing? Music has gone to hell n hand basket! Except for Adele, Beyonce and a few others, thats not making that Techno euro b*******!

  33. MT May 20, 2012

    Jordin Sparks was the best of the night. MUCH better than J Hud’s breathy performance at the Grammy’s.

    Chris Brown lip synched and he did nothing special. He’s still cute tho.

    Justin Beiber had to LIP SYNCH his falsetto and the chorus. SMFH

    Usher killed it. I thought it was Jason Derulo on stage with him at first, LOL.

    • Vegas Girl May 20, 2012

      Justin also was lip synching the verses too.

  34. Gaaglooo! May 20, 2012

    BS Award!

  35. ANTHONY May 20, 2012


    • LindseyMari May 20, 2012

      THIS. I gotta give credit due where it’s due. Bey set the bar so high with that performance.

    • Kimberly May 21, 2012

      Beyonc will outdo herself next year

      • Stephen May 22, 2012

        During performances, the more she continues exposing her body and dancing(both of which she doesn’t need to be doing, considering that she is a competent vocalist), the more her voice will be overshadowed and overlooked.

  36. Carlos May 20, 2012

    Nelly Furtado as allways the FRESHEST VOICE ON POP! 10+years allways sounding different than mainstream and hitting it right! Big Hoops its a very spiritual song about the soundtrack to your life, during your teenage years and the swagger it fills you with, thats why it references 12 songs of the 90s she ussed to listen…its not about hoops people, its a like personal ceremony for feeling bigger, better, full of swag, conecting with your spirit indestructible! I love this song. Ans most important it souds FERESH, the Drum N BAss Finaleis the most epic thing that happened to pop in recent history

  37. the real xoxo May 20, 2012

    Usher, Jordin Sparks and John Legend were the only decent performances.

    katy perry copied pink.

  38. lyric commander lee May 20, 2012

    chris brown usher carrie underwood and jordin sparks – everybody else can have a seat!

  39. Expensive Hooker May 20, 2012

    What a flop ass award show this year. None of these performances were even near the level of Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)” last year.

  40. Jeff May 20, 2012

    Where´s Stevie and Alicia´s performance? Plzzzzzzzzzz!

  41. Gilberto May 20, 2012

    * John Legend & Jordin Spark were amazing. I forgot how much Spark is talented. It’s sad to see radios keep ignoring her. Best performance of the night.
    * Katy Perry’s performance was rip-off of P!nk’s Glitter In The Air and Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight, Tonight. B**** is always stealing and sounding off key.
    * Chris Brown. The same lame thing. He dances and lip syncs, that’s it.
    * Usher. He prooved that you can’t dance your ass off, sing live and do something interesting on the stage.
    * Nelly. She sounded pretty bad in the beginning of Big Hoops, but she did her thing on the second half of the song. This song is epic, saddly people are just into generic songs.
    * Justin Bieber. Worst performance of the show. He lip synced. He was completly stiff. When he tried to sing live, he didn’t hit any note properly.
    * LMFAO. I refuse.
    BBMA was bad, unorganized, disrespectful and shameful.

    Beyoncé’s iconic RTW performance >>>> this whole mess thing that they dare to call “a show”.

    • KatyCat Bow to Slayty Perry May 20, 2012

      Lmao b**** your a f****** joke!! What happend to you not wasting your time on these “basic b******”? Your ass was tuned in like I thought. And you are the LAST person to accuse anyone of of stealing when Beyonce steals everything from everyone. Has Katy been sued for copying? No b****.——–> _/ a seat for your ass

      • Brea May 21, 2012

        If you’re a katycat, you’re tone deaf. Don’t get mad at people for pointing out the obvious–she stole Pink’s performance and failed at it. If I ever hear smelly kat sing on key i’ll be shocked.

  42. KatyCat Bow to Slayty Perry May 20, 2012

    Katy slayed. That is all. Expect to see Wide Awake top the charts next week

  43. Teacher May 20, 2012

    Brandy’s bf is cute!…and I liked that Katy Perry song…but umm what’s the diff. in KP copying Pink’s perf. and Beyonce stealing homegurls perf.?

  44. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 20, 2012

    Ok lessers carrie slayed

  45. LTM (Wide Awake) May 20, 2012

    Katy’s performance was good. Justin and Chris both pulled a Britney, and it was obvious. And DEAD at a Beyonce stan accusing KP of stealing concepts. Lets not sweetheart. Keep it cute

    • Brea May 21, 2012

      katy perry is trash. I won’t capitalize her name because she isn’t worth the effort. Bye.

  46. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 20, 2012

    Carrie slayed alll of them!! best performance

  47. moNSTERHIVE May 21, 2012

    *sigh* At least Bey & Nicki took home an award. But the most deserving of the night was Kelly, “I DON’T WANNA FEEL MA’ LEGGGGGGS” yes gawd b****!

  48. Cjt May 21, 2012

    CB was good and all with his dancing, but him not singing does not make it a complete performance for me. But I thought Usher really killed it, he danced really well and sang pretty well.

  49. Kimberly May 21, 2012

    You know an award show without Beyonce and lady gaga. sigh. Thank God I didn’t stay to watch. Every other performing artist in the industry need to take notes or give up their contract. It is really a shame what the music industry has resort to, giving awards for social media, and encouraging full lipsyncing performances. Like jeanetter jenkins said, It is like an athlete using steroids and it is cheating. Untalented fools they call artist nowadays. Yet people say Lady gaga and Beyonce are overrated. B****** they are underrated. Who the F&%k can do it better? The standards are going lower and lower and this generation is not even exposed to what is great. When you favor artist like justin bieber, rihanna, katy perry etc. It is really a messed up generation and future

  50. Saetana May 21, 2012

    If Katy Perry can sing live whilst being spun around in the air, then why the f*** do Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have to mime? I find it disgusting at awards shows although I shouldn’t be surprised, Chris Brown even mimed at the Grammys. Didn’t watch most of the videos, a really uninteresting lineup this year – no Gaga, no Beyonce, no Adele, no Rihanna – nuff said ;o)

  51. Stephen May 21, 2012

    For the females, Jordin was one of the best, if not the best. Jordin is a competent vocalist. As for the males, John Legend outsung Usher and Chris Brown and of course Beiber.

  52. DIGGER BEY May 21, 2012

    LOL Of course John sounded better than Usher and Chris. John was sitting down singing, while Usher and Chris was singing

    • Stephen May 21, 2012

      Even if Usher and Chris had sat while singing, John will still outsing them

      • mobwife May 21, 2012

        LOL is that a joke? Do you know who Usher Raymond and Chris Brown are? Have you had the pleasure of seeing them perform live in concert? I have and witnessed them both singing ACAPPELLA! They were amazing and I’m not a major Usher fan but he is a good singer! “Tumbalina” is okay but he strains far to much to be considered better than artist who I have never heard strain their vocal cords to carry a tune i.e Chris & Usher!

  53. mobwife May 21, 2012

    I loved Chris Brown’s perfromance! My boy never disappoints me! I also enjoyed Usher! Now that’s the Ush I know!! he oher performers..well! Oh Wait I always love my main man Stevland Morris (Steve wonder)! 🙂

    I didn’t care for Jordan Sparks singing IWALY! You have to have a certain range to handle that song. I’ve only seen 2 ppl follow “THE VOICE” in singing IWALY and kill it: J-Hud & Syleena Johnson (sp?)! I will give her an ‘A’ for effort and that gorgeous dress she wore! John ‘THUMBALINA’ Legend sounded horribly IMO! He always “does the most” to someone else’s song!

    • Stephen May 21, 2012

      Lol@u even tryna suggest that Chris Brown can sing better than John Legend. As for Usher, we both know that he is quite typical as an r&b vocalist. Any fool can hear that John Legend’s voice is that of a grown man who isn’t trying to sound like a woman

  54. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 21, 2012

    My favorites were Chris Brown and Nelly Furtado. Nelly just gave her best performance to date imo. She looked comfortable, the nasal quality of her voice was well controlled and she brought it! Chris also slayed. And some people call him predictable? So, dance routines are predictable now? I think this performance was better than the Grammy’s, I really enjoyed it 🙂 I also liked Kelly Clarkson, good vocals and nice song 😎 Jordin Sparks was great too

    As far as Usher and Bieber go, they both bored me tbh. Not hating, but their performances were nothing special. Usher’s look-alike trick or whatever that mess was wasn’t enough to compensate for the fact that his adlibs were awful and his choreography was basic. I hope that in the process of promoting the album, he manages to do much better than that.

  55. mobwife May 21, 2012

    LOL what are you idiots blathering on about?

    Chris Brown sang over a backtrack and danced like Usher, Justin Bieber and LMFAO. Are you people confusing the background vocals for his l main vocals? Its clear that his voice dosen’t sound like it does on the CD SINGLE TUTM! LOL, dumbass haters make me laugh! Oh well haters are going to hate and follow the bullsh** racist american media and its constant lies about Breezy! Oh well……

    ****Love you Chris can’t wait for the Today Show performance June 8th and FORUNE cD July 3rd! 🙂

  56. Another Star May 21, 2012

    Jordan Sparks is pretty and girlie can SANG:-) Chris Brown and Nelly Furtado were good too.The rest I could do with.We can’t wait to see BeyBey,:-) Anyhoo That’s All Chow

  57. Girrrl May 21, 2012

    I enjoyed.the show. My fave performances were.from Usher Carrie and Nodding. I’m over CB lip syncing all his dance performances. At least redo the vocals to make it look real. Also I was not here for Katy jacking Pink’s performance.

    So who heard about Pat Houston trying to get Ray J out the building before Whitney’s tribute. That woman is a devil in my eyes.

  58. johnvidal(rip whitney-truegreat) May 21, 2012

    Loved Usher´s performance haha

    And John Legend did a great job with “The Greatest Love of All”. So much better than what generic Kelly Rowland or Beyonce´s voices would do (well we already heard Kelly trying it)
    Jordin did good giving the song she was trying (only for a Whitney Houston type of singer)
    And the moment her daughter received the award was so emotional. People in the audience were going crazy for Whitney, you could hear it. No other legend´s death affected people the way Whitney´s did except for Michael, too big

    • Stephen May 21, 2012

      If Beyonce ever sings a Whitney song like “Greatest Love of all”, she will do it better than Kelly Rowland. But somehow, Beyonce has never covered a Whitney Houston song in public, maybe she’s scared of trying. I can imagine her covering “I Have Nothing”, but I can’t imagine her doing IWALY.

  59. Failure 03 May 21, 2012

    Chris Brown didn’t sing. Anyone saying that needs to get a new set of ears and eyes instead of blindly stanning for their faves. Read Pink’s twitter, she did the near exact same set for “Raise Your Glass” 2 years ago while pregnant and SANG LIVE.

    If a SINGER doesn’t SING live, they aren’t SINGERS. No matter what people say about Chris Brown being a performer, he sells albums where he SINGS no? Singing should be his top priority as a performer not dancing. That s*** is wack and illogical and makes him nothing more than a backup dancer. But at least he can dance… that’s something that pleases his blind fans apparently.

      • Failure 03 May 21, 2012

        Then why doesn’t he SING LIVE then? If anything this proves my point even more you dumbass! If he can do it, WHY DOESN’T HE DO IT??? Why should we defend artists who can sing and dance live but don’t? They should entertain US, that’s what they are trying to DO.

        Usher sang live while dancing, if he can do it, albeit poorly, according to CB fans, he can too, do prove me wrong with that.

  60. Yerrr May 21, 2012

    Jordin Sparks did an awesome job!… I still feel that Whitney’s Girls like Kelly Price, Brandy and Monica should’ve done a tribute.. I mean Whitney’s last performance was with Kelly Price and Brandy and Monica been knowing her from they were minors and were the last to be mentored by her.. They ALWAYS HONOURED Whitney even when Whitney Was experiencing HARD times!! Monica always did a tribute to her Before her Death.. I would’ve love to hear Mo go IN on You Give Good Love…. Those were Whitney’s Girls from waay back…. IMO, THEY SHOULDVE BEEN INCLUDED….

  61. Happy F3et May 21, 2012

    I love Chris and Jordin performance…actually John need to take notes from Jordin on how to see a song… John Legends over sang Whitney song… and crack trying to sing the higher notes.. John is a good singer but that was not his best performance. Chris performance was unique/different I love the Kid Zone and DumEnglish product placement… he is very creative and this is why no matter how many people nitpick you can tell he is a ICON in the making. Jealously is a very ugly trait. Congrats to him on his winning and superb performance… certain people are still angry that he still have a career and a successful one after 09. Ain’t no stopping him now.. lip synch or not.

  62. Happy F3et May 21, 2012

    I meant “how to sing a song”.

  63. aishaaguilerakeys May 21, 2012

    Where’s Alicia’s performance?

  64. NIKA May 21, 2012

    “Suffocate You” – A remix of “Dance for You” tributed to the always beloved Blue Ivy Carter R.I.P. (2012-2012) who has just died after more than two months of suffering from being her claimed mother Beyonce Knowles’ ass-smothering doll.

    Tonight I’m suffocating you (ow woaaow)
    Tonight I’m suffocating you (ow woaaow)

    Tonight I’m gonna stick your nose up in my butty
    Girl I know it, you don’t want me

    Ah, but you know I don’t give a DAAAAAMMMNNNNN!!!!

    I’ll be smothering my babe
    Smothe- Smothering my babe

    I’ll be farting in your face
    Farti- farting in your face

    Baby lemme sit my ass all on your body

    Promise not to tell your daddy,

    He’s gonna shut me dowwwwwn

    I’ll never feed you two
    I really need the other one.

    My boobs are fat and all, I know, but
    Never fat as her #1’s

    That’s why I always turn to you
    Cause they do nothing but slay my ass


    STIC it all the way back

    Sniff me more one time … like I’m a flower

    Can’t take my stank????? Not my problem

    Drink my c**, till it’s POWDER, my love.


    We will always love you Blue Ivy Carter.

    Coming soon,

    “Where Have Mom Been All My Life”, a bedtime lullaby for Blue Ivy for the night she was delivered by police to her actual mom. (Pre-order Now!)

  65. BEYONCE:FORCE May 21, 2012


    4 : BEST R&B ALBUM B******!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. BEYONCE:FORCE May 21, 2012




  67. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 21, 2012

    ONE word : U S H E R !!!! hands down !

    other b****** were boring TBH.

    • Failure 03 May 21, 2012

      Yeaaaah maynnne!!!

  68. Jayla May 21, 2012

    u f*** the only ones who be checking for Beyonce & Gaga, damn

  69. danny b May 21, 2012

    Funny that CB and JB AND Usher all performed. The students and the teacher. But Usher’s performance certainly showed who is and why he is the teacher and the students will never amount. Both Chris and Justin’s performances lacked what Usher’s had in the whole mix.

  70. yeah May 21, 2012

    Usher is still the man. It does make me laugh that people think being in your mid 30s is old and the BBMA gave out awards to people like Whitney Houston and the great Stevie Wonder. Stevie was another child star who had adult success. Did people tell him he’s too old and stop playing that piano? The new generation I feel just don’t like competition, so if Usher is gone we won’t notice how much CB’s performances lack. That is not how the game is people, stars go when the fans go. Usher showed why he has me for life.

  71. AYNON May 22, 2012

    it had nothing on last years show…Beyonce and Britney owned the show last year. BBMAs? Beyonce and Britney Music Awards

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