Hot Shots: Rihanna Rocks ‘Underwear’ To Dinner

If the last year has taught us anything about Rihanna, it is this:

1. She loves Italian food and 2. She seems to be allergic to garments (or too much of them).

For last night, in what is starting to become a habit, the model dined at  Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi with best friend Melissa, in Santa Monica.

This,weeks before she launches her Project Runway type TV show in the UK, by way of Sky Living.

More below…

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  1. S* May 18, 2012

    the outfit is super cute..but maybe for the beach…?

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) May 18, 2012

      no shade you like that outfit

    • NX127 – BEYONCE:FORCE May 18, 2012


  2. BEEyonced May 18, 2012

    Let these girls have their fun. ….as long as I don’t have to listen to her voice, personally I’m fine!

    • truth (SLAYER OF DAHOTNIG) May 18, 2012


  3. Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) May 18, 2012

    Rih don’t loose any more weight….I’m not using that outfit at all, what happen to your fashion game BOO.

  4. GRAPEJUICE May 18, 2012

    she looks like she on crack in the first picture and have no undies in the second. Lard this chick is a Diner with an outfit like this! where are her morals?Oh I forget she has none when she is young and having fun. BTW This wig is a forehead enlargement or what.

    • Benron May 18, 2012

      Bey stans are haters, she doesen’t look liek she is on crack in the first picture She looks like she looked down on the floor 4 whatever reason, and her lips look like they need soem vaseline!

  5. ? May 18, 2012


  6. Annie! May 18, 2012

    she looks like a crackhead. i’m seriously concerned about her health. not saying she’s on crack haha but she looks like she’s on something…

  7. JP May 18, 2012

    I hope her team doesn’t pay you all to make these posts.

    This just in, Breaking News: Rihanna eats soup with spoon!!!

  8. HaveAseat May 18, 2012

    Wow, she looks really bad. Riri you just let your BFF out shine you. 1st pic looks like 1 of the crackhead on 125th st.

  9. common May 18, 2012

    wow!! mellisa is kinda becomming hot!! didnt think shed ever look attractive, but shez begenning to catch my eye. as 4 rihanna shez always hot.

  10. NX127 – BEYONCE:FORCE May 18, 2012

    If you open one of these pictures with NotePad or Microsoft Word, it reads the following:

    “Look at my tits. See my tits? How could that Brown RihTURDed h**
    miss that, don’t you wonder?

    Man, and there’s a “Freedom in the Christ” writing in Arabic up my waist.
    Doesn’t it make you feel something??

    Plus, I’m a Devil Worshiper.

    Oh come on!!! OK FINE…… RihDiscount: 3$/hour instead of 5…… PLEASED NOW????

    How you dare you son of a b****, SURE I KNOW HOT TO GIVE A GOOD HEAD.

    You idiot

    FIIIIIINE…… 2$.



    I’ll be waiting for you next to the 24th street’s KFC

    bye honey… bye.”

  11. Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) May 18, 2012

    Navy please reach out yo y’all girl cause something is not right with her.

  12. Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) May 18, 2012


  13. NX127 – BEYONCE:FORCE May 18, 2012

    You didn’t really have to bother wearing that BRA / whatever….. I mean You could’ve simply just glued two pieces of paper and pasted them on your n******…

    I mean seriously RiRi…

    and that hairstyle is for blonde not black hair. You look a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit 60yrs wanna go back to 16…

  14. NX127 – BEYONCE:FORCE May 18, 2012

    Navy please reach out yo y’all girl cause something is not right with her.


    Just so there was a button for #DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ratedxxx(TEAM “REAL” BAD BISHES) May 18, 2012

    rihanna has been risky with her outfits for years, hell i’ve seen worst on her.

    now if rihanna is a c********* and u cant stand the fact that the bish is making more money than ull ever see in 5 lifetime,

    or the fact that the world loves her…I’ve never seen any magazine complains about any of her outfits or call her a c*********

    its only the bitter broke bishes who wishe they could have rihanna’s live..that compalin so damn much

    get a f****** hobby damn, focus on ur fav only being stuck in 2 million after all these months, flop ass album, damn

    • ? May 18, 2012

      same as rihanna after a major hit she stuck on 2 million as well talkthatflop

  16. kingphoenix May 18, 2012

    So nobody’s gong to clock the awful hair don’t…oh, okay. I just wanna know why Melissa’s hair looks better than RI RI, yet Rihanna is supposed to be one of the baddest b****** in the game and is getting stunted on by her bestfriend/assistant/s**-s****

    • Uhh Okaii May 18, 2012

      iknow right..cause last time i checked a bad bish keeps her looking right all the time

      • Uhh Okaii May 18, 2012


    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) May 18, 2012

      Hey boo, now aint that the truth….she look

      • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) May 18, 2012


      • kingphoenix May 18, 2012

        Hey hun, i see you trying to help counsel Rirun the Titantic…Sometimes i think they are just hopless though and they know it thats why Rirun made that song.

  17. NX127 – BEYONCE:FORCE May 18, 2012

    The Navy do nothing but snatch The Standard Definition Of A Delusional Human title from each other….


    the bish is making more money than ull ever see in 5 lifetime
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Are you comparing ME or @RICHNBLACK11 to Rihanna. I mean…seriously?


    its only the bitter broke bishes who wishe they could have rihanna’s live
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Dude, NO!! Nobody wishes to live like Rihanna…. NO just NOOOO!!! PLEASE NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I mean no disrespect for Rihanna, I’m a fan of her, but NO again… I don’t wish to be her now.


    get a f****** hobby damn, focus on ur fav only being stuck in 2 million after all these months, flop ass album, damn
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Our fave’s next album will never have any ADULT-ONLY lyrics such as “SUCK my cockiness, LICK my persuasion – I love it when you EAT it” or “Roc me out, on the FLOOR – I’ve been a bad girl DADDY won’t you come GET me”. like it was made for 12-year-old children whose parents passworded Adult TV channels.

    My fave’s next album will not have electro pop trash with frog’s farting sounds so you could enjoy rubbing your fat booty against your girlfriend’s p**** while partying.

    My fave’s album will be something about pure love, actual life, with meaningful lyrics and excellent vocal and musical production..

    And it will be a harder “flop” than 4, and it will maybe sell no more than 0.5 million worldwide, and just like any Beyonce fan, I’ll still be proud of her and love her because she’s the one who inspired me to be the person that I am today.

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) May 18, 2012

      hun pay that one no mind, don’t even waste your time with it.

      • My fav is still the queen tho May 18, 2012

        Yep, yep. And B’s already proved she’s the baddest in the game, so she don’t need a buncha #1 singles and chaning hair colors to validate her success.

  18. ok! May 18, 2012

    Drugs have destroyed this girl, it has given her a new self esteem that only drugs can give. The I dont give a f### about no one not even my self stipidity. Anything for attention,

  19. commanderofthedancefloor May 18, 2012


    um i went through the post and so far only one navy member had commented!! the rest almost all beyonce stans trying to bash rihanna!

    girl get your life because seeing these comments show you have nothing better to do!! you think rihanna goes to tgj?? girl bye have fun going back and forth because it really is just sad!!

    • PrettigurlrockD May 18, 2012

      It’s better that she doesn’t visit TGJ. She’d be sobbing and telling all her navies on twitter…

  20. PrettigurlrockD May 18, 2012

    I agree with whoever said that. RiRi’s swag use to be ON POINT. Now it look like she don’t even care. Her and nicki have really fallen off.

    I smell Rita Ora, brandy, azealia banks taking over 2012… REAL talent.

  21. Huh May 18, 2012

    She’s starting to get too comfortable, thinking she could walk out in anything and make it work. Not the case here.

  22. veo99 May 18, 2012

    Rihanna!!! The moment you started losing weight you lost your beauty!!! Black women are beautiful with some meat on them – Leave stick skinny to white girls especially when you had no chest or b*** to begin with.

  23. WILD DEBUTANTE May 18, 2012

    Um…shes going to dinner and basically seems to be in chill mode, WHY is that such a problem for some of you?? Seek professional help and stop living your life through the internet PLEASE.

    the look gives me island tease, you can definitely tell Rihanna’s a West Indian women.

  24. shikk May 18, 2012

    ohh my gosh no. rih looks like she was just run over by a battleship! AHAHA! && that wig is clearly two sizes too small for that big chrome dome,,,

  25. shikk May 18, 2012


  26. Jessica May 18, 2012

    CRACKANNA is at it again- WHORING herself as usual, LOL!!! CB and Drake and everyone else is laughing at this TRAMP and I don’t blame them, they should!!! like Hall and Oats said on there song ” Oh here she comes, she’s a man eater!!!” LMAO!!!

  27. Bey Fan May 18, 2012

    ummm i think its a nice outfit for the beach….

    She looks skinnier…. i hope shes ok.

    Her homegirl is the one who looks like she’s wearing pajamas

  28. lola May 19, 2012

    Rihanna looks like a f****** c*********! Those long fingers look scary as well! There is nothing attractive about this b**** or anything exotic about her. That wig… omg, is she serious? You can pull it right off. I am so glad that this b****’s career is ending. Flop ass album didn’t even sell 3 million worldwide, only 1 #1 single, the rest ain’t even get in the Top 10, flop fragrance, flop book, and yeah she got lucky and made it on the Forbe Lists, keep in mind that’s GROSS INCOME and before SHE PAYS HER PEOPLE, but it’s over for her. She’s ugly as hell and has the body of a drug addict! No tits or ass.

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