Rihanna To Get ‘Nude’

Published: Friday 25th May 2012 by Sam

{Image removed as requested}

In a tribute to the state she achieved much of her success in, Rihanna has announced her new fragrance, ‘Nude’.


Taking to Instagram, the 24 year old trumpeted the expansion of “Brand Fenty”, writing:

‘Nude’ follows the model’s Reb’l Fleur, which – as her debut scent – has enjoyed moderate success upon release last year.

She may sound like she’s in a washing machine when she “sings”, yet one can’t knock RiRi’s corporate hustle. The industry, as the grave-stones of many a promising career has shown, is unforgiving. Indeed, “talent” has shifted from a necessity for success to  merely a welcome “extra”. Hence, we can’t knock Team Ri for chewing and digesting that memo, and working it to their full advantage.

Then again, it’s doubtful they had much of a choice, it’s not like her albums are flying off the shelves. 360 revenue from projects such as this are a “must” if her nasal neigh is to remain relevant in the years to come.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JJFan1814 May 25, 2012

    Sam you wanna talk about money when you don’t pay your staff. #POW

    Rihanna stays making $$$.

    The haters can EAT every penny, jealous b******.

      • mONSTERHIVE May 25, 2012

        Lmao that gif is funny as hell!

    • WILD DEBUTANTE May 25, 2012

      “Sam you wanna talk about money when you don’t pay your staff”


      Any who….Rihanna looks bangin in that picture! DAMN!

  2. JJFan1814 May 25, 2012

    Meanwhile, Where Have You Been is #5 on iTunes!!!!!


    • Hush May 25, 2012

      Meanwhile, Rihanna’s acting was so atrocious in Battleship that everyone’s pay check is STILL bouncing because of how spectacularly it flopped at the box office. B**** can’t sing or act. Only Rislutta could sink a $200 million dollar budget film.

      “Navy,” my ass…you idiot b****** are the Titanic, without Celine’s theme.

      • Owen May 25, 2012

        do us all a favor hush, & hush. Die you idiot

  3. Roman May 25, 2012

    Get ur money b****!

  4. Navy_Info May 25, 2012

    Rihanna ‘Where have you been’ top 5 US Itunes.

    Rihanna ‘Where have you been’ top 3 UK Itunes

    Rihanna ‘Where have you been’ No.13 BB100.

  5. Jay Scorpio May 25, 2012

    LIVING MY LYFE MAKING THAT PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. bedstuyfly May 25, 2012


  7. RITANATION May 25, 2012

    *sips tea* laughs in disgust *walks away*

  8. Royal Beyonce May 25, 2012

    I think she should call it ‘H*****’…

  9. mONSTERHIVE May 25, 2012

    I love that she’s using her bad girl image to good use. Make that mula Riri!

  10. James227 May 25, 2012

    I guess the movie not doing well why not show nude pictures

  11. Kingphoenix May 25, 2012

    Yes get on that Rih! I still can’t believe Katy Perry makes more money than you…like how is that possible….please get out of that 360 deal.

    • JJFan1814 May 25, 2012


      Maybe because Katy writes her own songs and s***????

      • Kingphoenix May 25, 2012

        Rihanna has six albums and 7 years in the game. Katy has two albums and like 4 or less years in the game. Really, just because Katy is writing her own songs (mostly co-writing at that) she makes almost more than half the money Rihanna does? Madonna don’t write her s***. Dont add up.

  12. Suicide Blonde May 25, 2012

    Madonna Louise Ciccone, also known as “the queen of whores”, is an american s***, she is recognized as the biggest w**** in the world by Guinness World Records. She is the main inspiration for the new aspiring b****** like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga ect, ect…

    Janet Damita Jo Jackson, also known as free n******, is an American lip-sync woman, she is the main influence for others lip-sync b****** like Britney Spears.

    Mariah Carey, also known as bitchy, is an american arrogant diva, she became famous for being a shady b****, she married her own son and they have two children.

    Britney Jean Spears, also known as the princess of whores, is an american w**** with mental health problems, she became famous in the child p*** show “The whores and f*** club”.

    Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Caca, Lady Printer and Copy and Paste, is an american copycat, she became famous for copying nearly all whores, she is recognized as the biggest Madonna wannabe of all time by Guinness World Records.

    Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J.h**, is an american hungry ass for d****, she has the records of the biggest farts in the industry.

    Robyn Rihanna Fenty, also known as high forehead or r*****, is a Barbadian battered woman, she became famous for being a s***, and the biggest competition of Floponce.

    Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, also known as Floponce or Bleachonce, is an american impostor of pregnancy, she became famous in the girl group “Destiny’s Whores”, she is known as the largest buyer of awards and titles in history, she married an orangutan, they have a baby of Hispanic origin. she has been praised by others b****** in the game for stealing their ideas.

    You see life is a joke, i make fun of my favorites too, don’t take things so seriously.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 25, 2012

      *DEAD* at the mariah carey part 😆 😆

      man i’m literally ROTFL. oh my god !

      • Suicide Blonde May 25, 2012

        Haha i’m crazy.

    • Bey Fan May 25, 2012

      It was funny until it got to Beyonce…. lmfaooo. Joking

      • Suicide Blonde May 25, 2012

        Bey Fan, i have to leave her for last, the best comes at the end.

    • 10 singles May 25, 2012

      Lmfaoooooo that s*** cray

      • mONSTERHIVE May 25, 2012

        Lmao that was funny as s***! I know as a Bey stan I should thumbs down but it’s sarcastic & hilarious. Bravo b****!

    • Kingphoenix May 25, 2012

      This s*** ain’t funny disrespecting these women like that. S*** is misogynistic as f***. THIS is why r*** culture is so prevalent, and men think they f****** own everything in this world. White men specifically, in my bones i know you are a white gay male.

      • Suicide Blonde May 25, 2012

        Kingphoenix, i love you too.

  13. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 25, 2012

    nude ?

    so what’s gonna be the name of her next clothing line ? P**** ? C*** ? 🙄

    • Denial May 25, 2012

      Maybe she should name it flaming homosexual so you could buy it.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 25, 2012

        no , i will buy it especially for you d*** rider.

      • Benron May 25, 2012

        OMG crying!

    • shawna askew best May 25, 2012

      No she will name it beyonce dry p****! Hop off ri C****

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 25, 2012

        as long it has BEYONCE in it , it well sell MORE ….

        if she’s smart , she will do it !

  14. B. Hill May 25, 2012

    Nude, huh? Well seeing as how Rihanna has no talent, I guess she’s gotta sell SOMETHING…

    • shawna askew best May 25, 2012

      She will sell your happy head Ho next

  15. DMWN May 25, 2012

    Words can’t begin to express how utterly ridiculous this cow is. I bet her fragrance smells like hot, unwashed Barbadian buttcrack in July. Something to use to fumigate.

  16. Aunt Jackie May 25, 2012

    This post is crazy!

  17. darren May 25, 2012

    Her body look weird. What’s up with the little girls stomach and such a large head. Anyway the navy will buy, buy buy all 500 copies from one person just to make the song #1 so you know they will buy this s***. Those little girls love looking at Rihanna’s naked body. (Sick)

  18. Verve May 25, 2012

    Unless she’s planning on selling her fragrence for $1.29, or cheaper, my guess is that the navy won’t be buying any. You know they only get a $2 allowance every other Friday…

  19. Jessica May 25, 2012


  20. Gaaglooo! May 25, 2012

    Does she still have ” The Predator” Inspired hair styl like she did on American Idol?! Btw Rbel Fleur Smells good, but old, like for 30y and more!

  21. EBONY CLAWS May 26, 2012

    B**** looks like DAAAAAMMMMNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

    But the name isn’t that hot.. I mean.. “NUDE”???

    “Naked” would be great for a Rihanna fragrance but NUDE sounds like a flop J-Lo fragrance…..

    The pic is everything, though..

  22. Truth May 26, 2012

    Pictures giving me Brandy – Afrodisiac flashbacks.

    Brandy > All

    • EBONY CLAWS May 27, 2012

      Woww.. I can’t find a very good reason to say “Brandy > All”.

      It’s like “Katy Perry > All” or “Adele > All” … but whatever.

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