Rita Ora ‘Rocs’ Jool Holland

Bringing new life to her smash hit ‘R.I.P.’, Rita Ora lovers recently saw the budding diva land “Later with Jools Holland” – her first live television performance.

Now Roc Nation rookie is repping her set with the thumping “Roc the Life”, a performance which saw Miss Ora rock the house like only she can.

Get into the action below:

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  1. Shots fired May 4, 2012

    Yesssssssss she smashed it!!! Plus Riptonumber1 was just trending WW!! She is hopefully gonna get her second UK number 1. Go Rita.

  2. Stevie May 4, 2012

    She did well. She really is starting to bore me and I thought she was so hype about her a year ago.

  3. Onyx May 4, 2012

    She could only have a career in the UK, here in the US no, no, no.

  4. Christian May 4, 2012

    Roc the life sounds like a hit. Rita did gteat, bigtime talent beautiful face.

  5. Barbie May 4, 2012

    I really love Rita. Is she going on tour with Drake? If so that is a big start.

  6. BLACK MADONNA May 4, 2012


  7. Jojo May 4, 2012

    Rita is growing on me. Already love rihanna, and Im really feeling Rita. That Roc song is hot. She might chart high with it.

  8. commanderofthedancefloor May 4, 2012

    RELEASE THE DAM SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have been stanning for this song since i first heard her perform it!! this really should have been her first single party & b******* should be just a buzz single!

  9. whyohwhy May 4, 2012

    I love her live performances and this is how you get your name out there doing this stuff excellent live and she is excellent… Go Rita!!! She has an appeal about her that I like and it’s called TALENT!!!!

  10. Queen May 4, 2012

    OW!, go Rita! Great performance 🙂

  11. Dev May 4, 2012

    Please! I’ve had enough already. You keep hyping this chick and every time i read an article or see a performance im disappointed, the only thing moved was my bowels

  12. Shots fired May 4, 2012

    How we do is doing we on the radio. Good updates daily. Still hopeful it can be in the top 10. But Roc the life has a chance to go number 1. It needs to be a WW release.

  13. Shots fired May 4, 2012


  14. JER May 5, 2012

    stop trying to make this STRANGERBITCH happen. It’s not going to happen. And you’ll be reminded every post when she 4lops how much promotion was put into her

  15. jawon May 5, 2012

    i don’t like her pronunciation…cant understand her, but the song sounds promising…

  16. Lax May 5, 2012

    @JER,,,,,So True!
    @DEV,,,,,very well stated, indeed!

  17. Lax May 5, 2012

    @WHYOGWHY,,,,She sure do have talent and that is why
    she is compared to rihanna so long and hard by the
    likes of you and kimberly and the bee hive. You want her
    to by pass rih so bad that yo d**ks want stay still in yo pants
    but hey keep pushing rita and you and others keep throwing
    that shade rihanna’s way every chance you get because after
    all you already know that Rihanna is the queen of getting bashed
    by the likes of yourself, kimberly got a attitude and the rest of the
    “Over The Hill Gang”,,,ha, ha, ha….

  18. mindgames May 5, 2012


    f***. you. 🙂

  19. R****** Navy Fails Again!! May 5, 2012

    LMAO! I see the forehead stans are PRESSED! Bwhahhahahaa! I mean….why are you b****** so insecure? If your girl was as talented as you ‘claim’ then you shouldn’t be worried and shading Rita at all! Maybe it’s because deep down you know Rita is coming for your faves shitty ass recycled Cassie wig! Bwhahhaahaha!

    Rita not only has the ‘look’ but she has the TALENT to back it up! Unlike Rihanna, Rita can actually SING, write and she sounds AMAZING live! She actually hits notes when she sings and doesn’t just scream off key like pon de forehead! Rita is the definition of TALENT!!

    Why the hell are you pressed delusional Rihtards calling Rita a flop?! She hasn’t even released an album yet you dumb c****! Best believe when it gets closer to her album release she is gonna be EVERYWHERE performing and doing interviews because she has one of the biggest labels backing her DEF JAM! Now that Def Jam has pushed Rihaha to the side and is focusing on actual talent, it’s only a matter of time before she blows up. The UK is LOVING this girl it’s only a matter of time before the US embraces her! People in the states are already getting sick of R****** as you can see by her last two FLOP singles! Bwhahahahahaha!

    And please kill it with the ‘she looks just Rihgoat’ crap! Rita is a NATURAL beauty who doesn’t need wigs and a ton of makeup to make her look pretty! Rita’s style is ORIGINAL! This is who Rita has been her ENTIRE career! She hasn’t switched up her looks 100 times to fit the curent trend like Rihfund! Since she hit the scene in 2009 Rita hasn’t changed one bit! Meanwhile pon de forehead has swagger jacked Beyonce, (the TRUE QUEEN) FeFe Dobson, Kelis, and even Cassie! R****** doesn’t have a ‘original’ bone in her body!

    Rita is EVERYTHING Rihanna wishes she could be! You pressed Rihtards better get ready for that Rita Reign!! Bwhahahhahaha!

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