Watch: Fantasia Joins Joshua Ledet For ‘Idol’ Finale Performance

Published: Wednesday 23rd May 2012 by Rashad

Third place finalist Joshua Ledet may have seen his dream of being the next American Idol dashed after he was unceremoniously voted off last week.  However, the young performer’s dream of sharing the stage with his own idol –  ‘Truth Is’ singer Fantasia – became a reality on tonight’s finale.

Branded the ‘male Fantasia’, Ledet lead a fiery duet with Fantasia which saw the two soul sisters soar before the anxious Idol audience.  Get into their gospel-tinged showing after the jump:

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  1. Truth May 23, 2012

    HA FIRST B******

    • OP.DP May 23, 2012


  2. KNUCK May 23, 2012

    ommmm @ “the two soul sisters”.. I CAN’T!!!

  3. NEWLIFEFAN May 23, 2012

    This was a screaming mess. Just terrible.

    • Winidpoo May 24, 2012

      I was disappointed too as I love them both… 🙁 **sigh**

  4. marjan May 23, 2012


    • Millhouse May 23, 2012

      SMH. That pig in a blanket was not made for a cat suit…. Its like she makes sure that everytime she’s on American Idol she looks a hot mess. This is where she should be dressing her best, but in stead it looks like she a has on a cheap Cher costume. I guess she was going for the Tina look, but this aint cuttin it.

      Can someone say STYLIST

  5. dee May 23, 2012

    it was gospel soul way to go fantasia amazing singer

  6. The-Truth May 23, 2012

    DEAD @ Two Soul Sisters

  7. Hollie May 23, 2012

    Fantasia sounded and looked wondeful tonight glad to see she is back on the scene and i dnt know y people consists on hating on Fantasia she is the truth and very honest and i love her.

    • goldie May 24, 2012

      Fantasia and Joshua were my favorites. Bought her albums….I Love her without all the yelling and screaming. She can truly be a superstar if she just sing. I hope Joshua does not go in that direction because they are both AMAZING. BUT….Last night>>>>>that was a HOT GHETTO MISS. Not hating….She looked a mess!


    The hairs on my arm are standing up. Amazing just took Idol to CHURCH!!!!

  9. The-Truth May 23, 2012

    What the F was that? The sad part about that is he thought that was cute

  10. Millhouse May 23, 2012

    & why did se have on that outfit while singing a gospel song? so inappropriate

  11. naturalBEAUTY May 23, 2012

    Politically correct or not. Fantasia literally looks like a piece of s*** in that catsuit! Who let her wear that? She looks like she belongs in someone’s toilet bowl. & that hair is giving me doo doo mama realness.

    • Wow May 23, 2012


  12. Jay1 May 23, 2012

    WhyYYYYYYYY, would anyone in their right mine, wear some mess like that. Fantasia has lost who she is as a professional entertainer. She hasn’t lost the baby weight, the weave is just too much. I’m disappointed. Hopefully, she will come to herself and get it together, if not I might have to leave miss thang alone.

  13. Dee May 23, 2012

    Fantasia is amazing and looked great

  14. Lady K May 23, 2012

    I am very astonish at what Fantasia is wearing, all that money she has and she couldn’t invest in a mirror, this is what you call an idol waste of time and talent. That beautiful voice should’ve had a beautiful outfit to go with it. And let’s not even talk about the hair can we say A- TRO- TIO- US!

  15. 0523 May 23, 2012

    I’m convinced Fantasia doesn’t have any friends. Why does she have that on? If you want to wear skin tight clothes. Lose weight. She needs to be a 2 piece pant suit. Fantasia could be extremely successful if she cleaned up her act.

  16. Marcus May 23, 2012

    YES!! YES!! And MORE YES!!

  17. credits May 23, 2012

    Fantasia went extra rasssppppyyyy tonight!!!!!!!

  18. BLACK MADONNA May 23, 2012


  19. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ May 23, 2012

    I love Fantasia, but she looks like a busted can of biscuits.

  20. Stephen May 24, 2012

    At least Fantasia can sing a bit better than the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Keyshia Cole. Imagine if Fantasia had played Effie in Dreamgirls, Beyonce would have been more overshadowed. Fantasia could have sung “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” better than J-Hud did.

  21. antertain May 24, 2012

    Growl and Rasp all over the place.

    This showcased the exact reason we all called him the male Fantasia.
    Passion, grit and raw gospel soul.

    I’m not here to comment on Fannys fashion.

  22. Truth May 24, 2012

    What I expected

  23. Sweetnothings78 May 24, 2012

    What in the stuffed sausage hell is she wearing???

  24. mr.m May 24, 2012


  25. Ernest May 24, 2012

    This was a mess. A screaming match. Highly disappointed

    • Winidpoo May 24, 2012

      I agree… I really love them both… I really wanted Josh to win but that honestly wasnt a good performance… Both are very strong “soul” singers as such gave “too much” ast the “same time”… *sigh* disappointed too…

  26. I’m not throwing shade, but… May 24, 2012

    Fall all of those commenting on the fashion head to, when you’re a real singer that doesn’t matter.

    Fashion firts is for the non singers.

  27. M.paternostro May 24, 2012

    Fantashia looked a fool! she had on an outfit some one stuffed her in, and a Tina Turner wig…

    • dee May 24, 2012

      fantasia is faB

  28. Sterling Infinity May 24, 2012

    Lmao at soul sister

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