Hot Shots: Jennifer Lopez Whips Up A Frenzy At Pop Music Fest

Published: Sunday 24th Jun 2012 by David

Peep these snaps of Jennifer Lopez, serving up the quite the spectacle at last night’s Pop Music Fest in Brazil.

Channeling her inner show-girl, the Latin bombshell whipped up a frenzy at the Arena Skol Anhembi in Sao Paulo, armed with a troop of suited dancers, and a diamond encrusted catsuit.

On the night she tweeted:

Just arrived in beautiful Sao Paulo. What’s up with the traffic? @kelly_clarkson @parishilton are ready to party tomorrow ‪#PopMusicFestival

More snaps below…

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  1. YOOSONDALOOSE June 24, 2012


  2. June 24, 2012

    beyoncé imitation. jlo isn’t a diva

    • Suicide Blonde June 24, 2012

      Wrong Beyonce was a J.Lo WANNABE.

      • virtuoso intellect June 24, 2012

        Beyonce’s too talented to wanna be a glorified bed-hopping dancer

      • Suicide Blonde June 24, 2012

        Do not get me started, please because you gonna lose as always, Beyonce even wish to be Latina so let’s not.

      • virtuoso intellect June 24, 2012

        lol Latino mag put Bey on their cover of 50 most beautiful and she paid them the biggest compliment in return. of course ur gonna take it out of context to suit your disdain of her but even if Bey did say that, im sure Jlo wouldnt be the 1st latina woman to come to her mind so save it.

        there’s nothing to start or not start. Jlo has been copying Beyonce n this tour as she has done on occasions in the past. period

      • Suicide Blonde June 24, 2012

        haha try again, i’m ok with Beyonce being more talented than J.Lo but when it comes to looks, Fashion, J.Lo’s wins and Beyonce has to bow down to her in that, J.Lo is a fashion Icon, Beyonce is not, J.Lo is one of the few artist that is still original in almost everything she does.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 24, 2012

      the ORIGINAL b**** is BACK I SEE …….

      i live.

  3. Suicide Blonde June 24, 2012

    J.Lo is amazing.

  4. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) June 24, 2012

    I see Beyonce has inspired her yet again with that outfit…but couldn’t she wait a little longer this time seeing as revel was only a month ago and is still very fresh in the minds of many? ripping off the whole vegas show-girl steaz Bey was serving with her naughty girl performance!

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 24, 2012

      ripping off the whole show-girl ?!!

      why not asking :

      do NOT do IT while i’m here , k ?!! 😉

      thx and bye.

    • virtuoso intellect June 24, 2012

      pls shut up. the Beyonce rip-off is too apparent here, ain noone here for ur damn links. this is not her 1st time copying Beyonce either

      • Suicide Blonde June 24, 2012

        LMAO! you all know she has always copy someone from Tina Turner to J.Lo, but of course she’s original RIGHT!.

  5. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 24, 2012

    and beyonce stans are going back and forth in here because ?

    we know J.LO “INSPIRED” beyonce a lot and beyonce “got inspired” by her a lot.

    let’s not talk copying and imitation while you are a beyonce stan cuz beyonce is not an original as an artist and we all know it , i love her but c’mon son , don’t do it …..

    now :

    follow the leader :

    • Suicide Blonde June 24, 2012

      I love da song Pop, Mama looks hot.

  6. POIUYT June 24, 2012



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