Watch: Mary J. Blige Breaks Silence On ‘Burger King’ Controversy

Published: Wednesday 27th Jun 2012 by Rashad


As fans well know, Hip Hop Soul Queen Mary J. Blige caused a royal uproar when she teamed with Burger King for the unveiling of their crispy chicken wraps.  Unwrapping what was then a very unexpected backlash, the singer immediately went into damage control – claiming the burger monarch did not portray her in the light she expected.

Now, to clear the air, ‘I’m Going Down’ diva has taken to radio queen Angie Martinez to dish on what really went down with she and the King of Whoppers.

Making her rounds in support of the new Tom Cruise-led musical ‘Rock of Ages’, get into what Mary had to say about the heat that followed that crispy commercial and more after the jump:


The buzz from the incident has well died down.  And, while we applaud Mary for getting it out in the open, we do recognize that this will probably be the first of many times she has to address the issue given it being her first time publicly speaking on it.

Be that as it may, Mary’s career has sustained her in a way that this incident will probably be under-rug-swept in a few months time.  It’s just unfortunate that such a good song had to go to waste over the mistake of an ill-planned commercial.

*Presses play on ‘Don’t Mind’*

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  1. DIOB June 27, 2012

    Mary you were singing about chicken!!!! Plain and simple. You should have known that people were going to feel some type of way about it. You took every negative sterotype of black women and made yourself. I thought it was funny as hell. I wasn’t offended in the slightest now I was offended by how awful you sounded. that is why I was upset. You have been singing since the 90s and you still cannot. I think thats why people were so upset about it. If you were singing decently about chicken people wouldn’t have been so offended. But you sounded like a dying cat.

    • FP June 27, 2012

      What about you shutting the f*** up ?

      • Diob June 28, 2012

        NOPE !!!!! She cant sing its as simple as that.

    • Noel June 27, 2012

      @diob this was a long winded mess. Shut up.

      • Diob June 28, 2012

        But you took the time to read my “Long winded Mess” huh. _/ your throne awaits your bottom.

    • Jessica June 28, 2012

      Why don’t you #TAKESEVERALSEATS and stay the f*** there, FLOP!!! Your mad that the QUEEN OF HIP HOP SOUL HAS MORE F****** MONEY THAN YOUR DRY ASS P****!! GO AND SIT DOWN W****!!!

      • Diob June 28, 2012

        Im actually not upset. But I was upset at how she sounded. Its not my fault she cant sing.

    • ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ June 28, 2012

      “Its not my fault she cant sing.”

      Right, says the person who has STRAINtina in their avatar.

  2. Gaaglooo! June 27, 2012

    LOLoLoLoLoLoLoLoL……………………… I Can’t, This Is Worse Than Seeing Nicky With The Freakin Big Leg Chicken Fried!!!!!!!

  3. joker June 27, 2012

    lol. what is this about. when did that happen?

    sorry i don’t remember. this not relevant. just an ad i block. 😀

  4. Johnb June 27, 2012

    Ummm to the first person that comment b**** do u have a Grammy ? Do u have any albums up on the charts ? Ok stfu Mary has been around for 20 years and still killing r&b even when it ain’t selling ! I want to say like Mary said y’all haters like to come out and talk s*** but y’all don’t even know this woman ! Like have some respect she has put her all in to her music and has done so much for women like why you hating ! Mary you can sing about whatever I will always be by your side rather it be chicken or whatever !

    • Diob June 28, 2012

      Her having grammys is besides the point. Her selling albums that chart is beside the point. Her being in the music industry for 20 years is beside the point. The point is she cant sing. Im not hating im stating my opinion which just so happens to be right. its not my fault you disagree with what I said. She sounds like something is constantly stuck in her throat.

      • ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ June 28, 2012

        YELLtina is in your avatar and Mary sounds like she has something in HER throat? Child……..

  5. Benron June 27, 2012

    LMAO Are they gunna be offended by the popeyes commercials too?

  6. Noel June 27, 2012

    People made way too big a deal about this.

  7. NameDontMatter June 27, 2012

    Being a die hard MARYLYVS i was def in the confused section!! Demo got leaked it happens to the best of them small bump in the rode.. tour and betty shabazz movie next BIG THINGS!! Whole time she on a yatch sumwhere gettin her nails done while da hatas are doin what they do best!! Being miserable!!!

  8. Darianna Jones June 27, 2012

    People did ENTIRELY too much with this commercial. I thought it was hilarious, and yes it could have been taken as a stereotype against black people, but anyone with some damn sense knows that it’s not just BLACK FOLK who eat fried chicken.

  9. imusicjunkie June 27, 2012

    I like Mary but forreal she set herself up. Wtf is doing burger king commercials. Wouldn’t catch beyonce doing that ish.

    • FP June 28, 2012

      Cuz no one would ask her, and who cares about that b**** anyway.

  10. Marcos O’liva June 27, 2012

    who cares about that camercial. what is that on her head.

  11. NATURALBEAUTY June 27, 2012

    Crispy chicken fresh lettuce 3 cheeses ranch dressing wrapped up in a tasty flour tortillaaa

    • Um OK June 28, 2012


  12. JER June 28, 2012

    oh please. Because i’m sure they just threw Mary J Bliges in a Burger and did one take of her. MARY SIT DOWN. Lying ass b****. She was first approached about the idea, then had to approve everything in the script, had to test run the segment, and then shoot it, do multiple takes, pick the best one, and see the final. IF SHE DIDN’T then she’s not in control of her brand. You won’t see Mariah doing ANYTHING where every angle isn’t flawless, every shot isn’t Mariah-approved. I’m so over Mary J. Blige and her b*******. She aint had a decent album since The Breakthru and before that it was Share My World.

    • Jessica June 28, 2012

      Where is your f****** album?? Oh that’s right- NOWHERE FLOP ASS!!! GO WIPE YOUR P****!!!

      • JER June 28, 2012

        f*** you b**** i’m not trying to sell s*** so take your dollar menu ass over to Burker King and have all the seats

    • FP June 28, 2012

      You must be a Rihanna or Beyonce fan, you don’t know what your talking about b**** ! you don’t know what’s good music.
      Mary is the queen and will always be, shitting on the whole scene day after day after day.

      Now YOU sit down

  13. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 28, 2012

    i don’t get it , and i don’t know what black ppl think what is “racist” and what is not anymore , they are just confusing and self-hating.
    i find it funny myself , not racist !! especially when she says ” where are the chicken wraps ?! ”

    and they had ppl like beckham and salma hayek , i don’t think they are racist , ppl who are offended by this are def weak and over-sensitive and look too much through things.

  14. Matthew Charlery-Smith June 28, 2012

    That interview was so funny!!! I understand where she’s coming from. If any of you have worked on film sets or commercials you’d know how many takes they do and how better takes can be left on the cutting room floor.

    This whole episode, including people’s parodies on YouTube has provided endless jokes for me but there was no reason for people to be so negatively hyped over it. It’s not as if she did a commercial for Big Mama’s Fried Chicken & Watermelon Shack in Mississippi! Burger King is an International institution appealing to all cultures and nationalities, anyone can find something they’ll like there. Burger King should really have dealt with the damage control rather than making her look so ridiculous!

    It’s nice to see Mary’s more humane side though. Sometimes she comes across too rigid and serious, this interview lightened her up. I hope people can get over this now, it’s not fair on her. She’s given us 2 decades of good music and has helped preserve 2 important aspects of our culture, Hip-Hop and RnB. She’s also helped the Black female (not just the formal, highly educated Condoleeza Rice-types) gain a lot of respect in America. She made being ghetto, fabulous without ACTING ghetto!

    • FP June 28, 2012

      You are very right ! Thank you !

  15. Lax June 28, 2012

    Mary has long ago graduated from the school of hard knocks and
    she has made great strides in her personal life and her career!!!!!!
    Shes not about to let some chicken derail her now no way at all.

  16. AMAZINJALEN June 28, 2012

    Black people like chicken STFU & get over it! So because she’s singing about how much she loves it makes it an issue? -____-

  17. Um OK June 28, 2012

    As an African American Im not ashamed to admit that I felt offended by Mary’s Burger King commercial and had I seen it everyday on television during the breaks it would have bothered me. It just gives the already ignorant racist ppl out there another chance to mock us for “sangin” about chicken. You can’t have the Queen of Hip Hop soul, an icon of the black community “sangin” about fried chicken. You’re allowed to sing about chicken its just the approach was all wrong.

  18. SCDAA June 28, 2012

    I cant really judge her and say she knew exactly how the commercial would turn out, but I definitely know she wouldn’t intentionally do anything to mess up her image. I also know that Devyne stephens helped her recreate her image to what it is now. He is such a kind man. Many celebrities say they help out non profits and charities but rarely have the time to go through with their promises. But this man with such a busy schedule was able to make videos promoting the texting campaign for Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA). Check out the video on youtube

  19. Bam Bam June 28, 2012

    Thats my favorite song ever…”Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce….”

  20. neutral June 28, 2012

    a whole bunch of a list celebs did this stupid bk commercial… ppl took this way too serious!

  21. Cavatelli o Linguine ai frutti di mare May 13, 2015

    Fantastic nice.Thanks for sharing.

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