Official Video: Coldplay & Rihanna – ‘Princess Of China’

Published: Saturday 2nd Jun 2012 by Sam

The chart relevancy of Coldplay and Rihanna‘s duet ‘Princess of China’ may have sailed to a land long and far way, yet that hasn’t stopped the talented quad (and Rih) from finally releasing the track’s official video.

Check out the matrix-meets-kung fu clip after the jump…

Actioned-packed, soaked in gloss, and an all-round compelling watch, it really does beg the question as to why this wasn’t serviced sooner (?!)

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‘Princess of China’ is lifted from Coldplay’s ‘Mylo Xyloto’ LP, which is out now.

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  1. Gilberto June 2, 2012

    Didn’t it flop like months ago? Why are they releasing it now? Coldplay had a really flop era. That’s what happens when you associate your image to other flop. I won’t say no name.

    • RYK101 June 2, 2012

      gurl you talking about flops? Please! I won’t say no name either 🙂

    • LIFE June 2, 2012


      • Benron June 2, 2012

        Um Rihanna uses BRONZER, Not bleach, she has always been lightskin, Beyonce however, has changed shades for every era!

      • Lax June 3, 2012

        Liar, liar pants on fire.

    • S****** Blonde June 2, 2012

      Didn’t it flop like months ago? Why are they releasing it now?

      I’m gonna answer your question but you respond to mine.

      Beyonce is still releasing singles from “4” and all of them flopped, “End of Time” comes in mind.

    • STANNN June 2, 2012


      • Lax June 3, 2012

        Pitful ass!

  2. Wolverines June 2, 2012

    I L L U M I N A T I


    • wendy June 2, 2012

      That’s not nice thing to say no wonder Rihanna said this:

      She said: “Who wants to be bashed every day of their f**king lives? That’s not fun. “Today I could eat an apple, and ten people like it and one will not. The next day I could do shots and five people will like it and five won’t. What’s important is, you never know. You can’t do it for the reaction because it’s never going to be the same. I learned to live my life with the blinders on. At one point it was so bad, it became numb for me. It was a scary place to be.

      I have to wonder if Chris also feel the same way. I really feel sorry for the both of them.

      • chianne June 2, 2012

        I feel for them too. They’re so young. It’s not a pleasant world out there for either of them.

        Where is this quote from??

      • anelle June 2, 2012

        Feel for Chris, even tho he brought this on himself. People just go overboard bashing that boy, constantly.

    • Lax June 3, 2012

      PROVE IT

      • wolverines June 3, 2012

        She is’nt crawling on the floor, in a satanic pentagram, with Devil horn’s on her head, in the Rockstar video for the sake of it, or making all seeing eye’s every day and night to honour her “masters” her controllers, her manipulaters for the sake of it.

  3. June 2, 2012

    this video was just like Blah!….

    • Lax June 3, 2012


  4. Angel987 (BEYONCÉ STAN) June 2, 2012

    Love this song…

    Dunno how to feel about this video

    Coldplay are doing a-okay 🙂

    • Gilberto June 2, 2012

      I used to like Coldplay. But their last album was HORRIBLE! I am not surprised that it sold poorly. Their fans hated it. And critcs completly ignored it. They were trying to reach a younger audience, but they failed.

      • OddOne June 2, 2012

        Ermm… You’re clearly from the US, yeah? We Brits loved it. It’s sold millions.

      • Isabelle June 2, 2012

        You hated it. I know a bunch of people who did not. Get that was out of your ears.

      • Lax June 3, 2012


  5. honeydip June 2, 2012


  6. Ugh June 2, 2012

    I really don’t like this song and i don’t care for the video.

    • Lax June 2, 2012

      Theres got to be a milllion and million
      of songs that many people don’t like. Theres
      so many different Genres of music out there
      for people to choose from. Thats why they have
      so many different Generes and so many different
      artists of many different Talents & Sounds.

    • Lax June 3, 2012

      No one cares if you like it or not, with rihanna
      and coldplay influences around the globe it will
      still sell with or without yo b***.

  7. Nick June 2, 2012

    it’s a decent video
    videos like these you usually don’t see anymore. it’s cool. can’t complain rihanna does make great videos.

  8. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 2, 2012

    sorry , i liked the tour backdrop version WAY MORE ….. like so much better than this “BRUCE LEE meets MEMORIES OF A GEISHA : the rihanna version ” featuring the extra white man ….

    MEH and Overdue !!!!! 😡

  9. whyohwhy June 2, 2012

    Who paid for this mess? Rihanna can not save the world, when are they going to learn that! Not good just like Battleship the story line is very weak…

    • Lax June 2, 2012

      @whywhy…. after a person has did all they can do
      then the rest of the chips has to fall where they may.
      Rihanna did great in her feature and so did the cast
      you win some and you lose some. No one will be at the
      top all of the time. Rihanna is still wet behind the ears
      and shes a work in progress but time will be on her side to
      keep working as hard and as smart as she can and what you
      do is keep trying to kick her in the booty to try and kill
      her and her navy’s spirits.
      It is funny how many of you tries to talk others down who or
      still working their asses off to try and get good and grounded.
      With Rihanna’s haul she is a made woman now and yo negative DIGS AT HER
      OR ALL NULL & VOID and will not kill her working sporit at all, shes on to the next one, deery

      • Lax June 2, 2012

        Entertainment mojo says a fail but still
        made some with….
        Domestic 51,713.000
        Foreign 232,700.000
        Total 284,413.000

        As you all know the show must go on
        so its on to the next one.
        You can call Rihanna names and say vile
        and evil things about her, but you can never say
        that shes not a hard worker and at least making shyt happen for

  10. Virtuoso Intellect June 2, 2012

    The song is a load of noise. The video? Well Rihanna looked exotic … I was waiting for it to take off, it never quite did. I dont think this is a memorable visual

    • Lax June 2, 2012

      Noise can often times help pay the bills,
      and get you a bite to eat from time to time
      ask Beyoncce.

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 2, 2012

        Omg get s grip child. I think this “song” is pure unfiltered noise there i said it again its my prerogative. Ur gonna give yourself a heart attack replyin to every less than favourable comment. If ur so thin-skinned just stick to rhitard!

  11. WHUT June 2, 2012


    THIS>>>>>>> that Take Care Video.

    UNALIVE @ the Fossil-yonce stans getting here before the actual fans AS USUAL!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    It’s UNDERSTANDABLE though, since the bums are STILL waiting for the End of TRASH video to be released!!! Guess they forgot that flop s***’s release date: 5th of NEVERUARY!!!


    • LAX June 2, 2012

      h** stfu

      • WHUT June 2, 2012

        Listen to me you Chris Hansen to catch a predator p******** looking name hacking SLORE!!!

        DON’T YOU EVER wallow your gargantuan p** feet into my reply section UNANNOUNCED YOU HEAR ME?????!!!!!!!

        The REAL LAX is more the welcome NOT YOU cretin. GOOD!!! NOW you can reopen that browser tab of those donkey’s 69ing slore.

    • Lax June 2, 2012

      @WHUT Thanks this “Worthless” piece of s***
      is always talking out of their ass. They don’t
      bring anything of substance to the comment board
      as a matter of fact worthless s*** like this can
      just drive right on by and never be missed, one bit!

  12. HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 2, 2012

    I love it.

  13. Row Row Row the boat June 2, 2012

    The sexual chemistry between Rihanna and Chris is sooooo awkward lol

    The video is awful… Rihanna makes me laugh when she ‘tries’ to do alternative
    music like this and appear indie – LOL

    Like WTF do you think you’re fooling girl? She is sooo manufactured it’s unreal. I have no love for these illuminati artists. Jay z and his camp can go to hell for all I care, it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that these guys are affilliated with an hidden organisation. Don’t wanna sound crazy but I refuse to support this s***.

    • Lax June 2, 2012

      @Row all of them or manufactured, ask rita, kelly
      gaga, katy, and the whole lot of them, deery what you
      talking bout, deery.

    • Lax June 2, 2012

      @ROW,,You don’t have to support nothing
      loosers like you or a dime a dozen.

  14. trucie June 2, 2012

    This was a beautiful video. Loved the chemistry at the end between the two.

  15. aishaaguilerakeys June 2, 2012


  16. truegirl June 2, 2012

    number 2 on the charts over seas bey stans stay mad nobody like you queen cheep videos

    • Lax June 2, 2012

      Thats cool!

  17. KayeV June 2, 2012

    elegant + siiiick video ! they should cast her in the next Kill Bill flick 🙂
    and Xris Martins kinda cute .. yeeeah i said it

  18. Lax June 2, 2012

    It’s cool and i like it and this is something different for chris and his group
    it is good to mix and do things with different ones it opens up so many
    new avenues for Her to follow.

  19. JER June 2, 2012

    Not here for this old ass song just now getting a video

  20. S****** Blonde June 2, 2012

    I love Coldplay and this song is great, i like the video it’s always good to see Rihanna and Chris Martin, oh! i think “Clocks” by Coldplay is the best song of 00’s.

  21. Gilberto June 2, 2012

    This video is pathetic. There are many references of Japanese culture, and even Hindu culture is there. Actually, I barely see any Chinese’s references there. FAIL.
    Chris Martin saved it! He looks so hot. Really hot.

    • Benron June 2, 2012

      Um, He saved it? his part in the video was very small, It was more focused on Rihanna, he walked in the wilderness and held swords with Rihanna the whole time, WTF did he “save”! Still tryna shade Rih and call her a “flop” HOW EMBARASSING! Your picture is Beyonce, and if you didn’t notice, 4 didnt beat anyones era, nto Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, all of her ‘rivals” pulled ahead, but Ill be quiet, they are FLOPS!

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 2, 2012

        those people arent Bey’s rivals, Bey’s been in the business for over 15 years so at this point she can afford a “flop” so to speak cus technically 4 isnt one at all. When i Bey fan mentions flop, all u can comeback with is the “4” era. When history is written Bey was pregnant during the 4 era, she’s excused really. Besides none of those artist’s releases are in the same genre as 4. Your only basis of comparison is that they’re all females. That is not enough to draw strong correlation between the women and their album sales.

  22. S****** Blonde June 2, 2012

    Oh! Rihanna b**** don’t mess with my Men, first Ashton and now Chris and i still can’t forgive you for the hot video of “Rehab” once again with one of my Men Justin.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 2, 2012

      Yea im very much aware of the fake baby bump rumours. You choose to believe them, i choose not to but either way that’s not what my comment was about. There’s only so much promotional support a pregnant woman can give to a newly released LP. It for hypothesis she were faking it, she’d still have to keep up appearances

      • S****** Blonde June 2, 2012

        Virtuoso, i don’t choose to believe those rumors, she contributed to that, she s*** herself with that, this is gonna be always remembered in her career.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 2, 2012

      The rumours will be remembered by those who want to hold on to it. Beyonce has her baby girl and the media has moved on from the bumpgate stories

      • S****** Blonde June 2, 2012

        Virtuoso, whatever.

  23. burstyurbubble June 2, 2012


    • Lax June 2, 2012

      Hmmmm why don’t you stop yawning and get some sleep?

  24. uhh okaii June 2, 2012

    sorry…ilike the song..but i hate the video its trash

  25. RICK June 2, 2012


    • Lax June 3, 2012

      Rick rihanna keep driving the likes of yo ass up a wall.

  26. Lax June 2, 2012

    Rihanna is spreading her wings that way she get exposure
    and she also dips in other genres of music which is always
    great for business. Rihanna is a business woman and she
    is not letting any grass grow under her feet, and she ain’t studding
    about what her haters or saying lol.

  27. Lax June 2, 2012

    @Bee hive this is the list that Rihanna and others or looking
    forward to getting on. And as you can see there or only ten on this
    list and there or many whos names or no place to be found. This
    list tells you that there is more artist other than rihanna who or working
    as hard as rihanna is to try for the bigger and better things in life. With
    that being said just go on and give rihanna and others some more time
    on the clock because they or still working on that chain game.

    And these artist did not jut hop up to where they or over night they have
    been working on the chain game for years and years.

  28. RICK June 2, 2012


  29. X,Y,”and Z” June 2, 2012

    BREAKING NEWS — Movie Studio Chairman Calls Out Rihanna: Rihanna’s “‘Battleship’ OFFICIALLY a flop!”

    Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts on Friday called Battleship, released by the Universal Pictures unit of the cable giant’s entertainment arm NBCUniversal, an “unfortunate, large miss,”

    “But the current quarter has been negatively affected by the “unfortunate, large miss in Battleship and another one in The Five-Year Engagement,” he said.
    “We’ll have a negative quarter at NBCUniversal,” driven partly by the two flops, Roberts said, which will leave first-half financials flat to slightly down but right around where the company had expected — except for the effect of the Battleship flop.”

    “But the current quarter has been negatively affected by the “unfortunate, large miss in Battleship and another one in The Five-Year Engagement,” he said.
    “We’ll have a negative quarter at NBCUniversal,” driven partly by the two flops, Roberts said, which will leave first-half financials flat to slightly down but right around where the company had expected — except for the effect of the Battleship flop.”

    So, there you have it! The head of the studio that made the movie even said it! Here, Camp-Fenty, have a nice long, slow read, and a really good cry:

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

    • Lax June 3, 2012

      @XYZ,,,,,,,,And through all of that flopping, she still
      managed to make that all important Forbes List, now where
      is yo boy’s name XYZ show us heres the list. Rihanna is
      sitting pretty at number 4

      See xyz its not the size of the boat it’s the motion of the
      ocean..deery go on and talk about the flop movie and read
      that FORBES list whic will last from now on for her, in other
      words shes a “KEPT WOMAN NOW” Z And i know it PAINS YO

      • Lax June 3, 2012

        You or always talking smack about how great yo boy is and
        how nicki, rita and others or going to take Rihanna’s place
        now go on and show me where they or on this 2012 this years forbes list.
        We all know that Rihanna isn’t at the top but she sure in thye hell isn’t at the bottom
        And if you look closely she made more than the number one person jlo made XYZ

  30. josh June 2, 2012

    Not feelin this at all…

  31. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 3, 2012

    I have a feeling the video could have been better, for some reason one just feel “blah” about it
    The song… ok
    Still can´t conceive how Coldplay collaborated with Rihanna… hope these type of things stop happening in the future 🙂

  32. EBONY CLAWS June 3, 2012

    there’s no YT server to my country

    i couldn’t even watch Dickie Garbaj video

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