The Queen Of Rap: Nicki Minaj Destroys Funkmaster Flex Following ‘Sabotage’ Threat

Published: Monday 4th Jun 2012 by David

The Queen has spoken.

Minutes ago, Nicki Minaj called into Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 radio show for what we’d call ‘ a showdown of epic proportions’, after he threatened to ‘tear down’ her career after Sunday night’s Summerjam debacle.

Listen below…


In response to the above interview, Minaj’s nemesis Lil Kim tweeted:

Smfh so disappointed in Flex this is Nonsense !!! On my way to my show …Over this ! Nebraska !!! See u in a few !

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lola June 4, 2012

    Damn Nicki was Lying! Damn and i love her!

    • Abeey June 4, 2012

      What the f***? What did she lie about?

      • Jay J June 4, 2012

        That’s what I wanna know too. Nicki is nothing but the truth…

      • JOsh mercado June 5, 2012

        she LIED ABOUT Lauryn HIll performing with her, and Lauryn hill tweeted that she was not nicki’s guesst. Damn nicki, what else you could be lying about. NIcki minaj FANs, go watch Playtime is over by lil kim <3

    • anonymous June 7, 2012

      flex beat his women and like men and thats why he is not getting what she sayin

  2. Girrrl June 4, 2012

    Queen of Rap?! That’s so disrespectful especially given that she claimed to be a pop star. Flex is backing down though and she’s trying to divert attention from her US sales.

    • Nicki stan June 4, 2012

      She sold 500,000 records in the US the 1st wk! She said that so what r u talking about?

      • anonymous1 June 5, 2012

        Noooo, not even close… (probably actually less than) 500k in the US, total to date….

      • JOsh mercado June 5, 2012

        her album is not EVEN gold yet.

  3. Black Barbie’s Cousin June 4, 2012

    Lil’ Kim gets dragged,bashed and hated on daily. but that dont stop that b**** from STEPPING ON ANY STAGE or SITTING IN ANY INTERVIEW. Kim’s twitter is still ACTIVATED.
    Nicki Minaj got dragged and exposed yesterday,so she pulled out of her show and used wayne as a scapegoat.
    Her fans didnt buy her flop album so she called them all ratchet ! had a lil’ breakdown and deleted her twitter while disrespecting her BIGGEST fan outlet “Nicki Daily” <<< and that is who you CROWN Queen Of RAP ??? i CANT !!!!

    • Os June 4, 2012

      you have no pride so you would never in a million years understand this situation.

      • Black Barbie’s Cousin June 4, 2012

        was the truth too much for you to handle ?? sit all the way DOWNE

      • Kitty June 4, 2012


      • ricky June 4, 2012

        Nicki didnt make the decision. Wayne did. nicki wanted to go on that stage she just didnt wanna disrespect wayne. Nickis dope

    • TK June 4, 2012

      That right there is the problem. She doesn’t care that people disrespect her, hence the reason why people KEEP DOING IT. However, she doesn’t have much of a choice but to take it because no one is that bothered about booking her for anything. She is not a first choice simply because there are many more relevant artists that can be booked.
      Y’all stay talking OUTSIDE of Team Minaj about what you THINK happens on this side and you really, really don’t even know the half. Nicki is GOOD, Team Minaj is GOOD. Spend less time worrying about us and more time worrying about your fav & her singles which are sitting at the bottom of iTunes. 🙂

      • pamela kertou September 30, 2012

        all ya haters better stop with your stupid ASS comments
        cause sooner imma say what you dont wanna hear about yourself jackass b****** yall just crazy ass whoes…team nicky rocks more than you do!!ASSWIPEZ………ASSWIPESSSS…………..

    • Nicki stan June 4, 2012

      She didnt sell records??? Her album is #1!!! Know the facts!

      • Ch… June 4, 2012

        Is it at least GOLD or is it still scanning BABY POWDER?


  4. Kenudigme June 4, 2012

    Flex has lost my respect! You B I T C H A S S N i G G A!

  5. reallest June 4, 2012

    NIcki you sound like you look. stupid h**

    • b**** please June 4, 2012


  6. Os June 4, 2012

    flex was back paddling and talking over nicki,he new he was the one that mess up,then turn around and make it seems like it,s nicki,s fault when flex and there managers was messing up glad nicki is putting on that free show for all the people who payed to see her specifically at summer jam and other can go too.

    • Black Barbie’s Cousin June 4, 2012

      Flex skirted around the real issue.
      Nicki backed out because she knew something wudda went down i she disrespected Kim at that NEW YORK show. you dont f*** with the QUEEN OF NY which is KIM !

      • haterzstaypressed June 4, 2012

        B**** why don’t you give it up. Are you Lil’ Kim? I mean, you on all the sites spreading your propaganda. Girl, Kim is the Queen of STD’s and WHORES. You ain’t about it so SIT b**** lol.

      • BLACK MADONNA June 4, 2012

        Kim is a washed up 40 year old ex-con.. Queen? bish bye

  7. Benron June 4, 2012

    In order t obe the queen of rap, don’t you have to rule rap. Her only hit off her rap album was starships, a pop single, clearly, she isn’t ruling rap!

    • James_9481 June 7, 2012

      Rap isn’t a music genre, it’s a vocal style. You can rap over rnb, pop, or hip hop beats. Get over it.

  8. MusicExpert June 4, 2012

    LOL another incorrect post!!
    Queen of Rap??
    This chick is a sell outttt
    Stop supporting this Lil Kim hoax!

  9. Yeezy June 4, 2012

    Sam if lies were a*** you’d be killing N*ggaz…. Nicki got cought out there! she was scared of NYC!!! Blonco had back staged lined up to pop off. Brooklyn all day!

  10. coco June 4, 2012

    Flex is such a biaaatch!!! everything evolves besides hip hop? no wonder blacks are slow to catch up with other races…fashion, television, even other music genres have evolved…Nicki never mind them, they are losers! Did anybody check if this flex guy( who i hate btw) had a real d***??or does he have a punani? old man, it’s time to hang it up….

    • Thembi June 6, 2012

      LOL, u with the colonialist mindset!! hip hop has done a lot of evolving but its certainly nt evolving thru turning it pop..neva try changing a genre under the guise of evolution…Busta still kicks it forget pop. silly of u to bring race into this coz those sticking to real hip hop are true black people sticking to their product…not those few tryna accomodate and attract other races and turn this into a white brand by making it pop so wat u on?! u certainly dnt knw enaf to be commenting abt race s***…sounds like u dnt got da essence of rap at all…stick to ur pop u’ll neva see hip hop fo wat it is if u think putting it on pop territory is doing it any justice

  11. JUSTIN June 4, 2012


  12. King Bey June 4, 2012

    Kim fans will Hate and want no one to be great damn just like their surgery loving fav! Btw Deaaaaath @lilkim listening to the interview before a show Lmaoooo haha

    • Madusa June 4, 2012

      I agree with you. Lil Kim and her stans let other females be great. Damn if yall not coming for Nicki Minaj throat, you coming for Azealia Banks ALL DAY ON TWITTER!! Get a life.

  13. June 4, 2012

    …….this whole showdown was lame, and fake as fuc. Fuckmaster Flex sounds dumb repeating over and over “keep it 100” . Can the Hiip Hop community please put this prase to death! And Nicki Minaj does sound like a “stupid h**” just like her song, and looked like one grabbing Foxy Brown’s boobz in pics, when she coulda been on stage. NO one wants to address the real about how Lil Kim was gonna be dogged out onstage. BUt anyway Lauyn Hill is the true winner! Her song, “Lost Ones” describes this whole Flex/ROsenberg/ and Nicki situation to a T!

  14. TEASPILLER June 4, 2012

    The Queen of Rap is Lauryn, duh. But Flex didn’t do a damn thing. Nicki got that ass together.

  15. Laytorials June 4, 2012

    How is she going to make it all about female respect when she has built her career on dissing Kim and talking down on other “b******”? Such a f****** hypocrite.

    • Thembi June 6, 2012

      what a valid point u raised..damn! good one, y ddnt i think of that?

  16. 4everAKEEM June 4, 2012

    She is Not the Queen but she did Book and also got Booked….

  17. MonsterHive June 4, 2012

    & that’s what you call ending a career? Lmao Nicki owned him, Flex didn’t say s***.

    • Lola June 4, 2012

      No she didn’t she kept lying and dodging the question!

      • SMH June 4, 2012

        What exactly did she lie about tho?

    • Lola June 4, 2012

      B**** didn’t you hear! Got damn! Don’t ask me a f****** question and you heard the same thing i heard! Bye!

      • GetChaLife June 4, 2012

        Girl bye! Stop avoiding the f****** question Krimlin, tell us what she lied about cause I heard no lies.

  18. Kingphoenix June 4, 2012

    Queen of Rap? Um no. More Urban Pop Court Jester to be I miss mixtape Nicki tho, I miss Hardcore Kim, and The Ill Na Na Foxy… 🙁

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t all some calibrated stunt by YMCMB and The Djs of Hot 97 tbh. Its all coonery and stunt kweenery.

  19. JUSTIN June 4, 2012


  20. Ain’t Playing Witchu June 4, 2012

    Looks like that’s the end of that. She shut his ass down. I’m just tired of black people wanting to wrap themselves up in a tight little box of ‘Never change, never go anywhere, never do nothing’

    F*** that noise. Shits gotta change and while some cats are cool staying in 1985, the rest of us are moving on.

    Nicki laid it down. Hot 97 and Flex can enjoy how they f***** themselves on this one.

    • olivia June 5, 2012

      Nicki doesn’t even want to be black.She bleaches and wears a blond lace-front.

      • OpD2 June 5, 2012

        so what would you say about kim+it is proven that kim don’t want to be black,she bleach her skin too surgeries and admitted in an interview that she is a spanish woman trap in a black girl body that,s her words not mine,the interview is on here some were,so all off you check your selves before yall come ofter nicki.

  21. naturalbeauty June 4, 2012

    Lmao at what Kim Tweeted tho “@LilKim: Smfh so disappointed in Flex this is Nonsense !!! On my way to my show …Over this ! Nebraska !!! See u in a few !” Gorl all the things you can be doing with your time you’re worried about a Nicki interview? She throwing tantrums in Nebraska.

    • Kingphoenix June 4, 2012

      Natural Beauty…Don’t let me find out that you are Rihject?

      • NATURALBEAUTY June 4, 2012

        Gorl no. What I look like deaf? I ain’t Foxy.

      • Kingphoenix June 5, 2012

        lmfao! No it was this commentor n her called Rihject and had a gravatar just like that, shading RIhanna left and right.

    • Lea June 5, 2012

      B**** you mess the point,Kim is in Nebraska.She is doing something.

      • Kingphoenix June 5, 2012

        Milking cows?

  22. June 4, 2012

    Its funny how money changes situation. Miscommunication leads to complication….I was on the humble on every Station. “i know all the tricks from brix to kingston. Different things test me run from me cant. >………..this sounds like the beef between the radio and Nicki.

    • 10 singles June 4, 2012

      Lol hahaha

  23. SMH June 4, 2012

    “You don’t like me? Don’t book me.” lol!

  24. BABYLONHOE June 4, 2012

    She did have a point tho. But Flex wanted to bring up sales yet Nicki sold more albums than 90 percent of the artist performing at Summer Jam that night. He felt stupid. 3.5 million albums sold in 2 years without singles is good!

    • @MsHennyWhite June 6, 2012

      THEN SHE SHOULD HAVE PERFORMED FOR 90 PERCENT OF HER FANS. She completely lost any of the little respect I had for her as an artist. #Wack. She could have shut that s*** down and shitted on Rosenberg. Even though Rosenberg has the right to his opinion and agree with him she coulda came out oldschool and kicked it to the oldschool. I don’t wanna hear that. people paid mad money now she gunna put a “FREE CONCERT” that s*** gunna end up like Drake’s SouthStreet Seaport FREE CONCERT.

  25. Viciousss June 4, 2012


    I came for the entertainment and Nicki brought it. Spanked Rosenberg’s, Flex’s, and Hot 97’s ass like they were some bad-ass kids throwing tantrums.

    Get em b****!

    I may not fully ride withyou but shut a b**** down when LAMES who BOOKED YOU are trying to DISS YOU.

    F*** that s***.

    • Lisa June 5, 2012

      Nicki didn’t shut sh*t down.Nicki lied all throughout the interview.

  26. BLACK MADONNA June 4, 2012


  27. June 4, 2012

    true, how you gonna be about “RESPECT” when you been disrespecting your other female counterparts….LIES LIES LIES, and Flex has lost credibility if he had any, Nicki is right at one thing Flex is contradicting. All this talk about truth is Nonsense though, get sum1 who knows what the hell they talking about instead of spreading Garbage and B******* and LIes….get Lauryn up there to spread some LIGHT to the Hip Hop generation, I just wish she would get over herself about being and contributing to Pop.

  28. RIriatthethrone June 4, 2012

    This is coming from an unbiased point of view. Nicki made more valid points than Flex & owned him on his own show. She had every right tho, he wanted to go off on her yesterday when she was nowhere in sight but now on the phone you keeping it silent. She read him down & I for one saw her point. She doesn’t care about Rosenberg’s opinion, he doesn’t have to like her, but when you disrespect someone in front of her fans that have paid good money to see her it’s a problem.

  29. yUMADTHO June 4, 2012


  30. Onemil02 June 4, 2012

    Lil Kim PLEASE sit your ASS DOWN!!!!

  31. haterzstaypressed June 4, 2012

    Poor Lil Kim fans. Y’all are so pressed and mad. Stop crying and go buy Lil’ Kim’s album. Oh what? The b**** don’t have one! LOLOL!

    • Pressed is LATE June 4, 2012

      You mean like the GOLDLESS album your fave just put out? Oh.

    • Lisa June 5, 2012

      Why do you keep mentioning Kim in all your post?Go buy Nicki’s album so it can go platinum.

    • LTM (Wide Awake) June 5, 2012

      Buy Kim’s platinum albums? Why don’t you buy Nicki’s flop album

  32. yeyay June 4, 2012

    I don’t like Nicki’s Pop Songs, but FLEX, Rosenberg, and HOT 97 were all kinds of wrong for yesterday…All of HOT 97 needs to apologize for insulting the headlining act at Summer Jam…Nicki is completely in the RIGHT here and made FLEX Look and Sound Silly/Stupid…

  33. va gal 757 June 4, 2012

    The Bee is Buzzing ……………..that burning match is near !! lol

  34. Viciousss June 4, 2012

    Nicki made a good point for her haters though:

    If someone dissed you…and you go on stage to make THEM money after they dissed YOU…you’re dumb as s***.

    I would have been done with her ass if shed done that.

    If your style is too whack for a station then they shouldn’t book you, they shoulent sell tickets off your name. Instead they book you and then diss you? What part of the game is that? What part of BUSINESS is that?

    • Thembi June 6, 2012

      very real…agree with you there, it kinda doesnt make sense now wat the buzz was abt they accusing her of bumbing out while they disrespected their largest money for the night

  35. va gal 757 June 4, 2012

    GO KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. MusicExpert June 4, 2012

    Can’t believe Nicki did this interview
    she made herself look so lame, pathetic and hypocritical
    I mean remember when Drake dissed KIM, Nicki just stood there and laughed..talking about disrespecting women..this women is delusional!

    Watch PLAYTIME IS OVER on Youtube..that is the TRUTH!

  37. GetChaLife June 4, 2012

    Answer me this Team Krimlin, Nicki is a sellout cause she went “pop” right? Yet Kim ADMITTED that she was gonna go with the SAME sound Nicki has now, which is the sound you guys call “pop”. She also said Nicki stole “Automatic” from her which is a POP song, she said what Nicki’s doing she was gonna do first. So how can you call Nicki a sellout for going pop yet Kim OPENLY admitted to taking that route but didn’t cause it didn’t workout for her. So in retrospect she would have WENT POP if she would have had the same success, Kiiii f****** Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! You biasedass n*****!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thembi June 6, 2012

      LOL…lil kim neva said dat u played out TRIPPING, go n re-assess ur sources..lil kim said “da s*** dat u doin nw i already did” not dat she would have! lil kim been da queen of rap, nicki tryna make her mark by beeing da queen of POP theres a difference sweets. dnt try justify nick thru kim it wont work really coz we both knw hu took da win frm da rivalry they had so pleez

  38. Darren June 4, 2012

    yawn. another b******* publicity stunt

    • Benron June 4, 2012


  39. Quetta June 4, 2012

    @5:30-35 Sounded like she was about to cry. And @24:44 She had me dying…hahaha that was funny as hell. But Uhm, nicki is Wayne the one that’s going to be buying your albums ? Or will it be thousands of wayne’s in the areanas and stadiums or what not? Or will it be the barbz? Im just trying to figure this out. Since its wayne over everything….

  40. Darren June 4, 2012

    no one listens to the radio

  41. BLAK JIGGA June 4, 2012

    B**** ass niggah. Nicki shut dat s*** down. Flex was begging for his job. What sort of m********* don’t stand for what they say? Let some girl cut your BALLS off niggah! You ain’t for real niggah. I don’t like Kim, flop ass b****, but she right. SMH.

  42. LindseyMari June 4, 2012

    Honestly, this conversation got quite irrelevant really quickly though. Nicki made great points and she defended herself well, but the situation went from Rosenberg vs Minaj to being about radio, album sales, Twitter, Lil Wayne, and female rap history. WTF. Nicki had a lot of this already built up before the interview though and this was an opportunity to unbottle her feelings.

  43. DaInquisition June 4, 2012

    Why are Nicki stans pissed at Kim though? Kim isn’t the one that got on the stage and called a spade a spade. Also, Nicki sounds so tragic right about now. She has built her career on dissing female rappers and has made it damn near ritualistic to publicly humiliate Kim…Now that she is getting racked over the coals, the Barbz are b***-hurt and (once again) trying to take out anger on EVERYONE who has an opinion that differs from theirs. Poor that.
    @Getchadeath, you said all that to say what? Kim didn’t even say Nicki stole Automatic from her. She said she had a song that had some similarities. It never saw the light of day and she left it in the trash, where it belongs. So, where is she a sellout? Why even make that your fighting argument? Are you mad that she didn’t release it so it could be HER in the hot seat and getting called a sellout or gimmick? Rest your nerves. The bottom line to ALL OF THIS is the “queen” allowed a court gesture to knock her off her square and as a result she slapped her fans in the face by not showing up to a show she already received duckets for. Kill that “Wayne said YCMB aint doing it” because last I checked, Tyga still jumped his skinny ass up there and performed. She has an excuse for everything but when it gets too tough, she folds. It’s a sad day in Malibu Barbie’s beach house.

    • GetChaLife June 4, 2012

      Kim fans always talk about how she would never change her sound like Nicki, so to say that you had a song “similar” to Automatic which by the way is ALL pop doesn’t make you any different than Nicki. She said “I was gonna go with that sound” those are her words not mine boo. It doesn’t matter if she left the “trash where it belonged” if she would have succeed with it she would of used it but it FAILED for her. Kim didn’t even call her a sellout, I respect Kim for experimenting with pop even if she didn’t have success with it. It’s these close minded ass n***** that think it’s not okay for artists to venture out.

      • DaInquisition June 4, 2012

        So you respect Kim for experimenting with pop, but yet your sitting here trying to drag her because she claimed she had a pop song? Stop straddling the fence and keep it real. If Kim would have put out something similar to Automatic, Nicki stans would have had a field day with the criticism it most likely would’ve been met with. Like I asked before, are you mad that she didn’t release it and get stoned like Nicki currently is? Because I fail to see what Kim said about a song has to do with Nicki, Peter Rosenberg, Flex and a slap in the face to people who paid hard earned money to see her. HIT THE SHOWERS, B****!

      • GetChaLife June 4, 2012

        B**** please only an idiot like you wouldn’t get the OBVIOUS point. Lil Kim stans are the main people calling Nicki a sellout because she made pop songs. Yet when Kim openly admitted to the world she was coming out with the same sound the Krimlins stayed hushed. Had it been Kim going pop the Krimlins wouldn’t have had a problem. Of course everyone would make fun of Kim for going pop considering the slander Nicki got from making pop songs, it would have been hypocritical of her fans. They were wrong & Nicki is gonna make it up to them, now hit the ocean c***!

  44. Viciousss June 4, 2012

    I’m mad at Kim because b**** ain’t giving me the album she promised but I’m 100 with her about Flex.

    That punk is disappointing and should be disappointed.

    Hot 97 need to pull the covers over their head and go to bed. I’m f****** never tuning in again. EVERY SINGLE THING he said he backtracked and tried to make t seem like she was confused.

    Let me tune into Leno or someone and see them outright insult a guest righ before they step on stage and see that person do the f****** show.

    What is this s*** about? “I like your albums. I wasn’t gonna mention your album sales. You should have known something would be said” b**** you know how wild I’d get if your flaky ass station dissed my fave like that??? Tit for tat?

    Smh. Dude is p****.

  45. Benron June 4, 2012

    She is actually not as disgusting as her music/fake personas!

  46. sensible June 4, 2012

    First, I want to just say that I have lost an hour of my life I’ll never get back listening to that. It was like listening to two kids arguing over who deserved to get the last cookie. Finally, Flex realized Nicki’s immature self wasn’t going to realize she was wrong so he just ended it. (thank god!!!). that argument just showed Ncki’s true colors and Flex was wrong for letting it carry on that long. The point is:

    1. As Flex mentioned, it wasnt the appropriate time to say that, but an opinion is an opinion
    2. As Flex said, Nicki is her own person why did she not perform regardless of what someone said. Her fans (who paid to see her) were going to suport her no matter what because thats what fans do. If they were real fans they would have reacted hostile towards the comments when they were said. She is a public image who will be talked about regardless. Take Lil Wayne’s d*** out your ass.
    3. Nicki needs to stop playing the victim, if she cant handle the comments stop making music. This is not about women because you have disrespected every female that came before you in some of your previous songs.
    4. Her songs are wack now, and the numbers show. she knows it, we know it, and she had to take ide shots at others just to make herself seem major.

    • OpD2 June 4, 2012

      you are so loaded with sh-t how da f-ck didn’t manage to write all that sh-t,Oo right you are loaded with sh-t,well you opinion is yours you have a right to it.

      • Pressed is LATE June 4, 2012

        Girl, have a seat. Have a multitude.

  47. b**** please June 4, 2012


    • OpD2 June 5, 2012

      ya p-sy 2ss like you don’t love when a female talk up get da f-ck out of here,i respect her for this don’t let anyone talk down to you because you have a p-sy between your legs,she was talking she didn’t dis him in the interview he was the one who was talking over here she almust cut the phone off.

  48. Jayla June 4, 2012

    I TOTALLY agree with Nicki! Take shots at a MAN! thats whats wrong with these sissys, always want go in on a woman.

    • DaInquisition June 4, 2012

      Like how Drake went in on Kim instead of a man (Ray-J) over beef between two females? Or like how Drake decided to call out Kobe Bryant’s ex-wife (a woman) instead of addressing Common (a man)?

      • BarbSlayer June 4, 2012


  49. The zolonski trap June 4, 2012

    Im tired so what about gonna say and what there is left to say: Kim fans, you sound mad

    Kim fans, let’s learn what a rapper is shall we; a male/female that delivers words in a certain pattern to match a beat. Did Nicki not rap in starships? I’m confused? As a matter of fact, did she not rap in ALL her “pop” songs? She’s the QUEEN OF RAP because of her lyrical flow, not matter if the beat is something like Roman’s Revenge, Beez in the Trap, A$$, Starships or Where Them Girls At..hell she could cover Lady Gaga if she wanted to. She still raps, now if she sung everything from this point in, then she might be a pop star. I mean, Missy just featured on the remix of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”, but y’all STILL keep saying the queen of rap is coming back. Why is she not a pop star? And didn’t she also feature on Demi Lovato’s “All Night Long” but she’s still the queen of rap, but for Nicki it’s a problem! I honestly think you guys keep knocking Nicki because you feel that Nicki Minaj is very intelligent, a buisness woman, and capable of doing many things and because of that, it might take Kim a while to return, much to your disapproval. Not to mention she is FAR BEYOND ANTICIPATED, whether her album “flops” (which it didn’t), whether she’s a “liar” or whatever the case, people want Nicki Minaj because it’s always something new with her, you never know what ego, what style, what song, what feature, what thought, what video, exc….so how bout y’all just not even look at the charts because the only reason y’all do is to check for Nic, I mean Kim ain’t even chart’n, what reason you got to be on there?

    Flex, where’s that Career destruction or whatever you was talkin yesterday? N****, #SitChoBitchAssDown

    So with that said, GUHD F***’n NIGHT SONZ!

    • DaInquisition June 4, 2012

      Cute speech. Heres the thing, it’s not only Kim fans that have labeled Nicki a sellout. Some people who have, don’t even rock with Kim. I’m gonna need for you to think outside of this website and twitter. Like I said before, Kim didn’t get on the stage. Kim didn’t diss Nicki. Kim didn’t get on the turntables and scream thru Birthday Cake and diss. Peter Rosenberg did. Funkmaster Flex did. If anything, all Kim did was chuckle (which she is entitled to do) just like how Nicki was all on twitter laughing when Kim made a statement about Black Friday’s sales. Dont get mad. Because everything thats happening to Nicki now is the same s*** you Barbz were poking fun at Kim for. Any other questions, comments and concerns can be forwarded to ms. Karma. 😉

    • Lisa June 5, 2012

      Nicki is not hip hop period.Just because you put rhymes together don’t make you hip hop.

    • yeyay June 5, 2012

      Nicki covering Lady Gaga? NO, Gaga can actually sing….no Autotune needed

  50. KeyAmino June 4, 2012

    So all I heard was Funkmaster Flex annoying ass voice talking b*******. I don’t blame Nicki one bit for her decision.

  51. sUNsetDrop June 4, 2012

    I loved how Flex insinuated Nicki was scared to perform after Rosenberg said his comments, her response was true. “You know where I used to perform. There’s no B**** (Rosenberg) alive that can scare me from doing a show!”. She did use to perform at them ratchet clubs in NY & stripclubs as well.

  52. All these b****** is my sons June 4, 2012

    Dear Lil’ Kim,
    Like you said in the beggining of your “song” Black Friday: Shut the f*** up! And think twice before saying s***!
    Stop dissing people! Trying to overshadow and excel over someone just to get your fame back! You’re playing dirty and intruding into fights that you weren’t even called or even allowed to get in.
    If you REALLY wanna comeback to your business get out of the plastic surgery table, and out of this disses or battles, and make MUSIC, REAL MUSIC! GROW GIRL

    • Jessica June 5, 2012

      What does this have to do with Kim?

      • OpD2 June 5, 2012

        you wasn’t on twitter right,when nicki and flex was going on people was on twitter tweeting like crazy then out of the blue,here comes kim on twitter going in trying to be apart of it wanted flex to dis nicki more,but people wasn’t having that,i am surprised sam haven’t put it up yet my be later.

  53. WHO’S WHO? June 4, 2012

    Nicki Minaj gave Flex’s fat studdering ass the business. she had him sounding like he was about to cry. lol… I’m so glad Nicki did’nt do that show because a m********* will think twice about disrespecting her from now on. That was some weak ass b**** s*** Rosengerge did to Nicki and her fans. All them Hot97 dj’s are fukin eachother. Mr.Cee and Rosenberge are the bottoms thats why Funkmasterflex always taking up for them grown ass men. Flex is fukin both of them in the ass.

  54. Bey Fan June 4, 2012

    Nicki gets nuttin but respect from me….

    She may be a little too cocky, and she may be more pop than hip hop, but she definitely gets my respect for her grind.

    We can agree to disagree when it comes to her music, but she’s intelligent, and she’s a hardworker….

  55. Stans=$$$$$ June 4, 2012

    Damn people can’t have different opinions?
    This is non sense.
    This was nothing more than a publicity stunt yet again.
    Nicki is ok…lil Kim may have been a w**** and has done s*** in the past but at least she knew she was a rapper.
    Its ok to want to crossover
    But when you lose sight of what it was that actually gained you the fans youre bound to flop(I.e:Beyonce”4″,Keyshia Cole “Calling all hearts”,Gaga”Born This Way”,list goes on)

    What’s even worse is when your ego becomes so inflated that no one can tell you anything. Which leads me to this. Neither one of them made sense. He went soft on her and she still talked in loops. I swear these stans are something else. You’re nothing but a $ to these artist. No matter what they say

    • BLAK JIGGA June 5, 2012

      What m********* in the game is humble?

  56. WHO’S WHO? June 5, 2012

    Why has Lil’Kim been taking subliminal shots at Nicki on twitter lately? Is it because Nicki has’nt been dissing her and she’s fading out of peoples minds? YEP! thats it. She wants Nicki to diss her again so she can be relevant. I wonder how TeamKim feels knowing Kim listens to Nicki’s albums and interviews. It’s sad that Kim gets to be a Nicki fan but they can’t.

    • Jessica June 5, 2012

      B**** please.Nicki albums are full of lil kim diisses and her features as well.Nicki fans are hypocrites.

    • OpD2 June 5, 2012

      so true flex and nicki was in a lettle scr-p,were da f-ck did kim came from out of the blue and it had nothing to do with her….lol the people who was listing to the interview was p1ss that kim try to interrupt what was going on with twitter.

  57. Craig June 5, 2012

    hmmm… lil kims 1st album when 2x platinum… the second album sold over 3 million copies… 3rd album sold 1.1 million or more albums. 4th ablum went gold… 3.5 in two years isnt all that..

    • . June 5, 2012

      But Lil Kim has only sold 6 million in her 15 year career tho, look it up.

      • jasmine June 5, 2012

        Kim sold 12 million.Don’t get your facts from Wikipedia.

  58. JER June 5, 2012

    Talk about disrespect. Nicki Minaj disrespected her fans and Hot 97 by not performing AND then disrespected FF during this entire conversation. Nicki is getting caught up in lies

  59. QueenSize June 5, 2012

    Okay then sweetie. If you cared so much about your fans you should of got your colorful wigs ass on stage and stated to Rosenberg that if u disrespect me then you disrespect my fans. That simple. Nicki you are over emotional to be a “rapper”. I see her bald headed with an umbrella banging at a car soon. To throw that woman b******* talk is total garbage. It’s not like Rosenberg grabbed his d*** and said I’m r*** this b**** tonight. He said he don’t want to hear no starships cause it ain’t hip hop. Tell me everybody. Is it hip hop? The truth of the matter is this b**** was gonna perform Starships at Summer Jam! ROTFL. Someone told Lil’ Kim in advance that she was gonna bring Foxy on stage and Lil’ Kim called her on it and blew it up. She got pissed, Rosenberg said what he said. She had a mini meltdown and punked out. She feels bad and is giving a free show for just HER fans. She ain’t about this life. When did this b**** get a manager? Oh last night.

    • BEDSTUYFLY June 5, 2012

      Lol she ain’t about this life

    • Os June 5, 2012

      she is doing a free show so i am still getting my moneys worth me and others are good she always try to come through for us she an’t perfect,so this summer jam f-ckrys is done and over for me,i am a fan you don’t talk for me so shot da f-ck up,you don’t care about me are nicki so don’t use me to try and tear her down….i respect nicki more for defending her self against that @ss hole flex and whoever else over there for the f-ckry they pulled on her invited someone then turn around and dis them,b-tch when you say her fans you talking about me like i said don’t use me as a base for you hate p-ssy @ss b-tch,we good around here.

  60. deveal2014 June 5, 2012

    I Flex dragged her… He also a dude, so he just can’t come out and clown her but eventually he got to it. She was pissed about them sales talking about what she did inh first week and that she is the first female rapper to do it. First off I haven’t heard her rap in year and the songs at the top are her awful pop songs. So how is she a rap queen? Real talk.. Tgj keep saying rap queen but where is the rap /hip hop /swag? She trying to change it to man versus woman and pull that but I’m a broad card wtf.. Any other day she wanna be compared to dudes talking about she Lil Wayne & Jay – z now she’s a disrespected female. The dude Rosenberg didn’t mention the fact that she was a chick but the fact that in his opinion “Starship” is b******* and to some people around his age or in the mid twenties it is. She can pump her head up all she wants about first week sales but her second album has yet to out sell Lil Kims second album, missys second album, even Foxy. She selling singles which is nice but her sound whatever that may be is becoming tired. She proved today that she doesn’t give a flying F*** about her fans or her brand. Because idiots will stick with her anyways

  61. deveal2014 June 5, 2012

    Where in this interview did she make sense & where did she go in on flex? Just because a woman is yelling does not mean she went in on a man. Flex called her commercial trash and she wanted him to take it back and he did not oblige her. So how did she get over? By saying I’m a girl that sold 4 million singles to dumb Europeans? Who probably think they are listening to hip hop music when they listen to her because she is black.

  62. Teacher June 5, 2012

    To Beyonce’s FLOP ASS FANS singles DO matter!!!!

    • Ohreally June 5, 2012

      Only the flop ass Navy would say $1.29 singles matter. The album is what matters…do this take your flop lying ass out and get $20 to buy TTT to help it reach plat, so it can get certified and a ticket to battleshit, to help it get to at least $100mil in the states

    • Gaaglooo! June 5, 2012


  63. HAMBONE June 5, 2012

    Why do I LOVE NIcki that much more!!!! FMF knows it’s all wrong… and all the dudes in this situation are wrong… except Lil’ Wayne. Wow. I’m seriously impressed with Young Money. I appreciate FMF’s apologetic tone. Rosenburg is an ass. Why does Nicki have to even defend herself like this? She did good not getting exhausted with Flex. This is like a great lesson in communication. Either way, it’s nice to see people try to work things out in hip-hop. Seems unprecedented. LOL. So, in the end, I commend them both for the resolve, but i won’t forget FMF’s affiliation with this whole thing. Dude, FIRE Rosenberg or never let him get the mic again to host a show. Have some good business ethic. Show that you care about the integrity of your brand as a MAN in hip-hop. Either way, whether Nicki chose not to respond or whatever… she’s the winner, because anytime a man acts like Rosenberg did… he makes a joke out of the brand. I would start working on my next Mixtape if I was Nicki or Wayne. Where is Rosenberg’s album… Right. No one has even heard of him outside of the tristate.

  64. the real xoxo June 5, 2012

    40 minutes later, Starships is still not real hip hop.

    • LTM (Wide Awake) June 5, 2012


  65. bLaine kelley June 5, 2012

    Nicki represented herself (and YMCM, AND WOMEN) excellently in this interview.
    she was there for facts, business, and truth and that’s what she served up!

    Flex was trying to drag her and YMCM down to take partial blame and she was NOT having it.

    She was not there to play games. She was there to clear the air, and inform her fans that they’d be getting a FREE show in NYC this summer…but of course, he would barely let her get a word in about that.

    it sucks that i hadda waste my time Listening to this whole thing just so i could be informed about the story, but it was worth it to hear Nicki conduct herself so well…i just wish Flex would have shut up and stopped rambling so it could’ve been shorter.

    None the Less, i sit here glad and proud to be a Nicki fan cuz SHE HANDLED HER S***!!!

    • OpD2 June 5, 2012


  66. PrettigurlrockD June 5, 2012

    Nicki queen or rap? I simply cannot. The b**** is a sellout, joke, gimmick. Half her diehard fans wouldn’t know real music if it hit them in the shins. The b**** is a fad. She is dying out. All this bad media is getting to her emotionally her she will fade pretty soon. Her demise is inevitable. This is not a good year for her and she knows this deep inside.

  67. PrettigurlrockD June 5, 2012

    While nicki may have been right about some things like don’t book her if u don’t like her, flex did have a point where ego was a big problem in the mix of this situation. Weren’t the fans paying to see her live? And Wayne and the whole crew get distraught over an one comment? Starships is not hiphop! That’s just a plain fact!

  68. BEDSTUYFLY June 5, 2012

    QUEEN OF WHAT? This site is so biased it’s ridiculous

  69. Drayner317 June 5, 2012

    This interview was a waste of time!! Both Flex and Nicki!!

  70. WHOCARES June 5, 2012



  71. Kayla June 5, 2012

    nicki get ’em guuurl
    and since wen did u have to be hip hop to be a rapper? its like @thezolonskitrap said, its all about the lyrics & flow, not about the Ke$ha not a “rapper”?? is Karmin not a “rapper”?? it dont matter what genre, as long as your rapping..

  72. StopItLuke June 5, 2012

    To be Queen of Rap don’t you have to you know… do more than a 10 second rap verse on your OWN songs??? Nicki is Queen of CRAP and these bunk ass b**** radio hosts letting her get away with her ego trips need to take a seat…
    Nicki needs to stfu all SHE does is take shots at women, and women who she wouldn’t have a career if she couldn’t jack them.

    • OpD2 June 5, 2012

      yow you are a dude i know you might be gay but come on now,give it a rest.

      • Gaaglooo! June 5, 2012

        Wooow! What His Sexual Orientation Have To Do With His Comment?? Homophobic So Much??

  73. JFREEEE June 5, 2012

    Get em Nicki!!!!!!!!!

  74. JazThatBoi June 5, 2012

    Nicki: Y – E – S

    Flex: So are you saying yes?

    Nicki: I just spelled it out!!!

    hahaha that was soooo funny to me. Have you ever noticed that when ppl are in the wrong or trying to cover theyre tracks they start yelling. If i were her i woulda just hung up cuz of his yelling. Nicki has a boss and she did what her boss told her to do…end of story. If there was any real issues, Flex should take it up with Wayne and not try to overtalk Nicki just cuz you got some bass in your voice. Flex = Punk!!!

  75. MRB June 5, 2012

    I love how this site calls a fraud the queen when everything she is and will always be Lil Kim’s style! You people make me laugh. At the end of the day Karma bite her on the ass and her STANS cant take it! She will always be a clone and her career is was built off disrespect and she cant handle it when it hits her in the face! LMFAO!

    • Gaaglooo! June 5, 2012

      Exactly! I Love Nicki’s Music And I Think That She’s A Smart Girl( Even If She Look Dumd On her Interviews Lol), But Sam Make Me Wanna Dislike Her By Overrating Her!

  76. Nigelahmad June 5, 2012

    This is crazy lol
    Funkmaster Flex must’ve had been told by the bosses to smooth over the situation.

    What does this have to do with being a woman? Starships…the one track that was dissed, is NOT as hip hop track. It was made clear at a HIP HOP festival.

    Maybe Hot97 shouldn’t have booked her though, but this interview is dumb lol. They are talking in circles about nothing!

  77. mobwife June 5, 2012

    I agree with Nicki on the point: The media and it’s constant bullsh*t and hatred directed toward artists IS COMPLETELY THE F*CK OUT OF HAND! You don’t book someone to be on your show then turn on them when they arrive! Or when you know they are to perform Live on your stage (Hot 97) or Tv program, *cough* ROBIN ROBERTS and the Good Morning America Show!

    My problem is Hot 97/The Breakfast Club etc, The Golden Globe, The Grammy’s, The Oscars, The MTV Movie Awards, The VMA’s or any other CONCERT, TV PROGRAM or AWARD SHOW should respect the person(s) they INVITED TO PERFORM! If you DID NOT want theses acts on your stage/show, then DO NOT INVITE THEM! It is heartbreaking for fans to buy a ticket or tune into a program only to watch their favorite artist(s) be insulted by ppl who asked them to be a part of their show/concert etc.

  78. mobwife June 5, 2012

    It’s not fair to turn this into an issue of FEMALES! THIS IS NOT ABOUT NICKI MINAJ BEING A FEMALE!! The MEDIA attacks MALES unfairly as well! Roenberg is a B*TCH but he tries to destroy BLACK MALES TOO! It is not fair to take shots at an artists period ,who the f*ck are you anyway?


  79. Matty June 5, 2012

    this interview is a TRAINWRECK!!!

  80. mobwife June 5, 2012

    Record sells are determind by MEDIA PREFERENCE & FAVOR! I have seen them boost BS music all the way to HEVEN’S GATE when it’s recorded by an act that they like (see Justin Bieber etc)! I have also seen them lie and “blackball” music by artists they don’t like! Eminem has sold more then any other RAP artist with 30 million in CD sells alone!! Not including his outside ventures, just his CDs! Let’s all speculate as to how that happened?!?!

    Nicki dear,

    Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, Salt N Pepper, Queen Latifia etc. are legends regardless of how many records they have or have not sold! Thank you Flex for pointing the difference in today’s music industry vs. that of yester years!

    • yeyay June 5, 2012

      Co-Sign on Media Favor…I mean how the f*** does anyone explain The Wanted having hits on US Pop Radio? They are Terrible…Yes, They Blackball all the time and US Pop Radio is B*******…..Nicki doesn’t care about HoT 97, when Z100 is all up in her ass, Dem White Folks want more Pop Nicki and she’s smart enough to oblige…Nicki knows what she’s doing…

      • Deveal2014 June 5, 2012


  81. Gaaglooo! June 5, 2012

    B**** Sam! I Can’t With Your Stupide Biased Ass! Wooow How Can You Disrespectful Missy E., Queen L., Salt N Pepa…. Like That?????? SMH!

  82. DIGGER BEY June 5, 2012

    Lol I like Nicki and all but Queen of Rap? Thats pure Delusional at its finest! She has no longevity! Shes only two albums deep, with sliding album sales already. The Queens of Rap are Missy, Lauryn and The True Queen Lil Kim! These women paved the way for Nicki and still some what relevant after decades. Lets see if Nicki can push towards lasting a decade first, before u start bestowing her with false titles. #SMH

  83. Mardeta June 6, 2012

    I’m not a huge Fan of Nicki, but I DEF enjoyed her telling flex about himself and trying to get her point across. He kept tryna talk over and he was being mad rude. He acted like such a b**** on this interview…He erked the s*** outta me lol.

  84. raquel June 7, 2012


    the ONLY reason she got that name – queen of rap cause she has NO women rapper competions .

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