Sabotage At Summerjam : Funkmaster Flex Hints At Nicki Minaj ‘Blacklisting’

Published: Monday 4th Jun 2012 by David

He once hailed her ‘The Queen of Rap‘, however- if tweets by Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex are anything to go by- his relationship with serial chart topper  Nicki Minaj is well and truly over.

Full story below…

Last night, as first reported here, Minaj pulled out of her performance at Summerjam 2012 following an outburst by Drake admirer Peter Rosenberg.

An outburst, which saw him take to the stage after Azealia Banks’ set and rile the crowd up against Nicki and her ‘fake’ music.

This, coupled with the arrival of the MC’s one time mentor and alleged stalker Fendi at the event, saw her follow the advice of Young Money boss Lil Wayne and cancel her appearance, despite taking time out of her world tour to headline it.

Opting to ‘hang out’ with long time friend Foxy Brown at Caribbean restaurant Negril Village instead (see pic above), her departure prompted the following tweets by Flex:

His remarks come two months after Nicki became the 8th female artist of black descent to score two or more US #1 albums, and hours after it was claimed she was to invite Lauryn Hill, Nas, Cam’ron, Beenie Man and the aforementioned Foxy on stage during her performance.

A performance, which some reports suggest would also have seen the Rapper place an effigy of tax evading songbird Lil Kim in a coffin.

The validity of this however is yet to be confirmed.

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for more on this developing story.

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  1. Benron June 4, 2012

    Nicki Minaj is good at what? Im actually curious, she is the worst dancer of all the famle artist, even making Ke$ha look professional. Her “singing” that is SO overautotuned is always doen by the backtrack and her rapping consist of baby/man/woman/any other voice that disquises her real one. The only person she would of put in a coffin is herself…

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 4, 2012

      Being a schizophrenic h**…

    • Candy June 4, 2012

      The aren’t listening…

    • bLaine kelley June 5, 2012

      yes, Nicki Minaj is good at NOTHING; that’s why you’re sitting on this bLog talking s*** about her, while SHE’S sold millions of albums, has millions of fans, plays sold out shows, and is doing more than you’ll ever do in your Life.

      ok, YEP. she’s CLEARLY not good at ANYTHING…
      shut the f*** up.
      sure, you may dislike her, but it’s a damn Lie to say she’s not good at ANYTHING.

  2. pat June 4, 2012

    nicki is headed down…fast

  3. BubblePopElectric June 4, 2012

    Hot 97 Is A Steaming Hot Mess. How Could U Bait Nicki In With What Im Sure Was A Million Dollar Contract To Headline Your Annual Concert… Only To Allow Someone On The Lower End Of Your Payroll To Publicly Mock Her Before She Was Set To Hit The Stage & Make History? And To Add Salt To The Wound… They Rode With That Foolishness & Didn’t Make Him Apologize So The Show Could Continue. The F***?!! That’s Like Cancelling The 4th Quarter Of The Super Bowl! Smfh!

    • Trev June 4, 2012

      1. Flex was just piperiding Nicki a few weeks ago bragging that he got Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded first

      2. This is the same dude that said “f*** tupac” and said he will no long play Dr. Dre and Eminem

      3. He said Hot 97 won’t play YMCMB but i see they played Nicki today

      4. Nicki Minaj was the headliner so if she’s wack why would you choose her?

      5. Y’all used Nicki’s name to sell the tickets then diss her

      6. Hot 97 full of fake dudes

      • BubblePopElectric June 4, 2012


      • RDK June 4, 2012


    • Bajan Tasha June 5, 2012

      I Totally agree with your comment! Bunch of stupid jackasses. They wanted to boost they ticket sales, they booked nicki then dis her like that. That disrespect. I think wayne did the right thing by pulling her off.

  4. hunni2nice June 4, 2012

    Like someone said on twitter, nicki minaj got mad cause somebody finally told her the truth

  5. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here.) June 4, 2012

    Oh damn. I am actually quite surprised Flex isn’t being the normal d*** rider in this situation. Guess I’ll be tuning in at 7 pm tonight.

  6. Kissy_Minaj June 4, 2012

    Flex is wack for that stunt he and Peter Pan pulled, and the TM is planning to boycott Hot 97. I’m so glad she puled out, had to teach that asshole a lesson in respect.

    • Layla June 4, 2012

      Boycott Hot97?Y’all Nicki fans need a life.

      • Chile Please!! June 4, 2012

        AMEN! LMAO!

    • rita June 4, 2012

      Nicki did not pull out herself. It was Lil Wayne who pulled Nicki off because of what that d*** head said.

      Good for the Barbies they should boycott hot 97

  7. RihAlity June 4, 2012

    Serves this arrogant cartoon b**** right!!!!!

  8. Girrrl June 4, 2012

    Ahahaha tgj making excuses for Nicki getting called out for making wack music. This girl just dug her own grave by turning her back on her core audience and selling out. Now she and her crew wanna get mad when she gets called out. RIP Nicki minaj’s career who was put on life support after that Grammy performance and had the plug pulled last night. Dead after 2 albums.

    • Chile Please!! June 4, 2012

      I so agree with this comment…..Nicki is wack as s***….she’s been wack from the gitty up. She thought just because she did a few HIP POP songs on her first album that she could flurish that R*****: Reloaded album with that same sound……..NO B**** try again!

  9. ME June 4, 2012


    • You June 4, 2012

      True, but when you sign a contract, promote the event, and fans already excited because of her….it is nicki’s fault. She’s unprofessional

  10. FoxxyLOVE June 4, 2012

    I know y’all think he’s just some dj, but he could really do damage to her career. Hell, she’s ruining her career all by herself.

  11. LindseyMari June 4, 2012

    Who even booked her as the HEADLINER for Summer Jam if folks involved felt that she and her music were wack? It makes no sense to me to hire someone you dislike.

    • MissMessy June 4, 2012

      First of All, Peter Rosenberg has been, from the beginning, letting people now that he was NOT HAPPY about the summerjam lineup! That real hip hop was missing from the lineup. He said this over and over and over again. He has repeatedly said he didn’t like Nicki’s music…..So, why is this so shockingto everyone all of a sudden? You people are out of control.

  12. CHILLDUDE10 June 4, 2012


  13. Speechless June 4, 2012

    Funny how everytime Nicki gets called out Sam has to make fun of Lil Kim just to make himself feel better.

  14. Yeezy June 4, 2012

    Nicki isnt Hip Hop.. period point blank!

  15. DaHotNig June 4, 2012

    As Queen Nicki said, a hundred mothafuckas can’t tell me NOTHING! Hot 97 is not the #1 station in NY Hip Hop Radio anymore lol. flex is a 45 year old fat f***. peter pan is gonna get shot. Nicki is STILL endorsed by Pepsi, STILL continuing her WORLD TOUR, STILL coming out with a fragrance, STILL coming out with a clothing line, and the fact that she was the headlining act sums up her true power. While you sad b****** pray for her demise, watch her catapult into a new realm of stardom. JUST WATCH!

    • Ch… June 4, 2012

      And STILL doesn’t have a GOLD album with Roman Reloaded.

      Sorry, bew.

  16. Kellyro June 4, 2012

    these n***** are garbage… they just hating on nicki!

    Chris Brown Says “EVERYbody Worried About Rihanna Face, Nobody Ever Stopped to Ask Me How My Hand Felt” – <<this wow

    • joseph June 4, 2012

      What does Chris Brown and Rihanna have to do with this post? If anybody is hating it’s you.

  17. itsme June 4, 2012

    I guess YMCMB is not paying Funkmaster Flex off anymore…maybe Baby’s check bounced…LOOOOL!

  18. RoyalKev June 4, 2012

    See, this is what we don’t need. Hate on whoever you must, but why must this escalate to a point where anyone would go out their way to “ruin a career”. I don’t mind Flex sharing his thoughts on Nicki, but I don’t like the idea of sabotage. This is why we can’t get anywhere…

    This grown ass man can’t be serious about warring with a young woman that’s making the most of her 15 minutes. This is just all kinds of Pathetic! I think Flex should stop being so damn sensitive and make better use of his time.

    I personally wouldn’t have stayed to do the concert either, Nicki shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of foolishness when she’s headlining. Wether you want to see her downfall or not – many of you would leave under those same circumstances. #Respect can’t be loss no matter how many 0’s are in your paycheck!

    • Spunkypoop June 4, 2012

      Preachh brotha man!

    • Bey Fan June 4, 2012


    • Virtuoso Intellect June 4, 2012

      Kev, the MLK of TGJ *clap clap* 🙂 <3

  19. Auntie_Jackie June 4, 2012

    This is actually kind of sad. Nicki was doing so well, but she didn’t make the transition to a wider audience very naturally. It happened too quickly. Had it happened gradually, she really could have had some longevity. I just don’t see it for her. I see it for the new comer breathing down her neck, AZ Banks. She’s going slowly and steadily.

    That was a set up. Period. Hot 97 must really dislike Nicki and see her as a sell out.

    • wendy June 4, 2012

      Maybe YMCM stop the payola to play her songs because I can’t see no other reason to do this to the concert.

      AZ Banks is moving in slowly just as Rita Ora

  20. ImMadAsHell June 4, 2012

    I’m glad somebody finally admit that PFRR flop. After three months she finally going gold.

  21. corei June 4, 2012

    F*** fake ass nicki nd her fake ass Music..she done #teamkimmyblanco

  22. LDR June 4, 2012

    How they got Waka Flocka performing but you gonna call Nicki out as garbage. My spidey senses always go up when a male calls out a female but neglects to address other men during conflict. Out of all the wack ass MALE RAPPERS, you decided to be bold enough to go after one BUT A FEMALE RAPPER. Then to plug in his radio show at the same time by telling them to tone in at 7. Hahahaha N**** please you doing this to milk ratings while trynna compete against The Breakfast Club. I love Nicki, both I dont have a problem with others giving their opinion about her or any of my fav artist. It was just the manner in which they did it cuz Flex & Peter both knew Nicki was headlining months before so why not speak up…MONTHS BEFORE. Why? Because Queens always have to put on a BIG SHOW

  23. Layla June 4, 2012

    Nicki Minaj is done.

  24. Lea June 4, 2012

    Nicki is fake.

  25. MH June 4, 2012

    Flex is mad childish for that. Nicki felt disrespected and that’s why she didn’t do it. Why would I headline your concert if you feel that my music is s*****?

    • Lisa June 4, 2012

      She was going to do the show until Lil Wayne said something.

  26. MONSTERHIVE June 4, 2012

    Flex is about the fakest person on radio since Wendy Williams! This pisses me off. Not because he dissed Nicki. But because he was so fake about it. This is the same n**** who praised her & kissed her ass just a couple months ago! The same n**** who stole Nicki’s song from DJ Clue so HE could be the first one to play it. The same n**** who was cosigning everything Nicki was doing, the one who was kii kiiiing away with her just 3 months ago? What a fake b****, the whole time he was kissing her ass & this is how he truly felt. Why be fake? At least Rosenberg was genuine the entire time! I do not cosign his b******* coming from this fake no loyaty having ass n****!

    • Lola June 4, 2012

      Nicki didn’t release Startships back then when Flex was all over her.The Starships pop crap is what made Flex jump ship.

      • monsterHive June 4, 2012

        Ehhhh WRONG! Nicki released Starships back in February! She gave flex a visit in March & in April, don’t comment on something you know nothing about.

  27. Viciousss June 4, 2012

    Wow this some real punk s***.

    Smh, keep your eyes on any man who says he’s gonna go of of his way to fight with a woman. U gonna ruin her dude? Fa real? F*** your fat ass. I could co-sign with not liking Minaj but f*** any broke-ass loser who’s gonna get hyped on some ‘commercial rappers’ s*** when repping his lame ass radio program. Uh, uh. P**** b**** right there.

    Hot 97 f***** up. They got a major headliner, hate or love her she’s a top name and been on damn everybody’s song, got people to PAY to see her and then let their small d*** DJ insult her till she chucked up the deuces and said f*** it. Then u gonna let this lame claim he’s gonna be doing some s***. Please…if YMCB wanted to turn this into a war they’d win. Hot 97 ain’t s*** in the music world.

    • olivia June 4, 2012

      Nicki’s ruining her own career with that wack music she be putting out.

  28. Oh Word?! June 4, 2012

    This site is so f****** wack man. Yall go out of your way to bash someone. WTF does Lil Kim have to do w/ Nicki not performing? Flex should bash Nicki & Lil Wayne cus its just a Pimp & Ho situation Wayne say jump Nicki ask How High?

  29. NavyRider June 4, 2012

    I know some of you may hate her but Flex took it too far. Anyone who cosigns his tactics is about as fake as him. He thinks Nicki is a sellout cause she went pop. Last I checked Superbass was released 2 years ago, since then you had at least 4 chances to call her out face to face. Not to mention he was with her on April. What he did was wrong, he basically looks like he was never genuine with her. Had this come from someone else it wouldn’t be questionable. He’s such a queen.

  30. NATURALBEAUTY June 4, 2012

    Flex isn’t ending anyone’s career. Nicki is not some local act. She has sellout shows in Europe & Japan, & is a crossover international star. If you think a New York radio show that isn’t even #2 on the charts when it comes to listeners is gonna end her career, you’re delusional. Flex is a phony queen who would never say it to her face, considering the fact he was just kissing her ass 3 months ago.

  31. Truth June 4, 2012

    She done

  32. Black Barbie’s Cousin June 4, 2012

    dead at this site using CHARTS to defend Nicki.
    SHE IS STILL GARBAGE . she is still a DISGRACE to HIP-HOP.
    She is still a disrespectful SWAGGER JACKER !!!
    you wanna talk about KIM evading her taxes.
    Yet LIL’ WAYNE owes over 5 million to the I.R.S lmfao.
    and he’s getting sued LEFT AND RIGHT for stealing s*** !
    Nicki believes her s*** dont stink and shes untouchable lmfao.
    So cuz Nicki has a no.1 album everyone should be nice to her? F*** OUTTA HERE

    • Ohreally June 4, 2012

      THANK YOU!!!! And ya’ll keep throwing in took time out of her international tour, the b**** is performing at theaters, playhouses, and gyms. She probably stood to make more by headlining this event than performing that night at the playhouse in Japan for two nights. This was a blessing for Nicki…wait wait wait PF:RReflopped is not gold yet? I am done, Missy please come on and send this trick back to Disney.

  33. The Spirit Of Ike Turner Who Now Inhabits Chris Brown June 4, 2012

    Nicki minaj is a clown and u believe she choked up and was scared of the tough summerjam crowd who will boo their own people. Nicki could have came with her classics and shut it all the way down but lil kim army came for her neck and big fendi was there as well. In the end Nicki shitted on her so called barbz and allowed wayne drugged out ass to kill her career. She needs new people to gain a comeback from this. I am no longer a fan. But at least wayne does not beat on women like Chris Brown.

    • mobwife June 4, 2012

      You RihSKANK stans are laughable! You don’t know what Lil wayne has or has not done. You only know what the media tells you little tool! Jayz beat the chick above Foxy Brown, Amil Lion (in a NY boutique), and can be seen on youtube smacking a little girl for trying to take his picture so perhaps the “SPIRIT OF IKE TURNER LIVES” IN JAZY…LOL #F*ckingIdiot

  34. olivia June 4, 2012

    Lmfaoo Funk Flex put her on blast “If you dont go Gold, its your own fault” OUCH. Yeah Nicki is pretty much done in female Hip Hop how your second LP not even go Gold and it was expected to go Platinum within weeks?

  35. STAYPREESED June 4, 2012

    Ehhh this to shall pass. If Nicki didn’t officially end her career with that Grammy performance or her Twitter incident, a DJ’s opinion won’t do any harm. That album was gonna flop no matter what, at least Starships hasn’t fallen off the top 10 on the charts & she has sellout shows in Europe. This will be forgotten in a month, as long as she doesn’t respond. Moving on.

  36. STR8FACTS June 4, 2012

    I think this is all BS. It’s funny how Nicki can go on the Breakfast Club and do interviews and they’re bashing Lil Kim and do the same on her album but when people do it to her she’s a little princess so i’ll cancel? F*** outta here. At the end of the day this is NEW YORK, We don’t do frauds and regardless to what “Team Minaj” thinks somebody in New York would’ve eventually called her out if it wasn’t Rosenburg, so PUHH LEASE. Everybody is mad at Rosenburg, last time I checked he was doing his job. He is a controversial radio personality, this is the type of s*** we expect from him. Besides that, why don’t ya’ll boycott Charlamagne and the entire Breakfast Club, do you know how many celebrities he has offended?

    At the end of the day, if Nicki was the real b**** from New York like she so claims she is, she would’ve went on that stage, said F*** rosenberg and did a i’ll ass set with absolutely NO POP MUSIC just straight hip hop and showed everybody why she is that b****.

    Do you Nicki fans even realize that this would’ve been GREAT promotion for her? Her album is doing HORRIBLE, not only would it have been a great triumph, but she would’ve gained a lot of respect for not caring about what Rosenberg said, if you are from New York you know we never run! F*** what a hater has to say!

    Nicki idk about you anymore. Lmao like who do you think you are to be pulling out of summer jam? You’re somebody now? I must’ve forgot the millions you’re selling across the globe. B**** #SIT.

    Let’s not forget that summer jam still went on WITHOUT her #oops.

    • STR8FACTS June 4, 2012

      and to all of the NIcki Minaj fans that think Funkmaster Flex can’t ruin her career have a seat. Regardless to how many listeners Hot97 may have, Summer Jam shows you the power in that ONE radio station. No radio station across the GLOBE can have a show like that. Flex is a disc jockey legend and TRUST that when he says something, he has influence. Has anybody even realized that the majority of Nicki Minaj’s supporters were from New York? Like, this is where Nicki is from, they don’t like when they say New York maketh and they taketh, you abandon your audience with this whack ass album and then decide to pull out of a show where thousands of your fans are and you guys don’t think this will do damage to her career? GOOOODDDDBYE. Team Minaj better do some damage control.

    • mobwife June 4, 2012

      “why don’t ya’ll boycott Charlamagne and the entire Breakfast Club, do you know how many celebrities he has offended?”

      ***Charlamagne is a B*TCH of the highest order. F**k him too!

      “if Nicki was the real b**** from New York like she so claims she is, she would’ve went on that stage, said F*** rosenberg and did a i’ll ass set with absolutely NO POP MUSIC just straight hip hop and showed everybody why she is that b****.”


      • mobwife June 4, 2012


  37. Bey Fan June 4, 2012

    Flex ….girl sit down. You too damn old to worried about some “commercial” rapper… And wasn’t Flex on Nicki’s tits during Pink Friday era… p**** ass dude

    I just dont understand why these ppl didn’t wait til after she performed, and then talked s***…. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but there’s a time and a place for it. Saying something negative about someone’s songs right before they’re about to perform is just damn rude….

  38. YUMADTHO June 4, 2012

    I’m still rooting for her, the odds are against her but I have a strong feeling she can overcome this. She needs reinvent herself as an artist. The girl IS talented, trust me when she wants to go hard she goes IN (Monster, All I Do Is Win, I’m The Best, Blazin’) hell even Lil’ Kim said she wasn’t wack which mean a lot coming from her considering they hate each other. I’m probably the minority that is still riding with her but I’ll be the oddball cause I know she has it in her. Flex is a flop queen who would never say those things to her face, he didn’t say s*** April when he was interviewing her.

    • Black Barbie’s Cousin June 4, 2012

      Karma did her job. I hope nicki continues to get more of what she put out. she has been EVIL especially to LIL’ KIM

  39. VFB June 4, 2012

    Nicki M is a HOT MESS. This is what happens when you steal someone else swagga, style, music, image, hair styles, lyrics, picture poses, and than try to claim it as your own. Eventually people will spray you with Windex and see straight through mess. The DJ only told the truth and the truth exposed Nicki, and now you all hot and bothered. Girl face it, your 15 minutes of fame is over. Nicki is not HipHop, a matter of fact, she is one step above a cartoon character at Walt Disney World. GIRL BYE!

    P.S. Nicki, sorry sweetie, you’re not winning standing next to Foxy Brown:(

  40. Black Barbie’s Cousin June 4, 2012

    Nicki talks so much BARK in her songs but always lives up to being a PUNK P**** B**** !!! lmfao. once AGAIN leaving her fans out in the cold. and her fans still run back to that tramp

  41. MONSTERHIVE June 4, 2012

    I just clocked some new tea. Turns out Nicki Minaj will be interviewed by Flex TODAY. Apparently Nicki was in on the whole “Flex dissing Nicki” if that is true indeed, we’ve been bamboozled into thinking this was a legit beef between them. Nicki & Flex both confirmed to the interview & Nicki Tweeted out “U guys r about 2 learn a valuable lesson” & it continues…………….

  42. mobwife June 4, 2012

    “…..OF AFRICAN DECENT”, dears there is no such thing as “black decent”!

    Shade all you want but Lil Kim will always be Queen Bee babydolls! 🙂

    This entire story sounds like a HOT A$$ MESS! I hate to witness these types of SHENANIGANS going on in the industry! I keep telling folks it’s the CONTOLLED MEDIA that determines WHO YOU LIKE AS AN ARTIST AND WHO YOU DON’T! This is especially true if you can’t see through the media tricks! You can see with the constant negative media given to Chris Brown that the media will do all it can to destroy an artist when it want to! With that said, I believe the show must go on for your fans sake but WHATEVER in this case…..

  43. Dlux June 4, 2012

    I can understand why Wayne pulled Nicki but truth is Nicki is lightweight wack now and Starships is GARBAGE. The audience who purchased Starships wasnt even in attendance at Hot 97, Dj. jus spoke his opinion.

  44. Dlux June 4, 2012

    I can understand why Wayne pulled Nicki but truth is Nicki is lightweight wack now and Starships is GARBAGE. The audience who purchased Starships wasnt even in attendance at Hot 97, Dj. just spoke his opinion.

  45. mobwife June 4, 2012

    What’s the underlying factor here? There must be more to this anti-Nicki fued then her making “pop-rap”? What’s the real skinny “NEW YORKERS”? Is this part of an anti-Lil Wayne/YMCMB campaign? What have you heard in the Big Apple?

  46. Jer June 4, 2012

    Thats where the black community is wrong. Saying nicki minaj is fake because she wants to make dance music. What would be fake is her continuing to only make urban music just to please everybody. Yal so wrong for that

    It just so happena that theres a movement in America thats backlashing generic, soulless R&B. The same R&B singers putting out s*** that sounds like something 3 albums ago. Thats why people are jumping on the dance trend cuz id its gonna be generic then let it ride. Im sick of these R&B artist putting out crappy music thats uninspired and nothing fresh. Im looking at Monica, Kelly rowland, Brandy, toni braxton, Mary j Blige, BeYAWNce, and others. Thinking just cuz they growling and sound raspy they got some soul. Please. These divas trader in their edge for hollywood years ago living extravogant lives thinking they can connect to an audience. America isnt buying it. LITERALLY.

    • Some B**** June 4, 2012

      No one is buying dance music either fool. Do you see Pitbull, Flo Rida, LMFAO, or David Guetta pulling Adele numbers?

  47. Some B**** June 4, 2012

    Flex is full of s***, just like Nicki

  48. Omar aresenio Reyes June 5, 2012

    All honesty it’s both faults!!!!!!!!! Rosenberg f***** it up in the beginning !!!! He started everything but as for flex waz saying to niki she shudve just went on stage n performed anyways, flex had a point, even though it waz fuccked up wat Rosenberg said, niki had her chance to talk her own s***, as flex waz saying, shes number one anyways n no matter wat her fans r still gona talk s*** why cudnt you just perform? yes I do understand flexs point but still as for Rosenberg he started this whole thing n in my opinion he shud get fired, n**** talking s*** saying he knows wat real rap is…. Moron u were talking s*** about a girl , n for flex, yes he had a point , niki shudve just went up there on stage but she listened her TEAM so yea it’s both faults!!!!!!!

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