Rare: Rihanna ‘Rehearses’ For European Festival Tour

Published: Saturday 30th Jun 2012 by David

Though her performances say otherwise, it seems Rihanna does indeed rehearse for her live stage shows.

Yes, while she may be one picnic short of a biscuit on a vocal and choreography tip, recently released footage from her camp sees her try her best to learn the steps to her cut ‘Cockiness‘.

Peep her rehearsing for her European festival tour (which saw her hit Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend last week) below…

Baby steps Riri baby steps.

Keep this up and one day you might just come close to this:

Until then, we’ll keep this on replay:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Benron June 30, 2012

    Rihanna alwys rehearses, I think this was on the 21s, all I know was it was her first rehearsel.

    I love her, but I need her to get a vocal coach!

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      Cosign and perhaps they can put it to rest once
      and for all that she has a Unique voice that is laced
      with caribbean sounds that can not ever be erased
      completely. Not a real long time ago ne-yo was working
      with her and her vocals/voice.

  2. ty June 30, 2012


  3. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 30, 2012

    I love how Beyonce is presented as some kind of a blueprint in terms of dancing. Please!

    Beyonce is an amazing performer but that’s down to stage presence and attitude, NOT to natural ability or precision. When it comes to dancers, the rolemodel is Janet and in the new generation I can only think of Aaliyah and Ciara. Obviously Beyonce is a better dancer than Rihanna, but chill.

    Anyway, I hope that when Rihanna kicks off her worldwide tour (festivals aside), she’ll be ready to bring it. She’s slowly progressing, but I’d like to see her performing skills matching the standard of her tracks 😉

    • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

      Beyonce is a GREAT dancer because she thrives off of improvision type dance moves. And if you knew anything about dancing, the technical precise part of dancing is vital in performance but the booty shaking, attitude, and looseness of your body is what makes it come off as NATURAL. That is more praised than anything. So stay mad.

      • Teacher June 30, 2012

        Praised only by hoodrats like you!

      • diob June 30, 2012

        Sorry to burst your bubble but she is not a good dancer. She is an ok dancer that can pick up choreo kinda like ne-yo.

      • Stephen June 30, 2012

        Ehm, Beyonce is NOT a great dancer, she’s a great vocalist but not as good in dancing as she is in singing

    • aishaaguilerakeys June 30, 2012

      I don’t see anything amazing about B, but she IS a good performer, she can sing and dance, I’ll give her that.

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

        Well u stan for Alicia n christina. Safe to say u dont care so much for like live performances. Otherwise u can tell Bey’s performances are a world class above STRAINtina & alicia OFFKEYS

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        @Teacher rotf,,,,lmao Bey has been working on popping her
        old choochie from day one.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        @Teacher and after all of that popping
        that old chooch of hers beyonce still
        got her ass mopped by adele, big time!

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 30, 2012

        She is an AMAZING performer and that’s a direct quote off of my comment 😉

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 30, 2012

        But I just don’t think that in terms of technique, she’s the best dancers in the game. The first REAL choreography with synchronized movements and footwork that she’s done was the first segment of her ‘RTW’ video. She’s a great performers and a great performer, but her dancing ability is adequate, not amazing.

    • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

      @Teacher pshh. Like you know me, b****. Keep reaching.

      • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

        Oh I’m sorry, doesn’t rihanna “TRY” to do the same thing?? Oh whatever she thinks she’s doing…

        Booty shaking burns calories. Get off ur fatass and try it sometime, b****.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        @PERTTYGURL WHY IS YO faggggggot ass so
        bitter , though? Hell i don’t know what yo ass is since
        you was thrown up aganist a walll when you came out and
        you was told to be something and yo worthless ass jumped
        out…. stay p*** no one give a shyt.

  4. Lax June 30, 2012

    Sooooooo it’s true that many want and long for Rihanna to be like
    Beyonce, well it’s not going to ever be because Rihanna and Beyonce
    or two entirely different people, Period when will you see that? Thats why
    there is all of the tearing Rihanna down because shes not Beyonce’s Siamese!

    What a shame and there or countless other artist whos not walking in beyonce’s shoes and neither do they want to walk a mile in her shoes. My goodness let Rih
    be great just like she is, shes a Islander and beyonce is a texas country Belle!!!!!!!

    • aishaaguilerakeys June 30, 2012

      I agree. All these artists are different at eachother and good at what they do, I don’t know why they always have to be compared.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        @AISHAAGUILERAKEYS,,,Because they can’t stand
        any other female showing beyonce fradulent ass all the way up. Beyonce can’t touch xtina, alicia or britney no matter how she pops her old chooch!

  5. Lax June 30, 2012

    Rihanna says take notes
    Never mind what haters say, ignore them ’til they fade away.
    Amazing they ungrateful for after all the games I gave away.
    Safe to say I paved the way, for you cats to get paid today.
    You still be wasting days away, nah had I never saved the day.
    Consider them my protégé, homage I think they should pay.
    Instead of being gracious, they violate in a major way.
    I never been a hater still I love them, In a crazy way.
    Some say they sold the yay and no they couldn’t even work on Labor day.
    It ain’t that black and white, it has an area that’s shaded grey.
    I’m Westside anyway, even if I left today and stayed away.
    Some move away to make a way not move away cause they afraid.
    I brought back to the hood and all you ever did was take away.
    I pray for patience but they make me wanna melt their face away.
    Like I once made them spray, now I could make them plead their case away.
    Been thuggin’ all my life, can’t say I don’t deserve to take a break.
    If you ever see me catch a case, and watch my future fade away.

    Comparing Rihanna to beyonce’s ass i have heard it all, why can’t rihanna be great without the comparison, gheeeeeeeeesh! Kelly is not compared to Rihanna and neither is Rita, or any one else for that matter.

  6. KD June 30, 2012

    no one compares to beyonce 😉 no one.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

      No one will … Until Blue releases her debut single on her 4th birthday

      • joker June 30, 2012

        hahaha. i spit my food. 😀

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      Yeaaah we know “KD”
      because the bee hive puts beyonce next to God thats why!

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) June 30, 2012

      @lax I mean we all are GODS …

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        Yeh ho i know!

      • Lax July 1, 2012

        @RICHNBLACK,,,Yo god and i see there will be others
        at the bet beside yo God , deery
        ..LOS ANGELES (AP) — Beyonce will battle her husband for video of the year at the BET Awards, and now both performers are confirmed to attend.

        Beyonce is the second most nominated act. She’s up for six awards. Jay-Z is nominated for five.

        Kanye West leads the pack with seven.

        Two of West and Jay-Z’s collaborative songs are up for video of the year. Beyonce is also nominated twice in the category. The final nominee is Usher.

        Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and Usher are set to perform. And Whitney Houston’s mother is part of a tribute for the late superstar that will include other singers.

        Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino and Tyler Perry will present awards. Samuel L. Jackson will host the show, which will be held Sunday at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

        @BEY HIVE I hope you worthless bytches pin those
        depends on and ,,,stfu…becayse yo God will set the
        air and crowd on fire tonight,, and i hope for your sakes she wins them all BECAUSE after all she is the only one who have got more GRAMMYS then any other artists Dead
        or alive. and as weak minded as SOME OF THE HIVE is i hope they give them all to her to beyonce so the main ass wipes who hates on other artist can drink that Tall Glass
        of ,,,stfu in peace without being on a Rihanna post trying to ” Shyt Talk The Navy” over how much better beyonce is then,,,,,Rihanna

  7. Jessie June 30, 2012

    Yall are such f******. Post her Hackney performance of man down. Show her improvment in the last year. Its sad black ppl never embrace their stars but white people love her with no complaints. Pressed f****** want every artist to be the same. Thats not art thats clonimg, and yall have the audacity to support rita ora. Kelly rowland and alexandra burke. Constant flops.

    • Jessie June 30, 2012


      • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

        Kelly rowland is better than rihanna tho. Although she doesn’t have as many hits as rihanna tho.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        @PERTTYGURLROCK We know to let you
        and the bey hive tell it there no other people
        doing music beside beyonce, we know deery!

        You old FAGGGGGGGIT or always licking the
        ground before beyonce walk on it and now you
        will have to lick the ground for bey and blue, have
        at it because Nobody is mad at ya Ass wipes.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        Everybody in music and entertainment
        bleed when they or cut But,,,,,Beyonce!

      • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

        Lax stfu dumbass b****. How am I a f***** yet I’m a female?? B**** BYE. Your lame essays wont convince NO ONE Rihanna is better than beyonce. Stay mad.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        @Perttygurl and you or a old fagggggg.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        @Perttugurl i am happy that yo fagggggot
        ass thinks that beyonce is the next thing to
        God himself ohhhh how i love that….i am not
        in no way trying to make rihanna better or even
        as big odf a witch as beyonce since they or saYING

      • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

        Lax, stfu u flop ass c***. Why are u so obsessed with rihanna? And y r u named after an airport? B**** BYE.

  8. Lax June 30, 2012

    We will keep Rih because after all i have lossed count
    just how many times she has been written off by the “Grape”
    tell you waht keep trying to write her off while she headlines
    the biggest festival in the UK this year and she is still very much
    in the know as far aas a Mic, People and sell Out or concerned
    and shes still working now thats the kicker….

  9. joker June 30, 2012

    mmkay. who cares. i get so ear cancer from that “song”. bekloppt… kloppt… kloppt. and electro voice. yeah sure. this got so nothing live. it’s a full studio track. shits on them producers. 😀

  10. aishaaguilerakeys June 30, 2012

    At least she’s trying.

  11. Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

    Thats one boring ass lazy choreography. Someone’s paid to do what a 5yo would naturally do listening this ratchet song?

    • Benron June 30, 2012

      That wasnt the whole thing, but yes. Im stil dying at “Alicia Offkeys LMFAO!

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        Rihanna has something that is amazing and its her
        Attitude:Rihanna has said she is not a role model for people’s children and how right she is: skimpy outfits, suggestive imagery, swearing, drinking and smoking are only some of the vices she partakes in publicly. It’s a devil may care attitude that extends to the way she takes on people and the world, often giving us a direct link into her thoughts via her twitter account.

        Whereas most A list stars keep their thoughts on events and news regarding their personal life to press statements, song lyrics or manicured interviews- which has most likely been orchestrated and vetted by the stars publisher/ and or a lawyer- Ms Fenty constantly gives it loud and direct.
        And straight to yo ass, always. Showing that shes living
        her life and its working the hound dog hell out of that Phucking Bee Hive.

    • Teacher June 30, 2012

      B**** please! If anything they would sling weave and shake ass which is ALL Beyonce does!

      • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

        And beyonce must do it well cuz r****** the one inspired by Godyonce. Not the other way around. Eat your pride and stfu b****.

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

        Yea and Beyonce has awards for her weave slinging & ass shaking. Ain nobody giving rih s*** for the weak s*** she does in the name of choreography

  12. Teacher June 30, 2012

    LOL Beyonce aint doin ABSOLUTELY NOTHING groundbreaking! She clapped her hands, skipped, thrusted her p****,ran back n forth, slung weave like always and waved her arms n turned and thats amazing choreography? GoodFuckingBye! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    Y’all b****** tried the f*** out of it!

    • Benron June 30, 2012

      Sounds like a seizure.

      • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

        And what the hell does rihanna do that is so great?? I’ll wait…..

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

      It’s amazing enough to revolutionize the dance craze of the 00s. She had you & yo momma doin the uh-oh dance so yes its amazing if it can have that impact. Dress it down all u like. We saw ur fav copying those same moves at the start of her career. B**** tryna be a made-in-china version of Beyonce. NEVER !!!!

      • commanderofthedancefloor June 30, 2012

        um no, everybody had been shaking their ass since before beyonce, did crazy in love, the only thing that song did, was instead of people saying they were grinding or shaking their ass, they then just changed the words to saying uh oh. beyonce didn’t create ass shaking which is what that was. so what dance craze did she create? and what revolutionary thing did she do?
        im just asking because you are convinced that she did

      • Teacher June 30, 2012

        Gurl boo bitchess been popin they ass she just put a name on it and called it hers! but a thief will be a thief!

    • Hush June 30, 2012

      And all Rihanna does is get winded after walking back and forth on stage for 45 seconds. Untalented ho.

      • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

        @Hush YASS. Read!! Lol.

      • Teacher June 30, 2012

        No one sed she did nething groundbreaking! I just shut u Beyonce stans down thinkn she does some amazing s*** cuz she doesn’t! That’s y yall mad LOL!

        @Commander exactly! Delusional ass mofos! 😀

    • Lax July 1, 2012

      @bee Hive And even after the hive reminds us 24/7
      of how great beyonce is Rihanna, adele, gaga, britney, taylor, katy, jenn them all got paid and their “GOODIES” or still in the bag where as beyonce popped her old ass worn out choochie and got it funky and sweaty and dropped all that pu**y Juice on the stages for others to trip and fall and get hurt in…Shameful…

      • Lax July 1, 2012

        Rihanna on the other hand has did three to four Festivals and she has never missed a beat and we know its killing the bee hive. The reason we know it’s killing the hive is because their asses or all up on Rihanna’s navy trying to defend bey
        and to remind us all that beyonce is this GOD and no one else but these crowds and their reactions SPEAKS LOUD AND CLEAR AS TO THE POWER THAT IS “rihanna”,,,and even beyonce Herself went “Ham” in the crowd this past week end,,,happy that Rihanna’s ass is helping her to keep living the rich lifestyls and if she wasn’t and RIHANNA was as bad as the Bee Hive says she is then,,,
        jay would have dropped his MANGEMENT of the young mega star long ago and picked up on his other artists, if and
        when Rihanna’s performances get so bad to jay i am sure that he will no longer mange rihanna and we will surely all know about it. But as it stand Rih is a Shoe in for the International crowd and Jay being the business man he is knows this better then any of yo dumb asses do, trust rihanna is doing just fine so love her or hate her but at the end of the day shes still that “It Girl” Hating ass bytches…

  13. Monstarebel June 30, 2012

    Rihanna has grown so much as performer! but idk why people fail to see it remember this was a girl who had no stage present and now gets her crowds hype as f** example hackney she had that crowd hype as f*** the people enjoyed the show she got great reviews, also u guy hated that she didn’t dance, now she’s dancin and still people complain its like she can’t do nothing right for you guys smh anyways riri baby keep doing ur thing much love xoxo #Navy

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      The main thing about Rihanna is that she like many of the
      new age entertainers they or not following in anybody’s foor steps and especially not beyonce’s because beyonce can hardly get her thick ass legs off the floor any more. Beyonce is so busy trying to remind the crods she performing to her ring and telling them that jay love It so much he put a ring on it. To bad her daddy didn’t take her advice when het worked over time to get his side piece with child, that he then tried to
      buy from her to give to beyonce.
      Of course not a peep here on the Bee hive’s favorite play grounds because that will tend to muddy the waters for their self proclaimed God! But if it was about Rihanna or any of the other features it would be mentioned big time.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        crowd shes entertaining.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        We love and appreciats Rihanna because shes who she is and she owns up to it, she don’t try to sugar coat jack, and if you don’t like that then stay with beyonce or who ever makes your music hot for yo asses

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        Rihanna is the real deal and you can see and tell it
        by how she acts and talks….
        One of the most admirable twitter spats occurred in November last year, and was in response to a Dutch magazine that printed derogatory and racist comments in reference to the singer’s style. On being alerted to the slight, Rihanna fired off a classy response- bar her sign off- that not only showed an intelligence beneath the wigs that many didn’t reckon, but also got results with the editor, who initially tried to joke away the matter, resigning. Rihanna’s Tweet read;

        “I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! (sic)

        “You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000’s of Dutch girls who would love to be recognised for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article.”

        “Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race! That’s your contribution to this world! To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past!

        “You put two words together, with the intent of abasement, that made no sense…”N***a b****?!…. Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you… F**k YOU!!!”

        And Rihanna isn’t worried about beyonces level because she has RE-WRITTEN the book and shes doing it her way yesssss she can use more training and she will get it but no matter what is stated she is still holding it down on the world’s most Influenctial on forbes at a beautiful #4 and i don’t care who all is bigger and better shes filling her own shoes keep up the good work Rihanna and let them compare you to the Easter Bunny and all of their Offsprings if they so choose., it want change jack shyt.

  14. catnipbitch June 30, 2012

    That Bey vid brought me to tears
    Oh lawd she is amazing

  15. kelly June 30, 2012

    Come close to Beyonce? Yes, Beyonce is an vocal / performing prowess…..BUT! Rihanna does not want to be Beyonce, just like Britney does not want to be Celine Dion.

    Rihanna wanted to be the black madonnna, and out of all the black singers….she has dome the best to be like Madonna.

    In fact, as Rihanna overtook Beyonce as the famous black girl in Hollywood…..Beyonce has jacked a lil from Rihanna. She jacked her edgy style; she jacked her edgy, story orientated videos; she jacked her dance techno style.

    The beyonce of the last 4 years is forcefully trying to be edgy – that is the RIHANNA EFFECT on her. Maybe Beyonce likes Rita Ora, because she knows rita will not blow up and she is white. But, Beyonce is no longer the premier black woman in Hollywood – Rihanna has taken that crown.

    I remember when Beyonce was the ONLY black woman that had tabloid fodder….

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

      Rihanna could never come close to Beyonce’s prowess if her grandmother’s life depended on it.

      • Benron June 30, 2012

        That is a horrible thing to say, especially since I know we both know her grandmother is sick with cancer in the hospital. What is wrong with you?

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

        It is not anymore horrible than u n fellow rhitards mocking Blue ivy, an infant

    • Hush June 30, 2012

      Kelly, you are retarded. How the hell did Rihanna overtake Beyonce in Hollywood, when Rihanna’s only movie just flopped. Beyonce commands twice the salary Rihanna does. LOL

      Shut up.

      No one is trying to be Rihanna. She’s a hack and everybody knows it. No one wants to be like someone whose “talent” no one considers.

      • kelly June 30, 2012

        Rihanna is the most photograph black woman in Hollywood. Her personal love life is on the front cover of: US weekly, People, Intouch etc. You are a r***** . Rihanna has only done one movie, and spielberg wants to cast her again – she will earn more than Beyonce.

        People do want to be like Rih – even Rita Ora wants to be like Rihanna.

      • Stephen June 30, 2012

        He meant that Rihanna is more popular than Beyonce at the moment, and that’s a fact

      • UnMutedOne July 1, 2012

        LOL@these idiots claiming that Rihanna overtook Beyonce in anything. Beyonce has several hit films under her belt. Rihanna’s s***** attempt at breaking into films failed; and her movie flopped. Battleship was a disaster to epic proportions, and she stunk in it.

        As far as music goes; get back to me when Beyonce releases 6 albums and they all fail to top the chart. Get back at me when Beyonce releases an album during the busiest music shopping week of the year and sells less than 200k. Get back at me when Beyonce releases an album and 8 months later it still hasn’t sold a million copies.

        Sit down, you idiot.

        Rihanna will never even match Beyonce’s star level, let alone surpass it. All Rihanna is is another interchangeable pop singer of the moment that is puppet-mastered by a record label. There is nothing special about her and she has no star quality or credibility whatsoever.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) June 30, 2012

      In fact, as Rihanna overtook Beyonce as the famous black girl in Hollywood…..


      • Lax June 30, 2012

        You mean you didn’t get the Memo?

      • Lax July 1, 2012

        This is the list rih is working on getting on, bytches and
        yo bull shyt want be enough to stop her since shes well
        on her way with or without your blessings…
        Ps Hmmmmm funny even this list and beyonce isn’t even the only female that is on this list with her Inflated wage
        that has been upped by a 100 million to make her ass look good and fit in,,,, thanks to her Hubby.

  16. WHYBhi5 June 30, 2012

    That Grape Juice Staff u sure do like to use this particular pic image of Rih for so many of ur RiRi posts. I ain’t mad at y’all for that because I love this pic of her too. Rih looks extremely s***. Thank u.

  17. Acem June 30, 2012

    Rihanna isn’t talented at all. My guess is that she must be good at sucking suits d**** and swallowing, because she is as untalented as cracked paint.

  18. Candid June 30, 2012

    This b**** can’t sing, dance or act. She should be working at K-Mart, but her ass would probably suck at that too.

    • Vandrea June 30, 2012

      Heh. If Rihanna worked there, all she would do is mis-scan shoppers items and sound offkey while making announcements over the loud speaker.

      • Benron June 30, 2012

        I can’t breathe! I love her tho…

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      Rihanna’s incredible success at pop radio, outstanding digital track sales and overwhelming popularity on YouTube isn’t simply a matter of having her finger on the pulse of popular culture. It’s partly the result of unflagging momentum – there has been hardly any time since Rihanna broke big with “Umbrella” in 2007 when she has not had a hit on the radio, either as a solo act or featured artist. “Kids want new material all the time,” Jay Brown, Rihanna’s manager since she was a teenager, recently told the BBC. “I think you become disposable when you put out an album every three years.” This philosophy goes against the grain of years of conventional wisdom cautioning artists against flooding the market with singles, but the results are undeniable: Even when Rihanna drops a single that doesn’t quite connect with a larger audience, such as “Russian Roulette” or “Man Down,” there has always been a monster hit like “We Found Love” just around the corner, so she always seems like a hot commodity.

      • Hush June 30, 2012

        Nobody cares Lax. Rihanna is an untalented ho who everybody’s hard a turn with behind the scenes.

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        @Hush thats what you became when you jumped out
        a untalented toliet stool licker.

  19. Suicide Blonde June 30, 2012

    Keep this up and one day you might just come close to this:

    I don’t want Riri to be fake like Beyonce, i don’t want Riri to scream like Beyonce, I don’t want Riri to shake her ass like Beyonce, i prefer a woman touching her p**** like Riri does, i want Riri to be herself, the lovely w**** that she is, i want Riri, just her, the b****, the other w**** can keep playing the Mother Teresa, i bet she loves to be f***** in the ass, nasty b****.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) June 30, 2012

      LMAO ….you are a MESS …wait don’t everyone like to get fck in the a$$

      • Lax June 30, 2012

        no richnblack only yo worthless ass.

  20. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) June 30, 2012


    • Lax June 30, 2012

      you Ass wipes will swear on a stack of bibles that RIHANNA Do not have any talent at all, and whos di*k is Rih sucking to bring in 53 million dollars for one year you dam ass wipes let the other girls know so they can get to work and perhaps Beyonce might need to sharpen up her SUCTION HOSE because shes dragging behind a bit this go around, ass wipes.

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      Die-hard Beyoncé fans aren’t happy that King Bey is being compared to Rihanna. They took to Rolling Stone’s comment section, arguing that Rihanna is simply a “singles artist” while Beyoncé’s accolades – 16 Grammys! – speak to her artistry.

      However, fans of both of the artists admit that they are seeing a lot more of Rihanna than they are Beyoncé lately. And it has a lot to do with Rihanna’s sound.

      “Rihanna makes music that can be played at a broader range of clubs. Plus, her lyrics can be really raunchy. Younger fans like that,” says Chantel Petty, who has loved Beyoncé since her Destiny’s Child days, and became a fan of Rihanna after the release of Rated R.

      A perspective piece published in the Los Angeles Times late last month detailed the intricacies of Rihanna’s artistry. The writer argued that Rihanna’s team has mastered the ability to read the trends saying, “Who’d have thought that the 17-year-old who sassily flounced through 2005’s “Pon De Replay” would ride the beat-driven experimentalism of “Umbrella” or the 4/4 Euro-synth dance-pop of “Don’t Stop the Music” up the charts two years later? Or would be singing about sadomasochism?”

      Then there’s the Twitter thing. Beyoncé’s Twitter account has more than two million followers but not a single tweet. Rihanna’s Twitter account, on the other hand, is booming. She’s foul-mouthed, personable and, at times, funny.

      “Rihanna’s Twitter is what made me like her,” says Brittany Miller, a long-time Beyoncé fan, who agrees that the age of both artists’ fan bases could be the reason for Rolling Stone’s findings.

      “I do agree but at the same time it’s kind of invalid to say because Beyoncé’s album sales still don’t compare to Rihanna’s. I just think Rihanna is a little more interesting and provocative. Her fan base is both young and old, while Bey mostly caters to an older crowd,” says Mille

  21. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) June 30, 2012

    @LAX Do you put this much time in your personal LIFE

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      @RICHENNBLACK relax to you a tall glass of stfu, deery.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) June 30, 2012

        So I take that as a NO… you need to seek medical attention babe

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      @RICHENBLACK I have all the attention when i got yo
      TOLIET LICKING ASS Commenting back to me, you
      crossed eyed , nappy heade, broke bum looser pile of crap.

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      @RICHNBLACK,,,It will always seem that way because its nine (9)Rihanna fans to 109 bee hive who stays put on this site and yo ass wipe ass know this , You defends beyonce from start to finish on her threads and tries to run shot gun on Rihanna’s post all of the dam time…

      • Lax July 1, 2012

        @RICHENNBLACK Now you know that yo m***** ass and the bee hive don’t move me one little bit, now don’t you? If anthing it make me go even harder and what you think about me and my life do not matter one little bit because at least its me and a hand full from Rihanna’s navy and you and your five star GENERALS or out as always in force trying to tell others and beat it into others heads that beyonce is the best and i say beyonce is good but shes not the only artist with theikr ass pointing to the ground and this poass year has seen Rihanna rise up to the occasion more then once, and just so you’d know out of over 200 comments on one of the many beyonce post you or next to the last comment where ” A Star” is born commented telling yo piece on how people was so happy
        yo see bey and jay in Coratia visit and how proud the people was i am saying that to say this do what yo heart desires But,,,,,,as long as yo mangie ass point to the ground know that when you comment to me directly i know that our girl rihanna is still winning and we thank your ass and the bee hive for letting us all know that Rihh is still cooking with gas even after being compared to the bee hive self proclaimed god aka beyonce, booty popping knowles…all that popping her bif ass and rihanna is still doing her own dam thing without beyonces ass.

  22. kelly June 30, 2012

    Rih is so much more of a fashion darling / icon than beyonce ever was. In fact, the fashion world thinks beyonce is fat and has poor taste in clothes. Beyonce has not style. Beyonce has NEVER EVER HAD A FASHION DEAL OR HAD THE COVER OF UK VOGUE. Rihanna is only the second black woman, after Naomi to be on the cover of UK vogue and she has been on USA and ITALY Vogue.

    Rih has a afshion deal with Armani – they make clothes JUST for Rihanna. Beyonce has never had that, because she cannot dress, with her country bumpkin self.

    • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

      Beyonce dresses nice. She doesn’t depend on clothing to sell her music or voice cuz she has “it”.

      • Teacher June 30, 2012

        LOOOOOOL *DEATH* at Beyonce dresses nice! Gurl boo she depended on Blue Ivy to try n sell 4FLOP but that s*** ain work! Maaaad!!!! LOOOL B****!

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      And her big head is still on this line up.
      the one that count.
      #1 Britney Spears
      PAY: $58 million
      Conspicuously absent from our 2011 list due to limited touring, Britney blasts back to the top this year with over 75 shows in the past 12 months. She also earns millions from endorsements and a fragrance line with Elizabeth Arden. Her latest album, Femme Fatale, earned platinum certification in the U.S. The Princess of Pop still attracts plenty of tabloid attention, especially in the wake of her December 2011 engagement.

      #2 Taylor Swift
      PAY: $57 million
      Swift benefited from a huge tour this year, grossing over $1 million per night on more than 65 dates. She continues to cash in on her 2010 album Speak Now, which has now sold over 5 million copies worldwide. The young singer-songwriter also earns big as one of the faces of CoverGirl. Her fourth album is due this fall.

      #3 Rihanna
      PAY: $53 million
      The Barbados-born diva lands on our list for the first time thanks to hits including “We Found Love” and “Talk That Talk,” as well as endorsements with the likes of Vita Coco and Nivea. Her fragrance, Reb’l Fleur, adds millions more to her coffers, as does her heavy touring schedule that included over 85 shows in the past 12 months. With over 53 million Facebook fans, she’s second only to Eminem.

      #4 Lady Gaga
      PAY: $52 million
      Last year’s top celeb slides from No.1 on our list due to a lack of touring, but stays near the top because of her tremendous social media influence. With over 24 million followers, she’s the world’s most popular Twitter user; her 50 million Facebook fans are more than any other celebrity aside from Eminem and Rihanna. Thanks to multiple older hits as well as her latest album, Born This Way, the singer-songwriter still makes plenty of money off of music sales.

      #5 Katy Perry
      PAY: $45 million
      Quick, who are the only two musicians in history to have five No. 1 singles from the same album? Michael Jackson and Katy Perry. The latter accomplished that feat with 2010 smash Teenage Dream, which continues to garner considerable airplay, and dollars, for the “Firework” singer. Her California Dreams Tour grossed nearly $60 million. Perry also got plenty of attention from the media for her personal life this year. She split from comedian husband Russell Brand in December.

      #6 Beyoncé Knowles
      PAY: $40 million
      After giving birth to baby Blue Ivy in January, the female half of music’s first couple took a break from her hectic touring schedule. But she still earns big from her old hits and new album 4, which went platinum in the U.S., as well as non-musical ventures like her House of Dereon clothing line and endorsement deals with companies like L’Oreal and DirecTV.

      #7 Adele
      PAY: $35 million
      The big-voiced Brit has sold over 23 million copies of her smash album 21, even more amazing in an era when selling 500,000 copies is a strong showing. With hits like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Rumor Has It,” the singer-songwriter continues to reap the rewards of heavy airplay and digital downloads.

      Every one could’nt be born with blonde hair and blue eyes! Rich and best of schools and family with money
      You dam Numb Nutts. Keep right on calling her ugly and names because that is what numb nutts, and broke ass wipes or good for with yo Faggggggot asses.

      • barbie July 1, 2012

        Lax, you ARE so silly. Everyone else on your list except Rih was on a break!!!! She ranks WITH them hen they are not working.

    • Teacher June 30, 2012

      At least u talkn bout her b**** lool!

  23. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 30, 2012

    this post is just dumb.

    riri is #winning and getting paid while yawning and u still looking 4 hits in that ghetto blog of yours using her name . mentioning her name is what feed you and your fam.

  24. WHYBhi5 June 30, 2012

    Oh mama I just shot a man down. That performance sure did make my pores raise. No oversinging there.

  25. Lax June 30, 2012

    A person with no personality, no ability to hold a conversation, no ability to hold an interview, no ability to write a letter, or do much of anything but scream, wear a blond weave, steal, fake smile, and get airbrushed. Does being rich make you beautiful? J.Lo somehow became the worlds most beautiful last year and this year Beyowulf finagled her way into winning. This should be called Flavor of the Month and this year it’s me, it’s not like they actually sent an envoy to every continent to have a beautiful woman contest judged by Tyra and the homosexuals that she fired. This was some arbitrary celebrity popularity contest. This is a complete joke, it has been shown over and over that she is mean, spiteful, greedy and selfish, sort of the antithesis of beautiful. So…this is sort of a fail.

    Then you have the bee hive trying their level best to make others feel like they
    or bad, bad black sheep, give me a break….

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      The school shes attending trying to get that GED
      have got beyonce writing all kinds of sweet letter s including
      one to the first lady, bless her soul.

  26. King June 30, 2012

    Its official Rihtards are the most delusional fan base of all time!!! You Rihtards need to shut the f*** up because they is no where in hell Rihanna could ever touch beyonce vocally or on stage, in fact she cant touch Beyoonce period. Beyonce’s stage presence alone killls rihanna, I’m awaiting the day that rihanna puts on a proper damn show.. And LOL at Rihanna overtook Beyonce as the famous black girl in Hollywood!!! Rihtards what world do yall live in yall are too delusional. And Rihatards saying beyonce doesnt have a GED well neither does Rihanna at least beyonce is getting hers , RiHANNA never graduated High school either but you can tell that by how stupid she sound when she talk, Beyone is 20000000000000x more educated than Rihanna.

    • Try Again July 1, 2012

      NOw this is delusion at its finest.

      Beyonce can’t even communicate, have you HEARD Rihanna, obviously not.

    • Lax July 1, 2012


    • Lax July 1, 2012

      @ King tyoe up famous folks and see if yo list has only beyonce’s name on it. If yo list don’t have but one name and it’s beyonce’s tgen you win and if there any other name on that whos who of hollywood then yo ass is titting smack dab in the middle of the b/s pong, deery try again Son, or who ever you or because no matter how rihanna don’t sing and dance like beyone Rihanna is still in the game and seh going haard and heavy and no matter how many comparisions the “Grape” Post to compare the grape and its many vistors most of which is bee hive generals like yo self still will never be able to write rihanna off with words, lies, slander and yo worthless bull shyt analysis, Period now carry on i hope the grape got the results they wanted for this post,,,,Remember Rihanna isn’t going any place and beyonce can pop her old chooch till all the cows run, slob, slide from the fikeld at the end of the day Rihanna is winning in spit of your hate for her and her most sort after career, ,,
      And since the bee hive hates rihanna the most why don’t you worthless ass wipes ask the grape to stop posting on Rihanna, hating ass wipes,,,,

  27. Jess July 1, 2012

    Whether she had amazing style or a wonderful attitude is irrelevent. No shade to Rihanna because she has catchy songs and an amazing team behind her, but she is a horrible live performer. In addition to that, what’s with this Beyonce vs Rihanna crap??? Beyonce had been in the game for over 15 years thus she is a killer performer. When it comes to singing and dancing she slays everytime… Just giving props where props are do.

    • Lax July 1, 2012

      Yessss jess beyonce has been in the game long enough to be Rihannas mamma and its time for rita, rihanna now!
      mamma bear can relax her hips, ass and them booty pads, and let the youngins get right to it, now.

  28. LORD July 1, 2012

    And after reharsing, Rihanna will spend the whole night with her nose up KING B’s a***.

    • Lax July 1, 2012

      this and yo name says it all you or forever and a day trying to let the world know how smart you or, why don’t you enroll with beyonce where shes trying to get her GED and learn that beyonce isn’t the only person on this earth with her ass pointing to the ground and there or females who out did beyonce’s ass big time this pass year and add to that is shes so on top how did Adele Mop the floor with her ass so hard?

  29. NaQu July 1, 2012

    LOL@Rihanna calling herself “rehearsing.” I’ve seen battery operated toys that are better performers than her. Whoever let this no-talent trash into the industry should be cited and fined for littering.

    #I Can’t.

  30. commanderofthedancefloor July 1, 2012

    awww, did you guys hear about rihanna’s gran gran passing away over the weekend?

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