Twitter Trials: Everybody Hates Chris

Raz B.  Rihanna.  Miranda Lamberts.  Good Morning America (Robin Roberts).  Anderson Cooper. FOX News. Odd Future.  And now, Brian McKnight.

Besides at one time occupying some space on your television screens, the aforementioned entities all have had at least a taste of one other commonality – beef with R&B bad boy Chris Brown.

For, while his introduction saw him poised to follow in the steps of the legendary Michael Jackson (a la famed, talented child star whose star brightens into adulthood) and fill a space in R&B that had not been occupied since Usher, post-“the 2009 incident” has seen the ‘Run It’ singer’s public image run topsy turvy.

One minute loved and praised, the next minute reminded of that career-changing occurrence…

Never able to completely run from “it” – that haunting stigma.  Public apologies, fellow celebrity support, and even recorded reconciliations (see:  ‘Birthday Cake’, ‘Turn Up the Music’ remixes) have not quite been enough to completely un-blacklist the young Virginian superstar.

And, as ‘Fortune’ – the follow-up to his 2011 comeback album ‘F.A.M.E.‘ – is on the horizon, it seems Brown has not had the fortune of dodging a gauntlet of attacks.  Attacks that some argue are not attacks at all, but moreso publicity stunts or just dues he must pay for his acts.

Be that as it may, everyone has a breaking point.  But, even still, his self-defense only seems to leave him on the loser’s bench.   As TeamBreezy will quickly argue, Brown is in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation…so…

Should Chris just keep quiet?  Or at this point, is he right to vocally defend himself?

Your thoughts?

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  1. MonsterHive June 3, 2012

    He beat a girl, not everyone will get over it. & Team Breezy needs to deal. This will always haunt him, I forgave him a long time ago but I’m also not delusional. He’s also going on rants on Twitter, I bet if he kept it cute & put it on mute, that would be a much better look than responding. When you can ignore the naysayers, that’s when you show true growth. He’s also not a victim tho, that is apparent.

    • Jayla June 3, 2012

      get a life, nobody with actual ives give a f*** about wat these celebs do in they personal lives

      • MONSTERHIVE June 3, 2012

        Says the person on a blog ALL ABOUT celebrities. Contradictions.

      • YUMADTHO June 3, 2012

        B**** please since you have a “life” why don’t you invest your time on a tutor rather than worrying about people who post comments. With your illiterate ass, you can’t even spell “lives” smh give Sylvan a call b****!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA June 4, 2012

        @Jayla, YUMADTHO really got your a$$ together on that one hahahaha!! Make sure you proof read to prevent future embarrassment!

    • Jayla June 3, 2012

      yea i’m illiterate in med school, lol the ignorance, these gays do way too much

    • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

      Yet BEYONCE’s husband JayZ aka SEAN CARTER beat Foxy Brown and Amil Lion when he dated them. He was seen on video beating the sh*t out of Amil in a NY clothing store yet the WORLD SEEMS TO HAVE FORGOTTEN & FORGIVEN HIM. This is the same FILTHY DRUG DEALER that sold DOPE to men, women & children without regard. This is the same VIOLENT ABUSER that stabled producer Un Rivera only to later confess his crimes in Decoded! IF JAYZ CAN BE FORGIVEN AND HIS MANY CRIMES FORGOTTEN, THEN F*CK WHAT YOU & @TGJ HAVE TO SAY ABOUT CHRIS BROWN!

      • Really? June 3, 2012

        Wow didnt know all that. Jay-Z’s shady.

      • MonsterHive June 3, 2012

        Everyone knows Jay wasn’t the best guy, he sold crack, he’s said it dozens of time. But do you see him going on Twitter rants to defend himself or his wife? The issue isn’t Chris not being forgiven, the issue is Chris not changing or growing from his mistakes. Going on Twitter rants & making songs with the girl you beat, then call her a h** a month later is NOT growth. Say what you want about Jay but he has overcame his past & his success has proven just that.

  2. Quan June 3, 2012

    I prefer for Chris to continue making music, touring, and keeping his fans entertained. People including this website love to feed on the negative energy. I love Chris Brown as an entertainer. I see him like anyone else which is HUMAN. No he is not perfect and neither am I. How dare anyone try and judge this man? I’m sure if we were to judge the same people that are judging him their history would not be so clean either. So in my opinion he should just continue making music and let #TEAMBreezy take care of this people who come at him. We got his back & nothing to lose!

    • Quan June 3, 2012

      *these people

    • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012


      100% CO-SIGN EVERY WORD! 🙂

      I’m really tired of this BS and as I see what’s really going on here! The underlying theme here is RACISM! There is no way in the world you can tell me with all of the WHITE ADULT MALES in film, television, radio etc who have beaten their wives and gfs for many years, the one fight between two young BLACKs in a TEENAGE LOVER AFFAIR warrant this much repeat publicity!

      *** I wonder WHEN IS A BLOG LIKE @TGJ @SAM GOING TO DISCUSS THIS FACT? Instead of typing this BS?

  3. Meh June 3, 2012

    It’s fact that he so cocky. I don’t think I ever see him show real genuine humility. Then he like one of those girls who say “whatever I dont care, then b**** the whole day afterwards.” Its not easy to warm up to somebody like him and his fans also enable him by defending everything he does even when he in the wrong. I mean they defend him when he throw a chair at GMA. Crazy.

    He needs to just shut up. No one cares about half the things said about him until he opens his big mouth anyway.

    • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

      No he’s not cocky, he’s just a STRONG, PROUD, YOUNG BLACK MALE IN AMERICA! He sees the hypocrisy as the white media praises a drug dealing woman beater who stabbed a prodcer like Jayz but treats him like sh*t becuase of 1 teenage altercation.

      He sees the likes of white males like Glenn Campbell perform & be tributed on the Gammy stage although he has a lifetime of ACTUAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE cases on his plate including KNOCKING OUT COUNTRY GREAT TANYA TUCKERS 2 FRONT TEETH when they were married. Yet, he is treated like sh*t because AS A TEEN, 3 YRS AGO, HE HAD 1 FIGHT with /RIHANNA!

      Sean Penn beat Madonna & Robin wright-Penn yet was awarded an Oscar to thunderous applause! Same can be said of Mickey Rourke who beat ex-wife Carrie Otis, is a filthy drunk & drug addicted yet he won a Golden Globe. Grown men beat women all the time and nothing is done to affect their careers. It’s not even discussed in the media!


      • ice7 June 3, 2012

        b**** please that doesn’t know strong and proud if it slaped him in the face he needs to become a man and grow up x

    • Im gonna read June 4, 2012

      B**** please he has had it so easy… he is still a millionaire and he did no jail time.. what else does the world owe him.

      He is just a hood punk

  4. Really? June 3, 2012

    His outburst are funny and keep me entertained! Face it Twitter would be boring without such celeb out bursts and melt downs – although his outburst do show a bit too much of his nasty side and leave you wandering exactly what did go down that night in 2009 – people know they will get a reaction if they come at him with that mess – hes an easy target for cheap shots and free publicity & extra followers (keen to see when it will pop off again)- which cant be good for Chis’ own career, but then who knows its a crazy mixed up world we live in where the only bad publicity is no publicity at all maybe if he kept it mute people would lose interest. No doubt he has talent. but so do other artists who are not nearly as big – you cant deny that this notoriety from 2009 exposed him to people who ha never listened to his music before. Plus his outburst arent nearly as bad as they used to be so he’s learning to rein it in, making my timeline as dull as hell but hey.

  5. KingBey June 3, 2012

    If He Knew What Was Best For Him , He Would Stay Quiet.
    I Mean, Yeah He Has A Right To Respond, But If He Does It Everytime It’s Going To Make Him Look Like The Bad Guy. There are other singers who are attacked, but they never respond. Like Beyonce. If He Ignores Them He’ll Make Them Look Stupid.

    • MonsterHive June 3, 2012

      Could you imagine if she responded to Keri Hilson tho? That would be so beneath her, ugh gross.

      • Really? June 3, 2012

        lol true! You would lose respect for her quick – Beys above all that. Shows class to simply ignore – if the girl cant say it to her face it means very little.

      • KingBey June 3, 2012

        It Really Would Be Beneath Her By Responding To Keri, Because After All Where The Hell Is Keri Now? Lol
        And I Love How You Knew I Was Talking About Keri.

      • Lax June 3, 2012

        Grape everyone do not hate Chris that is not true at all.

    • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

      Oh please you cannot compare a MEDIA DARLING LIKE BEYONCE and the small amount of light crticism she receives from the tidewave of hatred and total bullsh** Chirs Brown has to wade through on a daily basis!

      And for the record, Chris ignores 99% of that crap. Ppl come at him all day and the media instigates crap so he feels like he has to defend himself. You have a person seeking publicity (McNO, MooRanDUH w**** homewrecker Lambert, lunatic RazB who has never even met CB) off of his name and the media repeating what they say which helps to support the person attacking Chris!

      • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

        *criticism….*with the tidal wave

      • KingBey June 3, 2012

        Chris Isn’t Even That Important , No one except team-breezy would even Miss Him, What Has He Contributed To The Music Industry, Nothing He Has Put Out Will Be Remembered In Ten Years. He’s Not Important.Get Over Yourself.

        P.S.-What Light Critism has beyonce gotten?
        -She’s Always Being Called A Theif
        -She Was Accused Of Faking A Pregnancy
        -She’s Still Accused Of Bleaching Her Skin, Can A Black Woman Not Be Light-Skinned?

  6. FoxxyCleopatra June 3, 2012

    He’s probaly like me, if you come at me sideways, then I’m not gonna hold my tongue. But I’m not a celebrity soooo.
    For the sake of his career (If he wants to keep it.) I think he should just be quiet. I know it’s annoying, but at this point he can be attacked by a barrage of people, but if he responds At All, then the headlines read ” Chris Brown attacks (insert celebrity name here)” and he’s the bad guy. People know this, and use it to their advantage, if they want their name in the media. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    Back in ’09 Chris Brown did a horrendous thing. Despite him making a comeback, that will never be forgotten, and he has to grow up and realize that. The only opinion that should matter to you, is what you think of yourself.

    Breezy needs to let the comments roll off his back,and just keep it moving.

    • Really? June 3, 2012


    • steven June 3, 2012

      Yes these people are only doing what Rihanna did since 2009. Used Chris to boost her career and or record pitty sales. Just how many times did Rihanna use Chris in interviews, songs etc. How many?

      • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012


      • sapphier June 4, 2012

        rihanna never really use his name after rated R

      • sapphier June 4, 2012

        p.s is I just realize the tittle is every body hates chris lol

  7. Ebony June 3, 2012

    He is the most hated artist

    • wendy June 3, 2012

      Yes and that you can thank Rihanna and her lying ass. She will pay believe that

      • evil blogger June 3, 2012

        really, lying ass so he turned himself in and apologized cause she lied. so i guess she beat herself to….
        ur clueless

      • X,Y,”and Z” June 3, 2012

        @evilblogger re: “So I guess she beat herself to..”

        But the irrefutable and easily verifiable fact remains: IF RIHANNA WOULD’VE ONLY KEPT HER HANDS TO HERSELF, NONE OF THIS WOULD’VE HAPPENED!!

        Rihanna had said: “When I get frustrated/angry I hit-out.” She did it on Feb 8th 2009, and she did it back in 2007, when she then smashed a bottle upside her brother’s head after a heated argument.

        But then again, you’re a “evil” blogger, so fairness isn’t within your reach, now is it?

        X,Y,”and Z”

      • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

        @evil blogger

        She has never publically told the truth about that night and has lead ppl by her omission to beleive the worse about Chris! She told the police (ncfm) she started that fight by physically assulting him first and often before he began to hit her back. However, she remained silent about that point in her sorted storytelling over the course of 3 yrs. Now, she’s mad when the media wants to continue its campaign against Chris Brown (AMERICAN’s NEW NI**ER TO HATE, TMZ predicted it 3 yrs ago & I guess this post proves them right) by using her.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 4, 2012

      I do not agree with domestic violence by any means. But this bias towards males in a domestic situations (in this case, hitting back when Rihanna clearly started the physical altercation) is ridiculous. That girl was probably going a** sh*t! WTF would you do if an albino oraguntan in a dress tried to rip your face off in a lambo?!? Again I don’t agree with Chris for what he did, but the guy has tried so hard to move forward and has taken many hateful attacks. People are just mean, period. They love to hate and always will.

  8. NATURALBEAUTY June 3, 2012

    *RANDOM* The best Twitter feud ever was when Ciara said Rihanna wasn’t a nice girl & Rihanna responded back to her by saying “good luck booking that stage you speak of” lmao she shut that ass all the way down!!! Ciara knew to keep it cute cause she was next to headline Walmart parking lots after Keri. I can’t imagine Beyonce going on Twitter & cursing people out tho, that is too low for her, glad she stays away from Twitter.

    • Really? June 3, 2012

      Hahhaha too damn funny – I missed that one let me google it!

    • Um OK June 3, 2012

      Haha I remember that. It happened last year I think all because of some Fashion Police comments Ciara allegedly made about one of Riri’s dresses. When she tweeted that shade to her homegirl slayed my life!

  9. Coke June 3, 2012

    Lol who cares #chris brown rocks!

  10. mary June 3, 2012


  11. JER June 3, 2012

    He can do whatever he wants, but so can others. The difference is what he did was a crime, and for a good reason. Between beating up Rihanna, throwing chairs thru windows, beating up paparazzi, and snatching peoples cell phones, and all his twitter outburtsts…. he’s justa little boy

    • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

      1. He never throw a chari through a window.

      2. He never snatched a cell phone or he would be in jail. Unlike Russell Brand who was caught on film snatching/stealing a cellphone but is HOSTING the MTV MOVIE AWARDS TONIGHT! *side-damn-eye*

      3. What paparazzi did he attack?

      LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES smfh….

  12. EdwardPonton June 3, 2012

    Hes a great talent. Good music, great dancer. However, he seems as if he doesn’t understand he’s a superstar. The real stars understand that people will always have something to say and just keep quiet. Like someone earlier said, people don’t even be acknowledging s*** until he open his mouth. He be reacting like a female would, he need to just chill and keep doing what he’s good at, making music! Imagine how well respected this man can be. At the end of the day it’s all about respect, s*** can start catching up with him in the long run. The whole Team Breezy needs to humble themselves. Let talent speak for itself.

    • Stephen June 4, 2012

      You’re on point. And I like how you didn’t mention that he’s a great singer

  13. Beyonce’s Weave June 3, 2012

    What do you expect when you severely batter a defenseless woman half to death and get away with it. What kind of monster is such a person who would severely cause such harm to a defenseless woman and get away with it. Chris deserves everything he is getting from the public because he is the biggest nuisance in R&B music. He is a disgrace to the R&B music scene and the sooner Fortune flops and he gets dropped by his record label, the sooner we can forget about this woman beater.

    • steven June 3, 2012

      So now he battered a defenseless h** half to death. Oh this is a new one. First she was put in the hospital for days and now she was beaten half to death. We all know that Rihanna went out drinking/partying the same week of the incident so STFU

      • Remey June 3, 2012

        B**** shut the f*** up….where is that info? No where. Stop making up lies to justify your unsupported truths.

      • Beyonce’s Weave June 3, 2012

        You mad bro??

        The fact remains Chris Brown beat up a defenseless woman to the point where she needed to go to the hospital. No matter how much you try to sugar coat it, the fact remains Chris Brown is a huge monster, a disgrace to the R&B scene and a nuisance to the whole music industry.

        I am hoping Fortune flops hard and he gets dropped by his label so we can get rid of this monster from the media once and for all.

      • Remey June 3, 2012

        That was for Steven…not you. Lol I agree.

      • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012


        Preach!! I like how she is all of a sudden defenseless when she started swinging 1st. A v***** doesn’t give you the right to put your hands on a person not expecting the same treatement in kind! Funny they keep lying on that hospital sh*t when Rihanna herself is telling you that wasn’t the case in her new Esq Mag interview…lol!

      • Rita June 4, 2012


        Steve Wonder can see that in this interview she like saying this beating never happened. lol That interviewer was right on point with those questions while her fans and other on this blog think it’s all true. LMFAO. Let me tell you how this is done. They the magazines wait until years go by and bam here comes the questions you thought was burried. Don’t worry Rihanna will be question again and again until she finally come out with what really happened. And that will be the day her career goes down.

        Notice these magazines are just using her for their own purpose. Having her damn near nude is so degrading and she supposed to be a Megastar singer.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA June 4, 2012

        What makes Rihanna defenseless though?? She was throwing punches like a man, that’s not defenseless to me

  14. yeyay June 3, 2012

    He needs to release a great game changing album..he hasn’t done that yet…I think Usher has one with Looking 4 Myself..Usher did it with Confessions as well..but Chris has yet to become all of his potential…we’ll see if Fortune is that game changing album…

    • Really? June 3, 2012

      Yeah do that plus not take the bait and respond to hate tweets.

      • steven June 3, 2012

        No one said a f***** work when Rihanna went on twitter bashing her own fans and whom ever else that said something she did not like. So it’s alright for some people but not Chris. Oh I get it now.

  15. Remey June 3, 2012

    I know it can be hard when it seems to be you vs. the world. However, Chris does not have my respect when he lashes out the way he does. He constantly argues he’s grown and matured, but he shows otherwise. People will always talk about you whether you’re doing ardor good, but don’t make it even worse.

    I guess this goes into the image he wants for himself. I am a Rihanna Stan, and I have no problem with Chris. Rih moved on….but he should take tips from ppl who remained unmoved by the criticism (ie Beyonce, Britney). People are may call them dry and unpersonable, but they live their lives and reward themselves with their own truth. They are so unphased by their naysayers. The do their jobs and go back to their lives, which works in the end.

    • Really? June 3, 2012

      That’s what class is. It’s boring but class nonetheless.

  16. I Judge Flops June 3, 2012

    I used to LOVE me some Chris Brown.

    & NO, it wasn’t the fact that he beat Rihanna to a pulp that turned me off on him.

    IT was how childish, rude, and immature he CONSTANTLY portrays himself to be in the media. Since he created his twitter years ago ,he has used it for nothing but venting like a little boy, instead of being a mature GROWN MAN.

    I gave up on Chris Brown, as has the international market.

    Not only his “actions” , but his constant lip-syncing has becoming annoying. He seemed to have so much promise as an artist, but he has become so comfortable playing the victim.

    R.I.P to Chris Brown Career.

    No need to @ Me your Anger… deal with the fact that CB will never go Platinum again.

    • Really? June 3, 2012

      I heard the lip synching was due to doing hard drugs – echoing Whitney – why do so many throw away their talent so easily! I’m not sure if a voice can be recovered once damaged – but why be so reckless – seems like he doesnt learn at all he does act like a spoilt brat a lot – i like his music – but his actions although entertaining could really damage and cut short his career.

      • James227 June 3, 2012


        Drugs?? prove it

    • James227 June 3, 2012

      Isn’t this what was said about Chris career? What was it again Chris career is over and you same people wished his CD would flop. WRONG! He may not have went Platinum but he sure got the #1 album. If this world like or loved everyone what would you think will happen. Hate is part of life nobody is going to like who you like anyway.

      • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012


        Both of these clowns are just spewing bullsh** out their pie holes! Drug use….lol now I’ve officially heard everything. Who cares if he goes platinum, that’s not the point of making music forr an actually lover of music like Chris Brown. It’s the trill of doing what you love that motivates Chris. These dumba$$ ppl need to fall back, way back into a crypt!

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 4, 2012

      @I Flops —

      Did you remember to congratulate Chris for recently winning his FIRST Grammy?

      Did you congratulate him on ‘Takers’ being a MONEY MAKING #1-Movie. A movie that HE Executive Produced. A movie in which HE was instrumental in its marketing and promotion, and the actor with T-H-E longest, most exciting scene?

      Did you send your congrats when he drew 19-Million to watch his DTWS performance? A still-standing DWTS record!

      Did you even ‘give a nod’ for the record audience draw, as he was the centered-artist/performer for the 2011 BET Awards show?

      “International market gave up on Chris”..?!

      But Chris hasn’t toured Europe. At least, not before 2009. And in that way, he couldn’t have supported ‘FAME’!

      ..But, rest assured, he will have a supporting European Tour for ‘Fortune’. Not to worry, your second serving of humble pie WILL be waiting.

      BTW, so how’s your geography? Is “Brazil” a part of the “international market”? You do realize that he toured there for a week and sold-out ALL his shows, right?

      You want prime, shining examples of..”flops”?? Why look no further than Kelly Rowland and Rihanna! I dare you to find me two who were given as much, but who then failed as badly!

      X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

      • Rita June 4, 2012


        You forgot about the Today Show 18,000 plus fans showed up to see him perform and he will be performing again on the show.

      • Rita June 4, 2012

        18,000 plus fans was the biggest the Today Show ever had. The crowd beat out GaGa & Justin Bieber’s crowd

  17. Um OK June 3, 2012

    It seems like his entire career is built around being controversial now so n that sense, he should continue ranting. It keeps him being talked about!

  18. Jayla June 3, 2012

    Yall care too much, including this site. Get a life

  19. haterzstaypressed June 3, 2012

    Chris Brown needs PR. He needs to allow is PR to run his social networking pages. He needs a spokesperson to hit back at those that are vocal about him. He shouldn’t have to say a word.

    He needs an image overhaul. Pictures of his girlfriend Karreuche tooting her ass in his face and posing with his current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend Draya is not a good look. He needs some good old fashioned PR to straighten his image out PRONTO.

    • Really? June 3, 2012

      Keeps people on his page though – controversy sells.

    • Lax June 3, 2012

      So true and he was not going to be on twitter i though
      he had a gag order for the rest of the year. Even though if i was
      him i wished some one would try to put a gag order on me.

  20. YUMADTHO June 3, 2012

    Chris, take the Britney, Beyonce, & Gaga route. IGNORE, ignore is your best friend, ignoring someone will always give you the upper hand & you’ll seem like the bigger person. Please don’t respond, you will always win when you ignore!!!

  21. Viciousss June 3, 2012

    1. He beat a woman. Not some stranger or random broad but a very popular pop star. They were about to be a young Jay Z & Beyonce so yeah…that ruined him.
    2. Lack of sincerity in addressing the issue. Putting on a baby blue sweater with a matching bow tie (you kidding me with this s***?) doesn’t mean the world will think you’re sorry.
    3. Image crisis. He wants to be the bad boy. He wants to be the good guy. He wants people to like him, he wants people to think he doesn’t give a f***. Can’t have it both ways Christine.
    4. Temper tantrums like a 4yr old. I know he mosses when the world thought be was hot s*** but newsflash it’s over. You act like a wild animal on Twitter yanking at your chain and snapping at EVERY – SINGLE – COMMENT.
    5. and then you delete half the s*** you say which really makes you look like a punk ass.
    6. He ain’t all that he used to be. Never forget MJ was bad because he could dance and sing. Over the years Chris has made himself into a f****** background dancer who found his way to the front of the stage. Can’t lip synch for s***.
    7. He won’t own it. You hit a woman. You beat her so she STILL has scars in photographs. Own it, admit it. Instead he wants to act like s*** is ambigious. Just like RiRi, people can see the s*** you’re hiding and you’re telling on yourself.
    8. Dumb ass decisions. Who the f*** told you recording a f****** song with Rihanna was a good idea? You just keep crawling back into that girls c****** and getting mad when it hurts YOUR comeback.
    9. Fans ain’t helpin you. Just like Rihanna his fans blow his head up like he’s free and clear from public scrutiny and a musical god. But they don’t buy the albums and his singles flop.
    10. He’s alienating every other audience. He doesn’t know tact. He can’t speak intelligently. He just wants to pose and pretend to be hard. Instead of thowing a f****** chair because of Robin MAYBE his dumb ass could have shown he had some self-control and that everyone was wrong.

    Instead he made people not even familiar with him and Rihanna hear “Chris Brown and Domestic Violence” and then see a half-shattered window in a news building. Who the f*** would support that s***.

    The sad thing is even as I type this s*** dude is probably 5 mins away from ANOTHER twitter beef.

    • YouDoRealize… June 3, 2012


    • Really? June 3, 2012

      loooooooooool wow you make a lot of valid points! Breezy should see this – it’d be the wake up call he needs!

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 4, 2012

      (Let’s see.. “Target Rich” this is, but we’ll just focus on that, which contradicts fact, and is the most glaringly obvious..) @Vicousss re: June 3rd, 5:45 pm —

      “He’s alienating every other audience. He doesn’t know tact.”

      1.) Chris Brown JUST got his first Grammy, and ‘FAME’ (F*** All My Enemies) was his first #1 Pop Album. So he could NOT have “alienated” the music-buying audience.

      2.) Chris Brown was the Executive Producer of a #1-upwards of $100-Million movie that MADE MONEY FOR THE MOVIE STUDIOS. A movie that HE had the longest, most-exciting scene in, and a #1-100-Million-dollar-movie that HE was instrumental in promoting and marketing. So he did NOT “alienate” THAT movie-going audience.

      3.) His DWTS appearance/performance drew the MOST ever DWTS audience: 19-Million. No TV-audience “alienation” here.

      4.) We “Team-Breezy” after witnessing Robin Roberts try her best to sabotage his career, then presented ourselves IN FULL FORCE: some 20,000 strong, and went to support our boy at the NBC Summer Concert Series. A live-audience attendance record, for that show, that STILL stands! No concert-going audience “alienation” here.

      You see, it’s YOU who just don’t get it! WE, “Team-Breezy” don’t need your approval, blessings, nor permission(s).!!
      The harder YOU try, the harder WE’LL push back! You’re just making us angrier, and yes more…”MOTIVATED” So you can take your fact-less, half-baked analysis, hidden G.L.A.D agenda, and F*** THE F*** OFF..!!

      X,Y,”and Z”

      • Really? June 4, 2012

        Damn lol you sound like a cult ! LMAO! But kudos to you for standing so fiercely behind something you believe in/ love and backing up with facts. But why take it so personally? Does Chris even know you exist?

  22. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 3, 2012

    I swear TO god I SAW THIS POST COMING …………..

    • wendy June 3, 2012

      Yea because TGJ gets many hits off Rihanna. Chris, Beyonce & Rita. I don’t see the logic in posting this though but hay it’s their job to make that money that we are throwing at them so freely.While other blogs take a day off TGJ keep getting those Sunday’s hits

  23. Bey Fan June 3, 2012

    Brian mcknight also shaded R. Kelly…

    I guess I dont have a problem with ppl not liking Chris brown…but when grown ass ppl over 30 go on twitter to say something about someone who made a horrible mistake 3 yrs go at the age of 19….it just seems crazy.

    Chris needs to be quiet…. and jus ignore what ppl say. But ppl also need to let this s*** go… How crazy does it seem that Rihanna has gotten over it, but ppl who dont know neither one them aren’t over it….

    BTW I love Brian Mcknight…. one of my fav singer. But to throw chris and r.kelly under the bus just because ppl are criticizing your “P**** Work” and “A***” song is very immature….

  24. WONDER June 3, 2012


  25. YouDoRealize… June 3, 2012

    He is getting excatly what he deserves. Instead of keeping his dumbass mouth shut he opens it each and every time. He said one smart thing and that was to Raz when he said ” I’m gonna end up owing you and this book you speak of.” That was simple and classy but then he back tracks like a p**** and deletes it. Everything else was irrelevant because it was what it was ( the Riri beating scandal) with Raz it was a whole new thing. He needs to wake up because by 25 he will be over if he follows this pattern.

    P.s. I’m not for everyone bringing up the 2009 case. It is old! I said this on the Esquire Rihanna post. This is so over, just lwave it alone.

  26. evil blogger June 3, 2012

    Honestly he needs to do another interview something big to shut people up. He’s young and what he did was wrong, we all know that. Hes needs to be smart seriously….

    • Really? June 3, 2012

      He needs to learn to control his emper before doing another interview! Bad idea otherwise lol

  27. Lax June 3, 2012

    Why can’t we all just get along, yall. Leave chris along hes still young
    and he’s still trying to find his way, just like the rest of them or.

    • Lax June 3, 2012

      Yeah the 2009 incident is old news for certain.

  28. WOLVERINES June 3, 2012

    Anderson cooper, promoter of wars in Africa, and wall street shill hah
    he’s as fake as Rihanna’s nails

  29. MOBWIFE June 3, 2012



    Social Media is what Chris Brown used to revitalize his career and that makes major media (TV, radio, mags. newspapers) very angry. He has successfully shown that he doesn’t need them to thrive within the industry. <–This is a major problem for "TPTB". What if others follow suit and stop giving interviews (Rihanna might be next after reading that Esq Mag piece)? CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE THE ADVERTSING DOLLARS THAT WOULD BE LOST?

    ***Believe me on this, there is much more to this massive effort to run Chris Brown off of social media & out of the music industry then meets th eye! #ButYouDon'tHearMeTho

  30. MOBWIFE June 3, 2012


    Every popular celebrity has their fair share of haters even the precious ones you discuss favorable on this blog. No, everyone does hate Chris and
    ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the ones that do! 🙂

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 3, 2012

      @Mobwife re: “Every popular celeb has their fair share of haters”

      How right you are! The amount of ‘slings and arrows’ that has been shot at ‘House Dereon’ by now.. And those came before the recent 2-for-1 newborn sale we all seemed to miss.

      Mobwife, there’s a garage sale over at ‘House *cough*pretend*cough* Dereon’: lacefronts, fake smiles, fake laughs, old umbrellas, silicone pregnant bellies, goose-down pregnant bellies, saline pregnant bellies.. All sorts of pretend s*** goin’ for a price, Mobwife.

      ..But if you want your very own, “word” has it, this is where the ‘mistress of the manor’ got hers:

      Don’t hate on me! I don’t make the news, I only read it when told to!

      X,Y,”and Z”

  31. the real xoxo June 3, 2012

    im tired of him and his stans trying to make people feel sorry for him by playing the victim! he has shown NO remorse and has been an arrogant p****.

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 3, 2012

      @The real xoxo — re: “NO remorse”


      Oh, no problem! If it’s “remorse” you want, then why not go talk to Matt Kemp? I’m sure he’s just OVERFLOWING with remorse, sorrow, lament, and regret.

      I mean, he was flying high (circa: early 2009), and then came that picture of Rihanna and Matt on that boat in Mexico.. POOF!! There went his high-flying baseball career.

      ..And he only “recovered” AFTER he put as much distance and time between them as possible. But, talk about your dumb jocks, he’s now BACK creepin’ with her. And wouldn’t you know it? He’s AGAIN slumping and now back on the disabled list for the 2’nd time this season.


      I’m sure ‘Battleship’ producers are all carrying a boatload of “remorse”..

      Peter Berg: Rihanna, you sank my Battleship!

      Remember, Dear Friends: “SHARTING IS WINNING”

      X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

      • the real xoxo June 3, 2012

        i dont like rihanna or chris brown. has chris brown convinced me that he is genuinely sorry? hell no! it is obvious that he is just an angry person, he has given no evidence that he has changed. hes always lashing out at someone or being rude and arrogant. he and rihanna need to both f*** off.

    • rita June 4, 2012

      The realxoxo

      Who gives a f*** if you like Rihanna or Chris. But you know what? They don’t know you either so

  32. THE LEGENDARY LAX June 3, 2012



  33. THE LEGENDARY LAX June 3, 2012



    Miranda Lamberts. FLOP

    Good Morning America (Robin Roberts). FLOP

    Anderson GAY Cooper. FOX News. FLOP LOSING



    • MadManQuincy June 3, 2012

      Dude SHUT THE HELL UP. you’ve been a flop since your parents Flopped your ass at birth. Ugh do I hate people like you. they are even bigger flops for conceiving you #SHAME!!!!

      • LAX June 3, 2012

        H** STFU you mad your fave cant be like CHRIS BROWN u MAD???

  34. MadManQuincy June 3, 2012

    I’m going to be totally honest I hate Chris Brown, but I love his music. Its been that way since he came out with run it (I believe thats his debut song) But lets get serious now if you as an artist expect for ppl to see you differently then your first steps should be how you act. Making music about that h** has been with this and that come on your serious dude??? Some of us get what we deserve, you put s*** in you get s*** out. I wish him all the best thou. he is still young better days r yet to come.

  35. lolax June 3, 2012

    don’t forget pink & joe jonas

    • rita June 4, 2012

      And don’t forget you to HATER

  36. MISHKA June 4, 2012

    At this point, everything has been said and done. Especially here onTGJ.

    Chris can do whatever he thinks he’s entitled to do but he needs to face the afternath as well. And that’s his biggest challenge.

    Anytime he feels the need to respond to somebody’s comments, he only shows that those comments hurt his feelings.

  37. X,Y,”and Z” June 4, 2012

    @TGJ re: “Everybody hates Chris”..?!

    “Everybody”, like who..?!

    1.) Robyn Roberts: Lesbian. Hates Men. She’s bitter and terrified that her cancer will return at any moment! And if there is any justice in the Universe, she should be “on the drip” any time now!

    2.) Anderson Cooper: Sodomite, and is certainly going to burn in eternal damnation because of it. Still traumatized ’bout his brother committing suicide, probably because he was ashamed of Anderson’s sexuality. Anderson Cooper drove his brother to suicide. Anderson’s brother will never forgive him, neither should we!

    3.) Miranda Lambert: White Supremacist, and STILL VERY, VERY much angry ’bout Barack Obama being our 44th President.

    4.) Bill O’Rilley: White Supremacist, and STILL VERY, VERY much angry ’bout Barack Obama being our 44th President.

    5.) ‘Raz B’: Flamboyant Sodomite. And like ALL Sodomites he’s a pathological liar, who doesn’t believe in a God (or any “God” for that matter), and carries that trait that betrays all homosexual men: compulsion for drama, attention, and the spotlight.

    6.) Brian McKnight: The most obvious case of “when the fear of growing old goes badly!” I dare someone, ANYONE to name me a Brain McKnight song without first reaching for Google/RIAA/Billboard! Mr. McKnight was certainly irrelevant when his 2009 TV show got canceled. And he was STILL obviously obsolete when he was even more recently, voted-off Celebrity Apprentice.

    So there you have it, TGJ, your “Everybody” is a motley, rag-tag bunch of misfits, malcontents, and menacing layabouts, who in their OWN right, are badly broken and laden with an emotional scarring that itself betrays their self-serving agendas.

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

    • ONIT June 4, 2012

      Wow you Breezy stans have reached a new low. Poking fun at someone having cancer is not funny, hoping that it’ll come back is sad. Making fun of someone committing suicide is pathetic & blaming it on Anderson makes you look like an idiot. I understand you love Chris but there is a line, you’re clearly touched in the brain to be saying those things. & please stop acting as if he’s so innocent.

      • X,Y,”and Z” June 4, 2012

        @ONIT re: June 4th, 1:39 am —

        1.) Show me where I “poked fun” at Robin Roberts having cancer?

        2.) Why is “hoping it comes back”, “sad”? What you SHOULD be asking, or considering, is what had Robin Roberts done to arouse such a visceral reaction.

        3.) Show me where I “poked fun at Anderson Cooper’s brother’s suicide”? And, can YOU say, for certain, that Mr. Cooper’s sexuality is NOT to blame? I know it’d push me “over the edge” – that’s for sure!!

        4.) Hadn’t Rihanna read Chris’ text messages, and then attacked him (according to TMZ): Slapping, Punching, Striking him numerous time as he drove?

        5.) If bears really do “s*** in the woods”, but no one goes into the woods to see, smell, or step in it; did they really?!

        X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

    • Todd June 4, 2012

      LOL-”sodomite”,”burn in hell’,’the fear of growing old ‘ ,” like ALL Sodomites he’s a pathological liar”,hahaa u crazy as f*** 😀 Lets have a SODOMITE party,come on 😀

  38. BREEZYATTHETHRONE June 4, 2012


  39. Arie June 4, 2012

    Honestly Chris does not need to do anything, he is doing just fine. The fact that the whole of America is against him makes it that much sweeter when he does something great. The media is just mad that Chris did something about his career and did not need their permision and let us not forget that most of these people that continue to attack him are people that need the sportlight on themselves if anything they should be paying him royalties. I’m glad that Chris understood the power of social media and used it to rebuild his career. He might not have endorsement deals like the likes of Beyonce but rest assured he will always have people that will buy his albums and go to his concerts. If you ask me if I think Chris is wrong for defending himself, I would proudly say no because its that emotion that he shows when he tweets that lets us know that he is human, he feels, cries,hurts just like all of us. So the Chris Brown that we see now has a better chance of reaching the level of success that MJ did.

  40. the real xoxo June 4, 2012

    he is NOT a victim! he brings this all upon himself. 12 year old fans say anyone that doesnt ass-lick is a “hater”.

    • rita June 4, 2012

      Biltch how do you know how old I am? The way you write is like a 12 year old but we don’t know. You want to know my age? I’m 28 so don’t get things twisted. My great grandmother knows how the whites used the black female to go against the black males just like the media is doing today. Back then the female were told to lie even against their own children. So @The Real XOXO you can go f*** yourself

  41. Ky June 4, 2012

    HONESTLY!!! He should be quiet because after fortune was released… nothing was said anymore… now with FAME on the horizon every body and their mama wanna say something but as soon FAME comes out… not a word will be said once again. So he should just be quiet and let it die out.

  42. Im gonna read June 4, 2012

    X Y and Z is Chris Brown mother…. and he even beat her

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 4, 2012

      @IM GONNA READ re: June 4th, 4:32 pm —

      And like ALL sodomite hatchlings, prewired for brute savagery, YOU’LL then attack and devour not only the weaker, smaller of the other hatchlings, but you’ll all eventually turn and devour the womb that carried you.

      You’re a sodomite, which makes you God-less and without humanity. You flourish in the “dark of rumors, lies, and choking confusion”.

      But I’m here to advise you:

      The path of the RIGHTEOUS man is beset ALL sides by the inequities of the selfish, and they tyranny of the evil men. Blessed is HE, who in the name of CHARITY AND GOOD WILL, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for HE is TRULY his brother’s keeper, and the finder of lost children.. AND I WILL STRIKE DOWN UPON THEE WITH GREAT VENGEANCE AND FURIOUS ANGER THOSE WHO ATTEMPT TO POISON AND DESTROY MY BROTHERS, AND YOU WILL KNOW MY NAME IS THE LORD, WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON THEE..

      X,Y,”and Z” — Out..!!!

  43. Tyanna June 8, 2012

    Instead of staying in the past why don’t we as non factors move on with our lives and stop judging some one who is human what Chris did was wrong but only god can judge Chris and instead of criticizing why don’t you all Pray for because pray that he does better because all this arguing makes you just as childish as him and yes I am a fan of chris brown #team breezy all the way

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