Jamie Foxx Praises “Courageous” Frank Ocean

Published: Monday 16th Jul 2012 by Sam

It may be two weeks since Frank Ocean‘s truth-baring letter sent shockwaves through the music industry, yet the the content therein (which saw the Odd Future star open up about his sexuality) continues to garner praise from his contemporaries. The latest being singer and actor Jamie Foxx.

Joining the likes of Beyonce, Busta Rhymes, Russell Simmons, and Ne-Yo, the ‘Dreamgirls’ star  has offered his two cents on the story on the lips of everyone.

His interesting words after the jump…

Speaking to MTV, Foxx said:

“My sister hipped me to Frank Ocean, and I was just like, ‘Who is this dude?’ ” (Foxx said of how he first learned of the blossoming singer/songwriter. Foxx said he has been trying to get a recording session in with Ocean but has been unsuccessful. Still, he and his daughter and sister will go see the OF vocalist this week when he plays at the Wiltern in Los Angeles).

“When I heard that he came out, I thought, ‘Courageous, hooray for him’. It’s just the beginning. I have several friends who live in darkness and live in fear, and it’s just time.

Elton John did it. For Frank Ocean to do it and be hip-hop and black, he’s breaking ground, and kudos to him. At the end of the day, his music is for everybody. Now when I put his music on, I am trying to get at the ladies. Frank, you helping me out. (Jokingly) You done left more for me, Frank”. 


Sans the somewhat unnecessary joke at the end…preach it, Jamie!

The true impact of Ocean’s letter will likely be seen with tomorrow’s generation of singers. Pending then, it’ll likely be a case of  many male Urban artists living their “truth”  through Ocean’s. “OK” given the commercial ramifications of back-peddling on their established “pin-up” gimmicks. Baby steps, I guess.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

    I’m glad the R&B community is being so supportive of Frank. People should only care about his music anyway and his album is still one of the best releases this year.

    • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

      Although I do have the feeling that if his album wasn’t perceived as being a success, I doubt that he would have all of these basically bandwagon artists who’ve kept their mouths closed for this long willing to come out and make any kind of statement, much less a positive one.

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      Support him of what, has he helped refugees in Somalia?

    • Mobwife July 17, 2012

      LOL, since when do ppl ONLY CARE ABOUT A PERSON’S MUSIC especially in recent years? No, the media and it’s ffollowers spend so much time TEARINGDOWN artists all day everyday! Why should Frank Ocean all of a sudden be treated any differently?

      How many times have ppl attacked Ne-Yo, Trey Songz & my baby Maxwell claiming they are “fa**ots” & soft? How about the BS allegations made by RazB? The guy claims he had had s** with EVERYONE in R&B/Rap including Omarion, Bow Wow and Chris Brown (someone he has NEVER PERSONALLY MET)? How often have ppl laughed and relished at the thought? Why should Frank Ocean be treated any differently?

  2. nxn July 16, 2012

    i thought the joke was funny, he’s a funny man why does he have to be uber serious?

  3. Champ Boy July 16, 2012

    Another day another Frank Ocean post on this site, I swear since he came out Sam wants to suck his c***

    • JB July 16, 2012


    • Ralph July 16, 2012

      All these dudes who are giving congrats are f***** bi themselves. Everyone knows Ne-Yo, Jamie, Busta, 50 CEnts, Russell Simmons. Just wait the gays are taking over the music industry.

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      It is not about FO, it is really to help keep oabam in the white house. You know blacks only vote for a candidate if he black and nothing else.

      • Mobwife July 17, 2012

        This the most idiotic thing I’ve every read! I hope you’re being sarcastic! Black People tend to vote their interests unlike the folks who live in Appalachia!

    • Mobwife July 17, 2012

      You can’t blame @Sam!

      These BANDWAGON BIG MOUTH SO CALLED CELEBRITIES are “jawin” about how “GREAT” & “BRAVE” Frank Ocean is because he admits to sexing men while follin’ women! TGJ is simply reporting….LOL 🙂

  4. Back2Business July 16, 2012

    Damn everybody is on Frank Ocean d*ck now, and all of a sudden he is the savior of R&B and everybody wants to work with him!

    • you mad? July 16, 2012

      They’ve been trying to work with him for Hellas

      • Back2Business July 16, 2012

        why haven’t they been made a PSA then? Cuz they want attention and they want to “act” as if they are for #LGBT , so they can get more $$$ & fans!

    • Ralph July 16, 2012

      Because they are all bi also. When the gays take over remember buying Frank Ocean CD for starters

      • Back2Business July 16, 2012

        @Ralph I don’t have a problem with gays as long as they don’t hit on me. But Frank Ocean’s cd is not even all that!

    • Mobwife July 17, 2012


  5. OI July 16, 2012


  6. OI July 16, 2012


  7. CzarM July 16, 2012

    :: yawning ::


    Since we’re going down the f*****’ Rolodex at this point, what do Freddy Krueger and the Cookie Monster have to say about Frank’s coming out?

    • Jayla July 16, 2012


  8. Hush July 16, 2012

    Next thing you know Sam will be reporting that Marvin Gaye came back to life long enough to give Frank daps too.

    Next topic, please.

    • Mobwife July 17, 2012

      *faints*….. stop it……LMAO 🙂

  9. Dont speak, don’t tell July 16, 2012

    Why is it all those black men who have been accused of being qweens running to the defense of Frank?
    This is known as transference…. and yet Frank says nothing about the subject.
    So we now know everyone loves Frank, can we please move on (you’d think he singularly wrote and produced all the songs on his album)

  10. HONESTAAAY July 16, 2012

    @ sam sometimes i think you be trying to be a little too smart and really just end up sounding dumb the last bit you wrote on the article was not the business u dont always have to try and use big words u be looking like u got all kind of run on sentences smdh lol..i know i dont have the best grammar but i do better in the comment section than u do on the damn article lol

  11. Avenger July 16, 2012

    I’m tired of hearing about all these phony pleasantries from liberal Hollywood, which if you really think about about it seem like PR stunts. These plastic celebrities are just trying to attach their name to this story while it’s one that’s being talked about. If TGJ is gonna insist on reporting about Frank every 30 minutes, then I want the next story to be one that isn’t so nice. Frank hasn’t gotten love from everybody for this gay stunt. Rapper Mysonne called him deceitful and a coward. How come TGJ never reported on that? Hmmm.

    • Back2Business July 16, 2012

      Mysonne who that? I don’t know him (Mariah Carey voice)

    • Mobwife July 17, 2012

      Rapper Mysonne? I’ve not heard of him. Did he make these statements during an interview?

  12. common July 17, 2012

    HELL is where the homosexuals r going if they never repent..the bible calls homosexualily an abomination… They r never born that way, contray to popular believe, the devil operates with spirits to get to people, so what happens to them is that a homosexual(unclean) spirit enters them while they r young and cause them to be attracted to the same s**, thats why most of them think they r born that way but ofcause its a lie, the bible says resist the devil and he will flee from u.. First u have to ask forgives to christ 4 ursins and continually pray that he delivery u from the spirit, it wont be easy cause the homosexual spirit is very sturbon, u really need to read the bible, dwell in it, pray for deliverence strongly, and resist the tempations…and sometime the unclean spirit will begin to lose power and as u continuously pray it will flee from u and ur natural sexually with be restored.. We all have challenges to over come in these world and devils to overcome not give in.. Frank ocean is an example of someone who gave in to the devils, gave in to the desires of the flesh, unfortunately hell awaits him an all his supportes… Hopefully he repents b4 its too late…

    • Yeezy July 17, 2012

      Lol.. you spend all this time talking about homosexuals…. is there something your trying to tell us? I know i dont give a sh8T what other people do in their bedrooms why do u care so much? You and that god u speak of can kiss my tastie black a**.. btw you know this is a GAY blog right?

  13. the real xoxo July 17, 2012

    everyone is just praising frank ocean to get some quick, free publicity.

  14. Mobwife July 17, 2012

    Jamie FAKE is the weakest knee-crawling, boot kissing negro around. Whatever POPULAR SOCIETY aka THE BIASED AMERICAN MEIDA says, he jumps on the bandwagon behind them!

    I remember when he called Miley Cyrus a little “H** for dancing around a pole at the Teen Choice Awards. He was attacked and ridiculed by the WHITE FEMINIST MAJORITY! Mr. FAKE capitulated under the pressure & begged Miley for forgiveness! ha ha ha

    I also remember during an interview, when Jamie FAKE completely gutted Chris Brown about his 1 fight with Rihanna. When the white commentator pointed out that Chris Brown was very young and just a TEENAGER, Jamie FAKE said it didn’t matter blah, blah. Oh okay NEGRO! Now tell me why this FAKE NOTHING sat during the same interview praising his then co-star ROBERT DOWNEY JR? Robert Downey Jr. during one of him many DRUG INDUCED VIOLENT outbursts, BEAT UP & STABBED with a bottle (hollin YOLO 🙂 ) his girlfriend after he discovered she used the last of his drug stash? Funny how this negro praised that WOMAN BEATER to high heaven!

    Jamie FAKE is gay and just wants a piece of the now very popular Frank Oceans tail-feather!

    • X,Y,”and Z” July 17, 2012

      @Mobwife re: July 17, 6:27 am —

      And let’s not forget the time Jamie Foxx and Howard Stern got into it. Howard Stern went at, and came for Jamie Foxx. There was about to be a shootout but when Howard Stern made it know that “I know things about Jamie Foxx, and I’m gonna tell,” Jamie Foxx threw-up in that towel like QUICK!

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