Winning: Drake’s ‘Club Paradise Tour’ Pulls $42 Million Worldwide

In an age where even the world’s more ‘bankable’ stars struggle to wow on a commercial front, Young Money‘s Drake remains exception.

A Platinum coin in a box filled with oversexed R&B silvers, the ‘Take Care‘ maestra -by way of his unashamedly ‘brohemian’ brand- has risen to become one of the US’ highest selling acts.

An act, whose sophomore album ‘Take Care‘ bested Lady GaGa‘s first week full priced sales for 2011’s ‘Born This Way‘, selling more copies in three weeks than Rihanna‘s ‘Talk That Talk’ has sold in 9 months.

Now, in what marks yet another commercial feat scored by the star, his latest tour has pulled in impressive numbers on Pollstar‘s Mid-Year Top 100 Worldwide Tours tally.

Details below…

Since its February 14th launch in Florida, the tour has pulled in a whopping $42.6 million worldwide, surpassing feats scored by The Throne (27.1 million) and Madonna (42.1 million).

In the US, the show raked in a cool $30 million placing him at #6 on Pollstar‘s North American tally, where Coldplay holds court at #12 ($21.9 million) and Kelly Clarkson ($7.4 million).

By the time it had wrapped on June 20th, ‘Paradise’ had played 65 venues- 20 of them being in Europe and the remaining 45 being in the US.

So far, ‘Take Care‘ has received double Platinum status in Canada, a Gold certification in the United Kingdom and with 1,180,000 units moved in the US, it now enjoys a Platinum certification there also.

Sure to further strengthen his brand, the news arrives days after ‘Ice Age 4: Continental Drift’– which he stars in alongside Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj, generated a sweet $46 million at the US Box Office in its opening weekend.



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  1. kelly July 16, 2012

    Yup…..and he is going to St Tropez, Sardinia to join, his boo, Rihanna on their luxurious yacht. LOL LOL LOL Getting that money, fame and power and having fun.

    Yay Mr Robyn Rihanna Fenty

    • Fungen July 16, 2012

      proud of this yellla negro.. 🙂

      Kool-Aid Changed Flavor Names to Colors; Cherry Now Officially Known as Red, Grape–Purple …this sh*t got me rolling lol

    • RitasLipstick July 16, 2012

      In your dreams darling. Drake only has eyes for Slayrita! He wrote her a song and put her in his video remember?

      • QueenOfTheNavy July 16, 2012

        Girl please, he only entertained Rita cos Rihanna was still in love with Chris at the time.

        As we speak, riri and drake are enjoying cocktails in sardinia as Rita Oral’s single pays homage to 4 and flops all the way down the charts.

    • coolo July 16, 2012

      Drake may be meeting Rihanna but word is that she had drinks with Chris before she got on that boat.

      • jasmine July 16, 2012

        @Queen of the Navy

        Hope Drake don’t get jealous of Chris and push Rihanna off the boat. lol @coolo I heard that also the long meeting her & Chris had. I really believe they are getting back together. Also the article stated that Kae was his stylist not his girlfriend.

      • Ralph July 16, 2012

        I want Chris to stay as far away from that b****. When I heard that rumor I was jumping with joy to the fact that Drake & Rihanna will be on the boat together. I really hope they become a couple. Also rumor has it that he is only using Rihanna because he know she still loves Chris. PLEASE Chris stay away from Rihanna’s ass. I hope to see some lovely pictures of Drake & Rihanna on the yacht.

  2. Girrrl July 16, 2012

    Yay Drake! Both Drake and Rihanna are outselling Fist Brown. Talk that talk has sold more in 9 months than Kelly Rowland’s last 2 albums in years. What happened to Alexandra Burke and your other favorite flops.

    • QueenOfTheNavy July 16, 2012

      I’ll drink to that, but don’t give Miss Alex too much, Let It Go does slay every now and again

  3. Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

    Ur figure for the throne your is way off. They grossed over 40 million dollars

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      All numbers in this are wrong including everything in the 9 months comment. Also he is sitting over here pretending Drake will outsell GranDonna even though i Heard she was gonna rake it 500mil!

      • Queenofthenavy July 16, 2012

        i was thinking the same thing but i checked pollstar and thats what it said. maybe we’ve been lied to.

  4. That B*tch July 16, 2012

    Congrats Drizzy, you deserve it!

  5. TeamBreezy July 16, 2012

    Congrats to Drake ..,,,. but TTT has sold more albums and singles overall than Take Care has.. so I dunno why yall even tried to Shade Rihanna ..

    #Fail per the Usual, welcome to TGJ

    • CG July 16, 2012

      Yet Take Care is almost Double Platinum in the US…Rihanna is just a singles artist and nothing more.


      PRAYCH CG, who told these h*** rihanna outsold drake? shes only outsold him worldwide but NOT in the US. Take care has done 1118,000 and she hasnt even hit 100000 yet.

      Team breezy why bring yourself to this thread to face the embarrassment. My King sold 7 times more than your woman beating flop did first week and 5 times in the us than he did across the worldwide. 208k worldwide for fortune?
      What a joke!!

      Drake Slayham

      • TeamBreezy July 16, 2012

        Im not bringing Cb into this cuz its not about him … TGJ is lying when it says Take Care outsold TTT…. that is not true

        TTT has OUTSOLD Take Care around the world .. thats my only point

      • TeamBreezy July 16, 2012

        “shes only outsold him worldwide but not in the US” …

        -Thank you for helping me make my point 🙂

      • QueenOfTheNavy July 16, 2012

        yeah b**** cos you know better to mention that woman thumping chump around here.

        my advice to you would be to leave now or face the full wrath of the Navy’s dragging skills. Capiche?

  6. Benron July 16, 2012

    Ya’ll love to kick Rih while she is down, but if I mentioned your faves chrs’ pitful sales of FAME that still cant beat his first week or Nicki still struggling to hit 600k then I would be just cruel.

    But, your numbers are also wrong. TTT has been out for 7 and 1/2 months, not 9. And Drake did not sell more in Two weeks than she did this whole time. She sold 960k! In two weeks Drake sold 850k. Damn thats two math problems done wrong! I do not understand why these urban blogs come so vicously at Rihanna with lies because of the Chris’ situation/ Her overshadowing Beyonce at times. How is that even her fault?

    You guys need to stop being so obsessively comptetive. Always about #1 this, queen this, legend this. Calm the f*** down, you cannot even pay homage to Drake without throwing your tired, week, vicous shade @ her. Well The #RihannaNavy doesen’t cry @ night knowing she is not “The queen” Who’s name I will keep out of my mouth because she is irrrelivant to the situation! Which, by the way is something you should learn!

    • …. July 16, 2012

      You Realize Nicki Sold Almost 600k in 4 Months while TTT and F.A.M.E cant sell 1,000,000 copies in 9 Months (rih ) and a Whooping 16 Months (chris).. Dont come for Nicki to make your faves look better.

      • Benron July 16, 2012

        Chris aint my fave…..

    • FAF July 16, 2012


    • JB July 16, 2012

      “Ya’ll love to kick Rih while she is down”

      Bend over and take her place.
      You’re corny as hell. You know that right?

      • jasmine July 16, 2012


        I so agree with you.

  7. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 16, 2012

    The way TGJ analizes the charts is laughable.
    How the hell are they telling us about the list of the biggest tours in the USA in 2012 and only name #6 and then #12 (Coldplay) and Kelly Clakson (whom we don´t even know at what position) and don´t refer to who is #1 at least? Or a little bit more of info? Why do they talk about Coldplay and not other pop/rock bands? Cos they are friends with Beyonce?
    Lady Gaga still sold MORE albums than Drake at full price in the USA (not to mention worldwide) since he has sold 1,180,000 and Gaga is almost at 2,000,000 over there I think. So if he did a little bit more in the first week at full price in the USA is irrelevant
    Still, Drake is one of the most successful artists in the uSA right now. But really come on guys!

  8. the real xoxo July 16, 2012

    he just comes across as so pretentious. i miss the pre-ymcmb drake.

  9. Benron July 16, 2012

    ANYWAY, I was so distracted I forgot to say congrats to drake! He is doing really well!

  10. Beyhiveyourself July 16, 2012

    Yeu heauxs iz in duhnile and you cant out neither.
    Talk That Talk was released in NOVEMBER and 9 months have passed since then, lets count shall we……
    November 1
    December 2
    January 3
    February 4
    March 5
    April 6
    May 7
    June 8
    JULY 9

    And yes, Drake did sell more in three weeks than Talk That H***** Cream did in that space of time. I knew she was a flop but this article made me realize how low Rislutna is selling compared to other performers.

    Zont be mod boo!!

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      November doesen’t count stupid….. Its first day on the chart was december first and its been there for 33 weeks, learn to count.

      • Beyhiveyourself July 16, 2012

        You are a FOOOL. November doesn’t count LOOOL?
        So when did the album come out, Nevuary?
        Somebody come this stupid child.

        ANY month the album was available to be bought counts you dunce.

      • BionicBooty July 16, 2012

        @Benron You can’t be serious? November…. (inhales) November doesn’t count?

        Thank God my mom sent me to school.

      • DoYouHaveANumberOneAlbumThough July 16, 2012

        Wow Benron, you’re pretty stupid.

        poor Navy.
        fortune sold less copies than talk that flop did first week but STILL got to number one.

        poor rihanna.
        your first ever movie holds the record being the lowest grossing movie with a 200 million budget but Beyonce has five box office number ones?

        oh oh, i see why the navy is mad. yeah… i see it now.

      • QueenBeySnatchinWigsSince03 July 16, 2012

        Byron was dropped on her head as a child.

    • Benron July 16, 2012


      • Lax July 16, 2012

        @JB You act like that dog who can give it but
        yo ass can’t take it….

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      @BEE HIVE YOURSELF,,,Less play…
      Rita Ora-Jay Z and Beyonce have threesomes with new songstress Rita Ora. Beyonce and Rita have a close relationship, if you know what I mean. Beyonce likes to get it on with Rita without Jay Z, which has caused strains in their relationship. THINK ABOUT IT, why else would Beyonce, who is very insecure when it comes to other female acts have Rita Ora, a pretty young thang around her husband 24/7? Beyonce didn’t like Rihanna especially since Jay Z had a affair with her and that’s why they are rarely photoed together even though Beyonce and Jay Z consider her a “little sister”.

      Keep the h***** talk and we will let the party go on, and
      on and on.

      • JB July 16, 2012

        Lax, were you exposed to crack when your in utero? Because you act like you were born impaired.

      • Lax July 16, 2012

        You Ass wipes don’t want to hear nothing negative about
        beyonce’s fake ass yet its okay to talk s*** about and on Rihanna, as long AS YOU ASS WIPES can use Rihanna and her NAVY AS THE PUNCHING BAG ALL IS WELL CHECK THIS OUT KEEP YO SHYT GOING AS LONG AS YOU LIKE, ASS WIPES.

      • Lax July 16, 2012

        Beyonce Admits To Stealing Other People’s Stuff!!

  11. 16GrammysAndABabyToMatch July 16, 2012

    oooh i see the navy are mad.
    Hard to face the facts when the statistics you depend on work against you. Talk That Talk came out 9 months ago and hasnt even sold a million US and she’s getting outside by a man whose never even had a #1 single in his career.

    Boom b**** bye!
    Welcome to the winners club Drakey

  12. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 16, 2012

    Let me quickly log into my twitter account so I can forward this article to Fistopher Brown so he can see that DRAKE is a much much more bigger star than he is, maybe then he’ll lay off and realize that you do not pick fights with people bigger than you.

    Drake has snatched chains, I wasn’t even checking for him, well not until he performed a respectable, supportable and patriotic much needed public service by smashing Fistopher Brown with a bottle. The court of public opinion will hold Drake highly for such patriotism and service to the public, BRAVO *applauds*. Now it’s time for you to snatch those chains Drake, snatch.

    • JJFan1814 July 16, 2012

      While you’re at it, can you forward Rihanna’s album sales and single sales/position to Beyonce? Thanks!

    • Ralph July 16, 2012

      I wish Drake would snatch Rihanna since he so good for snatching things.

  13. BionicBooty July 16, 2012

    watching the Titanic get worked up is so funny, they depend on numbers but want to ignore them when their fav is shaded.

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      Yo ass can’t say jack shyt about number when yo
      Ass Wipe ASSES talks about those grammy’s
      that beyonce ‘s ass have bought and paid for,
      and everybody and their favorute cat and dog
      know that she have more grammys then any
      one dead or alive.

  14. RDK July 16, 2012

    congratz to him,that,s a win right there in my book.

  15. KAT DELUNA FAN July 16, 2012

    Ahhh Nicki is next,shitting on people

    ..It supposed to be your year,we aint get the memo *drake voice* ahahah

    YMCMB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ROC NATION

    • Slayty Perry July 16, 2012

      Nicki “my album is platinum without even selling 1million world wide” Minaj is not shitting on anyone but herself.

      G.O.O.D Music>>>>>>>>>YMCMB.

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      @Kat yep perhaps even make the top five
      on the Forbes List.

  16. MISHKA July 16, 2012

    So….”music don’t sell no more” huh? Get out with that BS for lazy artists.

    Way to go, AAAUUUBREY! #MessyMylesVoice.

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      Where in the PHUCK is XYZ !!!!

      • Lax July 16, 2012

        XYZ Will be lurking cause they sure in the hell
        don’t want wheel chair Jimmy to be getting paid
        no kind of a way. Team Breezy have got some
        pretty cool Fans and he have got that loose cannon
        zyx who think they know it all when in FACT they or
        a Flaming hot ass mess.

  17. JJFan1814 July 16, 2012

    Take Care also sold more than “4”…..
    Your point is??????

    Yall h*** fail to forget Rihanna is IN-TER-NA-TION-AL….Now pronounce that SLOWLY.

    My b**** sells albums worldwide, yall faves can’t do it, that’s why they not only flop in their domestic country, but also in other countries.


    • EndOfTimeOutNow July 16, 2012

      And they ALL outsold Discpline. Yuh Maaaad?

      • EndOfTimeOutNow July 16, 2012

        i had to DRAG the lone janet stan.
        Go on b****, 8 count your way back into the charts sometime soon.

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      @JJFAN,,,,LMAO,,,,Say it slowwwwwly! lol….

  18. Viciousss July 16, 2012

    Winning indeed, congrats to him. Hmmm, Chris…nothing needs to be said 🙂

  19. WHYBhi5 July 16, 2012

    Shhh how nice. I don’t get caught up in numbers but good for Drizzy making his millions werking hard. Go meet ur boo hit it and get some, baby. I have certainly warmed up to the idea of Drizzy as it. Rih u may want to 4get about ROC and feel more at home with YMCM. Congrats Drake.

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      Rih should drop Jay’s ass , run out her def jams
      what ever and joing somebody anybody that do not
      have ties to beyonce’s jealous ass.

  20. Cockiness July 16, 2012

    here we go again, you had to find somehow to tag Rihanna to this post.

    why didnt you compare it to your fav’s kelly or bey……or betta yet rita…..or wait she does have and album out

  21. LTM July 16, 2012

    Lmao I’ll never understand why people bring up album sales from a select country as of they are relevant, especially when it comes to Rihanna. How many times do I have to tell y’all Rihanna isn’t a local b****? She is the biggest world wide solo female act out today.

    • ADC143 July 16, 2012

      The US is the largest and most important music market in the world. Doesn’t matter how many “additional” albums you sell “worldwide,” if you flop in the US then you’re a flop — period.

      • TeamBreezy July 16, 2012

        thats sounds so stupid .. go do some research pls cuz u write ignorantly

      • realist July 16, 2012

        ^ lmao behive bitter b****** ..that’s their theory. what have your fav done lately.

  22. BlueIvySnatchedYourCrayons July 16, 2012

    Oh it must hurt to be Rihanna.

    Drake beats her in the bed AND the charts too. At least Jay knows his role and plays second fiddle to the Queen in public.

  23. john July 16, 2012

    drake might be corny and to emotional but the boy is getting that money. he was pretty much touring in clubs in brought in $42 million. imagine how much he would have got if he would have done arena tour. as much as im getting tired of ymcmb. and ready for them to go away. one thing you cant deny is they getting they money. and is all about their checks. he better watch out cause tyga gegting that money too. tyga charges $5,000 for a verse, $8,000-$11,000 per appearance, $50,000- 100,000 per show when on tour.

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      Hmmmmmmmm and word on the streets
      Drake is a Beast in the bed room.

      • Ralph July 16, 2012

        I hopeDrake be a beast with Rihanna in bed

  24. kimberly July 16, 2012


    • KillerBey July 16, 2012

      Numbers….Don’t…. Lie

  25. Iconic Iggy July 16, 2012

    Damn I never thought a hip-hop artist could gross so much from a tour. I’m impressed

  26. Quetta July 16, 2012

    Nice. Congrats drake. I never knew drake n Rihanna were together. I was too busy being in quetta’s world. Not surprised. Something you people need to learn how to do.

  27. Yep! July 16, 2012

    Pull is $42 million and about $3.5 million will hit his bank account… #FAIL

  28. CAREERENDER July 16, 2012

    When will the Navy stop lying about Rihanna being the biggest female artist out right now, ALL THE TIME?

    Hello Gaga?
    Hello Adele?

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      Adele is about to start a HUGE break and Gaga being bigger than RIHANNA litterally depends on both their albums!

    • realist July 16, 2012

      lmao it’s a shame beyonce name is not even an option.

  29. X,Y,”and Z” July 16, 2012


    I just hope A-L-L those ‘injured June 15th NYC CLUB patrons’, especially those several women who got their heads split open by Wheelchair Jimmy and Meek Mill ALSO are watching/reading this, writing down THOSE numbers, and being certain their lawyers know just how large that ‘Pot Of Gold’ at the end of the “Wheelchair Jimmy rainbow”..!!

    I KNOW the Manhattan’s DA Office is also watching – especially after ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ last took to that NYC stage and bragged and boasted ’bout that night.

    re: those aforementioned “several others” who are keenly interested.. Less we forget: For example, as one of the said many:”Holly C” the the-wrong-place-at-wrong-time Australian woman who now has seven metal-staples holding her scalp together:

    Realest Of Talk: I hope ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ makes a BILLION. And I hope EVERYONE, who’s now permanently traumatized/injured, including ‘Big Pat’, and Karreuche are ALSO paying particularly close attention..!!

    ..SUE him! SUE ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ and take EVERY LAST DIME BEFORE he’s sent off for an extended “VIP stay” at Rikers Island!

    X,Y,”and Z”

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      Drake didn’t throw the bottle at Chris. He was on his way out of the club when the fight broke out.

      • X,Y,”and Z” July 16, 2012

        @LAX re: July 16th, 5:28 pm —

        “Drake didn’t throw the bottle at Chris, he was on his way out the club.”

        Oh, well, I guess there IS a “vast, well-orchestrated” conspiracy against ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’, ‘eh? I guess we should all NOW expect, at any moment, Drake to file a ‘counter suit’ against all those “haters” for defamation of HIS “character”, yes?

        PUH-LEASE… Get your b******* outta here! Listen to me, whatever ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ has, it’s going to be – AT LEAST – cut in half to settle all those law suits. The legal fees alone is going to go into the million$!

        Those civil lawyers are going to absolutely R*** ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’. And this, this article?! Listen, this article is ‘blood in the water’, the “man-eating” lawyers will soon gather for THEIR fill!

        If Chris Brown was smart, he’d do as the Manhattan DA’s Office is now pressuring him to do: put his right hand on that bible, and tell EXACTLY what happened in that NYC Club on June 15th evening! He won’t reveal anything new; nothing that’s not already “not known” – NO!

        ..All he’d be doing is confirming what everyone ALREADY knows: ‘Wheelchair Jimmy/Meek Mill’ threw all those bottles that sliced-open the heads of those several women who are now traumatized for life, and who’s heads are now only held together by metal-staples in their scalps!

        Me?! ..I love it! Never can it be said that I hated-on a man getting his money: the more ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ makes, the more the lawyers take!

        X,Y,”and Z”

      • Lax July 17, 2012

        @XYZ Their could be the conspiracy aganist us
        all if people or thinking that way, right? I hate this
        happened between chris and drake better steal
        i dislike the fact that many have blown this all the
        way up. And it do not matter who drew “First Blood”
        it does not look good for either one of them to be
        named in some silly s*** that could have perhaps
        hurt innocent people even more. And like i have
        stated many times before we as fans of any of the
        artist, need to be very careful as to how we go after
        others fave and the way we treat each other even in
        the Blogosphere, because remember this: Words
        Once Spoken Can Never Be With Drawn…. and we
        also have a way of making things hard for our faves
        when we or forever and a day trying to tear others a
        new ass hole just because. I have forgiven Chris and
        moved passed what happened with him and RIHANNA
        and to me it does not matter a phuck how you bad mouth
        drake, rihanna or kelly i am going to try to keep it as civil as i can because at the end of each day what i type, think or say does not affect any of the artists in any way form or fashion, and as long as i am doing what i love doing and that is having fun blogging, using bad english and cursing some out its all in fun, trust me because i am Blessed with a great job that soon will be wrapping up

      • Lax July 17, 2012

        @XYZ,,,So me you and the world await the Raping
        of Wheel Chair Jimmy, sooooo it’s all Drakes fault
        where was your eyes the night of the fight? and did
        i read it wrong when the ny times/post wrote that it
        was Chris and Drake? I want go back and forward with you on this i will wait for the OUT COME, to see if drake was in the club boxing with himself, XYZ! and it’s going to be very interesting to see how Drakes will be the only one who “Stands Accused” in the bar room brawl!

      • X,Y,”and Z” July 17, 2012

        @Lax —

        As I’d asked, is it a vast conspiracy against ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ and Meek Mill?

        All the Urban/NYC Hip Hop media outlets knows the truth, and had ALREADY spoken on it: Drake, AND CREW walked up to Chris and started it. Meek Mill was there throwing bottles (that club’s bloodied female promoter even said it).

        WE KNOW WHO IS AT FAULT! If it was Chris Brown, then he’d already have been in custody! Law Enforcement demands that Chris testifies. This is the reasoning behind that just-announced “community service audit” by Judge Schnegg.

        You see, you’re gullible. You’re ignorant. You’re weak and easily led/misled. You’re a fool! Wheelchair Jimmy, who comes from one of the best areas of Toronto: Jew Heaven: Temple Hill is nothing more than an actor who now plays the role of a “rapper”!

        He’s now making fools of ALL Rappers/Hip Hop.

        ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’, The White Rapper, and ‘(officer) Ricky Ross’ are The Three Horsemen Of The Apocalypse..!!

        YOU can’t/won’t see it because you’re blinded by the colorful, bright, flashing lights. But I know better than you. I’m smarter than you. I’m wiser than you – I see past the hype and gimmickry. I know the truth: Wheelchair Jimmy MUST be put behind bars – the Jew-actors must NOT be allowed to fully take-over the rap game!

        And as far as Rihanna?! Listen, Rihanna is now signed to a “360 Contract”. This means the LION’S share of what she earns goes to Def Jam, NOT HER POCKETS! Rihanna, at one time, had the ‘World Stage’ all to herself. Both her and Beyonce ruled, simply because they weren’t others to compete against them. But now?! Well, now we have Nicki Minaj, and Rita Ora. Nicki Minaj has JUST now only began to tour “The World”. And you’re about to see just how fast said ‘world’ is going to forget about Rihanna. Rita Ora alone with Nicki Minaj are quickly displacing Rihanna. Rihanna has now been in the game for what, like over 7-years? Well, just you look how fast and far Nicki Minaj has come, in less-than-half that time! Now do you see? Or are you so in-denial, that you’ve shout-out the sun?

        ..The same goes for/with Beyonce. Beyonce thought she had the game on-lock. But (poof!) along comes Lady Gaga, and now Adele and Beyonce, not wanting to loose a minute’s absence, is forced to fake HER pregnancy. What a shallow and pathetic person Beyonce is!

        It’ll be FAR-easier to displace Rihanna, as she has little to no talent(s), than it is Beyonce. Beyonce has some talent, and more-so, a work ethic that is second to none! That’s the one thing that’ll keep Beyonce’s head above water: her perfectionism and her work ethic.

        Drake and Rihanna are..kindred spirits: man-made, hyped-to-extremes gimmickry!

        ..Time for the charade to be put to an end!
        ..Time to re-claim these streets!

        X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  30. Lax July 16, 2012

    Dammmmm 3.5 is good…..

  31. Lax July 16, 2012

    The 53 Grammy Awards, Rih popped it kind of like the big
    girls here, dam girl no wonder Drake was stuck on you!!!!!
    Those tossles on that out fit got a dam good work out……..
    This right here Rih, Rih!!!!

  32. MissImpartial July 16, 2012

    Why are certain people trying to make out that Rihanna is less popular than Drake or is a flop? The girl had 90Mil grossing tour, her biggest hit in the US, two mulit platinum albums. She is an INTERNATIONAL ARTIST and TOTAL ALBUM SALES MATTER NOT US SALES. WHAT IS THE POINT OF SELLLING 1 MIL IN THE US AND NEXT TO NOTHING AROUND THE WORLD????

  33. ADELE July 16, 2012

    I can’t believe you Rihanna stans try to compare her album sales to Beyonce when Rihanna is 6 albums deep to compare to Beyonce 4 albums. Also, do you guys understand that every single Rihanna is featured on goes toward her singles sales right? So huge single sellers like Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Cold play, Maroon 5, Jay-z, TI, Kanye whose songs she was featured on counts toward her singles sales. You guys try to come for Beyonce when Rihanna released TTT which is a pop album, had a huge 1st single, and the day of release she spammed millions of follows WW the itunes links to buy her album. Beyonce release an old school RnB album, with terrible promo, and no big hits, but she’s less than 200k behind Rihanna’s pop album. Also, I would not be bragging about the 100k in sales that Rihanna has in album sales over Beyonce when she has 6 albums out, and has been featured on more singles than any other artist, and how is Rihanna the biggest act out now, when she’s not a big album seller. 25 million WW, with six albums out averages to a little over 4 million an album WW. That is not big. Her tours are nothing to boost about. LGOE FLOPPEd…remember that, and LOUD with 98 shows did not gross over 100million. It was successful, but nothing amazing. Also someone mention global, that’s world wide. Rihanna is big in the UK, and Europe. The demand for her is not big in Asia, Australia, US, or South America. Brazil they basically had to give her tour tickets away. Another thing I guarantee Rihanna will be releasing her next album later this year, or early next year, and she has to keep releasing those singles, because she knows if she doesn’t she would be irrelevant.

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      none of what u said was ture, she gave away 100k rock in rio tickets and 4 full arenas worTh? LIES!

  34. MACHAVIEL July 16, 2012

    Ok DrakeQueen!

  35. ADELE July 16, 2012

    I like this site, but sometimes I wish they wouldn’t mention Rihanna so much because it brings out the crazies, and the delusional.

  36. WHYBhi5 July 16, 2012

    DRriahkaenna. : )

  37. Full of S*** July 16, 2012

    The Throne tour made $48+ million in the US last year. Add that to the UK tour proceeds you get $75+ million.

  38. Uhoh12 July 16, 2012

    The bottom line is that TTT opened with less than 200k during the business music shopping week of the year, has never been the most sought after album of any week (hence never making it to #1) and now almost a year later has yet to sell a million copies. Now this untalented puppet is headed back to the studio to record its follow-up to make up for its failure.

  39. Tbozfan10 July 16, 2012

    Errr… You tried to make a point but you really didnt choose the right examples so in the end it fell flat. That Rihanna album has sold well over 900,000 copies almost a million soon. Drake’s sales are amazing especially in this era but he did not sell more in three weeks than Rihanna has sold overall since its release. That just isnt true.

    A better example would be to note the 1st week sales of “fortune” by Chris brown which sold 208,000 WORLDWIDE while Drake’s “Take Care” sold just under 700,000 it’s 1st week in just the U.S.! You do the math please. Lol

    • X,Y,”and Z” July 17, 2012

      @TBOZFAN10 re: July16th, 9:16 pm —

      Rihanna had World Wide tours to support ALL her CDs. Chris hadn’t. FAME would have done FAR-more WW if he had. ‘Fortune’ sales will spike upwards during HIS WW tour – just as it does for ALL acts and their then released CDs and accompanying tours.

      And Drake?! Listen, Drake is NOT long for the “outside” world, the Manhattan DA’s Office is seeing to that. Didn’t you hear ’bout them putting pressure on Chris, via his “community service audit”? ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ is going to be bankrupt after settling all those civil claims – which is his and his responsibility alone! I say, in one year, we’ll find “Inmate Wheelchair-Jimmy” behind bars, broke, destitute, and forgotten by a world that quickly forgets talentless actor-turned-rapper gimmicks!

      Long-story short? Well, with no more ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’, the “only game in town” will be the only rightful game in town: Chris Brown. You see, God has a way of putting things..”back to right”: gimmick, fraud Wheelchair Jimmy in jail – which’ll then expose him for the easily-replaceable gimmick-actor that he was all along. And the masses will realize just how much of a hyped-to-the-extremes he was, thus running to Chris for true talent/showmanship!

      All Chris needs to do is to LISTEN to his fans: WE, who stood by Chris during the darkest of days, now DEMAND that Chris put his right hand on that bible, and tell the truth – let the chips fall where they may, and GOD WILLING may ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ land behind bars!!

      X,Y,”and Z”

  40. Full of S*** July 16, 2012

    1.8 million US but 2.07 million total worldwide. So he barely sold 300K outside of the US. LOL. TTT has already passed the 3 million mark. Will pass the 1 million make in the US soon.

    • DD1G July 16, 2012

      Don’t matter. The U.S. is what matters most, so he’s still winning.

  41. AmbeRussell July 16, 2012

    That’s good for him. But ur bragging about his tour but his whole tour was done in that time frame, so he isn’t doing more shoes or had more shows prior to this chart. WTT began prior to the list, Madonna tour just started as we’ll as gaga’s. And don’t forget he had a HUGE hip hop act open his tour from Waka, JCole, ASAP, Meek Mill, 2 Chains so he had a HUGE support system that aid in the tour grossing.

  42. AmbeRussell July 16, 2012

    Another thing, Rihanna is a huge international artist, beyonce is a huge international artist, lady gaga is a huge international artist, Katy perry, Adele, Britney etc etc etc. What the hell does calling beyonce “beyawnce” got to do with her success? Won’t change how many records she’s sold ww, or in the USA. Also, it won’t add to ur favs record sales or take away from hers. But ppl only hate bc they see that person as a threat. I mean u guys never bring up Mandy Moore or Jessica Simpson and call them flops or Olivia or others who have actually seen success

  43. NAYAH82 July 17, 2012


  44. Tbozfan10 July 17, 2012

    “The bottom line is that TTT opened with less than 200k during the business music shopping week of the year, has never been the most sought after album of any week (hence never making it to #1) and now almost a year later has yet to sell a million copies. Now this untalented puppet is headed back to the studio to record its follow-up to make up for its failure.”

    I’m not even a Rihanna fan but omg are you serious?? How the hell has it been “almost a year later”? Do you even know how many months are in a year? !! Lmfao.

  45. Tbozfan10 July 17, 2012

    X, Y, Z you are Kinda crazy and definately delusional. Did you see how many excuses you made ? There’s nothing wrong with stanning for your Fave and their success, but you really lose me when you call artists that keep selling alot more than him “flops”! Where’s your logic?

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