New Song: No Doubt – ‘Settle Down’

Published: Monday 16th Jul 2012 by David

It’s finally here!

Today, following countless teasers from its visual, ‘Settle Down’ by No Doubt touched down online and awaits your first listen below.

Tuck in…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sean July 16, 2012

    It’s ok. I wanted something more edgier and harder. It’ll grow on me i guess. But not bad.

    • The Perrylicious: A Living Legend July 16, 2012

      P!nk stans can get the f*** off!
      She gonna flop and the real queen of pop rock ‘Gwen’ is return!
      Bow down b******.

    • Trev July 16, 2012

      took the words right out my mouth…i think i’ll love it by the time the video comes out

  2. francois July 16, 2012

    it sounds lke M.I.A. and Santigold have a step daugher and Diplo is the daddy.

  3. Kb July 16, 2012

    Im not a huge ND fan but the song is pretty good.
    I know this song wont leave my head and i’ll be jammin to it all day. I hope there will be a radio edit tho bc its too damn long for radio

    *Get get get in liiiiiine and settleee doooown*

  4. lol July 16, 2012

    Very vintage 90’s electro reggai jam rock, doesn’t sound at all like this decade but i like it because it doesn’t sound like a try -hard single for radio like alot of artist so kudos to them

  5. Nika July 16, 2012

    Gwen is just HAWT!!!!

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 16, 2012

    I like No Doubt, but this is ‘Big Hoops’ 2.0. Comeback single gone wrong. The melody is not memorable or well thought. The intro slayed me, though. I’m still rooting for them, so I hope they bring it with the 2nd single.

  7. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

    another link please , i will never click on a f*****’ pigez hilton related link ……….

    • Call my Name July 16, 2012

      Typical a rihanna stan hating on rita ora Girl please this post is bout “NO DOUBT” ima need your goat loving ass to have a seat

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

        my goat loving ass will fart whenever it please and u can not do anything about it.

  8. The Perrylicious: A Living Legend July 16, 2012

    I’m waiting for this since early 2011!
    Finally, worth it!
    One of the best pop rock song for this decade.
    P!NK can get the f*** off.

  9. mob July 16, 2012

    I like No Doubt really hope this CD is good! I don’t like thi song at all! Gwens voice stills sounds good though!

    I love how they all dye their hair blonde and no one blinks but when others dye their hair it becomes a firestorm of controversy! …….dbl stds

  10. Sammi July 16, 2012

    I had been waiting for new ND music since they announced in 03 that they were parting for a while. While I respect their honesty and indeed coming back togther like they promised, this song was not worth it. I wanted another kick ass “Hey Baby” or “Its my life”. Now those were good ass first single cuts from a new album. This song is no good and I think it will get some airplay cause they have a huge fan base but I dont see this as a huge success . Heres to hoping the next single will be better.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

      hey baby is still my fav song of them >>>>>>>>>.

      • toohotfortv July 16, 2012

        While those songs are great they really don’t represent what NO Doubt is about. they are definitely in-line with where they came from. this has a lot of that madness ska vibe and if you understand them and have been following them from the beginning (since the “trapped in a box” days) then this would completely work.

  11. kc36 July 16, 2012

    It’s okay and I love ND. I don’t think this is first single material from them though. I am still willing to give there album another try depends on the next single. Gwen sounds good . Song a no no.

  12. toohotfortv July 16, 2012

    You people are expecting a Gwen Stefani song, which would have a lot more of an urban edge. Hello! This is No Doubt! Their roots are 80’s rock/ prog rock and ska… this is them completely. A true No Doubter would completely get it. And i do. 😉 good job ND

  13. social1 July 16, 2012

    Love the song. Love that they’re back. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the entire album and see the video for “Settle Down”, tonight. 🙂

  14. Oh no July 16, 2012


  15. Suicide Blonde July 16, 2012

    OMG! look who’s back, my lovely Gwen, i’m a huge fan of No Doubt since the 90’s and this is exactly what i want, Ska-Reggae fusion, this song sounds like one of their old songs, really, almost made ​​me mourn, so many memories, reminds me of a special person in my life that i wish were still here, i love the song, love at first sight, can’t wait for the album.

  16. Umm July 16, 2012

    This is exactly what i was expected and I’m liking it.

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