Why Mariah’s ‘Triumphant’ Return Should Have Waited

Published: Saturday 11th Aug 2012 by Sam
Mariah Carey Triumphant

It was the comeback many had been awaiting. Indeed, it’s been three years since Mariah Carey last released a traditional studio album – and seven since she released one anyone actually cared about.

Hence, the so-so reaction new single ‘Triumphant’ has received both critically and commercially is sure to come as somewhat of blow to the diva’s comeback campaign. A campaign which appears to be re-jigging strategy in light of the song’s performance (or lackthereof)

As reported yesterday, the 42 year old’s manager Randy Jackson confirmed that the cut’s housing album is slated for a March 2013 release – essentially auto-rendering ‘Triumphant’ a “buzz single”. A status we have a hard time believing was the “plan” from the outset. For, even the most well-prepared and well-executed projects would never leave a seven-month gap between the first “taste” of the LP and its arrival in stores. Never.

Thoroughly puzzling, it’s a “strategy” which begs the rhetorical question: why release ‘Triumphant’ now? Indeed, there isn’t an answer that could truly satisfy.

Still much loved, Mariah commands a loyal “Lamb” community; yet beyond that ultra dedicated bracket, there isn’t overwhelming “demand” for her in the music marketplace. At least not to the feverish degree that “demands” such a rush-release. What’s more, having signed up to judge ratings juggernaut American Idol, a vast weekly audience awaits Ms. Carey-Cannon when the show kicks off in January. Surely, holding off until then would have benefitted her cause more – ala rival Jennifer Lopez? Instead, she’s left with a first-hurdle misstep which sees the song moving at snail-pace at radio, sitting at #95 on US iTunes, and notable by its absence in the Top 200 of the UK tally.

There is, of course, room for the track to rebound; the debut of its music video is imminent, while its better-received remixes are due on iTunes next week. The latter being particularly noteworthy. In a recent interview with Billboard, Jackson touted the Dancier incarnations of the cut as being “for the fans”. Perhaps they are. Yet, we’re sure he and the rest of Team Mariah, are well-versed in the grey area that surrounds Billboard’s rules regarding the Hot 100. Indeed, unless structurally so different that it constitutes a “new song”, sales of remixes routinely count towards the title track’s overall chart placing. A practice which gives Mimi three lifelines to play with – if counting the original, Vintage Throwback, and Pulse versions of the song.

For us, though, we simply hoped she’d release the right song, more importantly at the right time. Still, what’s done is done. Fingers crossed for a revival of interest in the project, though; as -“new voice” and all- Mariah remains one of the industry’s most enduring and authentic assets. It’s time she stopped selling herself short.

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  1. Matthew Charlery-Smith August 11, 2012

    Good point, Sam. I like when you objectively discuss a matter. It reminds me that you are actually a music head and not just a journalist. Being Mariah she can build her brand for this album slowly and it will stand strong for the release date time providing she doesn’t rush out a new one. 3 songs would be enough between now and March if she does good promo, videos and TV appearances.

    Why can’t you write a similar article about why Kelly Rowland’s “Ice” should have waited too? Kelly seems to have NO plan or schedule. No strategy = no sales.

    • ty August 11, 2012


  2. ty August 11, 2012


    • ty August 11, 2012


      • my ways August 11, 2012

        I can’t stand you f***** GO AWAY dog s*** ugh!

      • ty August 11, 2012


    • BEYONCES_HAIR_GLUE August 11, 2012

      Mariah ain’t been a ‘real’ vocalist since the 90s hun

      • Stephen August 11, 2012

        If Mariah hasn’t been a real vocalist since the 90s, then your artist, Beyonce, has never been a real vocalist in her life, LOL

  3. ThatBoyLuke August 11, 2012

    The problem with this song is that it is not good enough full stop, Look at how instantly catchy most of Mariah’s lead singles are and then you get “Triumphant”… And on top of that Mariah is relegated to a featured artist on her own lead single, this is not what people were waiting for and I hope it isn’t but the video is probably gonna be basic too, why let Nick Cannon direct your comeback video?! ffs… get it together.

  4. China August 11, 2012

    Why can’t you make post like this about your faves, like Rita Ora, Beyonce, Alexander Burke because there is A LOT they could do BETTER!

  5. facekick August 11, 2012

    Hate to say it but I told you so. I love Mariah but I knew her single would bomb.

  6. sadthing August 11, 2012

    Well the problem is that Mariah’s music isn’t relevant or good if you go off Triumphant. Don’t understand her obsession with including trying 2 hard to be hip now by including hot-right-now rappers on her lead single, when her peak of vocal power/admiration was in the 90’s with songs featuring only her or other singers like Boyz 2 Men. I mean a rapper feature here and there is cool, but Triumphant is ridiculous. Also, the Idol buzz is gone and if they don’t get appealing, headline-making co-judges to sit with her, the Idol thing will be a bust…so that means no Nick Jonas please…seriously, that ain’t a good or cool look…hope it all works out in the end though

  7. aishaaguilerakeys August 11, 2012

    Sam, I don’t think that at this point MC has anything to prove. She is past BB and all the ITunes crap. Sure, there was nothing great about the song, but MC has been there and done that when it comes to breaking records.

    • mobwife August 11, 2012

      Now why exactly is she past BB and iTUNE? Everyone else get’s torn to shreds if they as R&B ARTISTS don’t place high on the POP 100 CHARTS. Why should she be any different?

      • MC August 11, 2012

        Because everyone you are talking about are Chris Brown, Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher, etc. have been in the industry shorter time than her. You have to understand she all ready had her peak and prime and she has accomplished so much….do you honestly expect a #1 song from each album? Have realistic expectations, she is way past her prime and is a living legend with much accomplishment….

  8. Adam August 11, 2012

    I think it was released now, as the theme of being triumphant fits perfectly with the Olympics…

  9. 9 August 11, 2012


  10. mobwife August 11, 2012

    Mariah Carey’s manager Randy Jackson said” –> to “Billboard, Jackson touted the Dancier incarnations of the cut “TRIUMPHANT as being “for the fans”

    Okay, now this is a problem because the Remix which IMO is straight FIRE is a DANCE MUSIC TRACK Miariah has said however, that she was returning to music to SAVE R&B….right? 0_O Well how is her DANCE TRACK going to SAVE R&B? lol 🙂

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 11, 2012

      do you know how anti-viruses work ?

  11. Twitter & Instagram: dirtyPEACHES August 11, 2012

    if you think the QUEEN is bothered right now, she’s not.

    The single was obviously a buzz single to get everyone talking. Once the album drops out, it’ll slay.

    All you lessors and your faves will be running scared. Watch.

  12. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) August 11, 2012

    Dear Sam… why you always so worried about Mariah´s avery move when you never discuss with so much detail your favs flopped projects? cos man, u stan for Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, those are your two biggest idols and u have anything to say about how others actually make their projects? After achieving the highest status ages ago?
    Anyway, I think people don´t like too many rappers on the song and I understand that, but the song is really good. I prefer Triumphant to Touch my Body and Obsessed. I really can´t get tired of it, it has such an empowerent feeling and her vocals are great on it. People just don´t give things a chance

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 11, 2012

      I gotta love your ways to express your thoughts @john. the song is a major grower , you know how i felt it the first time ? it changed totally after some 30 plays or something !! i dig the “pulse remix” the most tho out of all the 3 versions 😀

  13. monstarebel August 11, 2012

    I love the dance version of the song it slays me so softly :’)

  14. Nyy94 August 11, 2012

    If you want my opinion Mariah misjudged the perception of her comeback, I think the audience was expecting a strong solid ballad with strong clear vocals, something like Can’t Take That Away, We Belong Together, My All type ballad but just as modern as anything else these days and take more of a Adele route and beat the odds of her electronic dance music counterparts, but Adele was probably a exception, In my opinion I was so excited for her comeback but Triumphant was weak, I don’t like Mariah when she sticks to that husky low register voice, I need a strong vocal comeback from the queen, maybe her vocals Arnt as good as they where a few years ago but still I need a good mimi comeback I think because they saw the reception to Triumohant they were like okay we need to change the direction of this, so hopefully this delay will bring better quality Art and benefit her, Regardless I will always love me some MC, I still bang out her classics now, but I’m a already secured fan, she don’t need to prove nothing.

    • theman August 12, 2012

      Her vocals are actually greater now…

  15. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 11, 2012

    As her fan , NOT a stan or a lamb , i don’t see any problem , but if you are a basic b**** who stans for charts , then it will be a problem for U. As simple as that !!

    • Jayla August 11, 2012

      OMG SO REAL!!!!!

  16. Ajanni August 11, 2012


    This was really informative and well-written.

  17. JER August 11, 2012

    Oh so now it was the wrong move? But a few days ago you were praising it saying it was “soaring” please. LORD THE DELUSIONS!!!

  18. Gary August 11, 2012

    I LOVE Mariah. But, enough with the f****** rapper b*******!!!!!! We get it,you LOVE rap MC. We fans don’t buy your music to listen to rappers. We buy it to hear YOU SING !!!! SING !!!!! I like some of her songs with rap (Migrate, Cruise Control, SIde Effects, One & Only, Breakdown, Fantasy, Heartbreaker, Crybaby, So Lonely, Loverboy), but, Triumpant sucked. Sorry, just being honest.

  19. Gary August 11, 2012

    HOW THE F*** IS RAP R&B????? It’s NOT !!!!

  20. JB August 11, 2012

    I think it’s a shame that Triumphant is not faring so well. It’s a great song and I applaud Mariah for releasing a song that doesn’t sound like everything else out right now. The current state of music is not embracing R&B. She even said herself that R&B artists are being forced to transition to other styles of music just to have a hit. The issue that many lambs have with Triumphant are Meek Mill and Rick Ross on the track. I just hope that now that Triumphant is suddenly a buzz single that it still makes the album because what I’ve noticed is that the buzz singles (usually the songs that I prefer) do not always make the album, which is very annoying.

    • number1k9 August 11, 2012

      I think record labels do that, a) because they are paying for each track thats on the album to the writers and b) they sometimes want you to forget about that 1st single-turned buzz single.

      Case in point, Nicki Minaj’s “original 1st single” from ‘Pink Friday,’ “Massive Attack,” that flopped so hard. Then all of the sudden it was a buzz single. Then all of the sudden it was nowhere to be included on ‘Pink Friday.’ Sorta their way of erasing the memory from the consumers mind, IMO!

    • Gary August 11, 2012

      RAP is NOT R&B ! Period.

  21. number1k9 August 11, 2012

    Saw this coming from a mile away.

    “Triumphant” overall is not a good song. Point blank. I am a big Mariah fan, especially her 90s music. But ever since she began workign with The-Dream IMO her music has become WAY to immature and gimmicky.

    Luckily and hopefully he will not be a collaborator on this upcoming album.

    But just like Madonna, ppl are right they do NOT have anything to prove. Which is the one reason why when they release childish, immature, teeny bopper type songs I am baffled. I do not want to hear someone who is 40+ singing “Obsessed,” or “Give Me All Your Luvin’.” Its embarassing to their legacy. Instead I would rather them not try to fit in with modern Pop music and instead release classic songs. For Mariah anything in the vein of her 90s music would do. Very mature and classy. For Madonna, something mature like “Take A Bow,” “Like A Prayer,” etc.

    Like I said, they don’t have anything to prove chart wise, so why chase current Pop trends, and gimmicks, to only at minimum, TRYYYY to sell singles and albums? ? ?

    • Jayla August 11, 2012

      I sort of agree with you, I don’t know any of madonna’s music but as a mariah fan i LOVE her songs that feature rappers, This song was Ok, and You are right about The-Dream, i feel like doing a WHOLE album produced by the dream was a HUGE mistake the last album.

      • number1k9 August 11, 2012

        It really was.

        Bc The-Dream is hit or miss. Its hot or its just not. And that album was NOT hot!

        Did it have some good songs, yes. I liked “Up Out My Face,” and “Ribbon” [Remix]. Were they gimmicky, childish yes.

        Those are things MC does not need in her 40s. Thats my opinion. Just stick to mature ballads and mid tempos like your 90s music.

  22. S****** Blonde August 11, 2012

    Honestly, i’m still no crazy about the song, i mean i have no problem to listen to this song but like Madonna she fail to impress the world with their lead single, i know they have nothing to prove, they’re Livings Legends but as a fan your expectations are always high and you want they’re to kills it. Anyway i know the album is gonna do well in the charts, American Idol would work for her coz remember, Mariah is more bigger in the USA than in the rest of the world and that’s thanks to R&B, America loves R&B while the rest of the world is more into Pop or Dance Music.

  23. Blink August 11, 2012

    Moomoo completely sucks, she might have a good voice, but she has zero stage presence. While the Queen M is owning souls around the world with the MDNA Tour, poised to be the biggest tour for a solo artist in history!! Little lambs keep your moomoo and charts all to yourselves. I feel much better now I let it all out, thanks 😉

  24. DOSSOME August 11, 2012

    like randy said,TRIUMPHANT was for fans..the thing with us lambs is that 3 years without MC music felt like eternity & so her team decided to give us something to hold onto until next year…and the lambs love this song (sadly it ain’t doing well on the charts)…come march 2013,MIMI gonna SLAY & you bet she won’t do a 9wk cameo on BB 200 (see MDNA)

    • number1k9 August 11, 2012

      Yeah you LAMBS love it.

      But you were the exact same lambs saying, “Triumphant” was gonna smah on the charts when it was released.

      As long as you can admit to that, I’m good. Can’t stand when stans switch up their position on a track after it fails to meet their expectations. Until then, the delusion is unflattering.

      -Coming from a huge 90s MC fan, BTW!

  25. mc the place to be!! August 11, 2012

    Omg ppl the song hasn’t even been out for a week and y’all calling it a flop it haven’t even been officially sent to urban airplay!! That’s next week!! Let’s not forget how we belong together and its like that had a rough start too!! Ppl just just to underestimate mariah but she always end up on top!! Y’all talk about mariah in the 90s please ppl been dogging her once butterfly came out and musically and personally that’s her best reviewed album to date!! Leave mariah alone she knows what she’s doing if she didn’t she wouldn’t have a 22+ career and still manage to stay relevant

    • UhOh12 August 11, 2012

      What in the f*** do “We Belong Together” and “It’s Like That” have to do with today? Get out of the past. MC fans are forever clinging to that album, hoping and swearing that history will repeat itself. If it didn’t with her last few albums, the what makes you think it will this time? Admit that the song is a dud and that the project is off to a very rocky start, and move on. Steading clinging that Mimi album for dear life. Get real. That was almost a damn decade ago. Presidents have changed since then.

      • mc the place to be!! August 11, 2012

        its an example dumbass its like that wasnt well recieved by the media either but regardless it was still a hit so was obsessed and so was touch my body! and iim not admitting to anything i actually like triumphant why because its a song that inspiring and to be honest this is the only lead single i actually like by her in a long time atleast she not talking about s** or partying!! yall complaining about the wrong thing instead of actually listening to the song yall aint on her now but watch this s*** be a f****** hit and yall on her like hot rice!! you either like her or you dont!! im tired of these old ass fans thinking they some f*****’ critics yall old fans get it meaning that yall are not fans anymore! why check to on her and give your two cents on someone you dont like anymore!! s*** take a f***** hike!!!

      • RESPONSE to the ABOVE August 12, 2012

        Responding the the comment above me ^ ^ ^

        If this was such an inspirational song, why would she throw two ghetto rappers on it, who even knows what theyre rapping about.

        If she wanted inspirational, she should have went with rappers who have at least in their past once represented something inspirational or of class. You know like Lupe Fiasco, hell even Kanye West (when he debuted was more so than Rick Ross and Meek Mill has ever been).

        Don’t give me that b******* about the song being inspirational. ‘Make It Happen,” “Hero,” and “One Sweet Day,” were inspirational, this song does not even compare.

      • MC the place to be!! August 12, 2012

        it is an inspiration track!! and you many complain about how its arranged but overall its a good song its actually refreshing!! and if it want it with her by herself listen to her remixes and eww dont bring kanye into something damn inspirational!! i dont care for rick ross but meek mills fit that song perfectly! atleast shes doing stuff out of the ordinary your regular singer would collaborate with someone like lil wayne or kanye and if you actually listen to the damn song you would know that its an actual okay song better than all the s*** thats out today!

  26. theman August 12, 2012

    Peop, people, people………. The song hasn’t even gone for adds yet…………. Are y’all that slow?????????? This is an urban single……. Those grow on the charts as opposed to the generic garbage that you get on the pop chrts. Furthermore, she han’t even stated anything about her album until the other day. Sam ain’t nothing but a hater. He writes all of these long a** speeches about Mariah, but where Kelly’s “Ice”??? That was “DOA”on arrival. Talk about that……. This is just an advaned/buzz single. A song has to breleased to radio first before it is deemed a flop. Speaking of JLo, JK’s latest two albums have bombed. Sh’s had one real hit single and that’s it. She and Mariah are nowhere near rivals. Mariah is out of her league. People are so quick to call everything a flop, now. Nothing is a flop until it’s been serviced to radio… If you’re gon assess something then do so correctly. Mariah has one of the most anticipated albums to come. Kelly??? No one even cares. JLo’s latest album sales? Horrendous…….. Sam you are very ill advised…..

    • RESPONSE to the ABOVE August 12, 2012

      Get your facts right. We are living in a NEW GENERATION of music. U can easily tell is a single will be a hit, or even minor hit depending on where it sits on iTunes.

      Urban or not. Even Usher’s “Climax” didn’t fall like this MC single is!

      Not to mention, when you name is as big as Mariah’s you single should easily be able to stay on the Top 100 songs of iTunes, not peak around 40, and fall off days later. Its a fail. Just because it has not been sent to Urban radio doesn’t mean it will be saved and even a huge Urban hit, watch it only at best become a minor Urban hit.

      Then what will you say, oh it was just for the fans. STFU, you obsessed lamb.

      • theman August 12, 2012

        No you cannot, you cannot judge an urban single the way you would a pop single. Some artists are airplay artist first. If that were the case then an itunes single, should determine how an album would do. Wrong…. Do your research……. Moreover, no ones obsessed but you. The song was or is still in the top hundred on itunes. But radio sustains that positiong fool. Name alone now doesn’t unfortunately carry alot that often anymore. Usher’s “Climax” stayed on the charts because it had great airplay? Are you just that clueless??? Anyway, Beyonce’s song “Run The World” peaked at a decent position for a sec., but it didn’t perform well. Know what you’re talking about before you run your trap…

      • MC the place to be!! August 12, 2012

        i was about to say what this person said not everyone go on itunes and it aint everything!! because in some countries they still release cd singles! but alot of singles reached to #1 on itunes and didnt even reach the hot 100 airplay has alot to do with it!! if ppl dont want to hear it then its falling the reason why beyonce’s run the world debut at #29 and ppl bought gagas born this way on itunes but i heard it on the radio back to back !

  27. theman August 12, 2012

    Also, when your fans want new music, you give them a little something… This is for her fans. If a song isn’t in high rotation how can it do well in sales. Allow the song to go for adds first…. Would you expect Kelly’s song to sale without being spun on radio. When you’re not releasing an album for a while, theres nothing wrong with giving your fans a song to hold them over…

    • RESPONSE to the ABOVE August 12, 2012

      I am not a Kelly Rowland fan, but do not even compare a Kelyl Rowland single that flopped to a MC single that flopped.

      They are on two totally different levels, and MC is def an artist whose name shoudl be able to sell her single. Buzz single or not. After a long break, being a veteran artist, your single should sell well.

      • theman August 12, 2012

        Her single did sell well, with no radio play, nor promo. It reached number one and the top ten in plenty of countries, but even still you have to have something to sustain those sales. No ones comparing Kelly and Mariah in that way. It was not literal. Gosh do you understand anything???Mariah’s single is not a flop because it hasn’t been serviced to radio yet. Radio/airplay helps to sale your single…. Understood….

  28. Jason August 12, 2012

    I love Madonna and Mariah more than any other female singles but lets be honest…they haven’t released anything great since Mariah put out Emancipation in 2005 and Madonna put out Confessions in 2006. Both of those albums were 2 of the greatest of their ENTIRE careers. Every since has been a let down or lukewarm. I want epic albums from both of them.

    • theman August 12, 2012

      I think Mariah has put out other great albums since the “Mimi” album…. Madonna not so much….

      • MC the place to be!! August 12, 2012

        i think mariah’s latest christmas album is good!!

      • theman August 12, 2012

        Yeah Mariah’s latest Xmas album was brilliant…

  29. Don’t wanna wait til March ’13 for a new album, Mimi August 13, 2012

    I think Mimi and Madonna would find more success on the radio if they stopped trying to appeal to a younger audience.

  30. Stephanie August 13, 2012

    I think “most” veteran artist like Mariah sabotage themselves by putting out a single & waiting to see if the public likes it or not, if they like it, it’s the 1st single, if they don’t it’s a “buzz” single & then they push-back the cd’s original release date, which kind of angers the public & give the impression that the artist doesn’t have a clear vision & makes them seem a little desperate … Mariah is an established, successful music icon, who has nothing to prove, stick with the original plan & go for it … & stop trying to keep up with the “young” folk & make more grown up music (every song doesn’t have to have a rap verse in it) … just put out your music& what will be, will be.

    I have to wait awhile for Mariah’s cd’s … Alicia better not push her cd back (I was a little angry that she hasn’t announced her release date, but now I appreciate the fact that she hasn’t … wait until the cd is complete, put out a real 1st single (New Day isn’t her 1st single, she hasn’t released it to the radio stations or itunes, but I do like it) & start promoting the project!!!

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