Rita Ora’s ‘R.I.P’ Scores US Release

Published: Saturday 4th Aug 2012 by Sam

Roc Nation are not playing with the handling of their newest star, Rita Ora.

A rarity for a new act, the 22 year old’s debut LP ‘ORA’ is being “worked” on a global scale. Hence in borrowing from her success on home soil, Ora’s chart-topping UK single ‘R.I.P’ is heading Stateside.

Details after the jump…

According to All Access, the gritty cut is set to impact Rhythmic radio on August 28th.

What’s more, we hear reliable word that there is presently internal back n forth as to whether to service the version featuring British rapper Tiny Tempah or a new incarnation with an American MC. There’s also some confusion as to whether this replaces previously announced ‘Radioactive’ as Ora’s next Stateside effort, or if it’ll sit alongside it as a promotional single of sorts. In both instances,  time will tell.

That said, we’re all for rolling out ‘R.I.P’ to the American audience. Given Rita’s positioning and natural Urban skew, it’s actually surprising it wasn’t the first US single to begin with. It’s ultra radio friendly, while boasting a “grit” that will help her cultivate her own unique “lane”.


‘ORA’, the album, arrives on August 27th in the UK, while a US-specific version follows in September.

In the meanwhile, check out ‘R.I.P’ below…

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  1. Suicide Blonde August 4, 2012

    R.I.P. Rita Ora’s career 2012 – 2012.

    • Realist August 4, 2012

      maybe if sam didn’t shrove this girl down our throats so dam much we would actually take the time out to listen to her music. he’s only doing more damage than good. i’m so over sam and his BS.

      • MrTooIncredible August 4, 2012

        I CANT !!!! lol

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 4, 2012

      U are a Bad b**** for this one @suicide !!! i can’t with your messy ass ! 😆

      • Suicide Blonde August 4, 2012

        Wow! so much likes…

    • kes August 6, 2012

      you think? lol

  2. Roman August 4, 2012

    This will FLOP harder than Party for a number of reasons:
    1. The ppl that originally cared for her music, are probably already over it.
    2. It’s a sound that has been replayed so many times by every artist alive.
    3. US don’t easily take to british artists (that’s a fact), Having Tinie on the song does NOT help her, they should have a remix with a more current artist like Nicki or Kanye. Bite me!

    Rita really lacks emotion in her voice, she’s so flat + boring on her singles, that her live performances slay her CDQ versions. Roc The Life is the only song I’ve heard thus far that is worthy of a US release …

    • Roc August 4, 2012

      Nicki stan coming for someone saying they “lack emotions” and Nicki auto tuned robotic singing voice #DONT

      • MELODY2012 August 4, 2012

        I wish Roc Nation can hire you, you speak the truth

      • kelly August 4, 2012

        Nicki stands out. No other rapper / black woman looks like her. Rita has been touted as a cheap Madonna, jessie j, gwen stefani, beyonce and rihanna look alike.

      • Truth August 4, 2012

        @ kelly, B**** SHUT UP!! GO BATHE B****!! NICKI LOOKS A CHEAP HOOKER…like yo momma, h**

    • Rita Slays August 4, 2012

      Your a Nicki fan so everything you just said is invalid and irrelevant

    • Truth August 4, 2012

      U just described that B**** yo goat faced ass stan for, u cheeeeap fucka.

    • Antonio August 26, 2012

      This will probably work in the UK, but in the USA wont! I live here in the US and she has no songs at top 100.. R.I.P didnt even got #100 and How We Do peaked #61.. this will flop HARD in the USA.

  3. Roc August 4, 2012

    “How we do” NEEDED promo? Roc nation aint playing? This girl was probably on 1 TV show in the UK? And that’s where the REAL promo at………. How we do #62 so she had to start promoting but NO? Roc nation isn’t as great as people thought

    • kelly August 4, 2012

      She went on good morning America.

      • Rita Slays August 4, 2012

        You consider that good promo? Girl bye

  4. HOTSTUFF August 4, 2012

    that’s definitely a HOT FLOP here in the US, not even a top ten hit ,she has…..gurl those magazines’ covers will not do anything for you !

  5. Roc August 4, 2012

    Don’t pay Them no mind You just a waste of time You can watch it from the side while I roc the li li life – RITA I CAN SING ORA

  6. The 411 : Letter From The Readers August 4, 2012

    Honestly, why do you feel the need to incessantly shove this girl down our throats when it’s obvious we’re not interested (check her asngle sales) yet feel the need to bring down other artists who, in terms of sales, music, and genuine intrigue are far superior, but are consistently brought down by juvenile insults, such as Mariah Carey, Rihanna….among many others

    It’s quite hilarious really, and the irony in your words is extremely worrying Sam. It make’s it increasingly hard for people to take this blog and it’s opinions seriously when they’re consistently laced with subtle insults failing to rely on FACTS instead intent on bullying and persuading it’s readership to incline to your views. Unfortunately, for you, the majority aren’t as dumb as you think. We know your game. Step it up Same, enough of your sloppy journalism. This site is becoming a caricature of itself.

    • The 411 : Letter From The Readers August 4, 2012


    • Ny August 4, 2012

      Calm down! I honestly think this comment was simply meant to be condescending and nothing more! Your points are somewhat valid but you simply lashed out at sam for no good reason, this thread aint even that bad so dont know why your so angry, there have been many more posts where this comment would of fitted more, relax and take a seat, or just dont come on this site no more

  7. Roc August 4, 2012

    How was she shoved down your throats? Uhm she wasn’t on billboards .tv etc she just played Gigs? Lol I’m confused

    • GURL August 4, 2012

      why do you feel the need to comment multiple times, GURL get a life.

      • Truth August 4, 2012


  8. Roc August 4, 2012

    How was she shoved down your throats? Uhm she wasn’t on billboards .tv etc she just played Gigs? Lol I’m confused You guys are just rihanna stans that are threatened by this Talented girl

    • kelly August 4, 2012

      She was on TV – Good morning America – that is an insult as she has not even got a top 3.

      She has performed for Billboard special showcase where everyone in the ‘ industry ‘ came to see the new beyonce – as one guest said.

      She has been in Glamour magazine, shot by Patrick dermachiler, complx, vibe, new york post feature guide.

      She has visited z100 with jayz – that is the biggest pop radio station in America

      She has visted every pop and urbam music radion station in America – including power in LA and hot 97

      They have given her the best / most famous, expensive producers and songwriters and outside of England. SHE IS A FLOP

    • kelly August 4, 2012

      How much more can she be given? Now, jay has bought her an MTV unplugged which is an insult. How can she – with no hits – do MTV unplugged?

      How much more does she need – they have already given her 3 years to make an LP

      What next? Give her SNL, Jay leno interview ( as in the 1t guest ) and Oprah sit down? SHE HAS NOT HITS – WHO IS SHE!

      • MC August 4, 2012

        for the first time ever I actually agree with that you are saying…..what has the world come to?

  9. slimsexy August 4, 2012

    Please TGJ post Rita’s Uk GQ cover.Hope r. I p does well in the us

    • kelly August 4, 2012

      She is not on the cover. She is a feature.

  10. MUSIC FAV beyonce4ever August 4, 2012

    I Love her and this song. but I don’t think the ppl in US gonna like it.

  11. WATCH YO’ MOUFF August 4, 2012

    That’s great!

    I don’t really like it, but after its debut at #1 on the UK Singles chart, I think it has a good potential for Top20 in the U.S.

    Great news!

    “Radiocative” is gonna be a hit too, I guess.

    But man, that “Roc the Life” is boring as f***. I couldn’t play it more than two times before sending it to my recycles folder.

  12. kelly August 4, 2012

    The reason why ROC nation are not playing when it comes to Rita, is because, her career is in trouble. HOW WE DO HAS FINALLY CRASHED OUT THE HOT 100 in AMERICA – IT did not even make it to number 60 on the chart.

    Yes, she has been shoved down our throats and heavily promoted – even VH1 asked if she is worth the hype. She has done a ton of showcases in America ; Billboard industry showcase; Good morning America ( which was to be for someone with not top 3 hit ) glamour magazine shot by Patrick dermachiler, vibe magazine, expensive music video, Complex, radio tour , meet and great taking her all over America – every state and major city. It is too MUCH! All this money wasted on this basic Rihanna wannabe. JAY z is even using beyonce’s personal money from their joint account to buy Rita Ora the Rolling stone finalist gig and MTV unplugged. The question is WHY? Who is she? What can she do?

    As for RIP – Everyone in America, knows about that song. It is on youtube and it is the song that drake WROTE FOR RIHANNA – THE SONG RIHANNA AND DRAKE SHOULD HAVE SUNG. Every knows that is the video where she mimics RIHANNA’S exact body language – even lip poses.

    • kelly August 4, 2012

      RIP Flopped around the world – it did nothing on the European chart, desite Rita Support coldplay on the European tour and performing on France’s most important music show. They are so desperate, now they wanna make another costly music video with Beyonce personal money and get an American rapper – she needs someone to help her get attention. I thought radioactive was gonna be the next single? They do not know what to do. What they should do is just drop her – if she was black, she would been kicked to the curb longtime ago.

      • Rita Slays August 4, 2012

        Your beyond pressed huh c***? R.I.P debuted at #1 in the U.K and is one of the top 10 fastest selling songs of the year. Stay mad

      • kelly August 4, 2012

        And the song flopped all over Europe and the rest of the world – her USA single flopped to, which means she is more likely to get dropped than Rihanna.

        Stay mad c***!

      • Lax August 4, 2012


      • Lax August 4, 2012

        @Rita Slays what? This is just a cameo,
        of some things achgieved by Rih, Rih in
        one year along,,,,can Rita touch that?
        Rih Rih’s accomplishments just a tibit
        in 2011, one year….

        •Obtained 10th Hot 100 #1 in “S&M”
        •Obtained 11th Hot 100 #1 in “We Found Love”
        •Obtained 21st Hot 100 Top 10 in “Take Care”
        •Obtained 4th Trans-Atlantic #1 in “What’s My Name”
        •Obtained 5th Trans-Atlantic #1 in “We Found Love” tieing Madonna for most.
        •Obtained 9th Pop Songs Chart #1, Extending Lead In Chart’s History
        •Obtained 19th Pop Songs Chart Top 10, Extending Lead In Chart’s History
        •Sold approximately 6 Million Copies of “Loud” Worldwide
        •“Talk That Talk” Opens To A Personal Best Of Over 500k #1 Worldwide
        •Extends Lead Of Most Albums Sold Worldwide Post-Debut (2005-2011) with approximately 26 Million
        •Awarded a Grammy Award (Dance Recording)
        •Awarded a Billboard Award (Female Artist of the Year)
        •Awarded a Brit (International Female Artist of the Year)
        •Awarded a American Music Award (Favorite R&B Album)
        •Awarded BET award (Best Female R&B Artist

        •Awarded People’s Choice Awards (Favorite Pop Artist, Song of the Year, Video of the Year)
        •Awarded a Soul Train Award (Man Down)
        •Received Major Grammy Nominations, Including “Album of the Year”, for 2012 Ceremony
        •Listed #2 on Billboard’s Artist of the Year Chart
        •Listed Among Time Magazine’s Top 10 Most Controversial Music Videos Of All Time (Man Down)
        •Honored At DKMS 5th Annual Gala For Tireless Work in the Fight Against Leukemia
        •Italia Vogue’s Woman Of The Year
        Being Honored for her work in her Tireless work
        in the fight against Leukemis, speaks Volumes as
        to the “Rihanna Do Care About Others” Giving part
        that is so RIHANNA! and no one can knock Rihanna’d effort against helping with the Leukemia Fight!

  13. kelly August 4, 2012

    She is a FEATURE IN THE UK GQ. They had to airbrush the hell out of her to ake her look s***. It was so contrived. We all know she is not tall and toned. Rihanna is – even her pictures on vacation, prove that is her natural body. RITA ( who is so bitter and jealous of Rihanna ) again mentions Rihanna’s name in the GQ feature.

    She has the nerve to say she looks like Rihanna in the face and if Rihanna is beautiful, then so is she. WTF Rihanna is beautiful and young. You are ugly an old and you wished you looked bajun / irish, bish!

    • Lax August 4, 2012

      @Kelly Cosign,,,,and even with all of the loose bull shyt the
      Bey Hive, Haters and Rita two fans talk Rihanna is still
      almost unmatched in her accomplishments that was made in just one year…. Rihanna can take a five year vacation and still be Right ON.•Covered Vogue Magazine (American & British)
      •Covered Rolling Stone Magazine
      •Covered Esquire Magazine & Elected Sexiest Woman of the Year
      •Covered Cosmopolitan Magazine
      •Covered Glamour Magazine
      •Face of Armani
      •Face of Nivea
      •Face of Vita Coco
      •Launched Widely Successfull Perfume, Reb’l Fleur, Worldwide
      •Embarked On Her Largest International Tour Yet Featuring Over 100 Arena Dates
      •Collaborated with Britney Spears / First Female Duet To Hit #1 In Over 10 Years
      •Collaborated with Coldplay / Went Top 5 on iTunes As A Non-Single
      •Collaborated with Drake / Went #1 on iTunes As A Non-Single
      •Accumulated Total of over 1.9 Billion Music Video Views On Official Youtube Channel
      •Accumulated Total of over 620 Million Music Videos for Official Channels Featured Views
      •Accumulated Total of over 47 Million Facebook Fans – Most for a Female Artist
      •Accumulated Most Hits on The American Top 40 program since Aretha Franklin in 1968
      •In Australia, She Now Ranks Only Behind Madonna, Kylie, & Delta Goodrem in #1′s
      •In Australia, She Nows Rank Only Behind Delta Goodrem & Madonna In Weeks At #1
      •In The UK, She Nows Ranks Behind Only Madonna In Single Sales For Female Artists
      •In The UK, She Now Ranks Behind Only Madonna & Kylie For Most #1 Single For Female Artists
      •In The UK, She Became The Only Female Artist To Top The Singles & Album Charts Twice In The Same Year
      •In The UK, Sixth Number 1 in five consecutive years, a record unequalled by any other female solo artist
      •In The UK, Rihanna Spent More Weeks at #1 Than Any Other Artist

  14. JER August 4, 2012

    Yal quit hating on Rita! Let her serve blank flopocity if she wants to! She’s trying to get her life.

  15. Rita Slays August 4, 2012

    This song might do good if she does good promo. Roc Nation failed to promote How We Do. If you think a performance on GMA is good promo your either an idiot or your @kelly who is also an idiot. And doing radio interviews isnt even considered promo. Hell, How We Do wasnt even released to top 40 radio stations. She slays in the U.K because they promote her good. But she will continue to have success like How We Do unless Roc promotes her better here

    • kelly August 4, 2012

      YOur an idiot c***. Last I checked GMA was one of the top morning shows – I see movie stars promoting their films their. SHE IS NOBODY THEY CANNOT GIVE THAT HAG SNL. HOW WE DO HAS BEEN RELEASED TO TOP 20 RADIO – JAY Z TOOK HER Z100 TO PREMIERE THE SONG, C***.


      • kelly August 4, 2012



    • kelly August 4, 2012

      LOL LOL LOL C***,

      They can promote this rihanna, jessie j, madonna, gwen stefani, beyone wannabe all they like – she can sing at the superbowl and at the presidential inauguration NO ONE CARES OR WANTS HER IN AMERICA.


    • MC August 4, 2012

      lol! she was given so much opportunity to promote her stuff, but she failed because she was too busy name-dropping and praising already establish acts like Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-z, etc..



  17. commanderofthedancefloor August 4, 2012

    when something flops people go and blame the promo!!!

    if a song was a true hit it wouldn’t need alot of promo to do well, somebody that i use to know wasn’t heavily promoted and was number 1, so was we are young and several other number songs.

    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 4, 2012

      I agree but somebodythat I used to know had 8 official remixes.

  18. JER August 4, 2012

    Rita Ora didn’t have promo? She was only SHOVED down everyone’s throats for months. Just like Jesse J. and Lana Delroy and all other strangerbitches before them

  19. Vegas Girl August 4, 2012

    Roc Nation really is pushing this gal, she was just here in Vegas doing some radio interview where they premiered R.I.P. She seemed nice and bubbly enough.

    I personally dont care for anything she’s released thus far, I wish her music was better but clearly Roc Nation has a plan. I don’t get it but they have a plan for her.

    • kelly August 4, 2012

      Was she back in Vegas? But she was in Vegas back in April promoting the same single, how we do, which never made it out of the top 60. Dayuum!

  20. MC August 4, 2012

    She was given so much opportunity to promote her stuff, but she failed because she was too busy name-dropping and praising already establish acts like Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-z, etc..

  21. MACHIAVEL August 4, 2012

    I Think That Miss Ora Should Try Brown Hair She Would Look Hotter! I Wish Her To Do Great In The Us!

  22. HD live August 4, 2012

    RIP RIHANNA 2007-2008

    • MC August 5, 2012

      she actually had more success after 2008 so…….

  23. Carl August 5, 2012

    What annoys me is Jay-Z dropped Teairra Mari who’s first single charted top40 (#35 on the hot 100 ithink) and album sold 500,000k. He Better drop this rita chick..

  24. Antonio August 26, 2012

    This will probably work in the UK, but in the USA wont! I live here in the US and she has no songs at top 100.. R.I.P didnt even got #100 and How We Do peaked #61.. this will flop HARD in the USA… ;//

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