Triumphant: Mariah Carey To Perform At NFL Kick Off Show

Published: Thursday 16th Aug 2012 by David

Mariah Carey is headed to the NFL!

In the hope of saving her ailing new single ‘Triumphant’, the vocal wonder has signed onto grace next month’s Dallas Cowboys VS New York Giants game in NYC with a performance of the number.

Full story below…

On September 5th,  Mimi will take to custom made stage at the 30 Rockerfeller Centre in NYC to serve the number live.

Reported to be joined by the song’s collaborators Meek Mill and Rick Ross, Mariah isn’t the only artist set to perform on the night. For, Pop veterans No Doubt will also rock the event in support of their new LP ‘Push And Shove’.

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  1. MC August 16, 2012

    Oh wow! That is surprising…..hope its good 🙂

  2. Siberian Prince August 16, 2012

    Mariah still got it #dontgetittwisted

  3. Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 16, 2012

    Looks like I need to get a new t.v my volume doesen’t reach 10,000 and I really want to hear Mariah go in during her usual dog whistle register.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) August 17, 2012

      Retarded goat stan. Like seriously…

  4. DOSSOME August 16, 2012

    It never gets better than MC & NO DOUBT gracing the NFL..No Doubt proved they still got it & Mariah has really been slaying of late,so it’s a treat.can’t wait

    • JER August 16, 2012

      The only thing Mariah is slaying is the cassette player in your bedroom HoneT

      • dossome August 17, 2012

        and thats why she still getting gigs 22 years later

  5. Jayla August 16, 2012

    The greatest singer Alive, yes!

  6. Champ Boy August 16, 2012

    I Wonder if Meek & Rozay going to be there as well

    • Jayla August 16, 2012

      YES! read boy! lol

  7. monstarebel August 16, 2012


  8. JJFan1814 August 16, 2012

    Triumphant isn’t so…Triumphant. It’s the exact opposite. No where to be found on iTunes top 100.


    • Jayla August 16, 2012

      Just because Mariah’s voice is on it makes it worth more than your pathetic lfe


    • JER August 16, 2012

      Top 200!!! lol

  9. Öz Firdevs August 16, 2012

    I dont thing that Maria has a good Voice. I really dont understand why people call her Voice good

    • MC August 16, 2012

      your translator isn’t working correctly boo boo

      • theman August 16, 2012

        Lol ^^^

  10. TheOne August 16, 2012

    If you don’t understand why people call Mariah Carey, one of the greatest voices to ever grace God’s green earth, then you know nothing about! MC the supreme song bird!

  11. NewF*YorkBabe. August 16, 2012

    Can’t wait to see ‘Triumphant’ performed live!!!

  12. The Real Rita Slays August 16, 2012

    She needs to promote this song. Its not doing so hot

    • theman August 16, 2012

      It has just been released to radio this wk. Be patient… Urban singles don’t fly up the charts like pop trash, especially since they don’t get that pop airplay…

  13. Suicide Blonde August 16, 2012

    This is gonna be good.

  14. JER August 16, 2012

    I’m sorry but the only thing worse than “Triumphant” is “Triumphant” live

    • MC August 16, 2012

      Don’t worry no one is coming for your fav. she still has the worst singer and performer of all time title….#Stupidbitchesmakemelol

      • JER August 17, 2012

        Um who is my fave? please tell me.

      • MC August 17, 2012

        @JER whoever you stan for <<<<<<<< Mariah. But if I had to guess given your low IQ and stupid comment I will guess you stan for Rihanna aka the goat.

    • JER August 17, 2012

      F*** YOU B**** MY mother is Janet motherfucking Jackson eat it.

      • MC August 18, 2012

        oh lol! That explains a lot of s***! You are upset that Mariah still has a career, but Janet doesn’t lol (I love Janet, but b**** you made me)

  15. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 17, 2012

    Who run the world Ms.Banks Ms.blunt Ms.CutiePie- Azealia banks| mariah could never slay someone’s life like Azealia can!!!!!! F*** this fat b**** and watch her slay, her sales stay bent like dem n***** das gay!!!!!

    • MC August 17, 2012

      Aww it happens what with Bey floping with her whole album and all…this isn’t a support group ——>

  16. Teflon Boy August 17, 2012

    Hmm I’m not sure about this one…, while I believe Mariah can still throwdown vocally (when in ‘good voice’).., these days that really depends on the material she’s singing. I feel her best bet in 2012 is to record simple songs with clear melodies and avoid all the over complicated melisma that she truthfully struggles these days to replicate in a live setting without ridiculous amounts of pre-records and backing vocals. Mariah can still sing, let’s not get it twisted but what made We Belong Together a classic was the straight-forwardness of the vocal delivery; nothing airy and whimsical just a blunt but emotive declaration.

  17. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) August 17, 2012

    Why are Rihanna fans trying to talk about Mariah Carey??? I can´t get it. Didn´t think they were that ignorant

    Anyway, this is good. Mariah Carey and No Doubt? Count me in 🙂

    • Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 17, 2012

      Because she can’t sing.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) August 17, 2012

        Rihanna you mean right?

      • Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 17, 2012

        Too bad @MC Rihanna wasn’t even professional and she still beats Mariah cause she can project her voice more than 2 inches.

      • MC August 18, 2012

        Rihanna gets dropped from……..

        I will now go on and list people who are more talented than your goat.

        1. Mariah/Whitney/Celine/Aretha/Anita—-Legends

        2. Madonna/Janet—–Legends

        3. BeyonceTheif

        4500000. Britney Spears

        45000000000000. Slutty Perry

        4500000515105630650. Justina Bieber

        450000020520455555555. Ms. Drake

        215033333333333333333333333. Nicki Minaj

        450000002052055555555555555555. Rita Oral


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