Chart Check: Rihanna Battles Ke$ha & Taylor Swift For Top Debut

Published: Thursday 27th Sep 2012 by Rashad

It’s the battle of the pop princesses!  Indeed, fans are getting their fill of Bajan beauty Rihanna‘s latest offering ‘Diamonds’, but it appears it chart debut next week will be met with much opposition.

As country/pop peformer Taylor Swift has released ‘Begin’ –  the follow-up to her #1 single ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, ‘Blow’ beauty Ke$ha is getting back in the game with her new single ‘Die Young’.

All three are set to make a major impression on next week’s Hot 100, but who will come out on top?

Via Billboard:

“Industry sources say that Swift’s “Begin” could sell 300,000 downloads or more by the end of the tracking week on Sunday (Sept. 30). Ke$ha’s “Young” could start with more than 200,000, as could Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’.”

The report goes on to say:

“Begin,” Swift’s new country (but not pop) radio single, already ranks at No. 39 on the building Country Songs chart with 2 million in first-week audience, according to Nielsen BDS. (While “Never” falls 15-21 on the building country list, the song remains gaining on the all-format Radio Songs building chart at No. 3, thanks to continued rising pop and adult crossover support.)

“‘Diamonds’ is already shining extremely brightly on the building Radio Songs chart, showing at No. 6 with 22 million in all-format audience, according to BDS. Its first-day airplay was aided by promotional airplay on participating pop, rhythm and adult pop Clear Channel Media and Entertainment stations, so, following that initial splash, it isn’t likely to maintain a top five rank when the Radio Songs chart is finalized next Wednesday (Oct. 3).

Ke$ha’s “Young,” meanwhile, is trending at No. 64 on the building Radio Songs chart with 6 million in audience. (Swift’s “Begin” is not yet showing among the top 100 titles on the building Radio Songs survey.)”


This ought to get very interesting.  Each artist is definitely set to debut in next week’s top 20, but where remains the question.  Combining radio play with digital sales may see the ‘Man Down’ diva edge over Swift & co.  However, as her latest #1 single ‘Never’ has proven, Swift is definitely a formidable chart foe.

This, as well, should not discount the popularity of the current top 2 spot holders – Maroon 5 and ‘Gangnam Style’ creator PSY (both of whom have seen commendable increases in sales over the past week with more to reportedly come).

You tell us:  Who do you think will have next week’s highest debut?

Your thoughts?

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  1. D September 27, 2012

    i’m rooting for ke$ha

    • Diamonds Will Shine Like A Goat S*** September 27, 2012

      next week will be Taylor, Bruno, One Direction, and ADELE. Gonna be a good week for Rihanna


      • UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE September 27, 2012

        1. Taylor Swift – Begin Again 1.0000
        2. PSY – Gangnam Style (강남스타일) 0.8000
        3. Ke$ha – Die Young 0.7000
        4. Rihanna – Diamonds 0.6500 <<<<< LUkewarm

        FIXED!!!! Time to give up the Goat…..

    • Good News, Yall September 27, 2012

      Diamonds wont debut at #1..probably wont go either….


    • EJ September 27, 2012

      Nick Minaj (feat. Cassie) ‘The Boys’ will take the top spot haha

      • SdotB September 28, 2012

        u must be delusional…that song is going absolutely NOWHERE!!

  2. Fresh (Elite Navi) September 27, 2012





  3. mkigz September 27, 2012

    Based on those figures either Swift or Rihanna but most likely Swift as Begin was released before Diamonds. I’m amazed that Country music is so damn popular – good on her though. Although I dont listen to Taylor I can;t knock her success..
    Begin, Diamonds and Blow will all enter the top 10 in the long run, no doubt.

  4. Jahzel September 27, 2012

    Rihanna’s gonna snatch her 12th #1 single (watch out Mariah)

    • MC September 27, 2012

      Don’t count your chicken before it hatches. 😉

      • Lily GaGa September 27, 2012

        No, Monsters have already blocked Diamonds by downloading Ke$ha’s song on Itunes USA !!!!!!


  5. Cockiness September 27, 2012

    i’m hear from my girl Rihanna… diamonds in the sky

    • IOTA September 27, 2012


      • That Caribbean Chick Riri September 28, 2012

        for* lol #mess

  6. @091094_ Twitter September 27, 2012

    YES! MOMENTS LIKE THESE BRING ME EXCITEMENT. I think either Rihanna or Kesha will get the number 1, but I have a strong feeling Rihanna will defiantly be in the top 2!

  7. @091094_ Twitter September 27, 2012

    And Taylor swift probably 3

  8. Cockiness September 27, 2012

    but why is kesha’s song doing so well tho….i dont hate her but that song is not the bizz and sounds like every other song she has

    • Monstarebel September 27, 2012

      The song is just okay, but sounds like everything else on radio

  9. S****** Blonde September 27, 2012

    Rihanna will have her 12 #1 hit____like Madonna.

    • Monstarebel September 27, 2012

      I believe it

    • FIFI Grunge September 28, 2012

      i have feeling too even tho i’m not her biggest supporter her song is gaining momentum.

  10. Monstarebel September 27, 2012

    I want it to be Rihanna but most likely Taylor swift ass is guna come on top but Congrats to all 3 ladies there all guna have some good debuts

  11. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 27, 2012

    Even though I’ve never heard Taylor’s song on the radio Rihanna just has to much airplay to be beaten by Kesha. +chart news already confirmed she and Taylor will most likely debut in the top 10 while kesha debuts only in the top 20/.

    Assuming Taylor does not get very good airplay her song will die down, Rih will come hard with a video, performance, and her airplay will only get better because of her radio deal, but for this week I predict.

    Taylor: #7/8 (MORE LIKELY)
    Rihanna: #7/8 (Possible
    Ke$ha: #17

  12. Yea i said it September 27, 2012

    Swift , kesha, rihanna and that order because the songs was all release in that order but both rih and swift gonna get #1 right after eachother but rihanna gonna have longer spawn

  13. IDK September 27, 2012

    Im rooting for Rihanna! #getit!

  14. Peter Griffin September 27, 2012

    Who like buys this Taylor girls s***? No one cares about her out of the US! I hope it’s anyone other than her who reached the top.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 27, 2012

      She is liked by 12 year old immature white girls here.

      Her songs are awful and her singing sounds like off-pitch speaking, she whisper her high notes and has no ability to sing.

      She dates ever white famous man, gets dumped and trashes them in a new song from a new crappy album. She is a very dramatic h**.

      • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! September 28, 2012


      • Realist September 28, 2012

        THISSSS Leave it to black people to drag each other down plus taylor is younger than rihanna smh.

  15. nunu September 27, 2012

    im rooting for rihanna. For kesha her song sounds the same to me bt still like it 🙂 and for taylor i love her so good for her.
    RIhanna Navy all the way B****** – We shine like a diamonds in the sky

  16. Auntie_Jackie September 27, 2012

    I think…RIhanna! Sia better get. that. money!

  17. Yea i said it September 27, 2012

    i dont stan for nor one but rihanna have the best (song) out of the three!

  18. Belladonna September 27, 2012

    Well all 3 songs are Amazing with Rihanna’s being the best I think that Rihanna might come in at 6 & Taylor at 10 or 9 because of her lack of radio,with Kesha radio not being good its not looking to hot for her. But in the next coming weeks wi’ll see Rihanna at the number1 spot giveing that she is a big radio artist and that Diamonds is Rihannas best song next to WeFoundLove and Kasha will for sure have a top3 hit. But watch out for Taylor she just might take them all

  19. TeamBreezy September 27, 2012

    Ri has the better song out of the three, but it might be tough since Swift’s single came out earlier.. but Kesha wont get the airplay to surpass Ri .. ..

    this should be fun 🙂

  20. Beyonce’s Weave September 27, 2012

    I want Rihanna to slay so I’ll be promoting big time on Twitter and Facebook. Taylor Swift is the biggest competition because country music just sells better in the USA, though Rihanna is #1 in 17 countries (we’ll soon be adding South Africa to that list), Riri needs another Billboard #1.

    I have nothing against Taylor Swift, Ke$ha, or PSY, I just want Riri to win this charts battle.

  21. Tasha September 27, 2012

    Rihanna is gonna scalp the f*** outta Kesha and Taylor.

  22. TRUTH SERUM September 27, 2012





  23. nickalus Randle September 27, 2012

    MUSIC IS SAD NOW A DAYS, really? these 3 songs? TERRIBLE!!!! Rihannas is different (cute), I get it….KESHA (party girl yes I get it), BUT IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE GOOD FEELING FLORIDA SONG, I mean come on nahhhh..Taylor will win cause country folk support the helllllllllll outta who they love….SAD THO, poor Brandy & Keyshia Cole & Alicia Keys, even MISSY ELLIOTT aint nowhere in the mix, just the same dry crap!!!!!!!!! ugggghhh…

    • JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2012

      So sad! 15 years ago we would be talking about a new Mariah single, Madonna´s new one and Celine´s for example. Not to mention the whole diversity there was back then not only on albums charts but also on singles charts. Nowadays only these generic and easy songs and average at best artists can get a “hit” on singles charts (a fake hit many times)

  24. Nirvana September 27, 2012

    I’m really impressed with rihanna’s radio updates and she’s doing fine,if she is able to hold steady at top 5 she’ll be okay

  25. Boycott This Goat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 27, 2012

    Stop her from getting her 12 #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Monstarebel September 28, 2012

      can you say pathetic she’s clearly a threat to ur FAV lol

  26. Nichole September 27, 2012

    What happened to Christina’s “Your Body” single? It ain’t no where to be found on that list.

    Perhaps the video would give the song a chart push.

  27. Jayla September 27, 2012

    I’m not the hugest Rihnna fan at all but come on, We know if it doesn’t get to number 1 now it definitely will be number 1 eventually, Stop the hate, yall wasting your energy

  28. It’s Utterly Bizaar! September 27, 2012

    I do like a few of Rihanna’s tunes, so I’m vouching for her. I think this Taylor is all payola lol.

  29. Hd live September 28, 2012

    Rihanna will debut at number 14 kesha at number 16 and taylor at 10

  30. commanderofthedancefloor September 28, 2012

    i think taylor because she released her song first, then rihanna, then kesha.

    i will say though at first i wasnt really feeling rihanna’s song, i was glad it was different but it wasnt a sure banger. but after having it on repeat that song is my s*** now. same thing happend when i first heard we found love, i hated it but then loved it.

  31. Regina September 28, 2012

    I love Rihanna’s new song

  32. Arie September 28, 2012

    I love Rihanna’s new song, I hope she brings it when she shoots the video. If she ever decided to do a remix this is definately the perfect song for her and Chris Brown to duet on.

  33. me September 28, 2012

    sams ass will remain slayed and bitter as rihanna continues to climb and collect number ones. ur ass updates more on her chart success than u do ur fave. thanks to her up and coming album; this blog will continue to succeed. u owe the success of this lame blog to riri sam. stay pressed and watch the charts to see where she goes than the navy does. she is on ur mind

    • Elite Navi September 28, 2012

      not here for that, let them just be, too much drama going on already with these two and this will be adding more flame to the fire, js.

  34. Elite Navi September 28, 2012

    I’m rooting for all of them, i’m just happy to see beautiful young woman living thier dreams and making good music for the masses. to all to his/her own. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND.

    • Elite Navi September 28, 2012


  35. Marcus September 28, 2012

    Im downloading 2 based on talent. Lol thats not saying much. Ke$ha and taylor get my money!

    • Monstarebel September 28, 2012

      Yet Rihanna is more talented and can sing circles around both of them. xo

  36. JER September 28, 2012

    Rihanna will only have 5 days of sales for this week so theres no real comparison. The label was obviously not looking for a huge debut followed by a huge 2nd week drop. Sales will hold steady then dio as airplay gains and then even out again. With everything so front loaded and “Diamonds ” being such a slow grower, its s giod strategy. Besides Rihanna needs more longevity. “We Found Love” proved again that a Rihanna single can have staying power.

  37. Joe September 28, 2012

    How f****** dumb are you,honestly? Its right there in the f****** article that Taylor will probably debut top10 and Rihanna/Kesha top20. Its not even close. How the f*** are you even seeing a possibility Rihanna topping Taylor????

    Taylor- country promo single
    Kesha/Rihanna- huge, promoted to hell and back lead singles with radio deals.

    Taylor still on top on both-hot digital songs and Hot100.

    This is f****** hilarious. I love her.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2012

      I don´t know who the hell can like Taylor Swift (it´s only an American affair for her) but to be honest I would be glad if she blocks the other two from topping the Billboard Hot 100. Somebody has to do it. It´s a f****** disgrace Rihanna has so many #1 singles. She doesn´t deserve more, this needs to stop
      Radio goes crazy for her… for the past 7 years, which means she has has the biggest promotion any other artist has had in the last 5-10 years. If you think about it that way… she has been clearly underperforming her whole career (except on singles charts)

      Taylor (don´t know why) and other true album sellers (for example true greats) sell singles or albums effortlessly. Rihanna can´t

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 28, 2012

      Nobody knew Rihanna had a song till last week. #Youtried

  38. kai2dashawn September 28, 2012

    ummm i think Rihanna may be in the top 5 Building Radio Songs chart: #6 @Rihanna, Diamonds (22 million in all-format audience) not to mentain her digital sales are gonna be lile 200-250k so it is a good chance that rihanna will debut in the top 5 this week cuz it is not only about sales airplay is another part of charting gotta know your facts

    • kai2dashawn September 28, 2012

      and kesha only got @keshasuxx, Die Young (6 million). airplay so she would probably gonna debut with in the top 40

  39. JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2012

    3 mediocre songs fighting to reach the top (not this week). I don´t know which one of these girls is more generic and bland
    If at least Xtina´s Your Body (who has not had a f****** hit on Billboard hot100 for like a decade) or the upcoming Bruno Mars song could block all of them I would be happy

  40. Dollar$ign$kill September 28, 2012

    Ke$ha may be lacking un airplay but she’s sitting pretty in front of Rihanna on iTunes and she has all week. Taylor Swift will no doubt take the top spot. Her song has radio+promo+sales. She won’t be dethroned until Rihanna and Ke$ha do so promo and get their singles out

  41. AmbeRussell September 28, 2012

    just remeber, it is not how high u chart, BUT how well your song ast years to come. ie Christina’s Dirrty not even hitting the top 40, yet it is one of Christina’s most popular songs. so don’t just hope for another #1 single, when ppl will forget it in 3 yrs or less, just saying

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