Exclusive: Rita Ora Reveals ‘Kosovo Music School’ Plans

Published: Wednesday 12th Sep 2012 by David

If the last week has proved anything, it is that Rita Ora is far more layered than initially perceived.

Using her burgeoning star power to shine a positive light on her homeland ‘Kosovo’ during her trip to the country, she has now revealed plans to build a music school there, in the hope of pushing its talent to the global stage.

Her comments below…

Speaking to That Grape Juice’s sister site  She Is Diva, Ora revealed the following at the 5 minute mark:

More from her interview here!

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  1. Noel September 12, 2012

    Waits for kelly to come and say something ignorant and talk about rihanna.

  2. RomansAuPair September 12, 2012

    This b**** finna make me stan!!
    Yes for giving me Mother Teresa teas when the non number album having s*** is out getting her c****** bust open by all 40 members of Chris Browns entourage.

    • KuntBrigade September 12, 2012

      If she gets a number one album before R****. she can collect my stan card ANYDAY.

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        The way things are looking, she might not even have a record deal by the end of the year. I mean, she came out in February.

  3. kelly September 12, 2012

    That is nice that she wants to help the kosovo kids. But, realistically , where is the money gonna come from? She has not recopued; RIP / HOT RIGHT NOW / HWD / SHINA YA were all written by others, so she won’t get a royalty check.

    HER LP flopped in the UK. Lookinglike it is flopping in the Australia too.

    Where is the money gonna come from? Before she worries about Kosovo, she needs to think how she is gonna recoup ?

  4. EasyBreezy September 12, 2012

    I wish Chris had hooked up with her before he met she who is endlessly being slayed.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      Please, chris brown dates A list superstars. It is only now, that is he is reduced to dating a groupie because white America f****** hate his guts and will never EVER EVER let him win. When he was dating Rih, he was winning, the moment he beat, his career is a hot mess; he is coke head duggie, being sucked of all his money by a Low level groupie.

      Chris brown is done. No more movies, no platinum LP’S, no more A list superstar GF, front covers of fashion magazines. I think he banned from Entering the UK. Even his sound is wack – cheesy dance songs that all look and sound the same. I cannot believe a star like Rih would even look a hoodrat monster like that.

      She needs to be dating A listers.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      who is being slayed on the charts, press, magazines?

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      White America did not know who Chris brown was, until he dated Rihanna. This is so, Europe. The moment he stoped dating Rih ‘ now he has no career. When did he go platinum?

  5. kelly September 12, 2012

    I remember back in Nov 2011 to Jan 2012, everyone said when Rita ora drops, that will be the end of Rihanna. Rih will never sell a record again, cos Rita will be the new queen of pop. Well, fast forward to sept 2012. How do things stack up now?

    • Lax September 12, 2012


  6. Luis September 12, 2012

    Why can’t an artist these be just that. An artist.

    Why do we have to get trough all the gimmicky b*******? It’s spoils the mystery behind an artist and it overshadows what’s most important… the music.

    As much as i may believe her good intentions, all i get is that she’s way too full of herself, way too soon. I don’t know… this smells so lady gaga-ish to me

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      She is way to cocky, She walks around like she is A list superstar ten albums deep. Rih was never like this when she came out.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      Have you peeped her other gimmick ? She dragged Rob Kardashian on Ryan seacrest Kiss LA to declare that they are officially a couple. She is very desperate for any kind of fame. She has even had a her boobs done. At sthis stage, she will take any press – even a leaked sextape with her and Rob, wiill do. She is really really really desperate.

  7. RLS September 12, 2012

    I see “thatritaorajuice” has given us yet another pointless update on this nonentity. Face it: she is NOT happening. Hang it up, FLATSCREEN.

  8. Monstarebel September 12, 2012

    She is not cute!! She looks way too old !!!

    • me2 September 12, 2012

      i won’t be surprised if she’s 5 or 6 yrs older than her “official” age of 21. nothing wrong with that but i think you shouldn’t lie about your age unless you actually LOOK LIKE the age you say you are. rita looks older than 21, 26 or 27 most likely.

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        Of course she is not really 21. I have seen a picture with Craig David in 2008 – when she was meant to be ‘ 17 ‘ . She looked at least 26 / 28.

        I reckon she is late 20’s/ That is why you can see her age on her face and body. She can claim 21, but her face is showing her real age.

  9. ENOUGH ONIKA September 12, 2012

    This is good. Maybe she’ll stay and be part of the faculty…

    • Nirvana September 13, 2012

      OMg..lmao haha good idea she’d make a great cook or something btw am I the only one who noticed she looks older for a 22yr old..I won’t be surprised if she pulled a Beyonce and lied about her age..

  10. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 12, 2012

    Rita Ora fans are claiming Rihannna just pats her c****** (which Rita imitates) but Rihanna has fought against/helped

    The haiti earthquake
    The Norway attacks

    and many more, goodfuckin bye!

  11. Nirvana September 13, 2012

    Ok rita..Good work I guess..btw it’s not abut the navy or ritabots but if Rita gets millins in promotion yet can’t break the US..’shine ya light’ isn’t going anywhere I’ll be back to laugh @ the ritabots when that flop bound song crushes..

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