From The Vault: Pussycat Dolls – ‘Buttons (Ft Snoop Dogg)’

Published: Sunday 2nd Sep 2012 by David

With Nicole Scherzinger struggling to secure a solo hit for herself, one has to wonder if she’d have been better off leading the pack over at the Pussycat Dolls.

Dolls, whose scorching ‘Buttons’ will take centre stage at this week’s From The Vault.

Unleashed as the fourth single from the band’s multi-platinum selling debut, the aptly titled ‘PCD’ in Spring 2006, ‘Buttons’ was yet another home run for the girls after the trifecta of smash hits ‘Don’t Cha’, ‘Stickwitu’ & ‘Beep’.

With its infectious production courtesy of Polow Da Don and its lyrics helmed by the mighty Sean Garrett and lead singer Nicole, the track charted at #3 in both the US and the UK and was a solid Top 10 in all the other major markets.

The tune was a worldwide hit for numerous reasons, indeed the single mix featured the big Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion) which judging by his ability to score hits after hits throughout the years and until this day is no mean feat, quite literally. Also, its incendiary video propelled the already fantastic track to a whole other level because of its “fierce” nature.

From the strutting to the sensual – and never tacky – choreography, the vaporous and claustrophobic atmosphere to the burlesque vibe, this visual is definitively one of the most – if not THE most – glorious moment of the girls rather short but memorable stint as a recording band (obviously we are not rating the non-sense that is the new incarnation of the Pussycat Dolls).

Proving Pop tarts can be suggestive while staying all the way classy, the ‘Buttons’ MV stands as one of Pop culture’s sexiest efforts.

Ms. Scherzinger has never been more entertaining an enticing than during her time with the Dolls which is strange as the other girls – bar Ms. Melody Thorton – were clearly just back-up dancers for the ‘Nicole Show’ and she has worked with the same producers and choreographers for her solo endavors.

Maybe its a case of the masses not believing in her hype or maybe the other band members were not that disposable. In any case, we want you to sound off:

Why can’t Nicole Scherzinger catch a break?

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  1. Rihanna Navy September 2, 2012

    this was my s*** *starts twerking*

  2. Sleazy September 2, 2012

    Its nicole Choice of Material that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But buttons was IT!!! *p**** pops*

  3. Joey1 September 2, 2012

    Say what you gonna do with me ahha lol still love those s*** lyrics!!! PCD = nicole scherzinger

  4. Ugh September 2, 2012

    Because she’s not white or black, people can’t identify with her…………….

  5. Kyla September 2, 2012


  6. sammi September 2, 2012

    I was def a PCD fan from the beggining but I think ppl dont like Nicole because she was always portrayed as the “IT” girl in the group. Kinda like the way they pushed Bey in front of DC and Diana in front of the Supremes. Had they shared the spotlight with other members of the group Nicole wouldnt have looked like the bad guy. Whether it was her own doing inching to be in the forefront or the lady Robyn Anton who created them, we’ll never know. I personally liked Nicole but didnt always want to see “The Nicole Show” whenever they performed in a video or performance.

  7. sammi September 2, 2012

    Ps. I always thought that Nicole looked a lot like Old Kim Kardashian in this video, u know, before Kim got hollywood and butchered her face all up. Nicole is stunning by the way, always have been.

  8. hard pill September 2, 2012

    Some people only only stand out when they are in a group. Solo wise they are nothing special. This is the case with Nicole. If she had the “it” factor she would be been huge like Diana Ross and Beyonce.
    There are plenty of groups that this happened to. Dawn from En Vogue,Dawn and Aubrey from Danity Kane,Meelah from 702,Kandi from xscape,Nicci Gilbert from brownstone so on and so forth. Thats no hate on my part but anyone thinking that by now that’s she is going to slay anything is delusional.

    • number1k9 September 2, 2012

      Def was the case with her. She has no “it” factor alone, and is rather boring. She may be beautiful as many say, but boring is still attached to that as a solo artist.

      But I had NO idea that one of the 702 girls tried for a solo career. . . Interesting! RIP to the one member who passes away.

      I also think partly in terms of PCD and Danity Kane tho too, was that it was hard for Nicole S., Dawn R., and Aubrey O. to achieve success because they were not a big fixture in pop music/their respective bands for enough time for people to remember them enough. On top of that for Dawn, she thought being Diddy’s back up dancer in Dirty Money would help, but all that did for her was allow others in DK like Aubrey and Shannon to begin their solo endeavors before her since she was already committed to another (backup singer/dancer) Diddy group, that was bound to fail!

  9. Alex T September 2, 2012

    This song was amazing!

    Also, the only person who mattered was Melody.

  10. Monstarebel September 2, 2012

    THIS WAS MY S***!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 2, 2012

    Seriously I just want to say one thing: how can anybody refer to Pussycat Dolls as “short but memorable stint as a recording band” ???
    MEMORABLE? That word in the same sentence with Pussycat Dolls????
    These TGJ guys are so ridiculous and half of the kids on here too

  12. Tbozfan10 September 2, 2012

    This might sound silly but I really think her name had ALOT to do with it! I remember when they would play a song by her on the radio the DJ couldn’t even pronounce her last name. A lot of stars come with just one names in a way like “Madonna” “Rihanna” or if you say “Janet” or “Mariah” people automatically know who you are talking about.

    • number1k9 September 2, 2012

      There was some speculation about her name being an issue. // I have heard that argument before.

      Though after I learned how to say, I had no problems:

      But its still interesting because when she first debuted as a solo singer after Eden’s Crush failed in like 2001, she went under the alias Nicole Kea…. wonder if that was to the affect of people NOT beign able to say Scherzinger.

  13. Gilberto September 2, 2012

    This song is everything. I miss the 2005 songs. Buttons is better than most of these generic dance songs charting nowadays.

  14. Honey CHILD please October 8, 2012

    Oh my god oh my god * Martian shanaynay voice* I love this song so much *pop’s open blouse and starts p**** humping the air*

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