Watch: Jojo Delivers ‘Demonstrate’ To NYFW Style360

Published: Wednesday 12th Sep 2012 by Rashad


Pint sized pop starlet Jojo was on hand at New York Fashion Week recently to demonstrate to onlookers that she still has those awe-inspiring chops.

Lending a live performance to the ‘Front Row – Style360’ event, the ‘Sexy To Me‘ maestra donned a sexy, form-fitting black dress while strutting the venue’s catwalk (and up-and-down scales with killer runs).

As always, Miss Levesque delivered. See what we mean below:

Thanks to YeahImFamous!

To say ‘she did that’ would be a gross understatement.  Between church inspired runs and riffs and soaring vocals, she brought it and then some!  It is performances like this that demonstrate the singer’s hunger to succeed.  A hunger that, despite all happening around her, seems to only grow stronger!

We look forward to the single’s accompanying video as That Grape Juice was privileged to be on the set during the making of.  See that here

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  1. LOURDES September 12, 2012

    JoJo freaking slays vocally!!!! Her label needs to get it together & release this long! LOVED the performance!!!

    • Marcos O’liva September 13, 2012

      interesting how this is her first single. usually songs like this are songs u here twards the end of the album. not usually what would be considered a single type of song. but i do luv it tho.

  2. TJ September 12, 2012

    Great JoJo! I don’t know what’s going on with she and her label, but I hope they fix it soon. She needs to be on radio, performing on TV, like actually “out there” for a public. She’s way talented too talented not to be/do as such.

    • Jayla September 12, 2012

      This song is always on radio in the South

  3. Auntie_Jackie September 12, 2012

    Great gal, and unlike so many others, it really is her label that’s killing her career. Stupid Blackground!

  4. B4REAL02 September 12, 2012

    Get it Ms. JoJo!!!!!!

  5. Monstarebel September 12, 2012

    shes not hot! I’m sorry!

    • WTF September 13, 2012

      Why because she’s not black..?

  6. Eric September 12, 2012

    Blackground was quick to send out false press releases and push the Aaliyah & Drake fiasco, but they apparently can’t be bothered to do anything the easy and legit way to promote the project they have with JoJo. JoJo is talented enough that there ought to be a bidding war right now between labels trying to secure her to their roster. It’s time for JoJo to severe all ties with Blackground.

    • Eric September 12, 2012

      I mean “sever” all ties.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      Excluding the bitter beyonce fans who hate and envy Rihanna. I am sure 100% of folks would back ROC nation kicking Rita Ora to the curb and putting Jojo in her place. I am sure those who scream about talent who back that trade. I don’t expect those bitter beyhives, but those who love REAL TALENT and music would prefer to see Jojo on Roc nation getting heavily promoted over Rita.

      • Quetta September 12, 2012

        Why are you always concerned about beyonce and the beyhive? And I love jojo, I would love to see her succeed. Unlike, you who wants every other artist mainly BEY to fail

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        And elderlyonce and her stans don’t want Rih to win? PLEASE. You started this war with Rih. Now rih will finish once and for all.

        BEY is failing on her own accord. She is washed up and dried up. I saw her on Anderson cooper and she looked Chaka Khan’s age. She was pork plump huge and looked old.

      • Quetta September 15, 2012

        Your stupid as f***. No one started s*** with rihanna. I came on this site respecting Rihanna and I still do. You dumbasses don’t like to give credit where it’s due and beyonce looks good for a 31yr old. Your dirty ass just want beyonce to fail so, she won’t dust Rihanna ass back to Barbados. You will deal that beyonce is the king. Rihanna can have the queen spot it’s all about the king.

      • Quetta September 15, 2012

        Oh, yeah. The navy disclaims your ass so your irrelevant.

  7. RymeReason September 12, 2012

    Jojo better saang! Her runs and vocal range are superb. I didn’t know her voice could get that low. Looking forward to her upcoming project.

  8. kelly September 12, 2012

    What a f***** up world we live in. Roc nation spend 3 yrs and tens of millions of dollars on a washed up no talent robyn fenty wannabe who CANNOT SING.

    While, nice, sweet, humble UBER talented JOJO, born with a soulful voice that pays homage to great RNB like xscape, 702, Monica, Kut Klose, jodeci etc is rotting on a Z list label.

    So sad to see talent like this go to waste, while untalented flops who cannot sing OR SELL RECORD are being promoted and pushed like they are Micael jackson.

    I hope Roc nation clear out all their flops and sign Jojo and fresh new talent 2013.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      Jojo’s vocie sounds like RNB from 1994 – 1996. Them dayz, when they had all the rifts and hit all kinds notes. I have just been listening to some 702, Xscape and faith Evans.

      Man, what has happened to music. I do not want to hear ”she can sing ” unless the b**** can sing like Faith Evans You used to love me. I agree with everything you have said about this Girls mazing vocal jobs. She is the real deal and deserves to be on TV

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        Add mona lisa to that list too. Can’t be wasting my time would slay in 2012.

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        And SWV your’re the one for me. THat is how Jojo sounds – she could be the white member of SWV and she does not have a record deal?

  9. kelly September 12, 2012

    The RIP song written by drake needs to be given to a talent with star quality vocals. I hope that Drake can re record RIP with JOJO and appear on the track. It would be amazing and give both Jojo and Drake the number 1 in America, they have both been looking for.

  10. BLUE DONE S***’D ON EM September 12, 2012

    JoJo demonstrate to the ladies how to use you live vocal. I hope Ciara and Rihanna was seating front row of that show. They might could learn something!

  11. kelly September 12, 2012

    I have just heard the instrumental concept demo beat for Rih;s diamond. IT IS HOT AND WILL RULE THE WORLD.

    LOL LOL LOL LOL haters are done. It is a wrap for your faves.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      It is the same formula as only girl. ONE OF HER MONSTER HITS. LOL LOL YA FAVES ARE HIDING

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        the new Rihanna song sounds dangerous. I have only heard the instrumental – so add Rih one – of – a – kind – swag – signature – unique -vocals, plus ester deans Vocal production and it will send old fashion beyonce into a nursing home.

        Then comes the video and the fashion…………..

  12. An0thrNight272 September 12, 2012

    wow! What the hell is wrong with JoJo’s label!????? She’s breathaking vocally and gorgeous!! wow…

    Set her up with some bubbly (vocally challenging) pop songs and some s*** r&b urban songs like this , combine it with some s*** grown music videos and she’d be a superstar in no time, already is in my eyes

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      tell that to roc nation

  13. kelly September 12, 2012

    The Rih fans are going nuts over the instrumental concept demo. Can u imagine when they get the finished product – plus the video and promo?


    Beyonce does not know where to go. She is not current. She cannot do RNB as it does not sell; she cannot do pop, as she was never pop; she cannot do reggae as is not west indian; she cannot dare to dance like Rih. Rih owns that genre. She cannot even do ballads cos that is Adele’s market.

    LOL LOL OH, dear, looks like Beyonce is over!

    • f*** these h*** September 12, 2012

      B**** you are the only one here mentioning King Bey’s name on a post that has NOTHING to do with her. You haters stay pressed.
      Have a seat c***!

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        Don’t matter,. It is 100% fact. I have just heard the new Rihanna demo and Beyonce will never be catch her now. I cannot see a 34 yrold mom can do to outsell Rih at this stage. If beyonce was 10 yrs younger, maybe.

        Get used to Rih being the princess of pop.

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        even Beyonce at 21 crazy in love vs Rihanna 2012, Rih win. This whole blog and its stans rip rih to shreds and verbally abuse her.

        Well, the game is over. She is not winning……..she has already won

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        You have a seat, with Beyonce in the old people home.

  14. kelly September 12, 2012

    I am so excited. Rih has been in the studio, with hit new Producer, Burns. Everyone google Burns techno version of lies by Deborah c**. Now, imagine him and Rih in the studio. Haters, give it up and just expect it!

  15. ENOUGH ONIKA September 12, 2012

    @Kelly…Come on, this is about JoJo now. JoJo SLAYED like a TRUE vocalist should!!! All live and no gimmicks, just pure talent!!! I HATE her label for f*ckin up this era. LA Reid needs to intervene asap!

  16. the real xoxo September 13, 2012

    love JoJo!

  17. antertain September 13, 2012

    Absolutely SLAYED the vocals. Those runs are soooo on point. Low tones, belting voice, control. THAT WAS BEAST MODE!!!

    I mean we just gotta adopt her and get her on 106. Embrace her like we did back in the day with Teena Marie..

    I know she can sing anything but the R&B is locked innnn with her vocals.

  18. Hilly September 13, 2012

    JoJo is a real singer, she has talent, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the record label! She needs to found one that will focus on her potential!

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 13, 2012

    I LOVE this girl. And I LOVE the song. No matter how much the label screws up, I hope she doesn’t give up. She’s WAY too talented! I hope radios keep playing the song, it’s amazing 🙂


    Jojo if u read this i want u to make an album we need voices like urs!!! PURE TALENT!!!!!

  21. Cherryfalls September 13, 2012

    I am a Jojo fan, and this performance is now one of my favorites from her. With that being said why do I see Beyonce, Rita Ora, Ciara, and Rihanna in the comments. Why the comparisons? A real fan would be confident enough in their favs to not have to tear someone else down to build their favs up. Hating on other artists won’t change the situation b/w her and her label. Just be real fans and support.

  22. Speaks Truth September 13, 2012

    She slayed!!!

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